Dictatorial Decision In Bayelsa As Gov. Dickson Sacks Elected LGA Chairmen, Swears In Handpicked Surrogates

Seriake Dickson

Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State has sacked two elected local government chairmen and appointed acting chairmen in their stead. The governor’s action is being seen as another evidence of dictatorial rule by Mr. Dickson, barely one year in office. Both Governor Dickson and several of his closest aides are retired police or military officers, and their military-style mode of governance has troubled many critics in Bayelsa.

Akoso Napoleon and Ebikeme Okoringa were on Friday sworn in as the acting chairmen of Sagbama and Kolokuma/Opokuma local government areas respectively.

Their swearing in was performed by Governor Dickson under the supervision of the Chief Judge, Kate Abiri. The changes came after the surprise impeachment of the former chairmen of the affected local government areas over alleged abuse of office.

The Peoples Democratic Party had issued a statement accusing the fired chairmen of making attempts to undermine the peace of their local councils with the collaboration of some desperate politicians and power seekers. Signed by the state chairman of the PDP, Sam Inokoba, a retired colonel, the statement claimed that “barely two months ago PDP in Bayelsa State waded into the matter concerning the three LGAs. We took the decision because of several disturbing reports on the refusal of the chairmen of the three local government areas to work with their respective councilors.” It continued: “As a responsible party, we at the time decried the action of the chairmen, particularly their refusal to work with the councilors. The party advised the chairmen to work harmoniously with their councilors and not see their reinstatement by the Supreme Court as a call to exact vengeance.
“Sadly, rather than allow reason [to] prevail, the said chairmen have chosen to embrace the path of self-destruction, apparently because they have long ceased to be members and dumped our great party and embraced little known Change Advocacy Party (CAP).
“Having found themselves in councils dominated by PDP-elected councilors, these chairmen have since discovered that they cannot be sole administrators from their shaky CAP platform. The point must be made clear that no sooner had the chairmen been reinstated than they appointed their vice chairmen without recourse to the councilors, who are constitutionally empowered to ratify such appointments.”
In his charge to the new acting chairmen, Mr. Dickson warned them against turning the council to their personal estate, saying, “Don’t operate as sole administrators; rather you should work harmoniously with your legislative arms.” He added: “As an administration hinged on transparency and accountability, you are expected to render monthly account of income and expenditure of the council funds.” The governor stated that, “We are working hard to preserve and protect the democratic system at the third tier of government to ensure smooth transition of local government administration.”

Mr. Dickson started life as a police constable while his deputy is a retired naval officer. The state’s PDP chairman is also a retired army officer.
SaharaReporters could not reach the sacked council chairmen for their reactions at the time of filing this report.

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Wrong decision

What do you expect from a gangster?.May be Dickson had taken ogogoro when he took the decision.

Power Show

As Fela said, this is POWER SHOW. It will never end in Naija unless...

SR reporters most times make

SR reporters most times make d truth in their reports obscure while amplifying the negative part. They said that the LG chairmen were impeached by their councillors, why then did they use the headline dat suggests that these men were dictatorially sacked by the governor?

Dickson the Dictator

Dickson is a rascal! Maybe the idea of democracy in not too familiar, but to sack an elected office holder without due process? How would he feel, if the FG decides to sack him abitrarily, which would be equally stupid by the way.

Sacking Elected LGA Chairmen

He wants to start deducting their allocations, so he will need fools who will not say anything when he starts. Assuming allocation to LGA is N10 Million, he will make them sign for N10 Million but he will only release N1 million to them and they will still be loyal. This is what is happening in Nigeria Corruption Industry.

Military Republic Of Banana State

Jonathan needs money for 2015, and all of these chairmen must support Presido by chipping in all their LG allocations.

Jonathan don appoint Dickson to helep collect money for campaign and e must do sharp sharp because time dey run out as Sylva dey go from court to court wan collect im work back.

And even with all his millitary brothers and sisters and all the permanent secretaries wey dey helep am rule banana state, allah e no fit stay office reach 4 years.

Just like OBJ before him, Jonathan will be in office and loose banana state.

Local governments are

Local governments are expected to be run by elected officials, therefore I expect dickson as a former legislator to at least transfer the running of the councils to an elected councillor and not to appoint sole administrators. I hope he will muster the courage to right his wrong.

Dictators Have Hijacked Our Democracy

Whether as ex-military officers or as purely civilians, the characters that are wielding political powers in all spheres of our national life are not democrats. They have hijacked our democracy & are abusing power & misbehaving. If they fail to change their crazy ways, they will sooner or later be swept away by the people's revolt!


A latest news coming from Libya said that about 5 Christians have been arrested moving in disguise forcing Moslems to become Christians. The agenda of the world cultists religion is to bring down any government in an Islamic country which is doing well to its people. The pattern adopted by the emperor Constantine when imposing trinity on Christians in the early period of Christendom.

Within Reason and Legally Provisioned Powers?

I dont believe Dickson did what he was not allowed to do within prescribed legal framework. If he did it for the wrong reason, thats a different question for which I would be surprised if the answer is a yes.I would have preferred for there to be a meeting at which the Chairmen were warned of the possible consequences of their actions. I dont know if there was one but will also be surprised if they were not warned


S/R from you report, it seems there was a good reason for the impeachment. So dont make your story to be a thick smoke by stating that it was because they were force men that was what made them to carryout such act.
You make such statement also while carrying news of the north, your report seems to be disintegrating nigeria into ethnicity which is uncall for.
Pls make a good, sound and secure report that will not ignite crisis within the contry, we will still read your news.