Court Rejects Akingbola’s Plea For A Flight Abroad To Treat 'Alien' Ailment

By SaharaReporters, New York

A bid by a former boss of Intercontinental Bank, Mr. Erastus Akingbola, to obtain leave of court for a foreign medical appointment failed today as he could not convince Judge Adeniyi Onigbanjo that he cannot obtain treatment in Nigeria.

The court also threw out his application for the return of his passport, which would have enabled him to undertake his international travel. 

Yesterday, Mr. Akingbola’s attorney, Wole Olanipekun, objected to the argument of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), that Akingbola can be treated within Nigeria.  Olanipekun argued that his client has the right to choose who treats him, and the right to be treated abroad if he so choses.

Giving his ruling, Justice Onigbanjo held that Mr. Akingbola failed to prove that his medical condition could not be handled by specialist hospitals within Nigeria. Besides, the judge observed, the right of choice of who treats a patient who is on trial may undermine the judicial process when a defendant is allowed to fly abroad whereas his condition could be adequately catered for within same country.  Given the availability of specialist hospitals within Nigeria capable of taking care of the purported health condition of Mr. Akingbola, he said, the rogue banker’s right of doctor should be exercised within the country.

With reference to the second application to the court to change his bail terms concerning reporting to the offices of the EFCC, Mr. Akingbola and his alleged accomplice, Mr. Bayo Dada, received the mercy of the court and will now report only fortnightly.

“The defendants shall appear at the EFCC office not later than one hour before closing hour on Fridays of every first and third week of the month,” the court held.

Initially, the two men were required to report every first working day of every week, amounting to four times in a month.

Mr. Onigbanjo adjourned the trial to the 10th, 14th and 15th of July, 2013.

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room plenty-o


but there is room enuff for 'im in that Wiesbaden ward!

after Patience left!

prof Penkele

Physician heal thy self.

Does he really need treatment? As a Pastor he can heal himself or ask his senior pastor or GO to heal him! The man has lost a lot of weight!


A defendant is innocent until proven guilty by a law court. Trying people on the pages of newspapers and on online platforms is not only unfair but it amount to persecution. It amount to arm twisting the court. Reality program in US includes this point even when people are caught by cameras. What is good for the goose should be for the gander. Farouk lawman, Ndume and Wale Babalakin are all Moslems who approached different courts for the same favor as Erastus and they were granted but Erastus refused. It is clear there is something more than meet the eyes in this case. Referring to a defendant as rogue is unprofessional and irresponsible.


Akingbola restrained? Unimaginable! These are men who will go abroad at will. How time flies? What of the Protocol Officers, the Personal Assistants, the General Managers, the Board Members? Haba time sa! He must be heart-sunk to see like Job what time and man can do to man just like he did to others just some years nay months back. He cannot even hire nor fire now! This is a lesson on vanity. I will also plead with him to look for that man who complained bitterly about how he surreptitiously took over his bank. We can see Nemesis actively at work here. He should stay here and take care of himself. We cannot enjoy all the good but run away from the bad times. He should live and deal with it. Other men of power today, please learn from this.

Akingbola case

mr. akingbola should be given d chance to go to anywhere he like to treat himself. bt under normal and adequate survailance?...


Who needs Akingbola abroad? If they had destroyed their country; would he have been able to hop there? He can go if found suitable after his imminent term. If he ever valued his freedom, he would never have limited it with his act. He traded away his liberty; the day he settled for crime.

A King that knows not King Akingbola......

Oh dear, no international trip for the emperor?
This is not good o, but then Justice Onigbanjo is of a different pedigree.Wiser than the wisest wizard.

Alien ailment indeed.

Babalawo Can Cure of All Ailment

Just come to Lawanson, there are two babalawos with real agbo to cure you of any ailment.

Like rogue banker, like rogue lawyer!

Kudos to Justice Onigbanjo. Shame on rogue lawyer, Wole Olanipekun. The rogue lawyer, Olanipekun is talking absolute balderdash by saying that the rogue banker has a right to choose who should treat him between a local and foreign doctor.

Can the hapless Nigerian depositors in the defunct Intercontinental Bank whose hard - earned savings were stolen by the rogue, Akingbola also find the money with which to choose between a local and foreign doctor?

Wole Olanipekun is an accessory to financial crime since he has been paid part of the money stolen by the rogue, Akingbola,as professional fees. He should also should be arrested, tried and jailed for being an accessory to financial crime.

Pastor Erastus Akingbola ill

Pastor Erastus Akingbola ill now when justice is about to take is course................. only God can judge you.......I rest my case.

Of Crooked Rich Nigerians and the Rights to Impunity

"Olanipekun argued that his client has the right to choose who treats him, and the right to be treated abroad if he so choses" says it all. If you are stinkig rich, our 'senior learned ones
' will use ANY argument to free you. Imagine this travesty of rights argumrnt by a senior learned Nigerian. Our Pension pickpockets can 'sleepwell' secure in the knowledge that they can buy hreedom anytime they so wish!

Court Rejects Akingbola’s Plea For A Flight Abroad To Treat 'Ali

Amusing,why did the same court release Senator Ndume and Representative Lawan FaroukS!passports to travel for Haj,which is more important or risky,security of a nation or fraud.

A new legal standard for bail

All Judges must quickly borrow a leaf from Justice Onigbanjo's book by henceforth denying travel application to financial crimes defendants who never fell ill in all the years they were stealing, but who automatically claim to have taken ill once caught and brought to justice.

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