Corruption Trial: Court Orders Arrest Of Ex-Jigawa Governor, Saminu Turaki Over N36bn Fraud-PREMIUM TIMES

Saminu Turaki
By Sani Tukur

A Federal High Court in Dutse, the Jigawa capital, has issued a warrant directing the Inspector General of Police or his officers and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to arrest Saminu Turaki, former governor of Jigawa State and bring him before the court.

Justice S. Yahuza gave the order on Friday after Mr. Turaki failed to appear before the court. The EFCC had earlier declared him wanted.

“You are hereby commanded to arrest the said Ibrahim Saminu Turaki and bring him before me at Federal High Court, Dutse, Jigawa State without delay”, the court ordered.

The EFCC is prosecuting the former governor over a N36 billion theft and money laundering crime he allegedly committed when he was governor.
Mr. Turaki, who was born on July 14, 1963 was a two term governor of Jigawa State between May 29, 1999–May 29, 2007.

He was first arraigned by the EFCC before the Federal Capital Territory High Court in 2007 on a 32-count charge of misappropriating N36 billion while he was governor. The case was later transferred to Federal High Court, Dutse after he challenged the jurisdiction of the FCT Court. He was subsequently re-arraigned on a 32-count charge at the Federal High Court Dutse, Jigawa State.

The last known address of the accused who contested for senate in 2011 on the platform of the Action Congress of Nigeria is No. 16, Dennis Osadebe Street, Asokoro Villa, Abuja.

The EFCC said it implores “anyone having useful information about the whereabouts of the suspect to notify its offices in Kano, Gombe, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Lagos or report at the nearest police station

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I have alot of respect for my southern brothers, thus a 100% northerner, 70% of my friends and business associates are christians and from the south but i hate the slogan, intimidation and abuse from southerners who always considers northerners as parasites. Let those abusing northerners understand that oil only account for 30% of Nigeria GDP, 90% of the population in the north get their income from farming and do not enjoy good roads,hospital,education etc from the oil revenue. Over to our brothers in the south, the entire north west part of Nigeria is holding a very large commercial deposit of oil and gas in addition to gold and other strategic minerals like copper, wolfromite, iron ore etc currently under exploration by several Chinese companies, so to hell with the South after all they brought 419, Armed Robbery, Kidnapping etc to Nigerian nation

re: one northen gov N36b

Stealing is not a Northern or southern thing agbelero, wait until the figures from Niger Delta - right from OMPADEC's days to date start rolling in!!

Ohakim nko much did ex-Govs. Alams, Nnamani steal?

They are all walking free everywhere you look. Lamorde for all I care is a mumu/stooge going after a "target" since the current Gov. Lamorde, also has "Presidential" ambition like Amaechi. Dumbo and his yeye PDP are only "spot-lighting" Jigawa State, much like Rivers today; pretty soon, they will head to Niger, Imo and Edo States to cause more katakata. Na dia way. "Mr. Fix-sh*t" in action ...old fool. Dumbo should concentrate on keeping his fake election promises than worrying about whoever coughs about 2015, Nigerians are smart enough to know he has failed woefully. Too dull. Visionless, crass leadership that is too distracted to consummate even one project. Down yonder in his South-South, Nigerians have felt his failures. This his lackluster fight against corruption we all know will amount to nothing. Let them jail the thug if they're serious lets see. Animals!

SR...u need to do more

SR should take just 10 of its 150 reporters covering Delta & Bayelsa States and send each of the 10 reporters to Sokoto,Kebbi,Ibadan, Ogun, Jigawa, Bornu, Zamfara,Osun, Katsina & Kano.....The whole world will be amazed at the corruption that will be reported & I am sure the website of SR will not be sufficient to display the rot. Nonsense!

Where did this Jigawa idiot get 37billion? His state contributes a nil - 0.0% to the federation account. So, it is my precious SS&SE money that he stole.

>>> my dear SS&SE oil producing states, will we allow this to continue? We will allow our environment to be polluted & idiots from the docile countries of Nigeria embezzle our money?

