Dana Flight 992 Tragedy: Pilot First Asked to Land On Longer Runway After First Engine Failed

Crashed MD 83
Captain Peter Waxtan was flying the plane
By SaharaReporters, New York

Air traffic controllers have told Saharareporters confidentially that the crashed airliner Dana aircraft most likely had one failed engine long before the pilot declared an emergency.  Multiple sources confirmed that the pilot had requested to land on Murtala Muhammad Airport’s longer runway 18R before calling air controllers back a few minutes later to report a total emergency.


They believe that second call was most probably when the second engine failed.  The aircraft crashed about seven nautical miles from the local airport.


One source further explained that the MD 83 plane was overloaded with passengers and luggage to the extent that when the first engine failed, the pilots urgently reduced speed to enable the flight land safely on the longer and better runway, an action that led the flight to an extra 20 minutes delay before crashing at 3:43p.m.  It had been billed to land at 3:21p.m.


Our sources stated that the drastic reduction in thrust was the undoing of the pilot, given the heavy pay load.  To underscore their point that the operators of the jet knew of its mechanical troubles, one of our sources said the jet conducted a short flight test between the Lagos and Ibadan airport on Saturday, apparently to prove to regulators that the jet was “airworthy”.


Several employees of the Dana airlines have publicly stated that the owners were aware as early as Sunday that the jet had mechanical troubles, as it had struggled on a flight to Calabar, but the operators forced the crew to fly it anyway, obviously with an eye on maximizing profit.


Residents that witnessed the crash at Iju Agege area of Lagos have also told Saharareporters that they watched as the pilot seemed to struggle to give the aircraft a final thrust of flight power before the crash, which killed everyone on board.


But speaking for the first time officially today, Dana Air's Director of Flight Operations, Captain Oscar Wason, suggested that a "bird strike" may have caused the crash.   


Appearing on Silver Bird TV in Lagos, he said the management of the grounded airline found remnants of birds in one of the engines of the crashed plane.


According to him, “I don’t know what could have been responsible for the crash, but this morning we found remnants of birds in one of the engines.”


He noted that birds were a problem in Nigeria he has experienced several times.  “We have bird strikes and it might have been that a mass of birds went through the engine and caused it to lose power.”


However, he said the investigations must be left to come out with an answer.  “We have found the voice recorder and that has to be sent to either the UK or Washington. I am planning to travel out myself so that we can found out what is the real cause of the accident.”


It will take several months, if not years, to arrive at the real cause of the fatal crash of Dana Air 992, as Nigeria typically relies on American investigators to unravel the cause of airline accidents.



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in response to the above comment

Intelligent reasoning!!! U already said what i was thinking...Thank u

May the souls of those

May the souls of those involved in the dana plane crash and those of the faithful departed rest in peace in the bosom of God Almighty. Amen.

Dana airline crash

Lets wake up and fight the import, sale and use of sub standard materials in THIS COUNTRY.

Hala kita

Rumannan bosnan bin bek kas, legumai e bululu den wild africa ei, bai laga e hende bruwa nai! Locual a pasa ta hopi serio anto no bai ganja ku tatin birds den motor pa niun hende! Bo consenshi ta keda sushi pa semper!

Too much ill has eaten into

Too much ill has eaten into our nation and we as Nigerians have permitted it by not standing for anything. We have allowed foreigners and Nigerians alike to give us substandard goods and services, and have managed and managed it till now. Our nation is in a state of decay due to our actions.

A plane is not fit,it should not be flown. A vehicle is not trustworthy,it should not be on the road. A product is not up to standards,it should not be sold.Innocent people have lost their lives for greed and negligence...So sad.


Things will not even go that far with the investigation team. They definitely will put on all amours of investigation seriousness...but do you know that the report they will give would have been written,completed and concluded b4 starting. This is an avenue for any invstg. Participant to get puffed up. I want to tell u, Dana plane owners are not shaken at all because they know and can easily sample us Nigerian to our litigation capacity

So Dana Airline management

So Dana Airline management staff ALREADY have access to the crash site and evidence?!
Enough time for them to find and identify bird remnants in the engine?
That's just cool!

talkin like a dana fan or one

talkin like a dana fan or one who's got tins at stake wit dem


I don't think we have to insult ourselves over an incident that we all should be mourning. A plane does not crash immediately the two engines go-off. it glides for sometime before finnally comming down. My worry is why the pilot did not land the plane at a nearer airport after it lost the first engine. He could have requested for permission to land in Akure or ibadan depending on where it lost the first engine. Quite a pity we lost so many souls.

