Boko Haram Sacks Residents Of Bama, Gwoza In Borno-PREMIUM TIMES

Boko Haram
By Ola Audu

The outlawed Boko Haram sect has literarily sent residents of Bama and Gwoza communities running after issuing threat letters of an impending bloodbath in the next seven days.

The sect has, in several threat letters said to be written in Kanuri and Hausa languages, also warned resident of the towns, who are civil servants, to resign their jobs and burn their employment documents or risk being consumed by the impending war.

The two border towns of Bama and Gwoza have been cut off since the declaration of a state of emergency with soldiers blocking the roads linking the town to the state capital, Maiduguri.

Escapees from Bama were forced to take bush routes through Dikwa, a town 60km away from Bama and 150km from Maiduguri to get to the state capital. The escapees said they paid at least N7000, as against the normal N300, as transport fare before taxi drivers accepted to risk the dangerous escape journey to the state capital.

A Bama resident, Abba Fannami, told reporters at Muna Park along Maiduguri – Dikwa Road, where most of the escapees arrived to in Maiduguri, that “it cost me about N50, 000 to transport my six family members to Maiduguri. It was a bad experience for many people in the bush, especially women and children.”

“They had warned government officials and civil servants in Bama to resign or else face death in the next seven days; we are all scared, this could be more deadly, so we have to run for our dear lives,” Mr. Fannami said.

Bama has witnessed several attacks by Boko Haram members including the attack on May 7 that led to the death of over 55 people including 22 police officers. Some of the attacks, which occurred prior to the emergency rule declaration, were preceded by warnings from the sect.

In Gwoza, insurgents, who were forced by soldiers to flee their camps in Sambisa Game Reserve to the rocky hills of Gwoza, have been terrorizing their new host communities. The insurgents were said to have taken over most outskirts of Gwoza including Pulka and Kirawa Towns, forcing residents to flee into neighboring Cameroon villages of Mura and Marwa, some 75km away from Nigeria borders.

A police constable serving in Gwoza, who didn’t want to be named as he is not authorised to speak to journalists, told PREMIUM TIMES that some residents of Gwoza suburbs were forced to hide inside rock caves as Boko Haram insurgents sacked them from their homes.

The JTF, the police, and Borno State officials could not be reached for comments on the recent happenings as GSM services in Borno remain shut. The Defence Headquarters spokesperson, Brigadier General Chris Olukolade, who speaks on the role of the military in the troubled states of Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe, could also not be reached as his Airtel telephone number was switched off.

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am sorry for you.

The way you even communicate there is evidence of ignorance. You talk too much on muhammad(SAW) where you left the main point. Hausa fulani rule you for half a centuary with fairness and dignity.for only 2 years your brethren get power but look at how we suffer at his hand. Creating manace in north killing our emiers and kings hiden under BH. You don't even know the world in politics.the first terrorist bomb in northern nigeria was in october 1 do you remember what henry orkah said. Go and find out.fool


I think there is no need for you[christian]to be insulting our believe.i know that both of us have faith in the day of judgement.because you will never understand the truth until you are save that insult to your self

Gwoza insurgents

What you said is very much true, they have been supporting them by hidding them. God has finally made it that they will surffer it since their target have flee the town. God will still do more.


Muhammad founded and owned what is known as muhammadanism. He created what he called 'allah' and was its spokesman. Allah, supposedly the deity. fawned for Muhammad and would not accept anything if it was not first offered to Muhammad.
It seems you have misread the history of Muhammad. Badr was pure brigandage. When Muhammad heard that the Meccans' caravans were on they way back from Syria, he told his gang that they should waylay the merchants and allah would deliver their goods to him. He was particular about the merchandise of Abu Sufyan which, in any case,eventually eluded him. The Meccans made a detour to avoid the robbers but were caught at Badr where they had stopped and water their camels. How were the muhammadans fighting in defense when they were the attackers? The verse in question has nothing to do with Badr. It, like many others, was an instruction to kill anyone who rejects Muhammad.That remains the standing order.


First the religion is Islam Muhammad PEACE BE UPON HIM owns no religion nor is he worshipped. He like us muslims all worship YOUR creator OUR creator: GOD (ALLAH). The verse you refer to was the permission given to the muslims to defend themselves in the battle of Badr after many years of persecution. I hope you find peace but if you hope yourselves otherwise because only the damned need it so be it.


