Boko Haram Commanders Attack Police Anti- Robbery Squad Offices In Abuja

By SaharaReporters, New York

A group of well-armed gunmen earlier today carried out an attack on the Special Anti -Robbery Squad detention facility in Garki area 11 in Nigeria's federal capital Abuja.

The detention center used by the Nigerian police to hold high level violent criminals was attacked in a brazen manner by the attackers from the Boko Haram sect. The center reportedly holds some senior commanders of Boko Haram including the wife of the Kabiru Sokoto, the Christmas day Catholic church bomber in Suleja, Niger State.

Police spokespersons did not respond to calls regarding the attack. SaharaReporters learnt the police authorities are too embarrassed to discuss the attempted jailbreak  twenty four hours after the sect attacked a military church near Kaduna killing at least 10 people including military officers.

Plain clothed policemen have cordoned off the area preventing reporters from taking pictures. A photo journalist from Daily Independent newspaper who attempted to take a picture of the scene of the attack was severely beaten by the police and immediately arrested and detained.

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@Ken from Ireland

I wonder then, sir, who is actually a Nigerian. Yerubas said they are descenders of god, the ibos on the other hand Said they are Jewish, some in the Niger Delta claim descendency from cameroon etc. It seems to me then that only a handful in the Niger delta are created right in the middle of the area. But before the Niger deltas oil is discovered, I am sure you know that there was only northern agriculture which was then used to develop the indigenous people's areas wherever that is. What do we do now, compensate the north and get rid of it? Or try to harmonies things, get rid of corruption, and live peacefully together? Because either way, your bickerings have finally gotten the north ready.


It is supprising, Police are always there harasing innocent nigerians while their duty to protect life and proparties of citizens is out of their hands. Well, The Nigerian GJE president did stated that there are boko haram in his cabinet and govt. offices which seems to be true. since he knows his problem he should be able to solve it, but for how long will it take him? only God can tell. I wish to advised him, he should fight this cause even if it will cost his life. Becacuse death is inevitable.

@Ken From Ireland : NATION Nigeria is NOT finished, it NEVER was

@Ken from Ireland: NATION Nigeria is NOT finished, it WAS NOT, a Nation. The Niger - aria (area) never existed as one nation with a common destiny. Nigeria was a conspiracy of British gluttonous monarchy who sought to exploit the "indirect" rule. And to justify bloated northern population, the Sultan's councils have encouraged the migrations of peoples from Northern Cameroun, Chad, Sudan, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso to bloat the population of Northern Nigeria. And these people hold their allegiance 24 hours to the countries surrounding Nigeria, rather than to Nigeria, while they only claim one Nigeria in the official working hours in order to “Parasite” the South-South oil resources and own oil blocks. Late Dr. Abubakar Saraki confirmed it when the Fulani councils in Mali sent for him (Mali - Fulani great-great-grand son) after 150 years claimed migration, and after being Nigeria's Senate President, to come over to Mali and become Chairman of the Fulani in Mali Republic.

@Why Da Bombs

@Why Da Bombs: you wrote: "North has been in trouble educationally, economically, commercially since independence. Now they are also in trouble politically! Lets wait and see if Nig survives 2015. The World Bank just released a report that approx $21bn will be remitted to Nigeria by Nigerian workers abroad. 99.9% of that money will go to Southern Nig in addition to 13% derivation, you tell me how the North will ever catch up!"
So, if you think that, 99.9% of that money about to be remitted to Nigeria by Nigerian workers abroad will go to Southern Nigeria...
Why have you not stated the amounts being remitted from Saudi Arabia to the Islamic terrorists in Northern Nigeria, and their Boko Haram operatives under the guise of charity foundations and Red Crescent? And, what stops your Islamic fundamentalists to go and work and send money back home to Nigeria, rather than terrorism?