Dana Air Crash

Kolapo! endeavour not to miss the point!! Capt. Oscar Wason (DOF) for Dana Air is a flight Captain. He has unfettered knowledge of the sector.

Bird in the engine

The DANA people are right those bird remenat has been in the engine for over two months and this accumulated in making the air craft unair worthy to fly on that faithful sunday

Bird in the engine

He is right those bird remenat has been in the engine for over two months which keep accumulating and resulted in making the air plane unworthy to fly.

Bird-Strike is unlikely (cont'd)

Thirdly, the type of birds that took the airplane down in New-York were big-fat birds like geese and large eagles. As far as I can remember Lagos, this kind of birds do not live in Lagos. If one strays to Lagos it will immediately make it into someone’s pot of stew.
Lastly, remnant of birds in the engine? Give me break!!! It is so easy to plant evidence in Nigeria, since everybody want to get rich. All you need is to bribe someone in authority and a whole family of birds (Papa, Mama, & two peakins) will even appear in engine, immediately.

Bird-Strike is unlikely

The probability of this being a bird-strike is highly unlikely for the following reason.
First of all, the aircraft seemed to have declared an emergency a long way off. This means that it should have been at an altitude that birds normally don't/can't reach. Bird strikes normally happen upon takeoff or in some instances landing.
Secondly, if the engine had ingested birds at Abuja, the aircraft would have needed to land immediately. Therefore it wouldn't have been able to make it to Lagos before the crash occurred.

REPLY Pius momoh

For your information when you make baseless comments it becomes irrelevant. You did a good job finding the ages of these airplanes, but that does not make them unsafe. Check the ages of Aero,IRS,first nation. Also it might interest you to know these airplanes are still flying all over the world including the US.

u fool

Its bad enof dat eribodi dies in the aircrash its just cos of d corruption level in nigeria if not u won't open ur dirty irresponsible mouth to say birds causd the crash even if na eagle wey enter d 1st engine haba wen d 1st bird enter and it doesn't com out d rest will learn now dat its a nogo area and finally d idiot dat brought up d bird strike issue am pretty sure his won family sef doesn't fly dana airways ill mannerd son of a bitch


We agree that bird strike is possible and double bird strike enough to stop both engines is quite rare. However the crew are likely to have reported it when they made the initial distress call or when they made the eventual Mayday call. All evidence points to the aircraft not being air worthy. Don't lets focus of unlikely causes just because some morons in their desperation have come out to try and exonerate themselves before any investigation is carried. My real question is HOW COME DANA AIR OFFICIALS HAVE HAD ACCESS TO THE AIRCRAFT REMNANT to know that there is evidence of birds in the engine. Its clear that they have been part to the CONTAMINATION OF EVIDENCE.

The whole local airline fleet should be grounded immediately pending initial investigation outcome. This is the right thing if we value the live of each and every Nigerian.

Bird Strike

I just want to correct that statement that bird strike cannot affect the two engines.It can affect the engines just like it did to the airbs that landed in the hudson river.what we should ask the management of Dana ,is why couldn't the pilot control the aircrat after losing both engines?Does losing engine power mean that the plane becomes uncontollable?
The plane that landed in the hudson river,glided over new york before ditching in the river.So did the BA flight that lost both engines and still made it to heathrow airport.

Get your fact right dude!

Because of our emotions, we forget to analyse issues from professional point of view. I'm happy to hear you have insufficient knowledge of aviation and disaster causes. Please check online for US Airways 1549. Bird strike caused both of its engines to fail just few minutes after take off but the pilot did brilliantly well in landing the plane successfully on Hudson River. This is very recent; it happened in Jan 2009.

In any case, Mr Watson has only suggested a cause; never said that's the exact cause. As a flight operation director, he has limited knowledge, just like you, as far as technical issues in aviation are concerned.

