The Boko Haram continues their series of attacks in Nigeria’s northern tier, with stories of those attacks re-occurring in greater frequency and intensity. An additional 30 women were kidnapped in one Borno Village in a community near Chibok. Yet, there are conflicting reports of arrests of some Boko Haram members, with some villages in recent days successfully fighting off attacks, only to be hit again within days. The Nigerian military response has been spotty, and often they continue to arrive late, hours in fact, after attacks on villages reported by SaharaReporters over the last week and a half.

In a statement issued to journalists across Nigeria, and obtained by SaharaReporters, the Borno Governor is reportedly asking his lieutenants and political allies scattered across his state to double check on these series of attacks, kidnappings, and the burning down of entire villages for confirmation.

Information is about the attacks continue to pour out of Borno, and other neighboring states, of a spike in movement by the Boko Haram, with sources stepping forward and speaking directly with our own correspondents. These sources, who have shared information following the aftermath of attacks have no reason to lie, nor sensationalize matters of death, wide spread looting, and mayhem visited upon their villages.

The recent statement issued by the Borno State governor appears below as much of the outside world wait for the official word out of Abuja, and from military officials, who have firsthand knowledge of the carnage, death, and additional kidnappings that continue to pour out of Borno, and other states, with increased frequency. Below is the governor’s statement.

“Governor Kashim Shettima has read with serious concerns, media reports about yet another abduction in part of the Damboa local government area of Borno State. The Governor has since directed the chairman of the affected local government area, and other government officials from the affected areas, to make very urgent but accurate enquiries from communities, and report to him as soon as they can, even as security agencies take appropriate actions.

“While the Governor views the reported abduction with all the seriousness it deserves, he is also worried that weighty developments, such as information concerning the abduction of 60 persons, requires careful enquiry in order to obtain information that is comprehensive, and beyond any reasonable doubt. The Governor is worried that only recently, leaders of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breaders Association, was reported refuting media reports that some 30 Fulani women were kidnapped at a community in Chibok. The Association relied on what it called a “comprehensive investigation” that involved making enquiries from all of its members, not only in the area the kidnappings that was said to have taken place, but also in the entire Borno State.

“The Governor very much appreciates the urge of the media to inform the public about happenings not only in Borno State, but everywhere in the world, given the fact that the public has a right to know, and they ought to be informed. However, he feels ‎the Nigerian is very competent enough to deploy means by which comprehensive and accurate information can be gotten. The Governor appreciates that both the media and Government at all levels, are working in unusual ways given the nature of the unfortunate insurgency attacks that have remained persistent in some parts of Borno State. He knows and understands the difficulty, but at the same time, he calls for patience at all times so that collectively, the media and government can in giving out information, be sure of exactly what happened, how it happened, when and who is or are involved. Governor Shettima stands by those who have been affected and shares their pains and those of their families even as we await the outcome of enquiries going on, hoping, the outcome will be as soon as possible, without compromising accuracy of information. Governor Shettima once again expresses profound appreciation to the Nigerian and International media for their very critical support which has no doubt been very helpful in the circumstance. The Governor is hopeful that the schoolgirls abducted in Chibok will by the intervention of God, be rescued and so will those recently affected, if ongoing enquiries confirm reports about the unfortunate incident. 

“Governor Shettima assures the citizens of Borno State, other Nigerians and the International community that his administration is working very hard, doing all it can and should do, collaborating actively with relevant bodies both the military and community members, to find a lasting solution to the crisis that has been a big thorn in the Governor's flesh. Part of the measures being taken is yielding fruitful results that aim at enhancing security of lives and property in the State. Peace has been relatively achieved in major towns and peace will by God's grace, be achieved, in the entire State within the shortest possible time. The Governor deeply appreciates the patriotic efforts of citizens who have been helping with useful information to counter the unfortunate situation in the State and calls on all good citizens to remain resolute in that regard. Our peace and security, we should always remember, begins with what we tell appropriate institutions that are lawfully established to protect us. 

Isa Gusau, the governor’s Special Adviser on Communications, wrote the above statement issued from Government House, Maiduguri, in Borno State.

The question remains as to why residents in villages across Borno, and in other states, would mis-lead the media and the public, as there has been a confirmed spike in Boko Haram activities recorded in the media, and not al of them taking place in Nigeria’s northern tier.




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