Bomb Explosion In Lagos Kills One Person, Injures Policeman-PM News, Lagos

By Alawode Adebobola

A middle aged businessman, Oladele Pius, was this morning killed when a bomb planted under FESTAC/Mile 2 link bridge, Lagos, few metres away from his office, exploded.

Witnesses told P.M.NEWS the sand dealer was passing by when the bomb exploded. He died on the spot. But it could not be ascertained whether he was actually the target of those who planted the bomb or not.

At the time of filing this report, the scene of the incident has been cordoned off by armed mobile police officers while the body of the deceased has been deposited at the mortuary.

Pius was survived by his two wives and five children. Sources at the scene of the incident also told P.M.NEWS that the legs of a policeman who visited the deceased were shattered as a result of the explosion.

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Why viewers still use to read news papers when in this technological globe everything is existing on net?


One may understand your fileengs. But you see is the solution in war? Please let us all sheath the sword and press the Fed Gov. hard to decisively deal with those behind this bombings. I hope Senator Ndume will be given maximum sentence if found guilty and not just 3 years

Let the “achebes Igbos” evolve in peace

The “achebe’s igbos” haven’t evolved much from chimps, hence haven’t got the mental capacity required for sound reasoning. I have said it; these animals need a place of their own where they can complete their evolution without human interference. The good news now is, the self appointed head of the animals, a delusional London cabby cum lawyer (Ben Onwuka) on the 20th of February 2013 officially established an animal kingdom for the “achebes igbos”. Way to go igbos! Please, heed the call of your leader and start packing and moving eastward. Stop wasting you energy and low intellect on naija wahala, its too complicated for you to comprehend! You animals now have a den! Humans can rest from you silly antics…..apes!!

@ dele aweogbeoba

Idiot, I thought you said that there are no zones in Nigeria but regions. What then is ND fool? Like I
Said before, the future cannot and will not be what you are used to. Germans were defeated but today they are the power house of eu. It is not that you were knocked down but how fast can you get back on your feet.

@ dele aweogbeoba

Idiot, I thought you said that there are no zones in Nigeria but regions. What then is ND fool? Like I
Said before, the future cannot and will not be what you are used to. Germans were defeated but today they are the power house of eu. It is not that you were knocked down but how fast can you get back on your feet.


You need to do a better job of concealing your igbo origins. You are hiding in plain sight and you can be seen by all!

@ Fear No good!

Are you ok? We do not attack people for no reason. After all, that is why you igbos have been able to infest the west of Nigeria (as you used to infest the north until you were shown your place).

When we fight, we fight and we fight to win.

All adult igbos (with some yorubas and eastern minorities fighting alongside them) fought for 3 years. It lost and was relegated for the better part of 40 years. The ND guys (barely numbering 600)fought with intelligence for 4 odd years and they got greater control of their resources and their son supplanting the igbo in representing the east as President. The Yoruba had OPC (barely numbering 1000) got two yorubas solely competing in 1999 for the presidency. Boko haram who barely number 1,000 have got the army (headed by an igbo)bogged down for almost 3 and half years! I would rather be wise and effective than stupid, unintelligent and defeated!

@ Dele Awogbeoba, tell us the

@ Dele Awogbeoba, tell us the truth for once: which is that, I'm really scared to fight on mine own.

We are all Nigerians and we know ourselves very well. Every Nigeria lies and schemes are out in the open. Nigeria minorities from north to south know better now. The future cannot and will not be what you are used to.

Yorubas&Hausa/Fulani Good Job in ur Brainwashing #4

Chief Edwin Clark declared that when the SS agitated for president of Nigeria, they were not asking for an Igbo Man to be given the president. Despite the fact that Peter Odili is a self declared man from Rivers State. An Ikwerri man. However in Chief Clark twisted mind Dr. Odili suddenly becomes an Igbo Man, because at that time he seems to be the front runner in the presidential campaign. Chief Clark got us into this mess when he sided with the Nigesrian side during the civil war.

Yorubas&Hausa/Fulani Good Job in ur Brainwashing #3

When my community was given away to the Cameroon I did not hear anything from this kool aid drinker Chief E K Clark, idiot. But when any thing is mention about Ibos he will be the first person to comment. Chief Edwin Clerk the self made South – South Leader, where was he when my part of my community was given to Cameroun. For some reason the usually out spoken self made garrison commander of the South South when it involve anything Ibo has kept quiet and remain mute over this Bakassi issue. May be because Bakassi is not an Ijaw territory or may be my community is not part of the South South. When Dr. Peter Odili was running for president, this opportunist called a summit of non-Ibo speaking groups from South – South in Calabar. In Calabar

