Despite ‘Reconciliation,’ Squabble Between VP Namadi Sambo And Senator Makarfi Rages On

Namadi Sambo and Makarfi in 2009 embrace
By SaharaReporters, New York

Despite a recent reconciliation show between Vice President Namadi Sambo and his former political god-father, Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, both men are still in a power feud, a top Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member from the North-West Zone has told SaharaReporters.

He said that the feud is evident in Kaduna politics and in Abuja, and that both camps are holding a variety of meetings in Kaduna, Abuja, Kafanchan and Zaria in an attempt to gain advantage.

The source drew attention to the maiden convocation of Kaduna State University, where Sambo was alleged to have influenced the program, which saw himself and Makarfi not speaking during the ceremony.  Of the three influential guests that were present, only Sambo’s god-son and Kaduna State governor, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero, spoke.

The source added that the feud is also related to Sambo’s forceful control of all PDP apparatus in Kaduna state, with the Makarfi camp alleging Sambo’s emasculation of other contending interests in the party.

“Apart from hijacking all PDP machineries, the Makarfi side is accusing the VP of cornering all appointments due to Kaduna State to his only cronies. They are also of the view that Sambo only stumbling block as arrow head of Kaduna politics is Makarfi, and the best [thing] to do is to reduce him to size. And Makarfi being a powerful politician too is fighting back in all ramifications. And he has sympathy across the state.”

The source said that both camps are fighting the battle of their lives in who controls Kaduna politics, adding that Sambo’s other hot rivals in the North-West Zone include Governors Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso and Ibrahim Shema.

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What is boiling between the V.P N. Sambo and D.S Makarfi, is nothing new, if only the crop of politicians we have today in our country will always read such script and learn from it, unfortunately test cases like this seems to ginger their swag the more.
Worthy to note that at first, Makarfi thought he was bringing in his own even as the mojority electorates in the state had their choice candidate then, but the powers that be stood against the wish of the majority,. State apparatus,,it came to pass and shortly after that nemesis caught up, and once two jolly good fellows are now at dagger head.
The truth of the matter is that "whatever is built on a falsehood will never see the light of the day.
May the new breed politicians realize and learn from the mistake of this present analog politicians who cannot see that the world has become global village, that what goes around come around.
May God bless our country and give us good and visionary leaders.. Amen.


Sambo is in real problem with Kaduna politics as long as he allow the likes of Dikad, Balat and their like, who have lost relevance even in their wards and LGAs to spear head his political structures.
His god - son, Gov Yero is articulate, more composed, visious, politically more likely to pull weight and brave. The earlier the VP make a rethink on his strategy the better for him.
As for Makarfi, we know how he has built his structure that is likely very difficult for any Kaduna man to break today. Makarfi and Sambo are no match as cock can't fight an elephant. All those sorrounding Sambo today arecone time Makarfi boys including the VP himself. So Sambo beware and watch the fight tactfully, pls!

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