Dokubo Asari: Boko Haram, Goodluck Jonathan and Me

Ex-Niger Delta militant, Mujahid Asari Dokubo
By SaharaReporters, New York

Mujahid Asari Dokubo, the boisterous leader of Niger Delta Volunteer Force, has declared that he is not linked with the Boko Haram sect, even as he admitted meeting the sect’s deceased leader, Mohammed Yusuf, at the group’s mosque in Maiduguri, capital of Borno State.

Mr. Dokubo made the disclosures in a rambling letter he wrote to President Goodluck Jonathan detailing his conversion to Islam, his activism, and his feelings about the Presidency. SaharaReporters obtained a copy of the letter which is riddled with grammatical errors.
A source close to Mr. Dokubo told SaharaReporters that the former Niger  Delta militant  turned millionaire government apologist felt pressured to issue the statement in anticipation of a report in the US-based Wall Street Journal to the effect that the Jonathan administration had been paying millions of dollars to Mr. Dokubo and other erstwhile Niger Delta militants. Our source revealed that Mr. Dokubo’s lengthy letter was a tacit reaction to accusations some anonymous informants leveled against him to associates of President Jonathan. “Asari found out that some informants told aides of the president that he, Asari, has no following on ground in the Niger Delta and that he secretly sympathizes with Boko Haram.

In the statement, Mr. Dokubo said he met the slain  founder of Boko Haram, Mohammed Yusuf, in 1995/1996 during his quest for Islamic studies, for which he said he converted 23 years ago.
In the letter to President Jonathan, Mr. Dokubo accused some interests of conspiring to get him arrested in connection with Boko Haram’s violent activities. SaharaReporters gathered that some Ijaw youths wrote to Mr. Jonathan and security agencies alleging that Mr. Dokubo maintains connections with extremist Islamist organizations.
Mr. Dokubo wrote: “It is very clear that the sponsors of this group want to link me to the so-called Boko Haram sect, as their founder, financier and sponsor…to give a reason for the government of the Nigerian State to arrest me and throw me back into detention pending when full investigation of my supposed involvement with the group is completed. It is to generate bad blood between me and the aides of President Goodluck Jonathan who, according to the open letter action and inaction have been responsible for the upsurge in the activities of the group, that if they had allowed me access to the president, maybe, the security situation would have been mitigated.
“That the President has not allowed me access to him, I and others in the IYC, and other struggle platforms have different avenues of reaching those in authorities without having to see any particular individual in person, ours is to give sound advice to those who have benefited from our painful sacrifices and found themselves in government, but we would not do this in the public or on the pages of newspapers. To us, the protection of the little gains we have made is greater than our individual gains, interests and access to those in power.
“Even though I did not supported the so-called amnesty deal, I have seen that it has brought some benefits which were hitherto not available to the people of the Niger Delta. I therefore appeal to the government of President Goodluck Jonathan, to remove the criminal tag from this program, by making it a general program for all the combatants in the Niger Delta region who are willing to participate and derive benefit from the program. It will also lead to the end, in the continuous agitation by youth from the region that feels that they have been shortchanged by not being allowed to be involved in the program.
“Also, I want to state that in my course of travels and detention, I have met members of the Jama’atu ahlus Sunnah Lid da’wati wal Jihad, erroneously referred to as Boko Haram. I met the late Malam Mohammed Yusuf, at the Indimi Mosque in Maiduguri in 1995/1996 in my stay in Maiduguri in the course of my Islamic studies. I was also brought and detained at the State Security Service (SSS) headquarters underground detention center and put in a cell where Yusuf was detained in, a few days before my arrival.
“During my stay in the detention, I interacted with other members of the organization who were also detained in other cells. That is the only close contact I have had with members of the organization. My views and relationship with the northern elite and political establishment is well known. I have never pretended or be diplomatic in stating the obvious fact and it will be totally inconceivable to have recruited northern youths into the IYC and NDPVF when most northerners view these organizations as anti north and therefore fighting against the political, economic and social survival of the north. Finally, I will advice members of this body and their sponsors to please find something better to direct their energy and time into and leave me out of their satanic intrigues.”
Below is the full content of Mr. Dokubo’s letter to Mr. Jonathan dated August 19, 2012:
My attention has been drawn to a sponsored advertorial titled: “Open Letter to Mr. President, Security Situation in Nigeria Today,” by a group who styled itself The Council of Ijaw Youth for the Unity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (COIYN).
Even though I have no relationship with this body, the sponsors of this body have chosen to make me their undeserved patron because the whole gamut of the open letter to the president was on my person, which to them was so important in resolving the political quagmire that presently confronts the government of President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan and the Nigerian state. Also contained in the publication are outright lies, misrepresentation of facts and thoughts manufactured from the figment of the imagination of the sponsors of the group. Under the subheading, The Current Situation-Our Position on the Genesis:
The group said: “The ascension of an Ijaw youth of Islamic faith as President of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), a few years ago, may have attracted enormous goodwill and support from the global Islamic community, through vey prominent and high net worth individuals and some Islamic donor agencies and thus, some support from the northern Nigerian youths who joined the IYC in the struggle for self determination.”
I hereby make these clarifications:
I, Alhaji Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo-Asari, am a Muslim, and have been a Muslim for the past 23 years…Insha Allah; I will live and die as a Muslim. I have no apology to render to any individual or group of individuals for being a Muslim…this is the only truth contained in the whole open letter.
That during my presidency at the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), that my position attracted goodwill from global Islamic community, prominent Muslim individuals, Islamic donor agencies and support from northern Nigerian youth who joined the IYC in the struggle for self determination…these are absolute lies, manufactured from the figment of the imagination of the sponsors of this group.
As President of IYC, I received no support whatsoever financially or otherwise from any Islamic group or individuals.
No northern youth joined the IYC as the constitution of the IYC provides that only Ijaw youths within certain age bracket can be members of IYC.I also want to state further that even as the leader of the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force (NDPVF), no Muslim from outside the Niger Delta region joined, participated or funded the activities of the NDPVF.
Contained further in the open letter, is that after the award of the Nigerian State amnesty to all manners of individuals they tagged militants involved in the struggle for the Niger Delta, these northern youth, I purportedly brought into Niger Delta struggle for self determination became stranded as they were left out of the amnesty deal…this is not only preposterous, but beats all rational thinking, as both the NDPVF and IYC rejected and did not partake in the amnesty.
The NDPVF went further to institute a suit against the Government of the Nigerian State in 2009 at the Federal High Court Abuja, asking the court to annul the amnesty awarded by the government as the President (Umaru Musa Yar’Adua) does not have such power under the 1999 Constitution and the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to award amnesty to individuals who have not been convicted on criminal charges in any court of competent jurisdiction. It will then be hypocritical on my part to reject the said amnesty and encourage others to accept same.
Furthermore, my support for the Presidency of Goodluck Jonathan is greater and larger than Goodluck Jonathan himself. Those who know where we are coming from, know the pains, deprivation and exclusion we as Ijaws and people of the Niger Delta, were subjected to…that since 1956 when Nigeria was awarded self governance by her British colonial overlords, the Ijaws and most of the people of the Niger Delta, have been excluded and barred from participating in the so-called self governance project, even though it is resources gotten from our wealth that is used to service and maintain the machinery of this project.
Therefore, it is very trivial for anybody or group to think that my support for Goodluck Jonathan has anything to do with my person. As I stated above, Goodluck Jonathan’s presidency is the collective fulfillment of the aspiration of the people of the Niger Delta to have a say in their affairs and how they are governed…my not gaining access to Goodluck Jonathan as president or otherwise, will not affect my support for him or his government, as stated above in the first place, he was not the reason for my support of the project to make him president.”

