Brain-Damaged Governor Suntai Did Not Recognize Me, Says Acting Governor

Acting Governor Garba Umar of Taraba State
By SaharaReporters, New York

Acting Governor Garba Umar of Taraba State has revealed that hospitalized Governor Danbaba Suntai did not recognize him when the two met over two days in Hanover, Germany. The deputy governor recently made a two-day visit to the seriously injured Mr. Suntai who has been at a hospital in Hanover, Germany since escaping with grave injuries from a crashed plane he was piloting when it went down near the airport in Yola, capital of Adamawa State last October.

SaharaReporters has reported exclusively that Mr. Suntai is brain-damaged and unable to recognize visitors, including members of his family and a few other Nigerian politicians who have visited him in Germany.

A source close to the acting governor, who travelled to Germany two weeks ago, told SaharaReporters that Mr. Umar disclosed that the injured governor did not speak a word to him throughout his stay in Germany.

Another source revealed that the acting governor also told the Presidency in Abuja that, on one occasion when he tried meeting with the governor, Mr. Suntai drooled saliva uncontrollably as he sat in a special chair.

Our sources said that German medical consultants told the visiting acting governor that one of Mr. Suntai’s biggest medical issues is that fluids accumulate on one side of his brain, thereby impeding normal brain function. The German doctors indicated that the fluids have to be constantly drained or else Mr. Suntai would die.

Following our consistent reports that Mr. Suntai was brain-damaged from the crash, his wife and aides have maintained a well-oiled  propaganda in the state claiming that Mr. Suntai had almost fully recovered and was on the cusp of returning to Nigeria to resume office. The propagandists have enlisted several hands, including Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau State who recently claimed in a press release that Mr. Suntai would soon return. Mr. Jang had visited the ailing governor in Germany and released an apparently staged photo showing Mr. Suntai standing with him.

A top politician in Taraba told SaharaReporters that he sympathized with Mr. Suntai and his family, but added that one man should not hold the state hostage. “I think those around him should come out and tell us the whole truth about Danbaba,” said the source. “If he is well, let him come back and tell us what he plans to do to move the state forward. If he’s still incapacitated, he should resign so that the deputy can take over as full governor and handle the challenges of governance.”

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still talking about a statue ?????? you no get work


CAN SOMEBODY TELL US HOW MUCH T.S.G. HAS SPENT SO FAR ON SUNTAI. MR ACTING GOV PLS TELL US HOW SUNTAI IS, IT'S TAX PAYER'S MONEY THAT'S BEEN SPENT AND MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR.GARBA U.T.C. don't forget that you alone will account money spent from the 25 oct. we know the hospital, and they will furnish us with information on the bills. E.F.C.C am sure will be expecting our petition.

plot to smuggle suntai back

can somebody tell the acting gov. to stop playing mr nice guy and do the right thing. suntai can't govern taraba anymore, the state has to move on.sen bwach and associate must face facts and stop playing politics with the situation. stakeholders must come together at this stage. the plot to dump suntai in govt house, while bwach, speaker,hauwa suntai, njewa,run the state will be resisted at all cost.the acting gov must understand the fact the we are over 2million in taraba state. those ploting to bring suntai back to nigeria against medical advise must not forget GOD OH'. suntai can't rule now.where are the danjumas, nyames, Obadiahs, baidos, baba adis,ahmed yusufs, jalos,etc. this is a clarion call to all. the acting gov must tell the world what he saw in Germany.


Datz wat we tarabians are wetin 2 hear since! But i dnt knw why dey r hiding mr suntai health condition, no body wil say he is above dat kind of accident. Pls come out n tell us wat is really his condition so dat we can knw d stand of our state, or u wnt 2 make taraba state 2 have 2 governors 1 @ germany having damage brain or d 1 @ taraba dat his in gud health? Pls ol dis propaganda wil not solve our problem we only need truth pls mr sunta's family. Mr jonah jang pls dnt try 2 hide wat wil not hide any thin dat has beginning we have an end talk true so dat d acting governor wil take a lead as a GOVERNOR d state pls!

