CACOL Commends EFCC On Re-Opened Enugu State Secretariat Investigation

Gov. Chime Sullivan
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) today commended the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for taking the initiative to launch a full-scale investigation into the on-going N13.6 billion Enugu State secretariat project, the construction of which the government approved N13.6 billion.

The Executive Chairman of CACOL, Debo Adeniran, lauded the anti-graft commission for living up to expectation by reopening the case file, recalling that the former Enugu State Accountant-General, Eunice Ugwu, claimed that the project would cost N8bn as against N13.6bn that had been reported.  
Ugwu, he said, had also said that the government only released money for the feasibility studies and demolition of old Secretariat, whereas funds were provided for same in the 2012 budget.

“Where did the funds budgeted for the demolition and feasibility studies in 2012 go to?” he queried. “Corruption has been the problem of this country over the years. It is very disheartening that the government at all levels have rendered the masses impoverished with the poor becoming poorer.  Many items in the budget recur every year with no meaningful impact on the lives of masses. The building of the new secretariat in Enugu State is no doubt, another avenue to rape and maim Enugu State masses and siphon the state funds into private pockets.”

Adeniran said it was shameful thing that funds meant for such development projects as provision of good roads, potable water and good hospitals are cornered into private coffers all in the name of white elephant projects.

“The immediate redeployment of the former Accountant-General of the State, Eunice Ugwu to the State's Civil Service Commission as Permanent Secretary is enough indictment on the Enugu State government,” he declared, adding that it is clearly an attempt to cover-up the fraud allegation.
The CACOL boss urged the EFCC to step up the investigation and that anybody found culpable should be made to face the wrath of the law.

Last year, following a preliminary investigation by the EFCC zonal office in Enugu which followed a petition filed by Osita Okechukwu, the Coordinator of the Congress for Progressives Change (CPC) in Enugu State, Ugwu told the investigators the project would cost N8 billion and not the N13.6 claimed by the petitioner.

At that time, our sources in Enugu say, Governor Chime was away on his prolonged vacation, during which he travelled out of the country.   Immediately after he returned to work two months ago, Ugwu was relieved of her appointment as Accountant General and re-appointed as a Permanent Secretary in the Civil Service Commission.

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Enugu Sectrariate Budgeteed for N8Bn but now Cost N13.8Bn

The Problem I have with EFCC lies that non of the people so charged and in particular, ex-governors are all PDP emembers and over 9 years, no trial and no conviction. They suspect travel out and inn of Nigeria at wish and no restitution and more still loot larger sums, does it make sense for justice ? About old Secretariate, it's a shame that no conservation for Archives or old Buildings.
I am involved in Building Construction and Renovations and structure like the Enugu Secretariate is a Colonial Monument and should had been preserved. In North America (i.e. Canada and USA); you dare not touch the foundation of such building let alone demolishing it. Special funds were made available to renovate such buildings in Canada and USA as Historic Buildings why not Nigeria ? Very said the way Nigeria wreck history.


Wasted effort! As always this will end where others ended-in the archives.

A new organization is being formed in Nigeria - COCOL

Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) I wish to bring to your notice, a new organization to be registered in Nigeria - Coalition Of Corrupt Leaders (COCOL).

-"An Ogudu Magistrates' Court in Lagos on Monday sentenced a businessman, Peter Raymond, to 180 minutes of community service for stealing some items, including Maggi cubes, for his father’s burial.
- The magistrate ordered that the stolen items be returned to their owners immediately in cases where the owners were established.
- Raymond SAID “I needed to print my late father’s name and picture on clothes but I didn’t have enough money,’’

You can only be admitted if you have stollen N1 Billion or more. Candidates such as Peter Raymond do not qualify for:
a) He was successfully convicted.
b) He is going to return his loot.
c) He is using his proceeds for a decent cause!

this wicked man demolished

this wicked man demolished the most beautiful secretariat in Nigeria instead of preserving them just as a cover to steal our money. The damage he has done to our beautiful state capital cannot be imagined. EFCC don't let him go. It cannot bring back our old Secretariat the the british build in 1920 but let him go to jail for the thiefing of our money.

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