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Imaging u call ur self a

Imaging u call ur self a goat, nd u still go ahead and call someone a goat!!!!! Mtswwwwwwww!

illitrate murderer!

Asari was a lazy drop-out from federal government college port-harcourt in the eighties, now the result is very bad grammer. Like Dumbo, aborigine Asari's education is "contaminated education". All their teachers and students are drunks, education to them is a waste of time. Since he claims closeness to the Boko Haram, why the call on Northern leaders to call them to order? Since he and Smoking-Joe Igbokwe claim he has an arsenal of IBM's, why not fight the Bokos and 'save' his bros' presidency? Fact is, Asari is just another opportunist with too much water in his mouth, a typical Ijaw loud-mouth with zero substance. Asari, Tompolo, Okah and dumbo are creek crooks and cowards, drunks.


The people of Niger delta have allowed OIL to confuse them. Greedly lots.

They have the President, the Minister of Petroleum and much more yet they are not satisfied. Greedy and lazy people.

What special effort did you put have OIL deposit in your area. Sheer Goodluck and a blessing from the ONE GOD, Almightly. But the man that work on his farmland, surely invested a lot of effort to grow his crops. So, who is lazy?


My message for my Hausa - Fulani Muslims is built a new home country for the core North by investing in Agriculture and other infrastucture. Our neighbours in Niger and Chad Republic have OIL and a new functional refinery. We can leverage on this alternative sources of supply and discounting miscreants from NIGER DELTA and their OIL.

Sowore is a bastard

Full with grammatical error.

Why don't you use same wording to refer to the mallams who speak bad grammars in all the news papers.

Even cowards Buhari and RIbadu miss up badly when speaking to journalists but you never used the word grammatical error.
What of your promoter Tinubu, sorrow will forever be your potion

God punish you

Eh, eh, Asari u are a cowards.

