Death Of Delta APC Would-Be Governorship Candidate, Senator Ewerhido Attributed To “Spiritual Attacks” Over 2015 Elections

Akpor Pius Ewerhido
By SaharaReporters, New York

The death of Senator Pius Ewherido of the Democratic Peoples Party (DPP) representing Delta Central Senatorial district in the National Assembly today has sent tongues wagging in Delta State forcing the state government to urge calm.

Since the announcement of Ewerhido’s death today, the Delta Central Senatorial district and Delta state in general have been thrown into mourning.

Several of the late senator's constituents and family members wept uncontrollably when the sad news was broken to them around 5:50 PM Nigerian time.

Some political associates of Senator Ewherido told Saharareporters that the death of the senator was due to “spiritual attacks” that took place few days ago which boils down to 2015 elections.

According to our sources, Senator Ewherido slumped three days ago while answering a phone call and had blood gushing out  of his mouth and nose before he  was rushed to the National Hospital in Abuja . Since his hospitalization, the Delta State government had reportedly begun preparations to fly him to Germany for treatment before he gave up the ghost this evening.

Another source close to the senator told Saharareporters that Ewherido has already been designated as the Delta state governorship candidate of the yet to be registered All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming 2015 elections and all plans to that effect were already sealed awaiting the registration and full fledge take off of the party.

However, a medical source at the National Hospital told Saharareporters that the senator died of heart attack after he had a stroke some 48 hours ago.

Senator Ewerhido was recently expelled from the Democratic People's Party (DPP), accused of attending the meetings of the APC without authorization.

Insisting that the senator was “killed’ by his enemies, our source who was speaking in a solemn tune further disclosed the spiritual attacks have several angles to it, saying that they suspect an unnamed politician serving in governor Emmanuel Uduaghan’s government who had a running battle with Ewherido during the PDP primaries for the senatorial district before the senator cross carpeted to the DPP and defeated him in the 2011 elections. He allegedly boasted severally that he is still a senator in waiting.

Our source also disclosed that a onetime governorship aspirant and oil magnate from Sapele who is based in Port Harcourt, was also "spiritually attacked" by the same politician but the he survived through divine intervention.

“My brother the death of Senator Pius Ewherido is not ordinary. Delta state has lost a gem, our only hope for 2015 election. The most painful aspect of it all is that he has already gotten the ticket to fly the APC governorship flag in the state and now look at what has befallen us. Delta state politics has turned into something else. Those behind the death of Chief (Barr) Pius Akpor Ewherido, our distinguished Senator, alias "Gogorogo" shall never go unpunished”, he said before hanging up the phone.

Several political associates of the senator who did not want to be quoted lamented the sudden demise of Ewherido describing him as their best hope for a shot at the governorship of Delta state in 2015. They said he was a fine gentleman and astute politician who has brought succor to his people.

In the past two months social media platforms as well as political groups have been buzzing with the of plans by Ewherido to contest the governorship seat come 2015.

Meanwhile, the Government of Delta State has commiserated with the family of senator Ewherido.

In a statement released and signed by the Secretary to the State Government, Comrade Ovuozourie Macaulay and made available to media, expressed its deep condolences to the family at this trying moment and advised Deltans, particularly members of his constituency to remain calm.

“We pray that God grants his family, constituents and all of us, the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.” The statement said.

As at the time of writing this report the social media have been flooded with a series of condolence messages and the life and time of Ewherido.

It would be recalled that the Delta state chapter of the Democratic People’s Party (DPP) on May Ist, 2013 suspended Senator Pius Ewherido, the acting national deputy chairman, Olisemeka Akamukale, the vice chairman of Delta central senatorial district, Henry Olori as well as a leader in Sapele Local Government Area of Delta State, Cyril Ogodor from the party.

Briefing the press in his office, Asaba, Chairman of the DPP in the State, Chief Tony Ezeagwu had explained that the decision to suspend the members was reached at the state executive council as a result of what he called gross misconduct and anti-party activities.

“We inaugurated a 12-man committee to midwife our joining the APC, and we officially applied, but the application was not approved. But Ewherido and Akamukale went ahead and been attending APC meetings when we have not been admitted into that fold. Akamukale went to INEC to say that he is the acting national chairman of the party in his bid to force us into the merger.”

