Boko Haram Killed Two Senior Police Officers, 13 Others In Yesterday’s Attacks, Fighting Rages

By SaharaReporters, New York

Five explosions rocked the beleaguered townships of Damaturu and Potiskum in Yobe State today as combined teams of the Nigerian police and army engaged Boko Haram militants in sustained firefights overnight.

Meanwhile Saharareporters has confirmed today that two senior police officers and 13 others were killed in the attacks that started yesterday. Yet unconfirmed reports also disclosed that 10 soldiers were also killed by the Islamist militants. Among the casualties on the police side were Ibrahim Abubakar, the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of operations, and the squadron commander of the mobile police unit 41 a superintendent of police (SP) whose name was simply given as Kabir. Both men died at the hands of the militants.

Fierce but sporadic fighting started yesterday in the Northeastern cities of Maiduguri, Damaturu and Potiskum as Boko Haram militants engaged in bombing and shootouts with the police.

Yobe State Police Commissioner Lawan Tanko told SaharaReporters earlier today that the police had started trailing the heavily armed militants, but that his forces were yet to capture any of the sect’s terrorists responsible for detonating bombs across the state.  

A senior security source in Yobe told Saharareporters that Boko Haram fighters had recently received a huge cache of weapons suspected to have come from Libya.
The source also confirmed that, that even though the police and the army are on red alert, they had so far not captured any member of the Boko Haram sect.

The security source claimed that normalcy had returned to the state, and that security agencies are systematically combing all suspected hideouts of the sect.

He said he was not in a position to give the number of those killed or injured in the latest attacks. “We are focusing on the challenge of overcoming the situation and warding off further attacks. We will be gathering reports later,” he said.

Our source said all police formations had been briefed and were combat-ready to forestall further attacks.

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definitely, you must be a

definitely, you must be a boko haram member, its people like you who kill your fellow muslims cos they don't believe what u believe, by Gods grace you won't last long from today ( boko harams)

Christian / Muslim

Our problem is not religion , to me i believe this Boko guys just want to rubbish Islam , just like the militants in niger delta were almost painting the niger deltans as troublesome , pls lets respect each others religion and accept each other so that we all can jointly defeat this miscreants. Good luck to Nigeria.

You got it wrong. Prophet

You got it wrong. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)Is hero for everytihing that exist since from the begining and the end of the world, my friend go and get the original Bible and see whre the Prophet Isah (A.S) told the comming of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and also he did not kill any black, and africa is place where black canbe found if you are ignorant of western education, go an ask any biologist or any geographer and ask him about adaptation for survival.



Watch and See.......

I make a Du'a (Prayer for you), watch and see how your life is going to end if you did not repent, and that day you will recall i tell you this... no body would insult the Prophets of ALLAH (GOD) and go unpunished right from here and the hereafter. Watch and see how your life will end, i promise you. May ALLAH send HIS peace and blessing to prophet Muhammad (SAW), and prophet Isah (JESUS [SAW]) peace be upon them all. May HE also expose and punish the Killers of Innocent people wherever they may be. The Qur'an say "who ever kill one innocent soul, his punishment in the side of ALLAH is as though he has killed the entire human race" (the qur'an brought by prophet MUHAMMAD [SAW]).

Why attacking erring

Why attacking erring Christians because they only believe in Jesus Christ? if you also believe in him why the attack. Is it Islamic to kill?. Thanks they only attack your religion by mouth while you attack them with gun which one is better or worse.



You are not a human being.

You are not a human being. You will never hear a Muslim of any level attacking Jesus Christ, because Islam has high recognition and respect to Jesus Christ. But you always our Prophet (SAW) for what, attack the Muslims that did wrong not the prophet (SAW) because you don't know Him. We only attack your erring Christians not Jesus Christ. Where in this world you had Muslims attacking Jesus Christ, Never in history. A word is enough for wise.

Go back to history

are u not ashame? if you had travelled out of nigeria to see how the Arabs that you are worshiping their hero regard you as a black man. that same muhammed led his people to kill as many blacks as they can and drove us out of north africa. Have ever ask yourself how your father found himself in this part of africa

Please read this!!!!

