Documents Reveal How Shell Made Payments To The Nigerian Military To Put Down Peaceful Protests In Ogoniland-GUARDIAN, UK

By John Vidal and David Smith

Children play on an abandoned Shell oil flow station while smoke from a Shell oil pipe line that has been burning for the past week is seen at the background in Kegbara Dere, near the oil rich city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria Monday, July , 9, 2007. Gunmen attacked two oil installations in southern Nigeria, kidnapping two senior Nigerian employees of Royal Dutch Shell PLC and two foreigners, officials and colleagues said Monday.

Children play on an abandoned Shell oil flow station near Port Harcourt in Nigeria. Photo: AP

DOCUMENTS that have emerged from court cases against oil giant Shell reveal that in the 1990s it routinely worked with Nigeria's military to suppress resistance to its activities, often from activists in Ogoniland, in the delta region.

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 Video of Ken Saro Wiwa at the Kangaroo Tribunal in Port Harcourt. Justice Ibrahim Auta, the judge who was handpicked by the Abacha regime to head the kangaroo tribunal that sentenced renowned environmentalists and minority rights activist Ken Saro-Wiwa to death by hanging. Justice Auta is currently the Chief judge of the federal high court in Nigeria and one of the military prosecutors, JB Daudu is the current president of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)



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Shell Guilty

Document leaked from shell and diplomatic sources 2009-2010 revealed the oil company claimed to have infiltrated the nigerian government's main ministries. The document also say that shell regularly made payments to Nigerian military to prevent protest.The oil company exploited and abused native people in a quest for corporate profit. Always unjustified arrest to suppress villagers who objected to oil drilling.

Internal Conspiracy

I was in PH when this happened in 1995 and it grieved me so much. However, Abacha succeeded in doing it because there was internal conspiracy amongst the people and some of their so called leaders sold out.
I belief Ken did not die in vain as the same attempt to silence him brought about MEND that jetitioned the independent day celebration/commemoration (whichever it is called).
One thing is clear, there can not be peace without justice. This region had been neglected for so long and surprisingly their son (GEJ) is not helping matters but dancing to the tunes of his pay masters.

shell evil deeds

We have live wittnesses that was on shell and government pay Roll. l already forward this mail to them and they are waiting to be interviewed by who ever is concern. l also have lot's of documentations evidence, photo's that implicate shell in their evil deeds. As matter of facts, the wittnesses are going to testify in our case with shell at New york.

Have you joined them?

Have you joined this nigerian business network? they are doing so much for us

Mumu Malu

Death to every living Northerner.

Environmental Terrorism of Ogoniland!

International politics is killing innocent people around the world.
The Ogoni people are now being subjected to holocaust for having oil and gas beneath their homes that are now resulting to a slow depletion in their very existence.
These folks have been baiscally strip of their basic rights by dominance ethnic group in Nigeria and their multinational partners.
Yet international politics of interest is making it worst, just the other day, the managing director of NNPC bragged to mrdia that despite the UNEP Report of environmental terrorism of Ogoniland and people. That every plan is on track to resume oil production in Ogoniland.
That only tells one thing, that they (Nigeria government) doesn't give a damn as long as they implicitly have their backing from foreign governments and customers alike, that are buying blood oil from Nigeria to fuel more corruption and crime they are fine. That's what international politics of interest is causing.

@AU Citizen

I read that same report in a mainstream newspaper, the leader of the said gang was no Ibo man. He is your brother from lazy deep South. You are probably Deri in one of his disguises, but for sure, your're from the ND. What has race got to do with all of this?. If you're Yoruba, then you must be from the illitrate stock and I truely feel sorry for you. Dirty bastard.


This is really a very sad story. A man killed for expressing his most cherished freedom, the freedom to express himself.

May the soul of Ken Saro Wiwa and the Ogoni Nine rest in peace

Suffering from premature

Suffering from premature ejaculation? Then you have got to visit..


The silly argument between certain people over Ikwerre being Ibo and vice versa has being the bane of the black man i.e " We have become so entrenched in irrelevancies that as a collective race we are regressing"

Who cares if a black man is ibo, ikwerre ,yoruba etc for at the end of the day we blacks are hated by the white man and rather than pull together we continue to self destruct. 

Yesterday in Perugia,kercher & Solicito were freed but Guede, the Black Ivorian stays in jail on account of his skin colour & still we think in tribe and towns. Arise my people and open your eyes & brains.


Ikwere is in the Rivera State and they are Igbo. They speak nothing but Igbo. The Ikwere's like other Ndigbo have a dialect like other Igbo. Visit Ebonyi they speak Igbo and have their own dialect. So is Owerri in Imo, Onitsha in Anambra etc.etc.
If Ikwere is not Igbo then what are they?
Is it a shame to be Igbo? Igbo is the most progressive, hardworking and proud culture in the so called Nigeria. There will be not excellence in Sports in Nigeria if there is no Igbo. In education and giving Nigeria international face, who is doing it better than Ndigbo. Where is Nigeria without Igbo? Where is Nollywood without Igbo? Where is transportation, trade and music without Igbo? Ikwerre is Igbo and they are damn very proud to be.