Fools still exists...shameful

Pls i want to correct one of the fools that commented on the boko haram attack on the police base. Pls USAIN or wateva u bear as a name, so u could be so stupid and dull to make such alteration that the christians and southern nigeria is using ur fellow muslims as boko haram against the north. Then it means nothing gud comes out of u guys then if dogs could be eating fellow dogs...i must say u are an idiot. Did u ever reason at all. Islam is the religion of the north and killing is their doctrine in the name of jihad. I bet u guys will rot in hell......fool


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Oh lord who are dis boko haram... d stuff is gettin more n more complicated dey kill both fellow innocent muslims and christians, attack churches n bloodsheds etc.. and dey r still lying under d carnival of religion wit dis barbaric acts saying its jihad or sharia.. Which is not true dey r just illetrates wit no any single islamic knowledge.. They r jst ASSASINS n ARM ROBBERS.. Oh Allah protect my christian and muslim brothers from this evil pple n help us put an end to this..AMEEN

US predicted a break up in

US predicted a break up in 2015 and all the signs are manifesting. Pls can this kaki boys give us a constitutional conference? We need to decide now

Real Security Crisis

The Crisis really continues. It is terrible that this is happening and the whole security situation keeps getting more and more unstable.
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Uncivilised Nigeria Police.

Nigerian Government don't want to have dialogue with the Boko-Haram simply because they are behind all these happenings in the name of Boko-Haram, so if they(government) is not behind the existing insecurity then let them consider dialogue for the fact that many people have lost their lives and many people are suffering. What kind of Government is this? HIDDEN AGENDER is there.

A Religion with Shameless Followers

As these parasites are killing Christians and Southerners in their midst, so they are asking for more oil money from the South.


This insecurity is an agender by the CAN and the SOUTH against the north and islam. There is no way that Government cannot bring peace in this country considering the number of security agencies own by the Government of Nigeria, is it that all the security agencies are not well trained or somebody is stopping them from doing their work? Look at the number of the security agents on the streets and roads around almost all the northern cities and towns, but yet nothing to show. What a foul place is this? If you can think back as far back as 80's when maitatseni carried out their attacks in northern nigeria, Government intervened and peace was brought back to normal atmosphere. WHY IS IT THAT GOVERNMENT OF THE CURRENT TIME CAN NOT RESTORED PEACE? Believe me northerners and muslims of the north there is a hidden agender by the present Government against the north and islam. One of the agenders is to crush the northern political power.

Why DA bombs

"North has been in trouble educationally, economically, commercially since independence. Now they are also in trouble politically! Lets wait and see if Nig survives 2015. The World Bank just released a report that approx $21bn will be remitted to Nigeria by Nigerian workers abroad. 99.9% of that money will go to Southern Nig in addition to 13% derivation, you tell me how the North will ever catch up!"

Thanks to HJC

Inji Ubanka? bastard

Inji Ubanka? bastard

This is shameful. GEJ and his

This is shameful. GEJ and his puppet cabinet need to act fastp


As long as Jonathan keeps being stupid by handing over security to Hausa IGPs, he will continue to receive this kind of embarrassment.
Did Nigerians ever heard of high level security conspiracies against the nation when Okiro or Onovo were there? As soon as Ringim came, bombing of police headquarters which by the way was the day Boko haram won the battle, to high level jail breaks to bringing the battle again to SARS headquarter. na wao!

Attack on police


Ooooh Allah guide and cee us

Ooooh Allah guide and cee us through

BH attaks

May Allah protect us ameen


It is the perpetual holding (without prosecution) of the arrested Boko Haram members that has resulted in this attempt by the Sect to free their members from Police custody. Come to think of it, why were they arrested if they did not contravene any existing laws of the land ... as insinuated by the IGP? I am even more convinced the IGP is a member of the SECT or a sympathizer. After all, GEJ did say that these people have infiltrated his government.

Chase shell & Chevron out of SS & SE republic. NOW!

