Cynthia Osokogu’s Murder: Hotel Receptionist, Porter, Lodged Suspects With Forged Receipt to Defraud Hotel

By SaharaReporters, New York

Vivian Emenike, a receptionist at the hotel where Cynthia Osokogu was murdered, today explained to the court how she manipulated hotel records to exclude the presence of the suspects.

Ms. Emenike, 28, told the court that the room was originally booked by a couple who vacated the premises early, leaving some hours unused. When the suspects arrived and wanted a room, she gave them that room, issuing a fake receipt to them and making no official hotel record in respect of that transaction. She stated that the shady act was with the connivance of the hotel porter with whom she normally shared the proceeds from such deals.

The testimony contradicted an earlier statement she made to the police that the suspects were younger brothers of the original person who had booked the room, but who left use of the accommodation to his brother until the booking expired.

Ms. Emenike further revealed that her action was with the connivance of the hotel porter, whereby fake receipts were issued to new customers lodging in a room that had been checked out from, but the booking for which still had time on it. The same tactic, she said, was applied in granting accommodation to the suspects in Cynthia’s murder.

At the hearing, defence lawyers today lost a stay-of-proceedings bid for the second time, failing to persuade the judge that their clients would not get a fair hearing because of the wide media reportage of the matter. The court ruled out their application, saying it failed to see the effect of media coverage on fair hearing in court.

Cynthia, a student, was allegedly murdered by some of her Facebook friends last year.

Justice Akinlade, presiding, adjourned the hearing to March 22.

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Greed is making us do some foul/evil things to each other.
All in the name of money.
So sad.So stupid.So evil.
At least they will get what they deserve.
We hope.

All are corrupt

Leaders corrupt, followers corrupt!!!!!!!!