Yorubas&Hausa/Fulani Good Job in ur Brainwashing #2

PH or Calabar shipping port should have been the biggest in Africa, both are another piece of shit left to us the kool aids drinkers by theYoruba and the Hausa/fulani rogues.
Yet our region is generating the wealth for Nigeria. Given part of my community Bakassi to another country. Each time anything about Ibo is mention we all jump at it thinking that the Ibos are our problem. Maybe some of you brain washed idiots from SS/ND should read the comments here made to SS/ND coming from the Yorubas and the Hausas. They love our oil but they do not like us. I have no problem with the Ibos, my problem is with Yorubas and the Hausa/Fools-lanis, they won the war using us, and for more than 40yrs after the war what have they done for us nothing. The kool aids drinkers from SS/ND should leave the Ibos alone they are marginalized as much as the SS/ND. People like Chief E. Clark and other kool-aids drinkers from SS/ND will be sent to hell when the time comes.

Yorubas&Hausa/Fulani Good Job in ur Brainwashing SS/ND #1

The Yorubas and Hausa/Fulanis have really done a good job in brainwashing us the SS/ND, meanwhile they use the money generated from SS/ND to develop the SW and the North, creating Yoruba and hausa/Fools-lani rogues millionaires. Tomorrow they will all claim that AWO and Ahmadu Bello did it for them. Building expressway b/w Ibadan and Lagos, dumping all our money in Abuja for more than 30years. Meanwhile the most travel road in Nigeria which is the road from Calabar to PH to Benin to Lagos is neglected, no railway between these Cities. Meanwhile it takes us more than 4 hrs to travel from PH to Opobo or Brass or Bonny no good bridge connecting these communities and towns. Ph airport is a piece of shit when compared to Lagos airport.

Drunkards playing palm wine politics

Naturally, igbos lack foresight. This was evident in their execution of the “igbo Coup” of 1966, the taunting of other tribes by the idiots, and their lack of acumen to apprehend a reprisal and be prepared accordingly. Now Dumbo is in aso rock, the “achebes igbos” are at it again, insulting everyone and everything in sight while thieving everything and anything they can lay their hands on. Yet the morons want an igbo president come 2015….animals! Do these fools know that all the votes from their animal kingdom, including those of their aborigine neighbours can never get them aso rock?! The earlier these lots get their “animal kingdom” the better. And let the PhD wielding drunkard lead the fools, good radiance! Remember the bomb blast on October 1st……the drunkard and his herd are playing palm wine politics! Idiots!!


Boko haram would not plant a bomb in such a secluded environment. Those guys always try to get as much atention as posible and also kill as many as they can. I dont believe this to be the handy work of boko haram


That is a good talk. When things like this happen people should talk sense. We dont need to put tribal sentiment into things.
Nigerians have never behave like one people.Ibos hate Yorubas despite that very high percentege of them live all over Yoruba land and make their wealth in there.A bomb exploded in Lagos in 2013, an Ibo man is bringing in Awolowo who died in 1987.What an insult.
I think it is high timewe stoped deceiving ourselves and let everybody bares his father's name (Oduduwa,Arewa, Ndigbo).

Dumbo Sacks OBJ's Men ...Bomb Goes Off In Eko ....Aaaah!

@Aboki Abdul :
Your arid cousins may not have bombed Eko City, but they will not escape the consequences of bombs going off in Lagos now or in the future. What was real "daft" was you almajiris being used to make senseless & violent political statements, you're pawns. The crowd won't lynch an Ibo man, they will look for the nearest Aboki. Aschloch!

@Omolewe :
Rede-rede hat kein Sinn komm 2015. You made a lot of sense with your contribution. RESPEKT!

Methinks it's simply curious that less than twenty-four hours after Ota monster's acolytes were purged from the PDP, bombing of Eko commenced in ernst. OBJ has a track record of anihilation of enclaves, Odua must remain vigilant. Do-or-Die has begun and only the strong will survive. This bombing is purely political as the Bokos know their limit. This is PDP scare tactics, it wont work. Animals!

it now shows categorically

it now shows categorically that the south-south and pDP are the people behind all the terrorism in this country, and the norh in particullar. you can see that jost becouse of the merger between some concious political parties in the country with the inclution of the great Lagos, they have no option but to extended their politically motivated terrorism to the innocent south west who are committed only to the devolopment of their rigion and the nation in general. may God Almighty expose all those behind this daity and onGodly game. Ameeen

I Pledge To Nigeria.........


Why are we all talking like the bomb spelt Yoruba, Igbo, Or Hausa?

We forget the national pledge easily, which we were taught in our primary school days. Its is only a signal that lagos has been a target of BOKO HARAM. Thank God for Fashiola who took a step to stop Okada long before now, and put security agents all across Lagos. It would have come sooner and worse than this.

