UPDATED: Dana Air Flight 9J-992-Air Passengers List

Some victims of Dana aircrash
By SaharaReporters, New York

A McDonnell Douglas MD-83 passenger plane crashed into a two-story building at a Lagos suburb. Dana Air flight 9J-997 was completely destroyed as it crashed killing all 147 passengers and 6 crew members on board.
 Below is the initial list of passengers on board the ill-fated flight.

1. Abdu Aisha
2. Abdulrazak Lawan
3. Abikalio Tatoru
4. Adekola Ayoola
5. Adekunbi Adebiyi
6. Adeleke Oluwadamilare
7. Adijolola Abraham
8. Ahmed Mbana
9. Aikhomu Ehime, son of former chief of General Staff
10. Ailende Ehi
11. Ajani Adenike
12. Akinola Olumodeji
13.Akinsanya Moyo
14. Akinsanya Omonigho
15. Akwaeze Elizabeth
16. Alade Matins
17. Amiaka Raphael
18. Amina Idris Bugaje
19. Anibaba Tosin
20. Anthony Nwaokoagbara
21. Anthony Okara
22. Aouade Roger
23. Apochi Godwin
24. Ariyibi Temitope
25. Asuquo Niobong
26. Attuh Antonia
27. Awodogan Olusanmi
28. Bamaiyi Adamu
29. Benson Oluwayomi
30. Berkisu Myindadi
31. Bukhari Majkudi
32. Chukwuemeka Okere
33. Coker Olumide
34. Diawani
35. DavidKolawole Eyinojuoluwa
36. DavidKolawole Fortune
37. Dike Chinwe
38. Dike Chukwuezugo
39. Doherty Adedunni
40. Dukawa Mahmud
41. Ebuka Enumah
42. Echeidunbe
43. Ehioghae Sonny
44. Eribake Wale
45. Eyo Bassey
46. Fatokun Anjola
47. Fatokun Ibukun
48. Fatokun Olaoluwa
49. Faysal Inusa
50. Garba Abdu
51. George Moses
52. Hunna Walter
53. Hurriya Lawal
54. Ibrahim D
55. Ibrahim Jangana
56. Ibrahim Matankari
57. Ifeanyi Orakwe
58. Ifekawa Jones
59. Ijeoma Onyijuke
60. Ike Abugu
61. Ike Ochonogor
62. Ike Okoye
63. Ikpoki Abiola
64. Inusa Ahmed
65. Jennifer Ibe
66. John Ahmadu
67. Joy Allison
68. Kaika Farida
69. Kaltum Abubakar
70. Kamsiyonna Anyene
71. Kang Yi
72. Kayimarachi Anyene
73. Kayineochi Anyene
74. Komolafe Olugbenga
75. Lawal U. Anakobe
76. Levi Ajounuma
77. Li Huizhu
78. Li Rui
79. Li Janlas
80. Lt Col Chumbo Ochigbo
81. Mahmud Aliyu
82. Mamuna Anyene
*83. Maj Gen Tahiru Umar-Didn't board the flight
84. Maj IG Muhammad
85. Maria Okwulehie
86. Mbong Eventus
87. Mecha Eke
88. Mohammed Falmata
89. Mojekwu Adeobi
90. Mutihir Isttifaanus
91. N Chidiac
92. Nabil Garba
93. Nagidi Ibrahim
94. Ngozi Cole
95. Nnadi John
96. Noah Anyene
97. Norris Kim
98. Ntuko Charles
99. O Awani
100. Obi Chinwe
101. Obinna Akubueze
102. Obot Emmanuel
103. Ogechi Njoku
104. Ojugbana Amaka
105. Ojugbana Christopher
106. Ojukwu Alvana
107. Okafor Chinero
108. Okeke Hope
109. Okikiolu Olukayode
110. Okocha Christopher
111. Okonji Patrick
112. Okor Eseoghene
113. Oloko Tunji
114. Oluchi Onyeyiri
115. Olukoya Banji
116. Olusola Arokoyu
117. Oluwasegunfunmi Abiodun
118. Onemclease Amanehi
119. Onita Jennifer
120. Onita Josephine
121. Onwuliri Celestine
122. Onyeagocha Chimdinma
123. Onyegocha Ogechi
124. Onyeka Anyene
125. Osunbade Aderoju
126. Otegbeye Hadiza
127. Oyosoro Rajulie
128. Oyosoro Ugabio
129. Patience Sunday Udoh
130. Peter Nosike
131. Philip Chukwu-Buka
132. Rev. Ayodeji Cole
133. Ruoel Dhose
134. Saka Otaru
135. Sarah Mshelia
136. Shaibu Memuna
137. Shaibu Sam
138. Shehu Saad Usman, Director Of Mainstreet Bank
139. Shobowale Femi
140. Somolu Oluwakemi
141. Sparagano Lawrence
142. Stamford Ogrutse
143. Sunday Enumah
144. Taiwo Lamidi
*145. Tony Madichie-Group company secretary and Legal adviser of NNPC got on an earlier flight and thus did not board this ill-fated flight 
146. Wang Yu
147. Wasa Awyetu
148. Wasa Ruth
149. Xie Zhenfeng
150. Yusuf Ali
151. Yusuf Ibrahim
152. Zhai shutao