Time to break away is now. We are over 50 million peoples & we do NOT need the West & North for anything physical or spiritual.
Long live the United Rep of the SS&SEl

Was supposed to be in jail since!

This man was supposed to be in jail since 2009, but because of impunity and judicial corruption which pervade our country, this man is still enjoying the looted money and even had courage to provide asokoro palace as his current address. That asokoro property would have been the first forfeiture if we had forfeiture law passed by our dull and corrupt senators.

he looks like a cymonkey

for godsake, how do people like this end up becoming governors? how do thieves end up running this country? this guy looks like a cymonkey. hold onto your wallets and purses, people!

he's lucky

he's luck he didn't steal a phone


Plsl the so called EFCC,ICPC, Auditor and Accountant Generals of Nigeria, National Assembly public accounts committees, and other Security agencies why are you ignoring the massive looting going on by the DG of Nimasa for his God fathers Tompolo,, OGA and Mama at the top, while diverting attention on Ex Governor Turaki who is on self exile in Singapore enjoying his Loot!

An average of One Billion Naira every month is stolen from Nimasa in the name of an illegal maritime security Contract while denying the Navy and Police the needed funds and nobody is saying Jack. God pls come to the rescue of this agency from this impunity




N36billion Should have taken street urchins and BH off the streets in Jigawa if judiciously used to develop the economy of that State.Are we sure such heavy amount of money has not been taken abroad to develop obodo oyinbo or bature economy.I think something is wrong with the brain of most of our political leaders who see political office or electoral office as avenue to loot the economy dry.What will he do with N36billion in his life time?
EFCC should be serious to look for him in SINGAPORE.

Saminu Turaki is Mr Ribadus

Saminu Turaki is Mr Ribadus Man Friday. How did Mr Ribadu go from initially Starting the prosecution of the Rogue to Raising his hands and presenting him as ACN Senatorial candidate during the last elections.
The movers and Shakers of the PDP Looting Machinery have simply Shifted base to Join fellow Looters at ACN, Under the supervision of the Rogue Godfather Tinubu.

On the Run

Saminu Turaki should present himself to the court for trial, he should go and clear his name if he is innocent. I have said it before that these Governors are the real cause of underdevelopment of our country, not just the Presidency, they should be held accountable.


How governor turaki steal 36b naira while he can't produce 50m naira for his senate campaign in 2011 while he borrow the money from Gtbank and spend it for obasanjo third term and government wittnessed that how can u betrayed turaki mr obasanjo, Andi uba and co. Who will trust u again fulling someone to Borrow money and spend it for u but u can't cover him this is totally wrong.

@ Musty Lala, Jigawa is in

@ Musty Lala, Jigawa is in North West not North East as you mentioned


It is clear that chicken will definitely come back home to roost, Saminu governed Jigawa Using ANPP as his party rob the state dry used Baba iyabo as conxn so transfered the governorship of jigawa to Sule Lamido so as to safe himself went to the senate as a PDP candidate but eventually fell out with the new Oga At the TOP in Jigawa since then na wahalao

Judges must be sacked for justice sake

All Judges of Nigerian Courts must be sacked if justice is ever to exist in Nigeria. Nigerian Judges are the worst defenders of the corrupt status quo. Without exception, they are the clogs in the wheels of progress.

Their occasional orders to arrest known felons, phrased to look radical are mere palliatives to stave off public anger. It does not suggest justice will follow.

Rather, such orders are issued to be seen as tough on crimes, but are mere tricks long practised. Judges pretend at first to be serious, but having been fully bribed, they will later decide that the accused person has no case to answer, because, for example, the Director of Public Prosecution did not endorse a particular paper before filing it.

Therefore, the 36 billion shall be ordered by a typically senseless Nigerian Judge to remain missing. Hence, only a bloody revolution can save Nigeria.