Nigerians, wake up!!! This great country must not disintegrate, the develpoed country are out to destroy the Labours of our Heroes past.

Everyone should be security conscious rathar than talking about genocide that happened long ago.

Nigeria shall Be Great.

D Yorubas know their limitations are physical & hyper-spiritual

@Dele Awogbeoba:
...Ordinarily I would not be part of ur uninformed argument especially when you hav chosen to be blind,deaf & dumb to facts that even blind Barthimaeus would hav seen from a thousand miles.

...anyway, I ask you his question:
1. What did the Yoruba do for over 40yrs that the Hausa Fulani reigned & held on to power right at the heart of 'Youruba consciousness' - Lagos? Not even a single Yoruba was bold enough to plan a coup. Lance Corporal Oladipo Diya who tried ended up beggin on his knees & crying like a toddler for Major Mustapha to hlp him beg Abacha. Is that fear,cowardice or bravery?
2. MKO & wife were brutally murdered by pple u&I know. Yet Shonekan & Thief OBJ were happy to betray a fellow Egba man.Is this cowardice or bravery?
3. After all these insults & the occupation of Illorin by the Fulani, Parrot Bakare & Ex-Convict Tinubu wil run & prostrate before Buhari so that they can be VP. Cowardice or bravery? Idiot!
Long live United SS&SE

Fair, lets join heads

Fair, lets join heads together and lift Nigeria up

Young man this kind of

Young man this kind of statement is not Nigerian.Please it worsens situations, avoid it

Stop Worsening The Situation

Common, this kind of statements will not bring any good to our country. Please stay out of it.

reflect back to south African

reflect back to south African court judgement, then the lagosians will know who is the actor. moreover, it is also an attempt to make yorobas hate buhari and tinuba for forming an APC.

Nigeria is our country, if you don't like go hug transformer.

Is Boko Haram the whole of North, of what percent of the Northern population are Boko Haram? Why condemn the whole North for it. The Shariah you always blab about is in the Nigerian Constitution so don't blame North for Shariah blame the writers of the constitution, what a stupid propaganda that some people lost election and will ungovern the country, are you trying to say these people are mightier than government, this is a lame way of creating an excuse for failure. Everything we do is criticized, how our women dresses or why we leave beard, well the last time I checked Mary the mother of Jesus dressed like a muslim woman and Jesus had a long beard too why not imitate her as your model and him as your God if not then criticize them 1st before us. For all that want the country to divide this is your chance now that one of you is ruling the country and stop nagging on us go nag on your dumb brother ruling the country, idiots.

Allah Wubade. By the grace

Allah Wubade. By the grace of God Nigeria is about to break up. I am glad to notice that instead of everybody pretending that Nigeria is one happy country, every region now knows their enemies. Ndigbo already know their enemies. I am glad it has finally dawned on our neighbors in the SS that the North & SW love their oil but hate their guts. See the scorn they pour on Jonathan's family, Dr. Ngozi Okojo Iweala, & Dezeani. What crime did these people commit other that their place of origin? The looming war will be fought without mercy. Scores will be settled. Exploiter will definitely pay for their oppression of fellow human beings. This is not 1967-70. Hausa Fulani are weaker now, SS is wiser, Ndigbo now know how to fight back. Let idiots not count on Britain to help them murder children again.

Let all leave racist,

Let all leave racist, Ethnicity or tribe out of this issue, it can't solve d problem.
Someone is being respected by the whole world and give a task of maintaining peace in africa. He always successful in other African countries bcos they believe he can do it.
But here in his country, he was not given that support, those behind this idiotic act are always opposed his idea.

@ I was on the seen

You will not cause a war between the Yoruba and the Hausa! Try someone else!

ACP will go ahead!

Omolewa is right

IHEJIRIKA is using army engineers to plant bombs. They are trying to knock heads between the north and south west even if to scuttle the merger initiated by Asiwaju and Buhari. It was why IHEJIRIKA was not removed because that was what they were doing with his godfather AZAZI. Now that AZAZI is gone he is gone solo in order to remain COAS. The real Boko Haram is IHEJIRIKA and my Yoruba brothers must be careful not to attack innocent malams in Lagos.

This implies that Boko Haram

This implies that Boko Haram have penetrated Lagos!


I was at seen immediately the xplosion happened because i stay closeby. Just that while the mallam that was suspected to have planted the bomb was being beaten and almost killed, the police intervened hence they didnt allow the people know exactly what why he planted the bomb. The man killed by teh xplosion was already covered while another man their had his legs chopped off. The place was becoming too rowdy as the mob were making attempt on lynching the dude when i drove off.

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