BREAKING NEWS BY PUNCH Newspaper: INEC Cancels Anambra Central Senatorial Result

By Punch newspaper

The Independent National Electoral Commission has cancelled the result of the senatorial election in Anambra Central Senatorial District.


It said a rerun would be fixed for a date to be announced soon.


The decision was announced at a press conference in Awka by the newly appointed Returning Officer for Anambra Central, Prof. Charles Esinone. The Resident Electoral Commissioner, Prof. Chukwuemeka Onukaogu, also attended the briefing, where he told newsmen that Esinone had been replaced the former RO, Mr. Alex Anene.


The major candidates in the election are a former governor of the state, Dr. Chris Ngige (Action Congress of Nigeria); ex-Minister of Information and Communications, Prof. Dora Akunyili (All Progressives Grand Alliance); and the incumbent, Chief Annie Okonkwo (Accord Party).


The declaration of the result ran into a deadlock when Anene said on Sunday that he was being pressurised by officials of the state government and APGA to declare Akunyili as the winner of the poll.


He had told newsmen in Awka that the interests promised him a house, scholarship for his children and N10 million if he declared Akunyili as the winner of the election and accepted the ‘mutilated’ result from Njikoka Local Government Area.


He said he rejected the gifts and was quitting the assignment because his conscience would not allow him to announce a mutilated result.


Ngige swiftly petitioned INEC, asking it to cancel the result in Anaocha Local Government Area because 22,000 votes were allocated in it to Akunyili.


However, at a separate briefing at her campaign office in Awka, Akunyili said that before the election, Anene was arrested with fake poll monitors and later released on bail. She alleged that instead of going to report to the police, Anene called journalists and raised allegations against her party.

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God almighty will intervain on on what is going on in anambra, the through picture is that unfruitful leader will not win the election. God will perfect His hand and scarter the evil plan.

where is the evidence

We should not be tooquick in judging prof.dora.she was and still remain a woman of tested integrity until proven otherwise.the returning officer should bring forward his evidence to substantiate his claim.otherwise nigerian should ignore him

Controversial Dora!!!

prof Dora is not really the only woman in politics in Nigeria,so why the controversy,proff please beware!!!

Re Mr justice commissioner of delta state

Any ward near Ekpan general is ward ten (10) not ward 8 as you speculate. what you are saying is true


PETRUS the Trader...uneducated trader you are! Who is Bias? ACN IS A NON EXISTING PARTY AT PRESIDENTIL LEVEL of 2011 elections. Ribadu is a Sharia infected Hausa Fulani (BORN TO RULE) type and ACN made their grave mistakes for not naming FASHOLA OSHIOMOLE as flag bearer Which coukd have meant automatic victory for ACN as a party and to all NAIJA CITIZENS, considering the progress made in Lagos and Edo states. Parties should choose candidates,based on past record.PETRUS should point some good projects of STINKING AKUNYILI as information minister! we need Roads + laudable projects BIG REASON WHY WE NEEDED A PRESIDENT FASHOLA OR OSHIOMOLE. under DIRTY AKUNYILI watch as info minister 20 NAIJA CITIZENS were executed by Libyan BLOODTHIRSTY Gadhafi? AND was at same period of 2010 when the HAUSA FULANI were doing their killings in JOS!!! + the so called Africa biggest telivision, NTA(operating without electricity +Evil Yar Adua censor)disn'nt report it to the Nation. IS PETRUS STILL THERE?????

Dora vs Ngige

nigerian are desprate set of people any one one of then can be guilty. u people should alow investigation befor u crucify Dora.



Mr Justice commissioner of delta state

In Uvwie local govt area of Delta State, Uvwie ward 8, by ekpan general hospital a serving commissioner, commissioner of justice in delta state government organised thugs, watched the scenario of electoral process and procedure, and at the point of collation and announcement, snatched the ballot boxes from the electoral officers and went into hidding. If a justice commissioner could act so crudely, what is the hope of the common man? For me this is the kind of humanbeing called politician to be phased out of the scene of Nigerian govt and politics.

