Cameroon Says Kidnapped French Family Of Seven Released By Boko Haram-Reuters

By Reuters UK

YAOUNDE (Reuters) - A French family of seven kidnapped in Cameroon's Far North Region and taken to Nigeria by suspected Boko Haram militants have been released, a senior Cameroonian official said in a statement on Friday.

"They are all alive and well," Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the Secretary General of Cameroon's presidency said in the statement carried by state radio. He said the family had been handed to Cameroon authorities late on Thursday.


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7 french family

Thank God that this family were all free by whoever their captives are, i am so happy most especially because of the little children, really relieve at last!

correction @sultan of morons

Its your south_east brothers who have perfected the art of kidnapping for ransom. I'm pretty sure bokoharam released those hostages after coming to an arrangement with the Cameroonian authorities to release their members held there. Your ppl champion the kidnapping business in Africa as a whole. Bloody hypocrite

@Truth is bitter.You will rot

@Truth is bitter.You will rot in hell with you disbelief in the Creator of the world and directing your worship to a prophet of God, Jesus.You never verify anything about Islam but raining abuses at any slight opportunity.Whatever Boro Haram stands for is not Islam. Islam does not represent all the lies that u and your leaders do say about it.Ours is a true religion that leads to salvation.U shd rather learn how to talk about other people's religion in public.

@Tafidan DDaji and KT


You know what? you hausas/fulanis and gambaris have already cornered the market on evil,crime and terror in Nigeria. The  islamists have pretty much cornered the market on terrorism matter the skin tone arab,black or caucasian. It is just so frustrating that you bonobos are blind to the noose that your religion islam has  placed around your necks. Continue castigating me, i am dead sure the SATAN and your prophet are laughing together with delight.


You can take a flying f**k at a rolling donut.


A society of sheep must as a matter of necessity breed a government of wolves!Let us thank Almighty God that this innocent FRENCH family was released at last.Yet,it is not about Boko Haram,MEND,MASSOB,OPC or any other ethno-political militia in NIGERIA,rather the fault is in all of us i.e the ethnic nationalities that were fraudulently lumped together on 1st Jan.1914.Ours is a warped federation and a disaster in waiting,but we pretend that all is well.Nigeria is not a nation but a marriage of strange bedfellows,it is even a mirage.Let us begin to mobilize ourselves towards a serious attempt for a true nation-building. WE MUST BEGIN THE JOURNEY NOW BECAUSE WE HAVEN'T MUCH TIME LEFT! By 1st Oct.2013 let us occupy all the legislative houses and Nigerian embassies all over the world,until we can convene a SOVEREIGN NATIONAL CONFERENCE that would usher in a TRUE FEDERAL REPUBLIC ON 12:00 HOURS,1ST JAN.2014

KT Great Grammarian

I love my friend KT. I love his grammar. He should have added "I am not a grammarian but in case of necessity I can grammatize".

Thank you Oleku, my brother. If I did not read your comment I would have missed this good piece.

KT, I will read your comment again and again. Keep it up, comrade.

THINK2WIC£.., definitely

THINK2WIC£.., definitely suicide is useful in Islam. Most importantly it is for their spiritual growth & salvation. It is a duty. Any Muslim who refuses to commit suicide when the opportunity offers itself is committing sin against Allah, & must go to hell. It is enshrined in the Holy Koran, and they know it.

Kidnapping, bank robbery, and routing police stations is a way of raising money to acquire weapons to facilitate suicide. This why their leaders do not condemn these acts. Their leaders will instead demand amnesty for them knowing that what they are doing is what the Holy Koran commands. For us Christians we see their terrorism as abomination, but for them Muhammedans, they know it is demanded by the Holy Koran. Dumbo's govt seems to be understanding the situation too, hence they are doing everything to mollify the Mohammedans.

But we want Biafra.

@tafidan daji

Since when have you become the spokesman for BH? This kid glove approach will not go anywhere. The only solution is to crackdown harder on the group till they surrender their arms or are sincerely willing to negotiate.

Re- Release of the French Hostages

Think2wice or whatever you call yourself, you ought to know that Islam does not encourage suicide bombing. It is desperation,frustration the insensitivity of Govt and the bunch of crooks in power, of which you, are probably one, that encourages and nurtures it.

