BREAKING NEWS: Nigeria At 50- Two Deadly Car Bombs Explode In Abuja

Scene of bomb blast
By SaharaReporters, New York

Two car bombs exploded near the new complex of the federal high court in Abuja about two hours ago, the  bombs exploded on Shehu Shagari way killing 8 and injuring several people. The explosions caused major panic and confusion at the Eagle Square venue of the 50th anniversary event in Nigeria. The events continued as at the time of fling this report.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, (MEND) ,had earlier issued a statement alerting participants of its intention to bomb the event. See statement below:

With due respect to all invited guests, dignitaries and attendees of the 50th independence anniversary of Nigeria being held today, Friday, October 1, 2010 at the Eagle Square Abuja, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta  (MEND) is asking everyone to begin immediate evacuation of the entire area within the next 30 minutes. This warning expires after 10.30Hrs

Several explosive devices have been successfully planted in and around the venue by our operatives working inside the government security services.

In evacuating the area, keep a safe distance from vehicles and trash bins.

There is nothing worth celebrating after 50 years of failure. For 50 years, the people of the Niger Delta have had their land and resources stolen from them. The constitution before independence which offered resource control was mutilated by illegal military governments and this injustice is yet to be addressed.

Jomo Gbomo

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The Problem

My sympathy goes to the families of the dead. It is quite sad. However this contraption called Nigeria is brewing ultimate disaster. They should have just targeted some of these politicians. Its not so difficult. Imagine how many recruits Mend would have had if only it was IBB or Mohammed Abacha that was bombed?

A Sad, Sad, Day Indeed for Nigeria

This is despicable. Killing to make a political point is the tactics of the lowest form of cowardice.

Henry Okah, Soboma George, Tompolo, Asari Dokubo, Cynthia White and co were all created by the politicians of the Niger Delta, in particular Peter Odili, James Ibori, Alamaisiegha and co for whom they acted as political thugs. Then they morphed into their present nihilistic and terrorist form. The truth of the Niger Delta militancy movement is that it is a large criminal industry involving the politicians, militants, gun runners, oil "bunkerers", hostage negotiators and government officials.

It is a cornucopia of criminality and what any Nigerian leader who wants to put a dent on it is to apply zero tolerance to all players in the militancy, regardless of whether they are highly placed politicians (governors and all) or lowly foot soldiers of the militancy. There should be no negotiations with these terrorists. Now Henry Okah is free in South Africa and pulling the strings. Nigeria is the laughing stock of the world because of all this mess. What reprieve have come to all those people killed, maimed and injured by their nefarious activities?

A fifty year old country has nothing to celebrate if virtually all pre-independence socioeconomic statistics are way better than current ones.

Jonathan needs to sit up and do his job. being president is not just attending functions and cavorting about with a retinue of aides and acting pompous, it is about recognizing you are elected to serve and decisively solving the large important problems that affect the country. Act Presidential Mr Goodluck Jonathan else you have no moral claim to the office.

IBB U ARE JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IBB u are joking, if u think we will loose confidence in our favorite leaders by sending ur callous idiots disguising themselves as MEND, Perpetrating the best of ur attribute 2 agitate the joy of our growing darling country 9ja.It is a SHAME
"mun gano ka!"

Food for thought

I know by now you must have heard about the explosions at the ground of 50th Independence celebration in Abuja. My condolence goes to the families of the 8 people that died as a result of the explosions. As a matter of fact, can someone tell me what we are celebrating. We Nigerians has been pushed to the wall for a longtime and this must stop. I really don't know the type of people we have as leaders. Callous, wicked, irresponsible, unresponsive. Same group of people has been milking this nation for 50 years yet they are not done. President Jonathan applied to the National Assembly for the whooping sum of NAIRA 10 BILLION for this 50th Independence celebration. What for? A ceremony that will last for less than 2 hours and 10 BILLION naira would have gone down the drain. Is 10 BILLION naira 10 KOBO? The First Lady is hobnobbing from country to country, state to state in the name of one initiative but we all know she is campaigning for their (herself and husband) election. She wanted to gain cheap political goal by giving out trailer load of rice with our own money but she ended up getting people killed as they scrambled fro the rice. Where are we heading to? These our leaders go to Europe and America. They see how foriegn leaders resign from office when the loose the people's confidence. When will our leader start being sensitive? Oh my God. My heart bleeds. Can't someone be our HERO? Well, I hope someday God will intervene again like in the case of Abacha but this time, a heavy intervention.

