Court Sets Date For Resumption Of Fred Ajudua’s Fraud Trial

Fred Ajudua
By SaharaReporters, New York

A Lagos State High Court has ruled that fraud suspect, Fred Ajudua, must face the trial he has evaded since 2006. Justice Olubunmi Oyewole issued the order on Monday, May 20, 2013.

Mr. Ajudua, who is a lawyer by training, and Charles Orie were arraigned in 2003 for allegedly defrauding two Dutch businessmen, Remy Cina and Pierre Vijgen, of $1.69 million between July 1999 and September 2000.

In the alleged fraudulent deal, Mr. Ajudua was accused of impersonating the Auditor-General of Nigeria, Isa Audu.

Three years after his 2003 arraignment, Mr. Ajudua was granted bail on medical grounds in
March 2006. He had told the court then that he was receiving treatment at Grant Medical Foundation, Pane, India in October 2006. Since then, he has failed to make any court appearance. 

At every court session since his “medical” bail was approved, Mr. Ajudua had submitted a letter of medical excuse signed by Dr. M.O. Mabayoje of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). Besides, his defense counsel, Olalekan Ojo, became notorious for appearing in court to make incessant requests for adjournments. “There is no doubt that Chief Ajudua and his lawyer want to use the tactics of endless adjournments to make sure that the case would fizzle out over time,” said a source close to the prosecutors.

On Monday, however, Justice Oyewole, who is presiding over the case, rejected further requests for adjournment. He fixed June 11, 2013 for resumption of trial.

Mr. Ajudua’s lawyer told the court that his client was undergoing treatment for renal artery stenosis and requested an adjournment till a date in September, 2013, but the judge dismissed the request.

Speaking in an exasperated tone, the judge stated, “The whole thing is about the tragedy of our law enforcement agents. The prosecutors are there helpless. Your client is a legal practitioner, an issue you raised vehemently during the bail application.  As a legal practitioner, he has more duties to do than any other defendants.”

Justice Oyewole added that Mr. Ajudua “has a bench warrant on his head; he doesn’t appear in court to face his trial, and you want me to believe a medical report that did not specify his whereabouts and the duration he will spend to receive treatment.” The judge observed that Ajudua’s attitude amounted to an attempt to boycott the administration of justice.

The judge also complained about the content of the medical reports which did not indicate
whether Mr. Ajudua was not mentally fit to stand trial. “Dr. Mabayoje has been writing to the court all these years,” said the judge. “And in this letter, he did not state that the defendant is on admission
with him. He left the jurisdiction of this court and he re-appeared within the jurisdiction without appearing in court.

Justice Oyewole remarked that the court “is not interested in the property of the surety, but [is] after justice: that the defendant must appear and face his trial.”

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Do the customary thing

Fred should do the customary thing that criminals and political thiefs in Nigeria do, by settling or sharing some of these 419 money with the judge. The court/ judge will close the case and set him free with just a fine.

fred ajidua

dear mr oyewole, if u visit calabar museum and watch what this oyibo ppl did to our great grand fathers I bet u, u will give fred award. besides fred is nt d problem facing this nation or is he one of d convicted governors

It is definitely him!

It is definitely him!

Patrick Agbobu, If that's your Real Name

Compatriot Patrick. My names are real. I'm not however sure of yours. If you were harassed, as we were, growing up in Surulere Lagos when Fred Ajidua drove the streets with thugs and in convoys, you cannot presume him innocent at any time. Anyway, I only advised the judicial system. That's legal where I live. If the court takes my advice, it'll help the course of justice in Nigeria.

Greedy Oyibos

Much as I agree that the justice system should continue with its legal functions, so do I also wish that the 2 Oyibos involved should be extradited to Nigeria and tried for attempted stealing.
Look at the dubious theives. They were ready to part with $1.69M in order to loot the entire oil wealth of Nigeria and at last turn around to call us "monkeys and fools".