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may his suol rest in perfect Peace

it is very sad to hear this devastating new now it break my hearth and may God grant him a peaceful rest and give the family the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable lost.lets not down lay the issue of spiritual attack cause it do occur but what ever the case may be spiritual or cardiac arrest we should all learn a lesson from what has befall us all.


Spiritual attack when someone suffers a heart attack? How I wish Nigerians will grow out of this superstitious beliefs which is largely due to ignorance.
I thought by now we should have outgrown such stupid beliefs as was evidenced in the Bible era on one of St. Paul's missionary journies when he had a poisonous snake round his hand snake and the islanders thought he would die and would not escape justice because he was adjusted 'evil' and as he did not die after a while, they suddenly changed their minds and called him a 'God'as was recorded in Acts 28. This is the type of ignorance we still have in our midst today.
We should learn to grow out of this ignorant beliefs and accept things as they are. The man died and it has no link to spiritual attack but a heart attack.


Thanks for saying the bitter truth.

May his soul rest in peace.

May his soul rest in peace. Vanity upon vanity, how I wish all the corrupt minded people know this.

All politicians should be

All politicians should be very careful as it is not a do or die affair. If their activities are actually examined, are they really helping their constituencies or themselves? Anybody who has found himself in a position of authority, it is because God has allowed it and there will be a day of giving account not to man but to God.

Now the race is over for this elite son of Ughelli South. Was it really worth it? I know everyone will die someday but it is not God's will or ours to go young. Well let us do things decently and in order and take time to evaluate our health, actions and decisions we take on daily basis.

May his soul rest in Peace and may his family be comforted.

God Help us all.

Life expectancy in Nigeria

Life expectancy in Nigeria has been recorded as 45 years? due to poverty and other matters. we should learn to take life less seriously and take regular holidays and periods to rest and for the body to recover from the stress of life. The death of this young man depicts the low mortality rate in our country. Scientists and academics should look into studies that are aimed at increasing mortality rate in Nigeria as this would contribute to scientific breakthrough.

@Wähala (not verified) on July 1, 2013 - 12:09.

Or you could have killed him, the way you guys carry on.


The level of ignorances in Nigeria is astounding. The sad part is that it comes from the so called educated classes, that are suppose to know better. Death by 'spiritual means'? Give me a break! It is about time Nigerians start exercising, watching what they eat, and going in for regular medical check-up. These simple awareness and precaution could save many lives. I am sick and tired of preventable diseases and deaths being blamed on imaginary enemies. By the way, the usual fool, will come here to blame Jonathan for this death. Or will he?

Pls respect the dead, please.

Pls respect the dead, please. We in the Delta central, ughelli in particular luv him. His a good senator. Only God knows what happend, but please lets mind what we say.......thanks



Re : Definition

So u know = Spiritual attack is Bluetooth made in AFRICA.
It serves the same function ie COMMUNICATION

The other day Tribune reported a man who had gone to pray and laid hands on a mad man sitting by the road side, the mad man transferred madness via Bluetooth and the pastor became mad also.

What Was His Medical History?

We want to know if he had a preexisting medical problem. This is the 21st century: We need to do some scientific inquiry first before coming to any conclusion.

If Spiritual Attacks exist ...Deri would've killed us all

How many Nigerian politicians are physically fit to walk a hundred meters without gasping for breath? The man probably died of heart attack as the preliminary autopsy has stated. Nothing like spirits and as such, they cannot attack and kill humans. Ignorant Nigerians may believe in nonsense, I believe if spirits exists, Deri would have sent them to kill all his enemies (beginning with Sowore) at SaharaReporters. In short, let me test that stupid belief by asking all who claim to hate me or my views to send their Evil Spirits to kill @ Wähala of SR ...I guarantee, I will still be here!

O'jare, May the Soul of the deceased Rest in Peace ...Amiooo!



Identity Test Failure

How do you want me o believe you are not spamming? You failed the first test of identity declaration. Why did you hide behind the veil of "anonymous"? If you are sure of yourself, declare your true identity

local champion

I think u re a local champion, just try and travel out of Africa mostly to those western world. Are the one who name it spiritual attack, witch, or whatever. or is your grand pa that name them. local champion.

