Bomb Explosion In Zaria

Scene of an attack in Zaria last June
By SaharaReporters, New York

A powerful explosion has occurred at an area close to the Guest House of the Emir of Zaria in Tukur-Tukur area of Zaria.

Eyewitnesses said a powerful explosion occurred in an area already cordoned off by security agents in the city.

Earlier, gunshots rang out in the area as an unidentified Islamic cleric house and nearby Mosque was raided by troops as a result of intelligence gathered by the Joint Task Force that a group linked with Islamist militant group Boko Haram was planning a major attack on churches early Sunday.

Today's explosion happened some five minutes drive from a series of churches where some christian worshippers were killed and wounded in major bomb attacks in June.

A church leader told Saharareporters that they were tipped off to the effect that Boko Haram sect members had arrived the city of Zaria with a massive car bomb since Friday.Tt

There are no reports of casualties on the scene of today's explosion as at the time of publishing this report

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How would som1 fight for his

How would som1 fight for his God, if God is God let him fight for himself... Wether u like it or nt their aims are always churches bt d God of d Christian is nt a dead God thats y u see their plans turning bak at them... Am proudly a Christian and wouldn't setle for anytin less.

The north

Northern nigeria when will wise up, Nigeria is ashame about you and your belief, what do u have? You dont have anything anyone can benefit from u, ur people are the most reched, poor, disease infected, alms begging bonch of bastards. U practice a religion that does,nt practice peace, "if Nigeria divide you will be the one to suffer because even the money used in developing the north is gotten from the south, so we have nothing to loose. You are bound to doom.

sahara reporters or what ever

sahara reporters or what ever u call your self, stop deceiving Nigerians bcos the picture u posted is not in Zaria it was snapped in kaduna along sardauna crecent where a lot of machines riders were affected by bomb blast.

You this fool. Ask your

You this fool. Ask your father. ZIK betrayed. Us and now you fools want us to trust u ZIK gave power to the north so blame ur selves. Yorubas help to stop the civil war. Where waas ZIK durin the war. You ibos shud be blame for dis naija Probllem

re- The Evil of Islam

Iread with greatest dismay where a christian (name with held)that Islam is a criminal Religion when none of our Muslim Scholars or preachers ever call for reprisal attacks ie taking the laws into one's hands like what the (CAN President) did in the past.

Northern President after GEJ= Making Myanmar from Nigeria

Unfortunate, we as a people divided either along religious lines or our ever present Geo-political dichotomy. I thought we should have been more filled with optimism, positive thoughts and comments for our dear country that's so unfortunately divided. Our leaders must refrain from comments as these in scoring cheap political points or used against opponents. President Johnathan should have really busied himself with the unity of the country, no matter the obstacles ahead. I don't see Nigeria becoming a Myanmar or wherever when we are all determined to succeed? Or all the North and South things we see than our country and nation. We appreciate the unbiased press here @Sahara Reporters, who often post comments unverified.

Northern President after GEJ= Making Myanmar from Nigeria

Our negative thoughts unfortunately out-weigh the positive ones. In the midst of all these, just where is our optimism and love for our country, Nigeria? Everything in our country just carries a dangerous political undertone, unfortunately! We are either thinking, commenting along religious lines or Geo-political dichotomy at the detriment of the progress of our country and all of us. Even the post herein, goes along these lines and this is absolutely unncecessary, for there is so much work for all of us to do for this great black nation of ours. The politicians themselves are not helping matters: one wonders why they enjoy sentiments such as these, but we could all have a change of hearts so that we move forward for our own benefits. And what a beauty of press freedom Sahara Reporters present to us: they give us the News, comments, etc just as they are posted, unbiased!


Some mentioned Evil of Islam. What of Evil of Paulines? Who is right between Paul who lived in Greece and had never seen Jesus but wrote most substentive part of bible and Barnabas the disciple of Jesus?

Islam teaches peace

We Muslims don't have any enemies worse dan boko haram

God pass them. Jesus is Lord

God pass them. Jesus is Lord

Northern President after GEJ =Making Burma/Myanmar from Nigeria

Bombs and violence never cease in countries with Islamic religion problems. Till today, bombs kill in dozens in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, etc.
Muslims mix religion with politics. So whoever believes that Boko Haram violence shall stop in Nigeria is day dreaming.
And the worst Nigerians can do to the country is being intimidated into voting in a corenortherner to succeed President Jonathan. If we do that we shall envy Burma's (Myanmnar) long military dictatorship in future. If the elected corenortherner finishes his term, he must surely invite a corenortherner military man to take over power.

Allah is the savior

Allah is the savior

people are not praising our

people are not praising our security agents now o! but when anything goes wrong they are always so quick to condemn them, thumbs up, police, SSS, army and other security forces.... some of us appreciate your sacrifices and the blood u've shed so that we can sleep at night, God bless you!


This is incredible, when will this come to an end? Can federal government vividly says he's ignorant of this people? I think fed. Govt. is the problem behind this whole thing. May god help us.


Boko idiots fire on, bomb the North, Decimate the North and eventually make the North to be extinct, then there will be no North again.Result is advantage for the south

bomb exploded in zaria

bomb exploded in a house in zaria after raid by pls correct ur story it has nothing to do with near churches

Jesus is Lord.

That is how they will keep killing themselves in Jesus name,amen.

Evil of islam

When will this criminal religion educate it members on the value of human lives? I trust my Sourthern Kaduna brothers, that will surely avenge any action of theirs.

Woe unto you that spoilest &

Woe unto you that spoilest & was not spoiled,for when you shall cease from spoiling,then will you be spoiled.

Fuck u sahara preporters u

Fuck u sahara preporters u ppl are anti jonathern goodluck

objective reporting

I call on media outfit in Nigeria to verify their report before publication.What happening in Zaria has nothing to do with any attempt to attacked on any church.And the said Islamic cleric is not a member of Boko Haram,and the house is not close to any emirs quest house.The media should stop in helping spreading rumours.Zaria is at peace,everything is normal,it is just normal security work all over the country.

May God safe us from dis barbaric act

May God safe us from dis barbaric act, so d security personel will b ensure searching people with weapon detecter to protect people & dere properties. Long live my fadaland 9ja

God will disgrace every evildoer in nigeria

Evildoers will use their heads to carry all the evil they are planning. They will die like chicken and all their expectations will be cut off because I know they will never, imean never meet any vargin when they get to the Alujono.

When will this epidemic stop

When will this epidemic stop

well done

Does one still need a prove that the emirs,sultans and "clerics" are all boko. Nothing short of a total and complete division can save the south. Let the north keep the "faith and faithfools" and we in the south our innocence.


cnn just reported an explosion in a madrasa in the north. hope some future would be terrorists are no more.

dey don start again

These fools r all blind....starting from their leader
Why must someone created by God fight for God? Dat means
Their God is not a tru God.

BH should focus on Nigerian Elites!!!!!

The BH should vent their anger on elites with bad past records that contributed to the present sorry state of the nation. They stop killing innocent and poor nigerians.

Zaira explosion?

Is this an explosion or ploy? We already
Knew that the real intention behind 'boko hara
Haram is to creat the impression that
Christians must rise to defend themselves
Against 'Muslim Terrorists'.


The explosin isn't close to the house of emir is about 3 klm

help us God

Why wount they alow our zaria to be, god will not alow them to kromble the zaria we love so much.

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