Chase shell & Chevron out of SS & SE republic. NOW!
Chase shell & Chevron out of SS & SE republic. NOW!
Chase shell & Chevron out of SS & SE republic. NOW!
Chase shell & Chevron out of SS & SE republic. NOW!
Chase shell & Chevron out of SS & SE republic. NOW!
Chase shell & Chevron out of SS & SE republic. NOW!
Chase shell & Chevron out of SS & SE republic. NOW!
Chase shell & Chevron out of SS & SE republic. NOW!

SS&SE this is the right time for your military to act. Please do not wait for 2014 when the 1914 amalgamation will expire. The North wants to start trouble before that time when everybody is allowed to peacefully leave the useless nation. The North is angry that the party will be over in 2014, but whether they like it or not, we are going away. They can go to hell with their Islam & killings.

Long live the United peoples of the SE & SS oil producing nations of Nigeria


Imagine a country where the Head of Police (Inspector General) said that we do not have adequate laws to prosecute the arrested Boko Haram members and the IG is still seated, like an emperor on his throne; Jonathan is a BIGGER fool than I thought. What nonsense!!! Did these people commit murder, in fact, premeditated murder? YES! Did they conspire to commit murder? YES!!. Did they contemplate suicide? YES!!! Were they in possession of illegal and lethal weapons? YES!!!! What more does the moron need? He has spent over two decades in the Police Force and has not opened the Nigerian penal code. It is such a shame that the President choose a moron like him to head the Police.

RE: Boko Haram Commanders Attack Police Anti- Robbery Squad Offi

This is a clear message to the Presidency. Boko Haram can do anything and get away with anything, including visiting the President with a Christmas bomb. My brothers, GEJ is neither a politician nor a military man and his greed to lead Nigeria or continue to 'rule over us' will keep the blood flowing in the streets. It is most honorable to admit one's failure when you know you can't better a situation. 2015 is too far. GEJ should accept defeat and bow out of office. He is a COMPLETE FAILURE and it can only get worse for Nigeria if he remains in power. To think that this person is scheming for 2015 is absolutely sickening. Let him dare us and we will disgrace him in the polls.

What hext?

If the police did not kill any of the attackers, then the Inspector General should be sacked. Whatever happened to security cameras, check point and human intelligence? This is a failure of a weak President. Dr President please wake up Jonah and deal severely with these TERRORISTS. Is the police so ill equipped and poorly trained to respond to these attacks? Ignore Amnesty International and secure Nigeria, these people want to destroy the country, but JTF should have a covert unit that seeks and kills these terrorists. We need RIGHT WING DEATH SQUADS, who will find these BOKO HARAM members in their beds and KILL them before they have a chance to harm civilian christians.

The security agent should wake up from slumber

Please can someone tell me wot is going on in nigeria?. This country ws not like's getting worser under this present govt of Jonathan Goodluck, any leader that lack action and thoughness always end up like this, i am forseen that the worse is yet to come b4 2015, bcos a situation where leader doesn't have the interest of the citizen at heart, there is bond to be a catastrophy.


Why is the Police venting their angers on the innocent photo Journalist doing his legitimate work? there is the need for civility in handling of issues.

wat a country!

i weep for my country nigeria. one could but only imagine wat manner of country we are in. those dat ve been entrusted with the security of lives and properties cannot even secure dia own lives nd offices, wat a country. i weep for nigeria.


It is quite uncivilised and/or very barbaric on the part of the Nigeria Police,the mishandling of the Independent Newspaper reporter who was on official duty.The police could resort to other civilise ways to block the reporter from discharging his duty if necessary but not to engage him in any physical mutilation like it did.Members of the press are to report and educate the people as events happen and no other thing.Therefore,the IGP should apologise to the affected person,his tabloid,the NUJ and the Nigerian masses for the ugly action.None of the above is by inference,a member of the haramist group.The Nigerian government should now see reason of sitting with the group for yet a lasting peace.


Isn't that the same place that has been cordoned off since last year? How did they gain acess?

This Is Daring

This guys are daring. 48 hours after JTF Place bounty on their Commanders, they're now on rampage. Attacking Security Formations. But the fact remains that Bokites can never win this War against the Military.