My conviction,I totally agree with you,Nigerians are the most coward people on earth.No part of the world will tolerate the injustice,poor governance,police killings,insecurity,massive state and official corruption,ruined education system,deliberate citizen's social and welfare abandonment by the state,the list goes on.Everything is wrong in Nigeria yet no public protests,nothing of that sort at all.People think change will come from the space.Only a group like MEND is the hope of the downtrodden in Nigeria,I DO NOT CARE WHAT ANY INTERNET TIGER THINGS BUT I JUST SAMPLED MY CANDID OPINION.MEND I support full time,step up the pressure.


there is no sense in killing innocent bystanders or people going to work. that could have been a relative of mine or any other person and what has the dead folks got to do with the liberation of Niger Delta??

I condem this senseless explosion or killing.... if u continue to act cowardly like this, u will loose the support of Niger Deltans like myself.... Afterall, I do really see much impact of your STRUGGLES OTHER THAN YOUR POCKETS GETTING FATTER.

It is very annoying. When Obj and Umya was there, y'all never took it this far...

please channel your grievances without killing us.

I really wish I can see this Jomo Gbomo face to face... This sensless and baseless killing, MUST STOP!

Coward Act

I do not condone this type of action, it is a cowardly act. it is the innocent people who suffer the consequences of such actions.

MEND you claim to have operatives working inside the government security services, why not take out the looters we all know milking our resources, spilling our blood, stealing us blind. IBB is there, you didnt harass him, IBORI drained your state funds and you allow him to walk scot free. Bank-ole the house speaker keeps fattening up his lips with our national cake. And it is innocent people you are killing. haba! do you folks have mothers at all?

To me you are bunch of terrorist and kidnappers used by these looters and vagabonds in power to distabilize the nation and perpetrate themselves in power. Shame on You. I am sure Ken Sarowiwa will be turning in his grave for the likes of you killers who have hijacked a good course and using it as a weapon of terror.

Congratulations MEND! but pls

Congratulations MEND! but pls next time try to avoid innocent casualties, and target the real criminals in power. I think, with this act, we are gradually approaching them. The other time it was in Delta, now it is Abuja.

Head or Tail, you lose

Fuck Obasanjo and his ongoing Yoruba coup d'etat.
You will exterminate him and his supporters.
Keep watching.

mend sucks

if mend is grievous with anybody it should be with there on son president GEJ and stop wasting innocent souls

Mend are terrorists

Terrorists ko? then what do you call the looters...saints?..say it lets hear you.Look this is long over due and am telling this is the only thing that can take care of them and their supporters.


the dog that the Gods want to kill he will first make mad. This fight for oil well will surely eat you head Mr Maradona. if you like bomb eagle square aso rock is not your private property... this is part 1 we will seat and watch part 2. the mystery of mend


Nigerian politicians are very funny people. They're capable of killing even members of their families to acquire power. Dont forget we're in their season already. Lets not be quick to say its MEND and hide the real people.

Why would the so called faceless MEND disrupt activities now when one of their own Goodluck Jonathan is in power and many of them now have access to Aso Rock? Why MEND?

Until recently, MEND was credited with the kidnapping activities in Nigeria. Can we say that for sure today? Some unscrupulous elements (especially politicians) could just be hidding under the cover of MEND to perpectuate these evils.

Government should investigate this and many of these incidencies and unearth the evil men behind them.