CORRECTION: * Passenger number 145, Tony Madichie, is alive!-

-Mr. Madichie is the Group Company Secretary and Legal Adviser of NNPC, he got on an earlier flight out of Abuja and thus escaped the tragedy of the ill-fated flight #9J-992.

-Major General Tahir Umar who is  Chairman of Emergency Plan Implementation Committee of the Ministry of Defence HIV and AIDS Programme showed up at his office on Monday, he stated that he didn't make the flight even though he bought a ticket











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May the Peace of God be with Nigerians

I wept in my spirit when d sad news of d dana air carsh broke out. But however, no matter d pain and agony, it change noting. My pryaer is dt God give d family d strength to carry on.

It's such a sad incident it's

It's such a sad incident it's sadder that such a large number of people had to die before we could face our problems every day we fly and experience different kinds of faults but who said that it is reported. For all we know the fault may not have been reported. But I implore the government to set standards that are acceptable and the airlines in turn should comply to avoid disasters like this and to provide qualified people as ministers not high school leavers. So that our aviation industry would be internationally accepted because every day over 10000 people entrust their lives in this industry. May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. AMEN. I believe that the government should forget about petrol and think about lives. I hope they read this

Can someone send me Ike

Can someone send me Ike Ochonogor's picture.I served with him

put the blame on Aviation Minister and Dana air not Jonathan

I agree that there is so much Damage done already in the Nigerian system by past administrators which will take time to repair following a peaceful dialogue just the way President Jonathan is doing it. but if Jonathan wants things to speed up then he should adopt the formal President of Ghana J Rawlings style by killing all the bad eggs in the system. I am Afraid to go to church for the fear of BOKOHARAM and even when we sit at home AIRPLANE comes crushing down on us, where is safe?

I put the blame of this plain Crash on the Aviation Minister and Dana Air not Mr President so I say May the soul of the faithfull departed rest in perfect peace Amen.


i agree with you, they must face the full wrath of the law.

Re: Sad story to tell when told to young ones

This is a national tragedy! So many people died due to the greed and negligence of others. However, I feel coming up with compensation at this point is the most insensitive thing to do. Do you know how many people that would have wished everything away just to see their beloved ones alive? Money is not everything. We should do the proper things in nation and everyone who is culpable should be jailed like they do in other countries!

MR president, i thought your

MR president, i thought your name is Goodluck , why is it that nigerians are having badluck since ur regime, check urself well. these are human beings not chickens please.

Sad Story To Believe When told to Young ones

Nigeria lost 153 Indigence just a day on the Same spot? How much will erase the tears from the eyes of the Mothers of the Deceased? Is it the N16M. or What?
May their souls rest in Perfect Peace(Amen)


May their gentle souls rest in the Right hand side of the LORD. but its such a sad but as for me I don't think the Fault is from Mr. President.
But the pilot was too Stupid a plane that has operated for Twenty-Three years or Thereabout.