@Aboki KT O boy see grammer

@Aboki KT

O boy see grammer oo. Laugh wan kill me here. My ribs oooo. Chai! Aboki how you take enter sahara reporters website sef?!

Yaounde and Abuja

May i appeal to the governments in Yaounde and Abuja to pay back to the Jama'atu Ahlil Sunnah Lidda'atu wal Jihad with a similar gesture of releasing members of families of the group believed to be in various detention camps of the two countries.This will no doubt facilitate disarmament and permanent peace.I beg!


sultan of pools cant you think before you talk?Where these french poeples found?which country these poeples were released?Why are you egger to condem innocent poeple while now the whole world understand that there is no any boko haram but government,mend,CAN and JONOTHAN.But there no any boko haram in existance in Nigeria.Soon GOD will rebeal everythings.I am not suprise if CAN president ask jonothan to not impliment amanesty to boko haram since the CAN's solders are condicting extra judicial killings in the north with soldiers uniforms.SO do worst you can GOD is in our position he will protect and rebuild the north economically,wether you like it or not.If you think this the only way to remend in power you are pools.Becouse GOD'S power is the only power with no limit or end.YOU WILL ACCOUNT IT SOON.


North, a region has consistently been a clog on Nigeria's wheel of progress. North! North!! North!!! What a people.


IT IS NOW KNOWN THAT THE DREADED GRUOP "boko haram" is getting stranded and in need of supplies. therefore they decide to go the way of niger delta militant(CASH IS THE ANSWER).

Lucky Seven.

How much was paid? This will aid Boko-aram in acquiring more sophisticated arms and ammunition that will be used perhaps in their last days if the condition is right against security officials, minority tribes in the core north etc.
Not a big thank you France.


Sultan of Arna, if Boko Haram is kidnapping for money are you happy that they are like your brothers in squalor of South that are kidnapping people for ransom? What a backwardness by sheer ethno-religious hatred of others. You should know that Islam and Moslems cannot be destroyed by mere propaganda of lies and fabrication of allegations which have no basis or source. Your forefathers have tried but failed. Even recently your political group CAN has sent Oritsijapor to American congress to incite Americans against Nigerian Moslems, so what happened? Book Haram is your own creation to destroy Moslems as it is only devastating the major cities of the north. Very soon Boko Haram will be exposed and the whole world will know those behind it. You should know that Islam and Moslems have for long been blackmailed, humiliated and conspired against nonetheless it prevails instead of declining.


May this be the end of kidnapping of innocent people. Also may the governments and their agencies stop humiliating the group members and their families.

Just another bunch of barawos

Who said boko is not into the kidnapping and ransom business? Ordinance from Allah my black ar**. It is using this as a signal to Janathan that if the amount is right it will play ball. Boko's commonality with all the other criminals in Naija is their desire for "ghana must gos"


No one is Pleased to make Harsh comments concerning Islam.. Especially as practiced by d 'Core North'.BUT as long as you Hausa/Fulani Muslims Cannot or Will Not contain This CANCER in yur midst called terrorism, continue to Expect the 'Backlash'! Wen churches/carparks/relaxation joints r Bombed,u hardly read any comments condemning it..But as soon as comments r made to condemn it, Most of you SUDDENLY Rise up 2 'Defend' Islam! Xtianity also has differences concerning doctrines like speaking in tongues & other minor issues, BUT NEVER ON ISSUES RELATING WITH KILLING ANOTHER! NEVER! I still maintain SOMETHING SOMEWHERE in d Quran gives d impression suicide is Justifiable! It has NOTHING 2do with 'Poverty'! How else do u explain an EXTREMELY wealthy mans son;Abdulmutallab,with all his western education attempting to blowUp Himself & a Host of other innocent people??Something is Wrong somewhere..SOLVE IT!!

Yeah Right

Yeah, everything is Nigeria's BH, Cameroonians are now innocent abi?

let the evil men continue

let the evil men continue with their work, one day monkey dey go market, but never return again. whatsoever a man sow,shall he wear.

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