Na waooo

look beyond mend. this orchestrated plan by ibb & his boys to scare jonathan from contesting 2010. hoping that will make the president to give up his ambition to contest. if these elements are left unchecked, then there will be plenty troubles ahead.


with this act, anyone still have doubts that these MEND and it's associate groups are criminal elements with no aim to liberating the people as they claim and as such deserves no sympathy. a proper investigation should be carried out and president Johnathan should warn the likes of Edwin Clark and his journey men from the niger-delta that they should restrict their evil acts to their own people alone, was it not the same people who took up arms to protect a well known criminal james ibori,we are not pakistan or afghanistan. henry okah and his bangwagon of criminals must be made to pay for this, this is pure terrorism and nothing else. shame on you criminals and your niger-delta political cohorts

One day for the thief

One day the real faces behind MEND go come market

You are a terrorist group..

I used to support literally everything you does, today you shown other face not seen before. You have succeeded taken the life of 8 innocent, helpless and poor Nigerians. By this cowardly acts, you have successfully let down millions of good people that supported your course. shame on MEND. Shame on you mother fucker..MEND MY ASS

This act is the most

This act is the most illogically insane screw-up i have ever seen. How can a man decide to cause a problem in order to fix a problem. Its unheard of. Some political elites are just so self centered randomly stupid exploding a vehicle where innocent nigerians are. Our problem as a nation has just been compounded. O.K. with this, now added to the million tonnes of burden we've got, where are we headed? I detest Humans that do not value live,something they cant create. Where does this leave us now, more shambles, more grief,a more drastic fall... I urge the President to look into this issue and bring to a screeching halt this act of babarism.

Abuja Bom Blast

Well we have been warned. All we need to do is take corrective steps to forestall impending disaster.
An ex US Ambassador recently warned that we are on the verge of collapse/ He was condemned and ABUSED.
15 school kidds, journalist and youth corpers were recently kidnapped. An Islamic sect stormed a Government Prison and released all 700 prisoners.
Whether the bomb is IBB, MEND or contending PDP Factions, the country as we know it today is DOOMED unless... ACTION IS TAKEN

This is Stupid.

The senate president takes home 1 Billion Naira yearly. His Deputy takes home close to a Billion. Each House of rep member takes home over 100 million naira yearly. These guys are very unpopular and hated in Nigeria as parasites. Former president Obasanjo is loathed in the West of Nigeria. All MEND could do is kill innocent bystanders in Abuja?

God is there

Who ever did this must be punish by our God heaven if he did not report him self

The commoners, dont deserve this!

As much as I will always want to align my thoughts with the struggle by MEND and other patriotic groups in the Niger Delta, over their efforts to emancipate the down trodden maases of the South Soutth, regardless of the ongoing name calling here, I will not lend my support to this unfolding horror movies. Planned in the name of liberating us in the Niger Delta. Although I doubt if MEND was behind it, the federal government of Nigeria did not use Northerners to truncate or reduce the 50% derivation due to the oil bearing communities in the South South. Check the records, it was humans from the deep South, that was relied on by malam Fulani, to steal the resources of the Niger Delta. It would therefore be wrong for MEND, to depend on the occasional wobbly, wobbly ideas expressed by the syndicated cows, whose only task is to allow these emerging set of ethnic faggots, known as writers, to bemoan the plight of the commoners in our 50yrs of Independence, with half truth. Often, done through the smelly pieces they pen on SR, for the hewers of wood and drawers of water in the Niger Delta to swallow. Check them outings here. Hours ago, they were busy daring u to move over to Abuja. U did. The result is open condemination. Those who died are the suffering masses with no bullet proof cars. Soon it will be GEJ, Nee Azikiwe, that organized the bombing to scare the daylight out of Atiku, Buhari, aka Idiagbon, Mohammed Ribadu in the Defence Ministry and the leader of the CIA drug cartel, IBB. Stop playing into the hands of the Dopkesis and d Dan Maria gojes. The SPOLILERS are now busy dancing to the tune of (we warned u about GEJ)before the out brake of the last civil war. Its only those who have never seen war that cry for it to happen again and again in their abstract minds..SNC is the only route to our liberation!