Could the speculation that the airspace was closed for 2hours to allow Dame Patience jonatrthan to land which forced the Dana Aircraft to crash land


MAY their gentile rest in the Right hand side of God

Ways to reduce Curruption in Nigeria

Ways to reduce curruption in Nigeria
These are my suggestions of possible ways to curb curruption
For tis country to move forward
(1). Any currupt person or persons in either private or public office
Found guilty of curruption should face capital purnishment
(2). All assets of this fellow should be conviscated.
(3). All his family members should be banned from public office
as well as the private office.

State of the Nation and Dana Air Crash.

God should come and intervene in Nigeria's situation as everything has gone wrong with Nigeria. Our education, judiciary,politics,public administration even religion is nothing to be proud of. This is not the Nigeria of my Dream 30 yrs ago when Nigeria was better than China. God will not forgive the Vagabonds In Power(VIP) who destroyed the future of app. 170 Nigerians. We need both physical and spiritual transformation definitely not the Jonathan's type.

passanger 14 and 13 was told to get down from the plane

Omonigho akisanya did not board, she was told to get down and
Pay for a seat for her son, she could not secure another seat so she went with another air line. Pls update the manefiest
We give GOD all the glory

Re: UPDATED: Dana Air Flight

It's so sad that a crash had to happen before our attention could be drawn to the poor state of aircrafts in Nigeria. Airline operators just want to be in business, so they never own up and address the lapses within. Just last week I was onboard 9J(992) from Abuja to Lagos and the sound of the engine during landing brought excruciating pain to my ears. I had to blocked my ears with my index fingers till we landed. One of my colleagues was so discomforted and had to get off his sit, crawl to the back where some the cabin crew stay, just to get any help. It was our second experience. We experienced the same thing on our route to Abuja using a different airline.

Appropriate authorities need to enforce severe checks consistently. It's not just Dana airline - there may be other culprits. We can still save more lives. Thank you.

May the soul of the departed rest in peace. Amen.

Everybody kept blaming mr

Everybody kept blaming mr president, but i blame those ministers in charge of our various sectors especially the unhonorable minister for aviation for her high levelled incapacitations. And i put it straight to her, the blood of the deceased is right there in your head because you failed to juditiously use your God given opportunity to better the nigerian aviation sector, instead, you brought calamity to nigerians. Mr goodluck jonathan, you would be held responsible for all this mess, if you dont severely penalise this minister and her likes for this and several failures in our other facets of endeavors. May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace. Amen. And to danas air company, mr president most prove his true identity as a true son of our land by makin sure they pay beyond human repairs to this heavy plight of our dear nation. Thanks


All can keep saying what they want but the law of Karma (deed) counts in every walk of life like everywhere else it counts in Nigeria... too !!!

Can we ask ourselves how many have cursed for the pain & suffering innocent, honest people have gone through due the the corrupt ways of life.... which to most is as normal as breathing...

May God be able to cleanse the filth of corruption, lies and fake deceipt with divine intervention....

Be Blessed & may the departed souls RIP...... !!!!

Keep Christ FIRST!

No is not the time to curse anyone, or to wish ill-fortune to anyone's household!

I agree with you that this situation is terribly unfortunate! However as Christians, we must never forget three simple principles (NO MATTER HOW WEARY THE WORLD APPEARS!)

1. We must continue to LOVE our Creator and our neighbors as we love ourselves.

2. FORGIVENESS is the first step to HEALING!

3. Earth is not our final destination. Praise the Lord your RISEN SAVIOR that the hope of SALVATION is still holds the inifinite truth that Heaven awaits us!

I pray with all of my heart that the love of Christ will shine as a beacon of light through everyone that has read this message! Yes, this is an unfortunate event, but may God be glorified in your words and in your actions! AMEN!

is he to be blame?

sometimes i wonder why people not using their God given head well, what has Dana air crash got to do with GEJ, is he the owner of the airline or the director,why have u decided to be annonymous not identifying urself, rubbish,almanjiri like u.