U makes somuch noise about war and cutting off the north. I never knew u were not serious, i never imagine u are such a cowards. So u mean u are afraid of going back to prison? Asari fear God, u recruited northern youth in ur struggle against Nigerian state. I know while u were living at old G.R.A ur house were full of northern Muslim Youth. Dungeon u are going back cowards. He goat has spoken like someone said. U were never serious but just looking for cheap publicity, idiots.

They will all confess at the

They will all confess at the due time! Where do the millions go - women, hard stuff, classy champgne and wines, hotels accomodations, SUV's and more fire arms! Can anyone point to a substantive and worthwhile investments of these people? Can anyone say where and how many people they provide meaningful job with all these millions? Total waste!


It's only in Nigeria that you can see this type of blattant display of arrogance by a GLORIFIED ARM ROBBER

God bless u mr dokubo

Every Muslim believe in destiny may Allah continue guide u and protect you.weldone

FORMER vice-president, Alhaji

FORMER vice-president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has distanced himself from a message circulated in his name on Facebook last week, condemning Presi-dent Goodluck Jonathan for linking him (Atiku) with the sponsors of the activities of the Islamic sect, Boko Haram.The statement, posted by a group which called itself “Atiku for Nigeria,” lampooned President Jonathan for describing the members of the sect as Abubakar’s cousins.However, in a nine-paragraph disclaimer posted on his wall on Thursday, the former vice-president said he never knew of any group by the name “Atiku for Nigeria,” let alone sanctioned the use of disparaging expressions on the occupant of the highest seat in the nation.

Abubakar said there were civilised methods and authorised channels of communication he would have employed in conveying his views and thoughts to President Jonathan, should he have occasion to disagree with him.

asari traitor

Who are u to be allowed to see d president. a traitor and bastard like u.U are are a big goat and disgrace to d niger delta

When illiterates run their

When illiterates run their mouth...weytin u expect?

there is nothing toi scare us in that one sided fake article

If all the socalled retired Gen buhari the executioner aka papa Lynch and Imam Bakare can do is to plant watery stories in the media, to end the quest by the SS to secede from 9ja regardless of 2015, then we have more shock for them. My only plea is for the Boko haram oil revenue chewing vagabonds to realize that the Fulanis cannot impose dem ideas on the entire North again. Various ethnic groups in the North are gradually becoming aware of the plans and policies of the Fulanis to control their thought process from Kwara to Jos-and they are doing all to distance themselves from the demonic plan. Aware theirs is to come back after every elections to lie that the fulanis were cheated out of the race-cause majority caries d vote-how can majority carry the vote when all u do is plant fake stories in the media? And claim u were scared cause u saw the face of Awo in the moon-hence d need 4 u to rely on BH to attract voters to Buhari and bakare in 2015!


It is very funny to link Dokubo with Boko Haram. It shows the poverty of ideas of people in the corridors of power in Abuja. The Northern security officials around the president are misleading him to pursue shadow instead taking the terror network and their backers in the North head on.


Wit my lyf i tnk God, as He started exposing d real sponsors of BH, a prove dat invovl dokubo a ss bonifide indign being long in connectn wt bh. So now where ar d bargabon shameles swine animal dat ar backing Asari on his last interview wt dailytrust, let dem com out agn & depend d rascal bunkerer as d prime suspect sponsorer of BH as h evn mention he wl cut d arms dat he is gvn dem, but u ar greedy & stupid enough 2 underst his statemt. Ignorant FOOLS

Sahara Reporter's STUPIDISM

How much is the letter riddled with grammatical errors? I actually found very little. Any trained English teacher will score Dokubo at least 65% for usage, construction, cohesion & congruity. Is 65% not a pass mark? Which English man, Welsh, or Irish can ever be able to display mastery of Ijaw syllables and score 35% in Ijaw Language even after studying it for 50years? Stupid SH. I am sure the article was written by a Yoruba man. Inferiority complex in you people.

Would OBJ have done better if given a pen and paper and left alone? Would Shagari, or Ciroma have fared better?

A Russian or Chinese President who understands perfect English, gets to the US/UK and converses in Russian or Chinese and lets an interpreter do the translation. That's NATIONAL PRIDE. For Nigeria, its the opposite. Our Leaders MUST speak "good" English. Arrant stupidity and complex. Nonsense. Dokubo should have written the letter in Ijaw.

Long live the Peoples Republic of The South South

Moment of Truth

Which region in Nigeria can survive without the South South?

Apart from the South East and South South, which Region can boldly say - 'We are moving out of Nigeria.'

Tell me the Region and state what you will survive on. Endemic and ungrateful parasites!