The plight of Governor Suntai: Money Laundering and no care

Governor Suntai has been in a suboptimal hospital in Germany. His medical team including the chief physician of the state and his personal physician cannot ascertain his medical condition and have never been granted full access to any of his medical record despite visits to Germany. All advise to move him to the USA for brain and spinal cord injury rehab at the best centers are blocked by a group led by Dr. Hassan (from Borno State) married to the sister of Gov Suntai's wife. He has so far received more than 200 million naira in the name of treating Suntai but has failed to retire a single kobo or provide records to the frontline physicians. The acting governor has been briefed for the need of immediate intervention to save Suntai since he is helpless now appears to fall into deaf ears. He needs to be moved to a neutral center that will focus on his health first above any financial interest and centers where laws are rigid in protecting patients.


We should put it at the back of our minds that religion should be the tool to divide us in our dare country Nigeria and Taraba to be specific if Allah wants he would make the whole world to be either Muslim or christian he made us in different tribes, religions and color to know each other.We should read our scriptures with keen understanding we should not be reading our scriptures upside down and be following what our minds decided for us.

You most be very stoppid wait

You most be very stoppid wait for your on death eddiot.

let talk about solution to our problem

Let us talk about the solution to our problems, instd not to be talking over ethno-religion issue? because one tin that do not allow us to progress in this country is this ethno - religion problem. Why are those in north thinking every body in south is a Xtian and those in south thinking all the pple in north are muslim, is not like that but even in Enugu there are indigene muslims and many people from Kano are Xtian. So what are sayin? Are saying that the country should split into 2 bcos of ur little knowledge about religion, let take our religion to be solution to our problem & under develpmnt let us walk as a country.

truth of the matter

Pls taraba is presently moving backward if suntai is death u pple should come out and tell us and if he is alive late him come becouse we tarabians cant bear it any more.

dan baba's situation

it is now legal in 9jeria 4 leaders 2 shy away from saying d truth.

bias & not being Justice 2 northern leaders

Akpos1 you are not objective in your analysis & I believe you are not a true Nigeria. You always mentioned your oil money who told u that the money belongs to one part of this country., have you forgotten that the late President gave an unconditional presidential amnesty to Niger Delta people to ensure peace and stability in the region. I believe u are not illiterate if u don't know please ask you people tell you the reality of things from colonial era to this time and at end you will the contributions of each to the development of Nigeria

Trbibalistic Ibo and the Stupid SS people

This Ibo/Igbo buffoons has really become a nuisance on this platform with there disgusting tribalistic views. It is obvious that they are of poorly bred ofsprings of riverine prostitutes fathered by unidentifiable roaming gorillas. The gallons of ogogoro consumed by there mother during pregnancy has made this scoundrel eternally intoxicated. as for Akpos specifically is just an OSU caste trying his best to be accepted by the bigoted other ibos. I bolachi

a secret plot



If you are resoning with a well educated human you will understand yourselves better,knowing the History of Nigeria it will help the people that claim they went to school but yet they are almost complete illiterate. Nobody has ever thought of discovering oil in the North such as between Bauchi and Gombe, Borno, Jigawa, and now Kastina States. And i beleif more is coming, now i greed with the Zoologists findings that the crude iol flows under the ground from Northern Nigeria to South but is looking for where there is massive water to settle under and that if the North starts exploiting with some time it will stop getting to the South, putting curses and hatred on North is just like adding manure to the crops in the farm i belief more is coming.

@Akpos1 - No shaking....we dey for your back

@akpos1, well done!

Make you keep up the fire. We stand gidigba dey do 'Ochuko'i.e., 'Support' for your back. Nothing do you!

Na true talk you dey talk. all the shakara na for our oil & gas wey them they long throat put. Make thunder fire them.

This is the right time to call for the SS&SE spring. Yes, a SS&SE oil producing region of Nigeria must revolt & control its resources forever as a first step towards secession. It is clear that this error called Nigeria is not working & will never work. Long live Opobo Kingdom
Long live The Ogoni Kingdom
Long live The Niger Delta
Long live MEND
Long live MASSOB
Long live the United Republic of SS&SE

Era of fussil fuel wil soon be over

Mumu seems u rstil livin in the stone age wen d world is gradually moving awy frm ur useless oil with technological advancement in alternative source of energy.If u hv nt heard of the the term Hydro fraking den go bk to school coz dat es the technology dat wil phase out ur useless oil. Parasites.