Nigerians must now

Nigerians must now individually&collectively face,confront&defeat this monster CORRUPTION even if we are on the firing line.The pilot as a professional would have stood his ground refusing to fly a faulty plane knowing his life&others depends on his decisions.The power of one man's solid decision can save or destroy all.The idians MUST be held accountable&face the full wrath of the law.

i here pasenger 102 also

i here pasenger 102 also escaped tge tragedy as he had an urgent meeting and had to forgo the flight

God help us all....

God help us all....

Dark Day Still Not Over

I never wanted to comment here, But the heavy weight of pain i am under is compelling me. Nigeria, we mourn the lost of our precious kins men, What is really wrong with Nigeria,

Sometime i fear if there will ever be cure for this country sickness "Corruption" I wonder what a 22 year old plane is still doing in our airports. In a country where no one is telling the truth, you are force to admit the possibilities of anything, How are we sure this is not boko haram. or some kind of political games. We all are aware that because of one person, The Nigeria mafias could take down a full plane, this has happened in the past.

Well my prayers goes to the family of the departed, May God almighty himself grant you the fortitude to bear this irreversible lost, And may the soul of the departed rest in perfect peace.

And i mourn for Nigeria, We will never get there if we continue to turn our eyes away from the truth that we are not unity in any form.

God have mercy

''The name of d lord is a strong tower & d righteous runeth into it & they're safe''..............but no one can stand except by his grace. I can't help but imagine that it could've been me or you........repent now b/4 it is too late. May God give us all d fortitude to bear this irriperable loss...Amen. We'll continue to pray 4 Nigeria & her leaders.

Nigeria, A giant of Africa - AGAIN

Nigeria, which way are we going? from the assumption of this man so call GEJ, can anyone count how many Nigerians we have lost. Blood bath every day. Let's advice him to voluntarily resign if he is not cabale.

Plane crash in Lagos

I would like to express my deep condolences to the people of Nigeria on the terrible plane crash in Lagos. It was a shock to hear of this accident and I know mere words may offer but little comfort at this tragic incident. But I am sure that people all over the world share the deepest feelings of sympathy and mourning for the lost lives as nobody is totally protected against such disaster. May God bless the victims and give strenght to their families during this time and always. May the souls of our deceased Nigerian brothers and sisters rest in the peace of the Lord.

Jonathan, NCAA do something!!!

And for Dana Mangement & d Manager
connected to this great national loss-May
U & Ur household be cursed 4ever because
this is never negligence but sheer
wickedness-d Lord Almighty will give U
immeasurable portion of this agony!!
To be financially bouyant at the detriment of 153 living
beings-you took such decision. It's
Unfortunate-We don't have a
President, no law, no Authority to
Checkmate anything-everything is just
Upside down. Nigeria is a dumping ground 4
Useless bilateral business investments-
behind d scenes, we remain blindfolded-
having sold us out! Boko Haram-no solution
Basic infrastructural facilities,4 where?
All will be well-but before then-I foresee
4d bereaved,as ur loved Ones'Soul
4sure Rest in Perfect Peace, May God
Almighty grant Us all the fortitude to
bear this great loss in Jesus name-Amen!!

Jonathan, NCAA do something b4 we're ruined!!

Na wa o,Goodluck Jonahthan-i bow 4U o.
Rather than making agitations for
irrelevancies(Presidential honorary tomb)
pertinent issues like these are most Important. But I still
believe U, not until when U ruin Us all
with ur presidential incompetencies, U'll not
back off. I wonder why a 22year Old
Obsolete plane should still be granted
flying Permit- why not? Kickbacks &
bribes are d order of the day-Nigeria
Civil Aviation Authority-Oya, let's
Listen 2ur flimzy excuses-I wish Ur
families were victims-U'll know how it
feels 2 loose a dear one.

it is high time we take the

it is high time we take the bull by the horn. president do something.