Spot on my brother. There can be no argument about what you have said. These deceivers think every body is ignorant of muhammadanism and its evil ways. The wool can only be pulled over the eyes of the gullible.
Somebody asked for evidence that Muhammad killed the innocent. All it takes for one to be found guilty in muhammadanism is for the person not to believe in allah and Muhammad as its prophet. Many in Muhammad's days refused to share such asininity and were killed for it. As far as muhammadans are concerned any non believer in his creed is guilty of disobedience to allah and its prophet. Boko Haram is propagating this while their admirers see the victims as not being innocent.

You Muslims don't understand what a parable is

Luke 19:27 is part of a parable, not a command from god. Check Quran 9.29. That is a command from your god.

Re: He who Is Without Sin

If u are sure that Muhammad is not in Hell u would not have been praying always that peace should be upon him. Is there violence in Paradise?
As regards what u said if Muh'd were alive he would have been first to raise arm against BH. Is it not the same Muh'd that u report saying in the quran that "I have been commanded to fight the people until no one has the right to be worshiped but Allah"? Is that not what BH is doing?
Are u hiding from the uninformed that Muh'd robbed Meccan caravans? Is that not what BH do when they robb banks?
Why can't muslims be honest for once? U cannot run away from your history/past!!!


Muhammad peace be upon him is far from hell a fate I can not say you share if you continue with these blasphemy and do not believe non is worthy of worship but GOD ALMIGHTY & Muhammad is also a messenger of GOD & the last. If Muhammad peace be upon him were alive today he would be the first to raise arms against Boko Haram. He was a staunch promoter of peace & learning but never that of violence. Take time out do an independant & non prejudiced research about him.
To all the muslims out there who feel a need to judge Obi ask yourselves how much have we done to put Islam in a good light?
On a final note Obi free your heart of hate else it will make you no better than the Boko Haram.

The people of Gwazo should be

The people of Gwazo should be sacked completely. At night they smooch with boko haram, during the day they reveal the identities of the youths to JTF, their enemy. Who likes to live with traitors?

you are a liar

your posting shows how daft a shallow minded you are, first and fore most there is no northern Muslim or Southern Muslim there is only one Muslim Nation and that is those who have agreed to submit to the will, statute and commandment of Allah. meanwhile, Prophet Mohammad did not kill innocent citizen neither did he encourage it, if you have any [proof to the contrary bring it meanwhile, check Luke 19:27.
if Nigeria splits it shows you don t care what happens to happens to non Muslims in the north if truly ur so called northern Muslims are the terrorist and you claim to Love ur neighbor as you love urself. meanwhile if the north separates from hunger will kill u.
the so called lebanese terrorist are already claiming 150 billion from ur goodman Jona thanks to the law of the fed re of Nig.


When Gideon Orka and his comrade rolled out their tanks and excised some northern states old Borno inclusive,Nigerians never took them serious.It's been decades now since that failed coup and we're still fighting extremists.If only southern military sent to die in the hands of boko haram had supported Orka, this war would have been over.If a southern military guy die in this war, his family get paid 500,000 naira for the loss of their bread winner,in the end boko haram has wins.

Intelligent T.Y. Danjumas; Pls fight and save the north.

Retired Gen. T.Y. Danjuma literally bragged the other day in Zaria that he and his lot are intelligent, rarely talk, and are brave fighters.
Is it not time that TY Danjuma and Co. braced up against these Boko Haram invaders, instead of the endless bla bla bla and rhetoric from the Danjumas; and their laying blame on the sitting government.


Whoever thought that Nigerian army or any other security agency can bring security problems to an end he/she must have his/her head checked. That Sagir Musa is only sending money home buying houses and other earthly assets. All the noise making and talk show is to satisfy the ego of those ignorant Nigerians who are always vulnerable to deception even in their faiths. People who are taught to only listen but not to ask question. They thought they're educated but they're ignorant because whatever they're told they believe in it no matter how controversial or confused it is. Even though the Nigerian army want to legalize their chop of that part of budget therefore,the excited those fools with such lies.


The situation calls for suggestions by patriots. It is time for the likes of Buhari, babangida, Ango Abudullahi, Aliyu Babangida and their S/W recruits Tinubu & Lai Mohammed to make concrete suggestions or close their dirty mouths in perpetuity.Enough is really enough.

