Court Disqualifies Nwoye As Anambra PDP Governorship Candidate, Upholds Ukachukwu

Tony Nwoye
By SaharaReporters, New York

The crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Anambra State took another intriguing turn on Tuesday as a Federal High Court in Port Harcourt disqualified the party’s official candidate, Tony Nwoye, from contesting the governorship election on November 16, 2013.

In his ruling today, Justice S. A. Aliyu directed the party to forward the name of Mr. Nicholas Ukachukwu to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as its candidate for the election.

The judge gave the ruling after listening to arguments by Mr. Ukachukwu's lawyers, led by Rickey Tarfa, and the PDP’s lead lawyer, Mr. K. K. Eleja, who was accompanied by other counsel. Justice Aliyu stated that, “based on the dictates of paragraph 4 (a) Part IV of the Electoral Guidelines for Primary Elections of the PDP that the first defendant, Tony Nwoye was not eligible to participate and or take part in the gubernatorial primary election conducted on the 24th August 2013 by the second defendant for the selection of its candidate for the Anambra state governorship election scheduled to hold on November 16 2013 or any other date.”

Citing Section 87 of the Electoral Act 2010 as amended, Justice Aliyu said Mr. Ukachukwu was the only qualified aspirant who pooled the highest number of votes in the August 24 governorship primaries in the state. He then declared that Mr. Ukachukwu “is the duly elected candidate of the PDP to contest for the Anambra state governorship election scheduled to hold on November 16, 2013.”

The judge stated that “an order of injunction is hereby made restraining the first defendant (Tony Nwoye) from parading himself and or representing or holding out himself as the candidate of the second defendant (PDP) in the forthcoming Anambra state governorship election or otherwise representing that he was validly elected/chosen by the PDP as its candidate [in the governorship election] scheduled to hold on November 16 2013 or any other date.” He also made an order “restraining the second and third defendants from holding out, parading, recognizing or in whatever manner presenting to the 4th defendant any other person than the plaintiff (Ukachukwu) as the candidate of the second defendant (PDP) for the Anambra state governorship election scheduled to take place on November 16 2013 or any other date.”

Justice Aliyu also gave an order “restraining the 4th defendant from accepting, recognizing or acting upon, any name other than the name of the plaintiff as the PDP candidate for the Anambra state 2013 governorship election or in any way publishing, displaying, screening, putting on the ballot paper or howsoever dealing with any person other than the plaintiff as the second defendant’s candidate for the Anambra state governorship election scheduled to take place on November 16 2013 or any other date.”


He ordered INEC to “recognize, screen the plaintiff (Ukachukwu), publish and put his name on the ballot paper as the authentic candidate of the second defendant for the Anambra state governorship election.”

Clashing factions of the PDP in Anambra held two parallel governorship primaries on August 24, 2013. Senator Andy Uba emerged as the governorship candidate in one of the primaries supervised by INEC, while Mr. Nwoye, a former medical student who was thrown out in his first year by the authorities of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, was proclaimed winner of the other primary that was supervised by PDP officials from Abuja.

A source close to Mr. Ukachukwu told SaharaReporters that court order issued today had been served on all the principal officers and members of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the PDP. “We served the order on the relevant officers of the party at 4.40 p.m. today,” said the source.

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Was he NANS president when

Was he NANS president when out of school or what, please?

U r a liar, he failed.

U r a liar, he failed.

PDP will never rule Anambra

PDP will never rule Anambra State again. If they like let them produce 20 candidates for the coming poll, Anambra people have zeroed the contest down to APC's Ngige and APGA.

Nigeria Court will one day

Nigeria Court will one day become a new paty in Nigeria.How can Court be the person to say who represent a paty. So there is no need to joining a paty in Nigeria.

I have been wondering and

I have been wondering and cant understand,how PDP chose Mr.Tony Nwoye,a failed medical student in UNN(failed in the sense that he couldnt pass his MB exams),an Over aged NANS president(was over 35yrs when he became NANS president and a cultist(during his election for NANS president there where cult clashes by different cult groups ) as its Candidate for Anambra Governorship election,they are just joking and will fail woefully if they present Mr. Nwoye as there Candidate and to Dr. Andy Ubah my advise to him is that he should forget the governorship of Anambra State and quietly go and enjoy his 3.3trillion naira loot,Anambra people are fed up and have not forgotten what he did with his brother Chief Chris Ubah during the Obasanjo regime,the citizens have not forgiven them ,if the PDP present Andy Uba they will fail,if they present Tony Nwoye they will fail too. Anambra State is bigger than any Individual or Family.

So what made him ineligible,

So what made him ineligible, the report is incomplete

nigeria judiciary-1+1+1=1

Only in Nigeria judiciary is 1+1+1=

uba+nwoye+ukachukwu=bribery of the judiciary. period

Fake story

This write up is fake and probably sponsored...what made tony nwoye not to be qualify to contest PDP primaries..after serving the same party as their chairman in Anambra state...Tony nwoye was not thrown out of UNN medical school...we were in the same med school up to the 5th year b4 transfering to Ebonyi Med school to complete it...pls stop personal asassination....


This is exactly what will happen to presidential contest where there will be many candidates vie for president in the old PDP and many perhaps in the new PDP. At the end court will have to delay the litigation beyond INEC period then even after the general elections there will be court cases which will render the elections of PDP candidates invalid. Wait and see.

The Worst member of the thieving gang

Is this the same Nicholas Ukachukwu presently standing trial at the same Federal High Court for stealing moneys of Nassarawa State or another? Is this the same Ukachukwu associated with the sleaze of bribing court of appeal justices...remember the Justice Opene saga that saw the sacking of Justice Opene and co? I am sorry for Anambra and "sorrier" for the nations judiciary. Muktah Alooma CJN, I hope you are paying attention.

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