Why is it that we are killing ourselves because of the heroes of other countrise and races who died for the sake of their people not the sake of nigerians or Africans or black people.
Jesus died for the sake of Israelies and Mohammend for the sake of  the Arabs. But people like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Macon X and our fathers who fought for our freedom. Who gave  us the chance to be existing as black people today are not even know by many.
We denied ourselves dignities and took the side of sub-humans.  Would the Arabs or Israelies worship black Heroes and be killing themselves for them? I hope you all kill yourselves and bring

Why are some of us in a mission to exterminate black race

Why is it that we are killing ourselves because of the heroes of other countrise and races who died for the sake of their people not the sake of nigerians or Africans or black people.

Jesus died for the sake of Israelies and Mohammend for the sake of  the Arabs. But people like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Macon X and our fathers who fought for our freedom. Who gave  us the chance to be existing as black people today are not even know by many.

We denied ourselves dignities and took the side of sub-humans.  Would the Arabs or Israelies worship black Heroes and be killing themselves for them? I hope you all kill yourselves and bring

This is just the limit!! Mr.

This is just the limit!!
Mr. President, you have to intervene decisively. Just imagine lives being wasted in this meaningless manner- innocent victims and law enforcement agents fighting a battle with no protection. In short, these police and military men are on a suicide mission!

Ignorance has kill my people

You are right my brother God bless you I didn't know we still have people of your kind you see both christains and muslims don't follow the way of God and His commandments you can imagine how my people reason? the best for this country is just for God to answer our prayer and divide it peacefully and every body go.I cann't understand what Nigerians are saying Abraham is known to be the father of faith, tell me how many religion did he founded our fore fathers was without religion and they fare God


Why are things being taken fore granted even when it seems to be serious, the issues of the so-called act of terrorism known as boko haralism is very unnatural and abnormal but before any step is taken to eas this forceful and abnormal act of terrorism the government should know the cause of this unconcious and tormenting act of terrorism why because if the cause is not known how can it be resolved, it will be very despicable and untechnical if the supposed people should do any thing harum-scarum in the name of halting the boko haram.
Where comes such improper act of destruction If not from the realm of the dark kin...gdoms. How can any culture, government or civilization’ welcome such an imprudent and harum-scarum support to such preposterous and unnatural abnormality. PEACE IS WHAT WE WANT, MUSLIMS OR CHRISTIANS WE ARE ONE; SHOW LOVE TO ONE ANOTHER AND LET PEACE RAIN

dnt talk abt going 2 church 2

dnt talk abt going 2 church 2 learn manners it seems u r an idiot.must u mentn wise n let he who has ears listn do nt be rude bcos anoda person is rude.

Boko haram killing

I think the govt has lost control of handling the Boko Haram situation, and it has allow it to spread to other states. What the govt would have done at first when this small group of sects spring up in Miaduguri, was to crush them striaght ahead. And let them know that no group of religion militant can hold this country hostage.But instead they keep quite as if nothing happens, wit the slogant that they are on top of the matter.The security operative should under go terrorist traning, gorrila warfare,Fighting suicide bombers is different from war front, this require more interligent war.what is the work of our rakes?.

if ONLY and ONLY if, God will

if ONLY and ONLY if, God will open your eyes to make u see and understand the gravity of ur ignorance and urgly utrances, honestly you will cry ur self to death.

Boko Haram

It is very erroneous to refer to this set of blood thirsty rogues as Muslim militants. We have heard that politicians are behind most of the atrocities they have committed. There is no reasonable Muslim that will embark or even think of the blood shedding which this group has unleashed on the country. It is obvious that the President is no longer in control of the Country.

Religion seems a brainwashing game

Before the white people,and Usman dan Fodio,brought the stupid idea called religions to our land everyone stuck to their guns.However Islamist and muslims are so fucking dumb,that the religion should be called (dead brains).If someone ask you to go and plant bomb somewhere that s gonna kill you,why can't you just politely refuse and ask them to teach you by example.Its stupid, Religion is madness,chistian islam,God will punish all people that suffers others in God names,Everyone's God lives in their heart,and the love they show to others.

may allah destroy u for that comment.