These greedy oyibos make 419 business to continue to thrive, after all, demands create supplies.

Dr Mabayoje ..... Hmmmmmm

Am interested to know the extent of Dr Mabayoje's involvement in this case? She was my late brother's doctor and I perceived her to be a well respected, conscientious and compassionate care giver. It surprises me she would be involved in deceiving the court with false health reports as insinuated in the article. Hope her signature wasn't forged on those letters......these 419 rogues will go to any length to escape justice.

persecuting fred ajudua is injustise.

The stupid judges who has nothing doing rather than looking for their old victims have started again. When are the Nigerian judges gonna wake up from their deepest of sleep/slunmber. Why have you decided to chase shadow rather than substance?
What do you want from fred again, have you not done enough? him as a wiseman, decided to bring back our stolen wealth from the desolate nations. How long will they continue to fool you judges. They polluted our environment and i believe they have equally polluted ur minds. Remember the mess in the niger delta region, remember their exploitation, they stole our poeple, they stole our lifes, they took loaves from us. Fred returned back a crunmb, now they are using you evil nigeria jugdes/efcc to persecute him. Who is pesecuting them? Who will jugde them? Think twice and be smart.

Na wa

so this man no sabi catch state pardon? kai! make he meet alams

Yes, I agree with you, Fred

Yes, I agree with you, Fred must have become a "prophet" by now. Hmmm, they always do. Ptssssssssssssmmsm!

All hail the king?pioneer of 419 fraud

from the police to some judges (not oyewole) all contributed to fred ajudua,s case dragging on for thirteen years.l rememeber vividly that the EFCC had to go to asaba to look for this guy and he was then being shielded by some paid hoodlums armed to the teeths,we all recalled that ajudua was the toast of the social scene in nigeria before he was arrested,even though it was open secret everywhere in town that this guy was the kingpin of 419.He was rumoured to have paid a popular newscaster the sum of five-hundred thousand naira(about 1994) just to walked through his living room for his visitors to see who he was dicking.Hell! this guy need to be in jail.

Leave Mr. smart alone

The dutch has been stealing in Nigeria since oil was discover, till this moment.I leave in Nederland and I know how the systeem works here.A drop of oil from your car attracts a heavy fne .Any pipe lay In nederland is ten meters below the ground surface while in Nigeria they lay their pipes in a swallow ground. Our water and land has been polluted by the dutch.Wild lives face extincation due to the oil spillage.

Justice Olubumi Oyewole should persecute our politicans who are stealing our money over there and bring to abroad.The greedy one goes through the back to transact business with private individual while legitimate business goes through the normal channel (Embassy).Oyibo are greedy in nature.Abeg leave Fred alone.

Why passing sentence on him?

As much as I hate criminality which led to the current crises in Nigeria today. I encourage u to criticizes a follow human being constructively cos u never knw morrow.

Put the Doctor on Trial.

The justice system is not entirely helpless. The Judge should go a step further and summon the doctor that has been writing the medical reports to determine:
a. if the accused is his/her patient,
b. when last s/he examined the patient,
c. details of his/her treatment and the response of the patient to treatment.
If the answers to the above are unsatisfactory, the doctor should be put him on trial for deceiving the honorable court and obstructing justice, the least. The Nigerian Medical Association should also investigate and try the Doctor, possibly, revoke his license for unethical practice.
The Management of University of Lagos should also investigate the Doctor since their good reputation is being dragged in the mud by the unethical (possibly, illegal) act of this employee of theirs.
This way, other professional will act more ethically.

He must have become a Pastor

He must have become a Pastor by now!



Saharareporters, the picture

Saharareporters, the picture used on this story is not Fred Ajudua at all. Please correct this

Is he still there...?

Growing up in Surulere (Lagos, Nigeria)and did see, first hand, the intimidatory poses of this Fred Ajidua, it's a rude shock to hear he still lives. I thought he was dead. Let the court not mess with him, he's a very slippery criminal.

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