Henry okah and his boys should be held responsible!

MEND has missed the point for justice...too sad they have become unjust and destructive.....Okah and his boys should be held responsible,they are criminals and should be treated as such.......its a shame,not now, certainly now today for bombing anybody, friend or foe.......read

thank u guys for the bomb.

About time. I know GOD will soon answer my prayers. I prayed to God to destroy that fuckin country before d end of the day oct 1st. Fifty year old fools still behaving like 50 months (4yr2mt) old kids. Am ashame of that fuckin country. The people are too complacent, dont ever want to fight for their rights. Shame on us at fifty. A fool at fifty is a fool for ever.

Hold IBB, Atiku and Saraki responsible!

The issue here is more than MEND or Niger Delta militants!
First and foremost, the issue of Kidnap of 4 Youth Corp Members in Rivers and of recent the Kidnap of 15 nursery and primary school pupils in Aba, Abia State, the shameless and evil co-contestants of the PDP ticket with Goodluck Jonathan are just trying to paint a scenario of seeming lack of Political will and incompetence on the part of Goodluck Jonathan to lead the country as has often been echoed by Atiku and IBB. They may have hands in these cowardly and evil plots that have taken precious lives of innocent Nigerians. So, MEND are just being paid to claim responsibility for what is obviously beyond them.
FBI and other foreign security agencies should be called in to investigate this dastardly acts. God save Nigeria from the shameless nonentities!

This is wicked and

This is wicked and cowardly,why not target the corrupt leaders and politicians,you know them afterall.only cowards and fools throw bombs in a market place.


The bombers are just masquerading. Definetely it is not MEND. This act has been perpertrated by the age long enemies of Nigeria who do not want Jonathan in the helm of affairs and are doing everything to fight him and embarass his leadership. It is Babangida, Saraki, Atiku and Etc, that are so scared about change because they have all this while benefitted from the failed state and want it to continue that way so that they can continue to opress others. They want chaos so they can set the president against his people. It is not MEND. This is a conspiracy.

Senseless and Wrong Target.

In as much as many Nigerians agree with what MEND said about injustice in Nigeria. It is very hard to agree with what they did. If I may ask, those 8 people that were killed by the bomb, are they not ordinary Nigerians? Did the bomb kill any of those who are in government or their family members? Why should we be killing ourselves and leave the oppressors to enjoy their indepence cake of sorrow.

What MEND did could have been applauded by well meaning Nigerians if their bombs were targetted at the right people, i.e. the oppressors. If past and present rulers that wrecked the nation have been their target and probably eliminated, right message would have been sent to all gladiators that are warming up to go into public offices. So as not to appear as fighting wrong war, MEND should dissipate their energy on the oppressors and leave ordinary Nigerians that are equally suffering the injustice being meted out those in govt, past & present.

Mend: This is a misplaced Agression

You are all I.D.I.O.T.S. If you are really serious about the wellfare of your people, the war should start from your Rogue officials ruining your Ijaw Home land. You have your own state with a huge monthly allocation coming in for its development. Where is that development in Bayelsa yet you scum bags will not stop and ask yourselves some hard questions. First show what you can do with what you have and the rest of the Nigeria people will stand up for you in demanding more. Now you are not back ward because you lack money to develop your communities. You are still back ward because you refuse to hold your leaders accountable.

nigeria my country

I totally disagreed with any one who seemed not to figure out changes in Nigeria as a developing country.Nigeria has come of age.The point remain that , many people are short sighted, a lot of things has changed in terms of politics, economy,human psychology,phylosophy etc.The only thing I see we are not getting right is maintenance culture and leadership.If you had built surulere as a fine city without maintenance you decided that surulere is no more a good city to dwell and you move to develop pack view city yet without maintenance.One day you will notice that park view will be a worst city than surulere with time.Today being my birth day. God bless Nigeria .

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