By this time,by dis day,I pray almighty allah,destroy u for calling is noble prophet blood sucking,I as a muslim was thot to repect jesus christ as his sent by God,may u be destroyed for insulting the prophet,I don't blame u,I blame the idiots who call themselves boko haram,if nt for them,all dis will nt be happening,my friend its not a treat,but a promise u will regret dis words of yours,cause your life will neva be the same again,in sha allah.


This is barbaric,calous and unacceptable in what ever religion,we should learn to thread words with caution as we are all Nigerians and this issue affects both sides of the divides,No right thinking Muslim would justify this distard act against innocent and defenseless pple,
We should always remmber what unite us a country is stronger than what divide,we shuld not succumb to these cheap terrorist who called themselves Muslims,long live Naija and may Allah see us thru


You can say anything but pls dont say you are patient to a fault.patient over what? That your people are killing the innocent southerners/easterners? Who r you patient with? Pls stop throwing insult at us.

muhammad SAW has to be respected by all

pls whatever the case is from whatever religion you coming from respect one another. We as northerners we are the victims of boko haram in fact most of the ppl ths boko haram fools ar killing are muslims incase u ar ignorant u should note this is what is happening. Prophet muhammad SAW is better than all human beigns so please do not insult our beloved prophet otherwise u n ur likes will perish in hell.

A message to those who abuse Muhammad (PBUH)

All those who insult our holy Prophet Muhammad should quickly apologise or else they shall be visited by the wrath of Allah and shall never see peace in their lives. What an insensible thing to do. What has the Prophet got to do with the situation at hand? Go and read history about his life, all the wars him and his followers fought then were for self defence. How could you have the guts to drag him into this. Look at which people get killed most,you will find that they are mostly Muslims. Or is it because we are very patient to a fault. About one Nigeria, Allah did not create me as a Nigerian, my number one identity is Islam. Nigeria is where I happen to find myself. So I'm indifferent about one Nigeria. Just don't abuse Prophet Muhammad, its in your own interest.

Anonymous 2

I hope u don't get to develop a heart attack coz of my comment. You're just a spineless moron hence you couldn't mention my name nor even reveal your own name. You only credited my points that you lots are blood suckers by threating me. Just so you may know your threats are as useless as you and your vampire Baal. FOOLS

u r the must idiot nd complete useless

U are an idiot nd complete fool, if not bcs u r a barsted nd ur generation will die useless nd son of a beach, u are the must hopeless person on earth nd if u want make this ur useless attitude. If ur mother born u just comeout as person nd repeat what u hv said here, just go to any TV satation where people will see u nd make this ur useless attrance, let me tell u this again I swear to God forget here, u can hv tot nobody here will recognise u if u tot that u are a fool, Wallahi we can fine u anywhere u are, if u tot we can get u just do it again nd u will see what is going to happen to you idiot.


The problem of boko haram is more than a religious issue. It is political but those supporting the boko haram sect are myopic. This scourge must e tackled from the root origin, treated and resolved for the unity of this great country we call Nigeria


You are attacking me and also threatening to kill me coz I told my people to leave your territory to avoid being maimed. Is this not what your religion preaches. Hey I'm not surprised at you coz you're only practising what your blood sucking prophet mohammed and his satanic book thoughts you. Long live Biafra and death to one Nigeria. Let my people go NOW. Animals

t o

it will continue to be mere wishful thinking that nigeria will continue for long. Whosoever reads, let him/her understand.

Stup1d Nigerians

They believe they can plant thorns and reap sweet orange with the help of prayers.

Please continue to rob yourselves to build mansion in Abuja. As you rob in your office so is everyone else in Nigeria.

When you fall sick you will have to travel to the Republic of Niger for treatment, that is if you survive the journey.

Having destroyed education in Nigeria, please continue to transfer Nigeria's wealth to Europe and America in the name of sending your children to attend third rate "universities".

The robbed mass of people will get wise soon or late.

And they are going to come for YOU.

And there will be no "security men" to protect you.

You have not seen any Boko Haram yet!

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