Boko Haram: We Must Come Back To Our Senses, Says Sultan of Sokoto

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III and President Goodluck Jonathan
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, today in Kaduna called on the North to “come back to its senses” and end the problems that are tearing it apart.


The Sultan was speaking at a meeting of Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI), Nigeria’s foremost Muslim organization, which was attended by many leading clerics.


Describing the Boko Haram crisis and other insecurities in the country as “damaging,” the soft-spoken leader said, “We must come back to our senses and say firmly and resolutely that enough is enough. The bloodshed must stop. Each and every one of us must come to appreciate that we cannot continue on this destructive path.”


Also speaking at the event, the Governor of Kaduna State, Mr. Patrick Yakowa, implored the Muslim religious leaders to make more concerted efforts to bring the challenge to security to an end. 


“People in government are not infallible,” said Mr. Yakowa, the first Christian to be elected governor of the state.  “Consequently, whenever we are perceived to have erred, we should be advised, not attacked.”

He lamented the killings in the state in recent times, stressing that those spearheading the killings are acting contrary to religious teachings.


“Kaduna State has witnessed a lot of violence. Consequent upon that, churches and mosques were destroyed, property worth millions of Naira was lost, and lives were equally lost. It is indeed an unfortunate thing as the perpetrators of such dastardly act did it in contrast of the religion they were practicing.”


Mr. Yakowa said that Nigeria is a country which comprises both Muslims and non-Muslims because it is the wish of God. 


“Had He wanted, He would have made our country, Nigeria, to be inhabited by the Muslims, or then on-Muslims only.  In order to develop our dear country, we have to embrace the spirit of peaceful co-existence as taught by the two major religions [being] practiced in Nigeria, I mean Islam and Christianity.”

He emphasized that Islam does not approve the use of force or any prejudice in the propagation of religion. “Since Allah commands not to use any kind of compulsion in religion, it is obviously ridiculous to even argue that Islam commands Muslims to kill non-Muslims,” he said.  


Turning to Christianity, he noted that the religion also protects the right to life and religion. “Therefore, both Muslims and Christians should adhere strictly to the teachings of their religion of choice in order to move our country forward.”


The governor called on JNI, as a noble organization founded on truth and piety, to educate the Muslims, maintain its original mandate and form with a renewed vigor, and establish a much more cordial relationship with other faith-based organizations.  That, he said, will really go a long way in the establishment of a better, cordial and respectful relationship between the Nigerian Muslims and their Christian compatriots as witnessed during the time of the late Sardauna.


Mr. Yakowa recalled that Prophet Muhammed related with the Jews of the city of Madinah and the Christian delegation of Najran, and expressed his hope that the same atmosphere of harmony will return to Kaduna and the entire country as a whole. 


“I believe that the country will, by the grace of God, overcome the present social, economic and security challenges we are facing with your persistent prayers,” he said.  “I am a Governor for all, and I will remain just to all.”


The Sultan similarly charged Nigerian leaders at all levels to live up to expectation, as a panacea to the present insecurity.


“Prosperity of the state must translate into the prosperity of the entire populace; it shall not be the exclusive preserve of the few who happen to have access to State resources,” he said.  


He stressed that governments at all levels must embark on meaningful developmental programmes that will make life easier and more pleasant for the majority of Nigerians.  “The current level of poverty, especially in the Northern states, cannot be acceptable in any decent society,” he stressed. “We can hide behind our rhetoric but we cannot run away from the stark realities which characterize the daily lives of our people.”



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Heresy of the highest order.

Heresy of the highest order. Be warned.

Last Salvation is made to build New One World Government

Last Salvation is very important being unifying factor that unified Science and faith. Science believed on death of Sun and Stars with Blck hole for Super Nova Light to come. Super Nova is Christ Supreme Light greater in brightness more than 10 billion times than Sun. It's Christ Super Light that ends the Darkness because Sun shine only for 12 hours but Super Nova shines for 24 hrs none stop. it's Last Salvation Love of Christ that made Sun Mr Death of Islam and Jews to died for New One Love World to come. Super Nova is Christ who arrested Saul who became Paul on his way to Damascus when he was killing the Apostles.

Before any body talk of Islam read the testimony of Peter

Islam was made to be force for change as sign of Jonah because Christians refused to follow the true doctrine of Love of Christ.Apostle Peter going by the word Moses gave to Israelites for the coming of Prophet Elijah Mohammed. He says in the time of restitution which is now: for Moses truly said to the fathers, a Prophet shall the Lord your God raise up to you of your brethren like unto me, him shall you hear in all things whatsoever he shall say to you.And it shall come to pass that every soul which will not hear that prophet shall be destroyed from among the people.(Acts 3:22-23) Jesus Christ even says that Elijah will first come to clear the road for him.