The Nigeria Military and their out dated strategy

In any battle, intelligence gathering is key. How then do u gather intelligence when the channel is blocked, the channel under reference is the GSM. The shutting down of GSM networks in the states under the emergency rule in my opinion is ridiculous and this act has exposed the weakness of our Military in combating insurgency. Imagine a scenario where the Federal Road Safety Corps will ban the use of CARS in Nigeria due to the high rates of accidents on our roads rather than enforcing the safety driving rules. Obviously, both the insurgents and the residents communicate via the GSM Networks as such, the use of Multiple channels jammers can help in shutting down communication amongst insurgents. The shutting down of the entire networks as a strategy is out dated and lacks a human face.

This Is Old News. Prophet Muhammad Did The Same In His Time.

This is islam way of life....Terrorism. So long the Northern Muslims keep it in their areas any attempt to do same in the South will lead to splitting the country into two. This they are afraid to do because they cannot afford to lose their hijack oil wells in the South. The Northern Muslims refused to heed to Col.Mammar Ghadafi's call to part ways with the South. The greedy bastards have lots to loose if they dare act unwisely. Their Lebanese brethren were caught arming the to their teeth. This same Lebanese will not spare their black asses if they were caught doing what they are doing in Nigeria. How many black muslims were beheaded in Saudi Arabia & other islamic countries? North muslims think if they cannot have Nigeria let their prophet muhammad Arab brethren have it. Useless people called Hausa/Fulani. To hell with Prophet muhammad.


It's still not yet Uhuru in the Emergency States. This emergency is just for its sake and nithing more. On the other side muslims are killing muslims, even confessed by GEJ, but some ignorant southerners are given it a different thought and meaning; a war on christians. Mhmm........

Emergency Vs BH

SR- how effective is the declaration of state of emergency in these states? We expect serious investigative journalism from SR on this important national concern.

Without the shedding of Blood there is no Remission of Sins??

Ok, they've finished Bombing churches as a Hobby & Beheading Xtians as a Local Sport. Hm...Hmmmm. Now it will seem the only Blood available to 'Atone' for their Sins is...yes..THEIR OWN!
*if they shout "allahu arkbar" while beheading 'infidels', I'm just wondering what they will chant while Beheading 'Faithfuls'? SATAN I presume??

Boko Haram Propaganda Manchine

Sahara Reporters fast becoming Boko Haram's Public Relations firm.

I guess SR got to pay the bill since Henry Okah's contract ended when he was convicted.

Na wa o

Na wa o only dialogue can bring an end to this act of barbarism. God please bring an end to this I pray you.

Until the president is able

Until the president is able to fire Dasuki and Ihejirike, the war with boko haram will never end. From the way its being fought, it wld only end when Buhar1 assumes the mantle of leaders in the Fulani North. Besides I don't really understand why Government cannot move soldiers from Cross Rivers state, Ibadan, Lagos Port Harcourt and Benin to the war front up North. Its does not make sense one little bit-what stops government from calling on its reservist with experience to help! Sadly for the nation David Mark, most especially Tambuwal, d ACN installed Fulani Speaker of the House, is busy attending every function organised by APC and ACN while the house he left in the hands of ANPP-the party under whose command boko haram was created by Buhari goes on a killing spree in the North-

This is the beginning of the

This is the beginning of the fragmentation of the amalgamation created by Lugard christened Nigeria. You can not negotiate with people who do not trust anyone politically except their Imams and turn to religious mayhem when events did not favour them. The north has been Nigeria's problem and headache since inception of independence. Tafawa Balewa called for a total holy war against the south 10years before independence. Gowon and Murtala Mohammed echoed it in 1966. Today, Buhari and his boko haram are towing same line.

Naijas must say no to APC or kiss freedom of speech goodbye and face the consequences of being converted to islam.

And as far the hadith of the prophet mohammed is concerned, you don't back down as jihadists else it will amount to 'apostacy'.
And a sin of apostacy is unpardonable in islam, it is punished with 'fatwa' which involves a beheading. Terrorists should not be given amnesty, they should be cleaned off.



That was the "slogan" back in 1967 and some ARMY generals up till today, would proudly claim, they fought to keep Nigeria united. IBB has even threatened he will wear khaki and do it again.
So why was the sudden cry for amnesty by Buhari ati sultan of sokoto for those threatening the same "unity" for which over 3 million innocent Igbo women and babies were wasted in 1967 to maintain Nigeria's unity?

Kill and stop arresting them or better still chase them to their ancestral home of Mali, Chad and Niger.

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