By their fruits we shall know them

We need to keep Gov. peter Obi by the side and face Prof and Dr. In the past Prof Dora have shown Nigerians that she can be trusted and Dr Ngige became Gov. thru rigging and since then he has been desparate to go back to the Govt house bcos pushed him out. Once there is inconclusive election, ther shuld be a re-run and am sure the Prof will win again. I am so sorry for Mr Anene. He may have decided to become popular with dis not knowing the negative implication of his action.

@Tony , u are adigrace to

@Tony , u are adigrace to your family and the entire southern part of the country as your gramatical error has revealed whom you are. Please go and get yourslff proper education next time before posting anything on this site so that othe African countries will not abuse us becouse of your shortcomings. Minister of Educatin Prof Ruqayya Rufai is from the North, kindly go and plead with her to give you admission at Delta state uniersity Abraka so that you write well next time. OTONDO LIKE U

Dora suck

Dora suck she is being accompany by da state govt mr peter ada who suck 2,da two collided 2 demolish acn candidate ngige bt their plan is gonna be botched up cuz ngige is flint &equal 2 da task

The Returning Officer in Anambra Central

I think the State Security Services should move in Now and get hold of that returning officer before he does more havoc. The same returning officer seen in today (April 12, 2011)Nation newspaper discussing passionately with Ngige. An impartial umpire like he claimed should not be seen as taking side. He declared the result even when the INEC had relieved him of his appointment. The security agents must do something about the RO.

woo to feeding bottle profs

it is very bad that professors are now the most corrupt people in this country.corruption in class room;corruption in public offices.shame to two of a kind criminal professors in anambra central.


God dont sleep! My prayer have always been that Dora should loose,DR GEJ entrusted alot into her hands,when she was needed more,she walked alway leaving Gej in jeopady,GOD WILL SURELY PURNISH DORA.

Anene is a lier..

He must be investigated. He is biased and he must have received huge amount of money from drug barons in Anambra to discredit Prof Dora Akunyili and rubbish her b/4 the press. He is unprofessional and must be exposed.

Mr. Anene is prejudiced

Mr. Anene is clearly baised against Prof.Dora Akunyili ever before the election. He must have been bribed by Dr.Ngige or by the Drug dealers to rubbish Prof. Akunyili in a ficticious press conference. I srongly believe Akunyili's statement as true. INEC should investigate Anene's role as well as Prof.Celestine Onwuliri's role in conducthing elections at night and delaying announcing results instantly.Mazi Umu Oke- Germany

All Talks and Chauvisim

Kudos to Prof Dora Akuyili, the envy of many eyes. She is a threat to so many men hence they blackmail her and call her names. Any reasonable and progresive thinking man will want to have her as a wife. She is daring and I LOVE her. If God wants her to win, she must win the re-run. Shame will catch all her blackmailers who are invariably enemies of progress.

na wah o

all i want to say is that 1. We are not very sur of d claims made be anene and but be it true, i must say dat she has so disgraced her personality, govt, women in politics and anambrarians. And at such she should not even be considered to re-run d election cos we already know that Chris is d winner. Dora and peter obi are all leaving d govt house for good dis year, and allow us enjoy a better anambra.


Anambra, my dear Anambra state! If anything and everything works elsewhere, it never works in Anambra state! A state filled with great minds, intelligent and industrious people. Are we cursed or is it just in our making that we can never progress? The potential for Anambra state to be an envy of any where in Nigeria is palpable but bad governance has stalled any growth in that region. I am from anambra but each time or read news from there my stomach just turns.

Anambra state election

Well not today we hear about election rigging and councellation,im not where it happened but what i said is why is it that every election time Anambra state zone must have problem from one way or the other.somebody is behind it so INEC please keep watch in Anambra state election because if time is not taken more of the rigging is going to Jegga please take note.