What is Christ Last Salvation given to Islam

The sign of Star and Moon of Muslims is the revealed of Christ Last Salvation for Muslims. The break down will be released when President Johnathan calls me for National Unified Faith Prayer in Abuja for Nigeria acceptance of Last Salvation Peace Jesus Christ made for us with his wisdom Mr Death. The wisdom of Christ is Death, and Islam is wisdom of Christ and Death. Peace of Last Salvation is end of Old World of Death and sorrow. Star is Sun as Male, and Moon is Female but they are terminology of Adam and Eve given to Muslims. How dead sun became moon as a woman which is the root of Gay and Lesibians of today's world. But sun is the seed of woman.


3:45 am Sunday October 17,2010 while I was listening to African Music Program in Washington DC the image of Late Sir, Ahmadu Bello appeared in one side of the speaker of the radio. I started wondering the reason for that mystrey. I now come to my senses with help of Christ what that is all about. Islam is asking for Last Salvation Jesus Christ gives to Death with his 2nd death and restoration of grace. Islam is Death the Wisdom of Christ. He says all I have I give to men but men rejected me. What is left for me is Death.Johnathan is testimony of the end of old world of death because Mr Death made him President with death of President Yaradua. Call me I will save Nigeria.




To prove that you are genuine, can you refer me to any of the posts in which you "used to insult Islam"? If you are so sure about these visions,why are you so reluctant to convert to Islam? However, beware that 1400 years ago Muhammad said he encountered strange beings in the cave of Hira which tortured him until he accepted to do their bidding. The result is today's Islam ; the greatest curse on mankind.The special purpose Islam has is to cause as much death and destruction in the world. Going by the teachings of their prophet, the extremists are actually the ones practicing the true religion as enjoined by their books.Stop deluding yourself : there is nothing like moderate Islam. Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey, says it is an insult to describe his party as moderate because there is only one Islam. GET WISER.

Most of the commentators in

Most of the commentators in this forum seem to be semi-illiterates (at best). Which seems to explain why most comments are unintelligible. Most of them are obviously punching above their weight. This is also reflected in the often rabid content of their posts (not knowing how else to participate). You need to see the quality of posts in The Nation, Dailytrust, Vanguard, Tribune fora. Saharareporters you need to raise the standards of your gate-keeping, otherwise you will be reduced to their level.

Let the Nigerian Breakup

It's unfortunate that these dronckers, fools,useless,Idiots Southerner oppoturnity to rule this country, they dont know how to rule, they are been control by the whiteman which serve as there God.
You people think we cannot survive if the country breakup and see what would happan in the South, am asured you North will be stronger and united tham what you are thinking of.

Let the Nigerian Breakup

It's unfortunate that these dronckers, fools,useless,Idiots Southerner oppoturnity to rule this country, they dont know how to rule, they are been control by the whiteman which serve as there God.
You people think we cannot survive if the country breakup and see what would happan in the South, am asured you North will be stronger and united tham what you are thinking of.

Christianity a Terrorist Religion

If you know what christianity is all about brother you could have not west your fucking time over these fools, idiots, that theyr religion teaches them so many evil things, having sex in their place of worhship, legaliz man-man marriage. Son of a bitch they dont know anything than drinking, sex. Look @ how their bloodsucker brothers in American are invaiding Islam countries because of their Oil. why cant your advise your brother GEJ to invite American into Nigeria? When they came they will start invalding the Oil South first before they wil think of the North, they dont care about your christianty all what they are after is bulshit Oil, I pray for them to come and help us kills all this son of a bitchs,Idiots Southerner and damshit Oil blocks.


Sam Nda as said it all in Newsdairy on line.
Let us have a Nigerian competent President who puts the right peg in the right hole.For instance how could President Jonathan reappoint Ambassador felix Oboro , without assessing his performance and educational background ? For sure,Chief Oboro does not have WASCE talk less the ability to perform.
His non performance in Venezuela, led him to loot Embassy money and go in to drug related business.Yet, FGN sees nothing wrong in this shame.
l am from Oloibiri in Bayelsa State while my wife is from the same local government with Oboro. l am also a lecturer but l see things the way you see it.President Jonathan concentrate on 2015 elections instead of developing the country and his home State.
l will not keep quiet because an Ambassador that deals in cocaine etc should not represent the President of this great country.Oboro has to leave to give Nigeria and Bayelsa State a better image.


His eminence the Sultan of Sokoto has started talking some sense but he needs to act, and act fast.

He should return to his senses by issuing a fatwa against the Boko Haram. Anything else is lip service.

Alhamdulillah all those who

Alhamdulillah all those who are arested with bomb atempted to attacked are christian which show to us that christian are the BOKO HARAM no more no less

When I speak because I know your foundation.

When I speak to Muslims I speak because I know their foundation more than what Mohammed taught you in Koran.If them who brought the Word of God as Bible, Tora, Koran and others were made Gods in this world by law. What about the Word of God made Man to leave with you? I am not condemning you but I want you to change. You pray on Sun rise, and pray on Sun Set. You bear the witness of Most High God whom Sun is his Evangelist( Philip) If Sun you follow have submitted himself to Christ, who are you to speak when I speak? I am unhappy because one died for Nigeria and OPEC to enjoy the oil boom. Before 1991 Operation Desert Storm there was oil war that brought oil price to $12.00 a barrel today you talk of billions but that Christ you kept in the wilderness shut up your mouth.

