Brutalized Wife Of The Deposed Deji Of Akure Dies

Bolanle Adesina
By SaharaReporters, New York

Olori Bolanle Adepoju Adesina, the brutalized second wife of the deposed Deji of Akure, Oluwadare Adesina Adepoju, has died. Mrs. Adesina was the victim in a brutal domestic violence episode that shook the Nigerian nation and led to the Ondo state government to depose the Akure king.

Family sources told SaharaReporters that she died of 'cardiac arrest' at a private hospital in Maryland area of Lagos. Her corpse has since been deposited at a morgue in Akure.

In May, 2010, the deposed Oba Adepoju mercilessly attacked Mrs. Adesina at her residence at 141 Hospital Road, Akure. After beating her to a pulp, the then traditional ruler poured an unknown substance on her skin. He then ordered his guards to whip his estranged wife, standing unconcerned as her skin peeled off.

Olori Bolanle is survived by two sons.

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stop paparazing

My dear people,never comment on what U̶̲̥̅̊ don't П̲̣̣ø,this story happen to my family.let this goes out to all journalist dat write fake story all bcos of money,may God judge U̶̲̥̅̊.all started in my present,so 4get any fake news from any body,even on inter net human bing like ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ post it so is still all the same.

She died of AIDS in my

She died of AIDS in my hospital not as a result of the brutalities.

Am very disappointed

it is only an animal who do not have feelings for his fellow animal because he does not know any better.

You are a disappointment to your creator- a male chuvvunist! Justice will catch up with all of you one day.



Olori Bolanle.............. It is Well

You Came, saw and Conquered . Sun re oooooooo

make una comot mind for wetin

make una comot mind for wetin kill d woman,na only ALLAH know,stop pointing accusing fingers at anyone,you may also be judged by what you say or write about people

@ Peterkkkk

Your comments are totally disgraceful.

Poor lady

No woman should ever put up with this nonsense. If a man hits you once, run, even if you have kids with him, in fact, especially if you have kids with him, take them and run as far away as you can.
A wife beater is an animal. Once he gets away with it once, he'll do it again and again.
African women, please do not put up with this nonsense anymore.

d stupid oba shuld be killed.

d stupid oba shuld be killed.

My dear Textex, Religion and

My dear Textex,

Religion and ethnicity has a lot to do with Boko Haram, as well as violence against Christians and Igbos in the North. Yes - you can't defend the indefensible!

RE: ....and he was a TRADITIONAL RULER in the South!!!

Thank you MSA

! Now they know that the deposed ruler is responsible for his actions and not his religion, ethnicity or region. Wicked souls!!!

chinelo-men beat their wives when they are rude like u

Mumu Chinelo na dis type of u na hin husband de beat because u de stubbborn

What a sharm

Very good of your comment,ilove such a couragous woman like u,most young ladies now go for money,wealth and richies,not for love or seek for Gods approval before getting into any dirty shits called marriage or relationship.
This serves as a lesson for young ladies and at thesame time men whom like getting along with ladies becuase of thier riches,they will never enjoy or get out of such relationships alive.
A lady(Bankr) recently died in lagos due non true love and faulty relationship.
Nigerians keep learning,some say seeing is believing till they enter into it,die in it before they believe becuase of richies,wealth and money.

Horror stories

Why is this man not in jail. Every corner of Nigeria, horrible crimes like this are committed and those that are suppose to protect the citizen do nothing. It is not enough to depose this ANIMAL. He should be in jail for the crime he committed before this woman died. And should be further charged for the death of the woman. So he never see the light of day. What a Country!!!! May her soul rest in Peace.



Are you really kidding me

Are you really kidding me with this comment? What do you mean previous health issues...The woman has been in hospital since whatever he did to her, so even if it was a pre-existing condition I am sure the treatment meted out to her only helped to quicken her demise. It does not soften the blow to say may she RIP....

second wife issue

there is no room for second wife, anywhere in the Holy Bible. So if you make up your mind to go as a second wife make sure you are ready for the troubles that go with it. I don't want to go into details of what happens in a polygamous home, but it is never rosy and can not be. So parents don't be carried away by the so called royalty attached to the system but look out for the cosequences first before you expose your daughters to danger, some times with illitrate first and second wives.

Stop abusing women

the picture of that bastard should be publish so everyone could recognised his face in future. and i would like to know what the government or our so call law will do to prevent others.RIP

some men r beast

husband dat beat their wives be worned. the evil men do must surely live and torture them forever. may ur soul rest in peace wive.

May the soul of Olori rest in

May the soul of Olori rest in peace.

Don't let us be the jugde in this case. Even though, the former Deji did one of the worst thing you can do to a woman. The result of her death can be anything from after effect trauma to previous health issues.All the same, this is a good example to all abuser of woman to stop and stop it now and remember we are all born of woman.RIP. Olori.

men dat beat there women ve no regards on them

justice should be prevailed. any man dat lay a hand on the wife is indeed a beast, and women ve 2 be careful and run for their dear lives b4 its too late. thew ex-oba should be killed immediately, i dnt care how, but let him die, no mercy. may your soul rest in peace wife!

Nemesis will always caught up with the offender

Well, I must say that what ever ignited this fire that burned to this extent did not do well. I believe that for what ever reason, the man is not supposed to be a leader in the first instance because be failed in a common family issue how much a whole community. as am man He should have positive control of the situation no matter what.
Now he's on the run, lost his pride and kingdom, disorganized family, just name it.
Both our men and women should know that both are very important to each other if they must excel. TOGETHER SHOULD BE ONE AND TWO SHOULD NEVER COME TOGETHER. May the woman's soul rest in peace

Re-Death of Olori of Deji of Akure

It is hurible and sound too bad for a traditional ruler to treat his one time lover like that. What example are you showing to your subject. I think the Oba deserve the treatment given to him by the government
His act was not only a wicked one, it was a calous one . If man cannot judge him , am sure his reward is in heaven, and the punishement would be on his 7th generations to come.
Meanwhile, let government locate him wherever he ran to and do the same thing on him.

You're a big FOOL for even

You're a big FOOL for even thinking like this. Oloshi!

Our Image as a Society Is Farce..

It is obvious and abundantly cleared that our society has no hero to look up to any more, not in corrupts politicians, fanantical and puritans religions leaders, traditionals leaders are the worst. They often shared corrupt wealths with politicians, rape Nysc members, support and finance terrorist. These are deepling troubling and sad in indeed, my profound and humble recommendation,,,killed them all....

ure a nutter for making such

ure a nutter for making such a shows that ure still one of those people dat believe in male chauvinism.this is 2011,b smart.

Junk Journalism

Borrowing the words of former inglorious Number two man, Augustus Aikhomu (not sure well spelt); this is junk journalism that border on the gender of senstionalism by Sahara reporter.
The lady above is said to have died of a renal related problem, why bothering us with that picture seeing we already had that meal before.
Acid was poured last year, if she were to die from it, that would have been then and septicemia complication at best would have been a few weeks later either.
The area boy king had been rightly deposed, the woman died of unrelated issue, spare us this Sowore and crew attention seeking in the name of journalism.

death of the wife of former deji of akure



Olori Bolanle Adepoju so sorry for you,but may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace...AMEN !!! Good night Olori Bolanle Adepoju Adesine.... sun re oooooo


Pls i need to know where this monarch is from north or south,is he a xtain or muslim,he fulani,hausa,igbo or yoruba?
cos this man where ever he comes from is a representative of his pple,its part of his culture to turture or kill.

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