Turaki is not a thief

Turaki is not a thief.He uses the money to feed Saudi and the Arabs. it is one of the pillars of islam: feed Saudi,feed Arabs, steal, kill innocent, fight jihad and terrorize. boko Haram, Somali and Pakistan will affirm this.

Ex Gov Makarfi Stole N100Billion

The EFCC why these selective trail, Ex Gov Ahmed Makari now a Senator stole over N100 Billion of the Kaduna State money, his case file along with some ex Governors are with Efcc since the time of Ribadu.

Haba Lamorde why are u covering these ex Governors? Is it an instruction from Oga at the Top?

Northern muslims cannot be thieves

Northern muslims cannot be thieves. They are all agents of "Prophet" Mohammed. Babangida, Abacha's family and Atiku will tell you this. That is why they want to rule by all means.

True Akwa Ibom Son Is a Fool

This True Akwa Ibom Son is a nonentity beyond compare. What utter nonsense is he spewing? So this animal, Saminu Turaki who looted virtually all the money accruing to the state he governed should be let off the hook until all PDP thieves have been apprehended? This is the most senseless and most idiotic commentary I have ever read. Just shut your trap. Any and every thief is as bad as the other, be they ACN or PDP. They should be treated like the vermin they are and the society is better off with one criminal less. It does not matter which thieving party they belong to. In fact Turaki is proof that the ACN, like its PDP brother, is a party of rogues and treasury looters. None is any better than the other.


It is cosmetic. He is a northerner and a muslim. In the end one muslim judge will find him not guilt, and Jonathan will pardon him. Northern muslims cannot be thieves, though they bankrupt the county before Obasanjo resuscitates it. Ask Babangida, Gusau, Yuguda, Abacha's family, Shagari, Atiku and Alhaji Turaki, they will tell you they are following what Mohammed tells them to do. Babangida's son wants to be Niger state governor so that he can continue his father's work;empty the treasury.

Send him to jail, the SE&SS don't run a charitable organisation

All oil thieves must be jailed. Our jails are not only meant for Alams&rev.King. Let every mallam who stole my oil be prosecuted NOW. The SE&SS citizens don't run a charitable organisation where every jack&jill do have a field day on. If the SE&SS peoples are not careful they will pay for all this fraud going on with our oil in the nearest future. We must bear in mind that nigeria is breaking up on the next new year's eve. We therefore have to protect our resources coz them thieves from the unproductive west and barren north will want to gather more oil revenues as possible. They know 9ja won't survive for 2weeks if the SE&SS breaks away. Remember we're our talking about genetic thieves. Today, the Brits are suffering from the benefit policy their gov't put in place due to the social benefits fraud being committed by Yorubas in the UK. Ndigbo must stand strong on Biafra. Our freedom from the naija oppressors is non negotiable. WE WANT OUT. Simple!

This is one man that used

This is one man that used computerisation of a state suffered high level of illiteracy as a conduit and milked the state dry. If he had used half of the money he stole on education at least that state would have ranked as one of the best in North east. It is high time our pple must play active role in aspect of Governance if we must get it right

Don't be Partisan with Curruption

“The accused contested for senate in 2011 on the platform of the ACN” so we believe he was ACN governor – a rivalry party & sworn enemy of the Jona/PDP govt that rightfully wants PDP/Jona to vacate the seat. Can someone pls tell Nigerians how many PDP looters of the national treasury, from governors to legislators to presidents & their appointed cronies have the police prosecuted since the Force was formed in 1861, constitutionalized & given nationwide authority by Section 194 of the 1979 constitution? I don’t in any way or form condone corruption- I hate it! But to truly check the malaise PDP mustn’t be partisan - KEEP AKWA IBOM STATE GOVERNOR AKPABIO ON YOUR RADAR.

One northern Gov N36b

When one northern gov steals a whopping N36b why then do we wonder why north is backward and wallow in ignorance and religious intolerance?  The money meant for education and infrastructure development is in the hand of few fools.  At the end of the day, we get BH and all the ills that plague our society.

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