Sultan has comfirmed that

Sultan has comfirmed that himself,his islamic subjects,emirs and northern elders has never been in their senses which means that they have been foolish all their lives.

the marriage in kano a metaphor

the sponsor, mostly in kano, of the bokoharam has gone also to production of humans through arranged marriage.they confuse us and cry we are not educated and we are poor: a man has not prepared himself for means of livelihood through education, and they compounded his problem with marriage he never could afford equals to high rate off poverty.the meaning of the marriage in kano was a kind of blame game that the your federal government killed their population, and that population need be returned back through marriage: equals to more almagiris/bokoharam, and south give us concession in education.the more you shed blood the more you become too confused of your problems.

My friend Adamu, It like u

My friend Adamu,
It like u are living in a fool paradise or you are alrightly mischeivious, knowing the activities and destruction perpertuated by boko haram and when they claim responsibility.


U most be the worst of mankind. how dear u accused the person that u did not study well?may the creature and lord of jesus christ destroy u and make u bear the consequenses of ur urgly uttarances.

We need action

Words are not enough we need actions on the ground because our patience is running out.Tell them to stop behaving like barbarian.

Ha ha ha ha now you Sultan too sabi say!!!!! lol

Without progressive people una nor move anywhere, the north needs the south and the south needs the north but who so ever calm ownership and call others slave is a loser in this new wake. It took the Sultan a long time to get good advice now it is time for CAN and their foolish leaders to make sure say we all work in ONE direction no matter the challanges.

@ Bimpe

@ Bimpe May Allah forgives you, you av no idea of what u av said. Muslims believes in the Injil (The Holy Bible) Muslims believes in Prophet Isa ( Jesus Christ) Muslims believes in the miracle birth of Jesus Christ and anyone who claim to be a good muslim will never say insult or say bad things about the Christ.........your opinion was needed, then if u can contribute something meaningful why insulting the Almighty Allah? you av invited the wrath of God on urself. May God forgives u.

In my humble opinion, I think

In my humble opinion, I think you need to stop smoking that weed. Maybe then you wont see "what looks like angles dressing like muslims" . just my opinion

the maloos

Sultan of Sokoto preaching is peace, but how? take a look at brother Buhara a well influencial man in Nigeria and whom is planing to become the next president said blood will flow if he is voted out.
The orientation of the past Northner minitry leaders is very clear so paece has to start from them.


Over the years the common people of the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani States have not hidden their desire to be governed strictly according to stipulations in the Holy Koran. Unfortunately their traditional, military, business and political leaders who love corruption and Dollars from Niger Delta oil wells have continued to deceive the people with "political Sharia" that suits their corrupt lifestyle. They used their long tenured control of Aso Rock to frustrate and slow down the peoples genuine demand to be governed as stipulated in the Holy Koran. The solution to Boko Haram crises lies in a National Assembly led dialogue that will give birth to a new constitution wholly reflecting the wishes of the people and acceptable to all interest groups in the country.


Thanks Bimpe for telling the muslims who they are. I like the way you write. You are a smarth lady. They may call you names but do not be detered. If you do not tell animals, or muslims that they are animals, they will be thinking they are humans.Any religion that preaches killing, amputation, jihad, or holy war, stones women to death,cannot be from God. Are women not human beings? Is imam of mecca who beheads people holier than Abacha? Arabs, Mohammed and their followers have been cursed by God. That is why they will never have peace. The only type of peace they will enjoy is that of somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, etc.


This mugu Jonathan goes to consult with his master or what? If he cant be our president please vacate the seat. He shows all his teeth each time he goes to see him, while the man maintains his expressionless look!! Chei chei this is disgraceful.


@Anonymous, you are indeed stupid. Why would you respond to a woman like you did, simply because you do not agree with her ?. Do you have a mother, sister(s) Niece, Aunty ?. you conduct is shameful. Oh, I forgot that in your neck of the wood, you do not value women.SR is for civilized ppl.OBJ must be laffin at ppl like u..Oloshi

America Has Forced The Moselm Elites To Speak Up Or Face........

It is America that made the Boko Haram Leader by the person of Sultan of Sokoto to speak up due to the threat of enlisting the Boko Haram as a terrorist group. The Northern elites do not want their children studying abroad repatriated home & more so the medical treatment they also receive abroad been stopped due to their involvement in terrorists acts. Prophet mohammad would have done the same were he to be alive today. Prophet mohammad died of AIDS centuries ago. It was believed that he spread the aids virus which is responsible for so many deaths in this age we are in. Prophet mohammad got his aids from having sex with too many prostitutes & virgins. This same prophet is still promising his followers of 70 virgin in his kingdom. Please moselms use condoms to make love to these innocent virgin in your paradise. Too much fucking will take place in that paradise.


Ka ci uwaka for causing the prophet God punish you.

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