Brain damage

Whether Suntai is incapacitated or not in a non-issue here. The Nigeria constitution is clear on issues relating to governor being incapacitated and the deputy assuming the position. My advise is that the acting governor should honorably resign if he has no ideas about running the state. Enough of excuses to cover up for

danbaba suntai

U are mad idiot mumu. Don't you know that only change is constant ? And taraba state is Muslim dominated state ? You are a fish wey no dey travel. DANBABA HAS GONE FOREVER AND EVER

Re@Jungudo. Do You Mean If You Borrow Money From Bank...........

Jungudo, do you mean if you borrow money from Bank to drill or invest in other ventures that the bank will own your business forever. Let say the money the Bank lent you, you have paid it to the bank and in that process they have got their return in investment, is it still fair for the Bank to continue to ask you to pay the debt that was paid in full? Please Mallam Jungudo, you are not fair. The oil money have been stolen by you northerners for decades now and you are still begging the question of tracing history and see how these oil were drilled? For how long are we going to be indebted to you Northern Musilms armed robbers? All the South is asking for is to at least lead the country which you guys have ruined. You Northerners have put a wedge on GEJ's govt. Haba Boko Haram



@ Udam Ochiaghandigbo it

@ Udam Ochiaghandigbo it seems you guys are biased and onesided about issues.It has nothing to do with religion or ethnicity,it does not matter whether it is in the North or in the South because it is happening in Enugu State and in Taraba State,we should condemn both as we did in the case of Yaradua.We should protest about things like this if it happens in any State in Nigeria.I pitty all the families but their States (Enugu and Taraba) have to move on!.Issue like head of state or governorship should not be personalised,people should not be playing politics with human lives as they did during Yaradua and now the two govs.We should stop classifying it as Ethnical issues.


U ar an illiterate dog ask your father jonathan or your god edwin clerk whether your less than 2million population can form a class talk less of a president of a country. 2. ask whether u guys used ur tsetse fly manifested region have anything to show talk less of exploring oil. our money, our resources and our initiative of the north and west rescue u goats if not all of u are out of history. idiot think before opening ur bunkering dirty mouth

It is a Pity

My sincere prayers is for the quick recovery of the governor, while also bearing in mind that the state will move forward.
God will perfect His healing on him


Na u be moron...

The report says brain damage

The report says brain damage not brain dead....big difference!

We should always be objective

We should always be objective in whatever analysis we do. People of south keep on saying about oil&gas money, let them trace history and find out how these oil were drilled.
FG used the money generated from vast agricultural resources in d north 2 built all d refineries and to drill all dis oil. Every part of this country support one another. we should learn to promote unity and development not to be insulting one part of the country.
The issue of Hausa-Fulani does not arise in this case, because even the Acting Governor is not a Fulani man neither is He a Hausa man. He is a man from Karim lamido tribe. Please know things before u talk.
we should stop bringing religious matters into national/state developments.

Ask him again pls

Ask him again pls

Our Oil, Yoruba and Northerners

Some people talk with their brains tucked deep in their shoes instead of their heads. The Ibos are the greatest traitors of themesleves, southeast and Nigeria because theu will sell their mothers for selfish ends. The so-called oil people of Niger are also the killers of Niger Delta. Northerners are as productive as any other side of Nigeria. Whoever wants to drink oil should go ahead, and the Ibos are just deceiving the mumu south-south oil people, and will oppress them in the moribund Biafra.


God has made his miracle,yet odas dnt understand.Allready we are tired wit hm,cos he is a nauty by nature.Also pally if i may ask,did u bliv in destiny?everybody destiny MUST com,it only delay.therefore wot GOD has destine 2 suntai nd garba umar no jupiter can STOP it pls.

So you believe Suntai is only

So you believe Suntai is only governing the christians in Taraba? How can we move forward in this Naija when people don't regard their fellow human beings as humans unless they belong to their group? Monkey with monkey, Baboon with baboon. Praying for Allah's intervention and wishing quick recovery.