They are scared of the SS breaking away from 9ja

No doubt that we are gradually heading towards Libya and Syria in 9ja. The imperialist groups in the West were able to achieve their objectives in these countries because their citizens are not as enlightened as that of even Ghana. That was why they became willing tools in the hands of the neo colonialist agents. In 9ja it would be a lot more easier to get people to horn in to the desire of our internal colonizers to further enslave the ppl of the SS. Via their attempt to demonize GEJ. We know the animals and parasites behind these evil plans. Somebody just sat down in the comforts of his room to pen this rubbish. Haven't we been seeing some creatures from outer space use the name of Deri to post comments here? Yes every Ijaw man knows how difficult its to seek audience with Jona-but does not mean he hates them-the fault lies with his handlers in aso rock-whose brain is now under the control of our oppressors in 9ja

i am boko

i am boko and, i am in california

Asari Is a BIG LIAR!

Asari Dokubo is a very big liar. Aside not condemning the actions of boko haram, anybody that will say that the sect is erroneously reffered to as boko haram is also a member or a sponsor of the sect. So, he is guilty as accused, GEJ should beware of this man Asari Dokubo before he will murder him.

why Islam?

Of all religions, why become a muslim raghead? You bi wayo! You thought the malos will be forever in power that was why you converted to Islam, so as to feed from their crumbs. See now that all the troubles were needless, a xtian is the one feeding you and not a mallam. And it is only in naija arab wannabes call themselves "alhaji". Yeye stupid mohammad followers. But there's still this chance to prove yourself..when the south (including the ss) decide it has had enough of "one nigeria", you will be at the apex fighting.

Only in Nigeria where known

Only in Nigeria where known criminals, murderers and thieves are celebrated as statesmen while law abiding citizens are treated as dogs can idiots be given audience.

Who is Asari?

asari speakout

According to your statement, its means u know those behind this evil act in our country, those northerners that were part of IYC without benefiting from amnesty are those behind boko haram, name them, if truly you are in support of this government.

God will surely expose them

God will surely expose those plotting to tarnish the image of His religion.


A betrayer of the highest order. Goat and Coward like Dokubo. Define your self for Nigerians to know Your stand. Thief, Murderer.

Ijew youths wakeup

It is very funny now that Asari Dokubo is explaining himself to GEJ.I thought you were are General and a militant. The world has a spot light now on you guys. America newspaper has written about you guys now we will see how powerful you guys are. After deceiving the Ijew youth that,you fighting for them, but you guys are filling your bank account with money. Any way I am now surprise because your primary motive was to make money for yourself .I just want to tell guys General Ebikabowei Boyloaf Victor Ben, General Ateke Toms, Asari Dokubo that your days will surely come. It is a matter of time.

To belong, be a rascal

Gani Adams, was a rascal and today an enthnic Oga, Raph Nwazurike is a regional Oga and so many upcoming one.Oga Asari na your time.

Statement worth scrutinizing!!

“Also, I want to state that in my course of travels and detention, I have met members... I met the late Malam Mohammed Yusuf, at the Indimi Mosque in Maiduguri in 1995/1996 in my stay in Maiduguri... I was also brought and detained at the State Security Service (SSS) headquarters underground detention center and put in a cell where Yusuf was detained in..."

How many other great Islamic clerics did he meet? Was his travelling around about the knowledge of Islam, or to use the wonderful religion in covering is intention of learning the act of terrorism from professional terrorist?

Who benefits from all the atrocities going on in the North? Where are all the arrested Boko Haram members? I am so sure if we see at least 10 of them, we should be able to truly say where they are from.

So many questions to ask, but we are constantly distracted by immediate happenings around us, which doesnt allow us ask indepth questions.

Long Live Nigeria.

Without any apologies, Asari

Without any apologies, Asari Dokubo is a well trained Islamic extremist. He wants to clear allegations against Him when he himself knows dat he is a die hard member. Why didnt He tell us the details of conversations he made with Mohammed Yusuf and the rest?

this is madness

why would asare dokubo write a letter to the president when he can meet with him face to face-and what is there in that report-by the wall street journals that will shake us in the South South? Nothing-cause we have come to know the antics of the opposition-this is mere speculative jouranlism-they are the usual things that the opposition in africa indulge in-most especially 9ja-because of their lust for oil money--soon they will be here to claim the oil belongs to all of us-but not their cocoa and their artificial; ground nut pyramids

Nearing the truth

As days goes by, and with prayers, we are inching towards the truth by day. I always wonder, the North has been the most peaceful part of Nigeria, this is attested by the fact that other Nigerians prefer north. To wake up one day and be enmeshed with faceless un identified people as Boko not known to us or security, Kai , something is wrong. These are leads, government should pursue it. Asari has shifted base, from perpetuating murder in the south south to Northern Nigeria with connivance to few northern elements. God Allah will expose you surely.