A bird strike????.. i

A bird strike????.. i strongly doubt it was a bird strike. Port Harcourt airspace is usually noted for birds in air not Abuja. Anyway how come the very light feathers of the "birds" did not get burnt but human beings and even the engine. DFO (Director of Flight Ops), Dana please give another excuse not this one

Nigeria is full of corruption

Nigeria is full of corruption and that extend to Aviation
Industry as well. Even if individuals knows the plane is not
Worth they will still find their ways to make sure they fly it
In order to maximise their profit.
What do xpect the likes of elrufai & Co to do? When they are not the
These people will bring JUNKs to our country just to make money
Afterall no one will check mate them and even if they do they will
Buy their way out.
May their Souls RIP

Cow boy

You dont play cow boy with the Indians. They know how to bribe their way. Remember the Viswani brothers.
They agents in high places, lets see what will be the out come of the plane crash...............nothing go happen?

@ American Pilot

American Pilot my foot please cross check this information to ascertain the aging fleet of Dana Air.Which of the flight in your own USA close to these ones? Be careful!!
Dana Air Current Fleet
5N-DEV 49947 1900 McDonnell Douglas MD-83 C12Y128 11-05-2012 N934JM
20.9 Years
5N-JAI 53016 1850 McDonnell Douglas MD-83 C12Y128 21-08-2009 N968AS 21.2 Years
5N-SAI 53018 1779 McDonnell Douglas MD-83 C12Y128 30-08-2008 N943AS
21.7 Years
5N-SRI 53020 1789 McDonnell Douglas MD-83 C12Y128 04-08-2008 N947AS
21.6 Years

Dana air crash!

I believe bird strikes can be taken care of by biologists! Why can we not face our problems and deal with them? Personally I think the entire nation is very "sick" and something needs to happen to effect a positive change so things can begin to work! Start from the "man in the mirror"

Dana air crash!

Indeed it is not the first time lives have been wasted to possibly avoidable plane crashes. Lamenting seems like medicine after death, blaming anyone would not bring back those precious lives. But something can be done to safeguard future air passengers from similar disasters. Let us put lives before profits....Now everybody is blaming Dana! We have quickly forgotten the deplorable state of our roads( death traps with increased risk either by accident or at the hands of kidnappers or armed robbers).Nigeria where are we really going???. Is not time for a change!!!!. How long shall we continue dwelling in this mindless state of affairs, lawlessness, corruption, profound evil and a saga of untimely deaths, pain and sorrow? It is time for change!!!

RIP Dana crash victims.

Imagine...they still selling

Imagine...they still selling tickets agter the crash?! What kaind of country is this?! A country where people come in and do shit and nobody blinks an eye? Where are all those Propagandist..el-rufai, tunde bakere and buhari, Is this GEJs fault too? A country where people don't take their jobs seriously? The airport authority should be brought to book..its common knowledge that the aircraft was dead and they still deemed it air worthy!!

Who allowed teh DAN man unto the crime scene ?

Looks like Jonathan has infected everyone with teh moron disease. How did they allow the DANA man get near the site; that site is a crime scene and only investigators are supposed to be there by now after the initial rescue effort.

Who allowed teh DAN man unto the crime scene ?

Looks like Jonathan has infected everyone with teh moron disease. How did they allow the DAN man get near the site; that site is a crime site and only investigators are supposed to be there by now after the initial rescue effort.

Captain Wason might be

Captain Wason might be telling the truth but he should not be allowed to leave this country until this claim about bird strike has been verified.

His international passport should be confisticated. This investigation should be carried out independently. Just too many rumour out there Mr Wason to swallow your story Captain, I am sorry


THE DANA AIR was an off shoot of Dornier Limited and later became AIEP Nig Ltd before this rebranding as DANA air.
Based in Old Kaduna Airport, it has been involved in sales of trainer jets to the Airforce, aerial spraying of pest control chemicals especially for control of locusts and quelea birds, sales of GPS to aircrafts, etc. During its course of business some Nigerians had, by virtue of their posting, in Fed Minisrty Of Agriculture or NAF been liasing officers with offices within the premises of this Company. I suspect Capt Mshelia is one of these and therefore cannot claim neutrality because he had obtained favours from this company in the past.
So pls let other members of the panel come out and tell us that they neither had contact or affiliation with the parent companies – now moribund - of DANA air