"Spiritual attack": an invention of spiritual churches

Have Nigerians so degenerated that fast that many of them can no longer think outside the box of this 'spiritual attack' shenanigans? The other day a woman lost most of her children who ate contaminated food. Rather than taking the children to hospital she took them to a spiritual church that failed to revive them; and it was too late for any hospital! In the present case, the suspected culprit boasted he was the 'senator-in-waiting' but never killed his rival. The deceased was preparing for 2015 governorship election! As you see the suspect had no motive since his 'arch-rival' would be running for another election, in which case it would be an easy win for the senator-in-waiting! Nigerians should get out of this cocoon of spiritual attack and know that there is something like death from natural causes. A heart attack kills every second round the world; it is a silent and quick killer; nothing to do with 'spiritual attack'!

High BP

Belly Fat squeezing the Kidneys, and Kidneys regulate blood pressure, resulting to high blood pressure; shortness of breath, then HEART ATTACK !!!!.


Another one bites the dust! Looks like those dat make life difficult for us can also die leaving behind their loot. Let there be more deaths among politicians oh God!


Which kind Spiritual attack, the man die and he die, people die everyday on our roads that they refused to fix, why should I boarder about a Senator that die of whatever? After all he must have left enough stolen money for his wife and children.


What a tragedy for the family. May his soul rest in peace. But what nonsense are these people carrying on about spirit attack? The doctors have already stated the cause of death and to suggest that there was more to it is only pandering to our crazy believe system which does not permit progress. We must try to remain in the realm of logic.

Spiritual Attack

you dnt need to tell us you are sick, we know you must be sick, but tired we dnt know. Nasarawa Kills even the federal Government talk of Spiritual Attack, Delta state Kidnap suspect (Kelvin) CP talked about Spiritual backup, so why are you sounding like an American? I dnt want to talk about Ewerhido, so not to make me cry now.. Every day of our life we consult the spiritual and we come out to pretend not to know.

Eclipse by Ignorance in the Dark Continent

Yeah right, spiritual attack killed him alright. In today's world this utter stupidity, propagated by our superstition-ridden pentecostal churches is still being said publicly by some Nigerians who supposedly hold university degrees. Even some of them who live in America still talk about spiritual attacks to my dismay and disappointment. I hear this a lot of times from some of them and I wonder how many eons it will take us to climb out of this degradation.

God is God

The truth about this man's death will revile its self, It will only take sometime man can not play with God.

Political vipers death is not sectional.

With heavy heart this is beyond expression, what words can quantify this event of darkness that overtaking the surface of this earth, my leader Senator Pius Ewherido has gone to the beyond. when shall evil come to end ? political vipers death is not sectional.

If you think to lose someone

If you think to lose someone like him is a joke then i think you are more wicked than even the people who killed dare call him a dead wood?? unless God have mercy on you,
u shall pay for all these evil words you pour out on an innocent soul....YOU ARE A DEVIL IN HUMAN SKIN...SHAME ON UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

power of reply

my dear,that u don't believe there is a place called kirikiri max prison does not mean it does not exist.My own dad was nearly killed on his graduation day back then and the man that did it confessed,if not that my dad"s mother have brothers that understand these things and took him where he was saved he would have died ,dr don even tire.My own junior brother was nearly killed by my uncle.He failed ill and nothing was seen in the lab result yet he was going,it took the intervention of God through prayer of saints to speak that we take him somewhere and that hospital have a born again MD and that was it.I nearly lost my brother.Today my brother have a boy and am happy that he is alive.I was attacked by a man that want to kill me and take over my office twice.He u need to pray and God will cover you

I know the man personally

The man is strong and energetic he was not sick. is death cannot be natural there is foul play somewhere. Believe me africans still use spirtual means to attack.

Far thee well

High blood pressure is a silent killer,with blood said to have gushed out of his nose and mouth is a clear indication that this was the case and I am sure that it is either the man was careless with his health or had known about this condition and in this regard,his wife should assist us but an autopsy should clarify cause of death.I never knew him though but am sad at his passing,my heart goes out to his family and whatever his achievement were on the sands of time will be his legacy.

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