The Handwork of Hausa Fulani

The North killed Ken. Unfortunately the people of the South have been so weak and incapable of reading the signs on the wall. That alone is not the end. Jonathan is an employee of the Northerners.

Divide and conquer

The expressions on this site explain why we in Nigeria and other parts of Africa will remain backward. I am convinced all hope is lost. We are here arguing among ourselves that someone is Yoruba, Ibo or Hausa and killing and fighting each other.

That is not the problem, America and Europe are filled with different people and they believe in each other and control us. Why can't we put our petty tribalism aside and move forward.

@ AU citizen

@ AU citizen You are the biggest fool on this forum, Having an Igbo name doesn't make one an igbo person. Alot of Rivers people mainly ikeweres have igbo names, you ass wipe.
A quick check on you IP address will show you're a full time london based yoruba fraudster. The countries problems is wide spread, it's thesame ogoni land you have big families that get paid by this same evil company shell.
And many year to come the igbos, will be the only name one can associate with the country nigeria. If they can survive Biafra war, then what else can actually happen?


@ AU Citizen you are the biggest fool on this forum. for bring you hatred for the igbos on here. What has this got to do with the igbos? A gang member answering an igbo name doesn't make him an Igbo person. ikeweres answer igbo names.
I have no doubt you're yoruba. The igbos will be here while all the yorubas in london and other European countries doing fraud will be looked up for a very look time..
People like you is why this great country won't progress always blaming the other person. I quick check on your IP address will tell what you do for a living

The goliaths have stolen $18 trillion from d NG.

What a sad day-for me! The looks on the face of the woman is enough to tell you that the people of the SS ZONE of NAIJA, are wasting time talking to the rest of clowns in the country 4 NOTHING. The local and international conspiracy to keep them bonded, will continue until they unchain themselves from the blood stained apron strings of their internal colonizers. One look at the travails of GEJ, is enough to warn you that these endangered spices in ND, may soon be no more. Oppressed daily by the 3 legs of the tripod, lugard left as his legacy! D Goliath haven stolen over $18t from the SS, yet do not want the people to fly their own flag @ d UN-but DEY will one day!


Can u help ask ur brother in abuja y he appoint auta and other ppl u are blaming for conspiracy remember gudluck has executive power which he used to appoint those u mention I think if i were u i will start with my brother who appoint those that killed SRW

I fear for Igbos' future - self inflicted holocaust

I've no idea what would happen to igbos in Nigeria in the next few years. Getting involved in all sorts of atrocities (on matters that don't concern them) for money- JTF, PDP fanaticism & thuggery & this:
"In Counting the Cost: Corporations and Human Rights in the Niger Delta, Platform says it has seen testimony and contracts that implicate Shell in the regular awarding of lucrative contracts to militants. Last year, Shell is said to have transferred more than $159,000 to a group credibly linked to militia violence.

One gang member, Chukwu Azikwe, told Platform: ''We were given money and that is the money we were using to buy ammunition, to buy this bullet, and every other thing to eat and to sustain the war.''"

Read more:

Grieve in my Heart.

Everyday, every minutes, every second, every hour, evry months and every year I remeber the gruiesome murder of KEN SARO-WIWA, it grief my hear. Why is it that the people who made it a point of truth and love for mother land are killed for no just reason. We should all go back to the days of FELA song and bring out the truth in the music, then we will know that we have loosed the SOULS that should stand up for us in this COUNTRY. The IJAWS, ITSHEKIRI, OGONI, NIGER DELTA, BALYESA, YENOGUA, JIGAWA and so on, There is one questions I really want to ask: WHY DO WE GIVE ROOM FOR AN INTRUDER INTO OUT LAND THORUGH FIGHTING? Pls let us comes together as one NIGERIA and not NIGERIAN. We must treat each other as one NIGERIA. God we open our eyes of UNDERSTANDING TO SEE THE TASK AHEAD OF US. GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS NIGERIA.

BOmb and guns won't help you guys

Most people in the Niger Delta region are talking like fools, as if anybody is afraid of them. Why are you always talking of bombs and explosions like you are the only region that knows who to do that. You need an intellectual war not all this stupid talk of bombs. Your proximity to the ocean makes it even more dangerous for your region.Do you know that shell and some powerful clicks within the country can engineer a Tsunami to wipe out the entire region? or do you think Tsunami just happens? Relax guys, your bombs and guns won't be of any use after all.Tsunamis can be engineered to travel 500 miles inland. Just wait for the shocker.

Ogoni people under severe threat of extinction!