Ngige and Dora

My worry is that nigerians are easily swayed by emotions.I dont want to talk about the returning officer and his bribe claims.The issue is that Ngige is claiming that Apga awarded itself 22,000 votes at aniocha l.g.a which is Dora and Peter Obi's local govt.My question is if Ngige is so popular to win about 23,000 in his Idemili North L.g.a and equally cleared the votes in Idemili south,Has Dora and Peter Obi become so unpopular that they cannot attract 22,000 votes in their L.g.a,I think its time for Ngige to take a bow.


I pity those sentimentally blinded Nigerians who are still sympathetic towards this lady. I saw her falling with a thud long time ago soon after she left NAFDAC and joined mainstream politics in a none progressive party-PDP. Her appointment as the as the spokesperson of a blood sucking government, Her hypocritical genuflections in Turai Yardua kitchen when the going was good with them and her quick change of gab at the demise of Yardua, her role in the Ekiti re-run Election Saga and a lots of others point to the fact that the PDP politicized Dora was no longer our Dora of NAFDAC. Her obsessive desperation to remain relevant in power may have largely propelled her to be involved in this electoral criminality. Let the law take its course!

Dora is a credible personality

I refused to believe these ugly things said about her. For me, she is one nigeria i look to for a better change. She might have some pit fall but that is not enough to call her dirty names afterall who can stand out to be with out fault. Consider all she did for us as a nation, she needs our support and praise not abuse.

Prof. Jega, this is smelly!

Dear Prof. Jega,

I besiege and implore you to investigate this matter to its fullest conclusion.

It would be nice to know if Madam "Rebrand" is as embroiled in this mess as is being suggested.


CAN can never win in Anambra state so Ngige should go and rest.

Substantiate your claims

why are you so vehemently hateful of the dead and the North? Can you substantiate your claims about Akunyili and Yar'adua?


This is not the first tym.she assisted Oni of Ekiti state in confusing madam Ayoka Adebayo during the Oye/Idosi saga.The same role she played during the last Anambra election where APGA strongholds usually trippling the other Areas

@ Bala Lawal

@ BALA LAWAL what do you mean by: she is a shame to just her husband? she is simply a disgrace to the to thr 24 FREE STATES of NAIJA- excluding your own 12 Northern part of Nigeria with THE EVIL SHARIA LAWS. i got you red handed as are one of retarding our general progress for denying your female citizen a chance to education etc.....i hope you are aware that a southern Naija woman is world bank managing director---as yout out there in the North continue to stone your women to death!!!!!! hide your Evil Hausa/Fulani name next time

Traitor Dorothy Akunyili VS Naija people

am not surprised as this evil woman has been selling us to the North, humping from one dirty Alhaji bed to the other...some few days back,i recommended ON FACEBOOK that she should better go hang herself which was a better option. my reasons among others was that she promised so much when was appointed by a devil SHARIA DEAD PRESIDENT as info minister But later helped Devil Yar Adua, spending 5 million dollars/month blocking information flow between the Naija citizens in the diaspora;;thereby helping Yar Adua's northern/sharia infected army carrying out those atrocities in Jos and environs-under Akunyili's watch as info minister, 5000 men, women and kids of Ethnic Africans, that looks like Akunyili, were murdered By those Northerners of Yar Adua's Saudi Arabia ethnic group. DETECTING dorothy AKUNYILI's dubious character is A BIG VICTORY ALREADY FOR THE 2011 ELEXTIONS + it shows all hope is not lost for AFRCA SURVIVAL!


YOU guys are pro ACN but dat doesnt mean u should insult such a respectable nigerian as ur mother that credible?she has more than proved herself in public life from PTF,NAFDAC&MINISTER without blemish why do you have such short memory.its obvious u lack proper parental upbringing.i'm not surprised though,u come from a broken home.Ngige has rigged before,when did he get born again? Be wise