Ogoni people are under severe threat of extinction from both Nigeria government and oil companies.
President Goodluck Jonathan attitude toward the Ogoni people is shocking to many people who had been following the Niger Delta struggle.
But this is what people should know that every act of aggression on the Ogoni people, be it physical or psychological further revealed that the Ogoni people are no longer part of Nigeria and that truism will surface soon!

look at this woman

This woman's skin is what crude oil does to the people of Niger Delta. The health effects and poor quality of life that Niger Deltans suffer because of crude oil extraction is immeasurable. Yet, people who are not sacrificing anything; folks who are enjoying life all around the country think they should come to our backyards and steal our oil, and then expect us to keep quiet. There will never be peace in this country. We will restart bombing of oil pipelines. Infact, everyone one who works at any of the oil companies will be our target now. We in the Niger Delta are ready to die. We will make sure we take others alongside too. We are just tired of dying like flies due to diseases caused by crude oil while thieves in Abuja steal and enjoy our suffering. Enough is Enough. If you need bombs, we have more than enough for everyone in the Niger Delta. We have to stop the stealing of our oil, and we MUST resume immediately, like agree upon in our last meeting.

@Oluconscience, I can add you to the list too, if u want

You are an idiot. You are enjoying life but you think Saro Wiwa will die for nothing? If Justice Auta loves life so much, why is he hiding in Abuja? If he thinks it was justice that he rendered, why does he go around with seemingly, a police station? You parasites think you can kill Saro Wiwa and then turn around and enjoy life? What about justice for his family? What about the suffering that killing him is causing his family and village, even right now? You are enjoying oil money; your days are numbered. You think there will be peace? You think Niger Deltans will shut up while you continue to kill us and steal our oil? Whether you like it or not, get ready to die. Justice Auta owes the people of Ogoni something. THAT THING IS DEATH; JUSTICE AUTA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF SARO WIWA, AND WE WILL NOT LET HIM TO CONTINUE TO ENJOY LIFE WHILE SARO WIWA'S PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING BECAUSE OF HIS ACTIONS.


 My brother Wale couldnt have put it more succintly than he did- "Neo colonialists,he says,do not have to look past the seat of government to find conspirators" 

The above sentenence,indicts all petroleum ministers that Nigeria has ever had. My people, how can we survive the daily production of bad news from our country with shell conniving with all past & present petroleum ministers and yet the ministers remain free while shell continues to do its dirty buisness.

There must be intelligent politicians that love Nigeria more than they love money and have enough morals to say "enough is enough". Its sad to see our country on his knees & time has come for us to stop the slide.


Mend do something!

What Mend should do would be to organize a killer squads and begin American assassination stype getting ride of these evil men in leadership position.

It' Only a Matter of Time

Ken Saro Wiwa and the Ogoni Nine were murdered and Nigeria pretends it will have peace. Nigeria will not know peace untill the perpetrators of this injustice, their accomplices whether dead or alive are brought to justice. The name Nigeria will soon become like Sudan. It's just a matter of when and not if.

Must be killed???

What a barbaric animal you are? I'm struggling to make a distinction between you and these monsters. What makes the likes of you think it's OK to take another man's life with impunity? If you had an inch of gut in you, you'll go to Abuja and attempt the killing yourself. I'm not going to hold my breath however, because I know you are never going to do it, & Auta knows it too. It's alright to carry on hiding behind your keyboard, but it's also important to watch what you say.

Shell used Abacha to kill Ken

Shell used Abacha to kill Ken Saro Wiwa now that the Cat is out of the bag,Shell will never been forgiven for the blood and tears of our people in the Niger delta.Look at how wicked Shell can be,we dont even have drinking water,no light in the Delta state where all the wealth is tapped.Shell shall never been forgiven,the soul of Ken and the other Ogoni Eight and the blood and suffering of the Deltans shall be revisited on Shell.
We the Deltans are suffering beyound immagination,the present situation is worst than Ibori governorship...
Ibori looted our treasury,but his brother Udagaun or what is he called,is not doing notting.Ibori constructed new roads to link most villages in delta,but Udaguan cannot maintain the house that Ibori built.But he thinks himself very smart but not being clever because one day he will end up like Abacha,who ended up like a Dog.We shall chase him into the Abbyis,the appointed time is drawing near.

Justice for Ken Saro Wiwa

Justice Auta should and MUST be killed to avenge the death of Ken Saro Wiwa. Mohammed Abacha and all family members of the Abacha family should and MUST be killed. Why? Because Justice Auta and Abacha family are enjoying the sacrifice of Saro Wiwa whose family is suffering immeasurably because of the death of their son, father, and brother. Why should Saro Wiwa die for Mohammed Abacha or Abacha's wife to enjoy life. Why should Justice Auta be allowed to live when he killed an innocent man; a man from whose blood and suffering he is earning a salary from. How should this be done? Justice Auta's house in Abuja and Lagos is known. Any who sights him should just shoot him or any of his family members. They all MUST BE KILLED immediately.

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