Domestic Refining of PMS Now Over 10.2m Litres Daily - NNPC

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation today announced that production of premium motor spirits at its three refineries in Kaduna, Warri and Port Harcourt has reached a combined level of 10.23m per day.

The Group Executive Director (GED) for Refining and Petrochemicals, Engr. Anthony Ogbuigwe, told journalists during a briefing that the Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company is currently running at 65%; Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company at 63%; and Port Harcourt Refining and Petrochemical Company at 66% of installed capacities.

Mr. Ogbuigwe also revealed that the refineries are currently producing 5.53m litres of dual purpose kerosene daily and 8016m litres of automotive gas oil, diesel daily.

“I can tell you with every sense of responsibility that contrary to the news making the round, all our refineries are doing very well. The major components and various units of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units, (FCCU), Crude Distillation Unit (VDU) and Vacuum Distillation Unit (DDU) of all the refineries are working well,” he said, adding that all three refineries have been running consistently for over three months.

He explained that the stability that has characterized the supply of petroleum products to motorists in the country is attributable to the good performance of the refineries.

Mr. Ogbuigwe maintained that the scheduled turn around maintenance for the refineries is on course, with the Port Harcourt refinery receiving five shipments of the required TAM equipment and components.  

The GED took the opportunity to criticize the incessant pipeline vandalism and crude oil theft in the country, describing the menace as a big threat to the nation’s oil and gas industry.

He called on all the stakeholders in the petroleum sector and Nigerians in general to team up with the NNPC in finding a lasting solution to the problem to enable the refineries run without shutting down.

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Newspaper and Television Success

A significant improvement in PMS supply is a story that should be told by Nigerians themselves, not news media, like the case of power supply. Total PMS consumption for the whole country is less than or about 18 million litres/day(with subsidy exaggeration). Hence, for over 10 million litres not to be noticed across Nigeria for over three months is a huge surprise.Like Anonymous (not verified) on May 3, 2013 - 10:13 asked, 'do they still pay subsidy for this?'.

Does the state of Kaduna has any traces of oil?. Haba 9ja!

Why should there be a refinery in Kaduna. Does the state of Kaduna or the entire north has any drop or traces of oil on it?. Abokis must have their filthy fingers on my oil abi. Rubbish! All future refineries must be built within the oily states of SE&SS regions. The Kaduna refinery must be shut down Forthwith. Why will my sweet oil be taken from my backyard to the fulani north enclave. Anyways, they can keep the refinery and be refining kura de nunu in it just as the country secedes. Ndigbo should be rejoicing for the liberation of the Biafran nation is here. Our oil will soon be refined only within the Biafran state. No more thief-thief Abokis will smell it anymore.

Oh Biafra; I can see the risen sun.

Long Live Biafra
Long Live the Niger delta
Instant death to anyone still found advocating for one 'oil' Nigeria.
All say Amen!!!

Big fat lie made for idiots.

You must be an idiot to believe this nonsense ask yourself why are we still relying on huge imports punk.

How has this translated to

How has this translated to what is presently being experienced with the pricing and distribution of kerosene

Minister of Petroleum Resources Deserve Commendation

The President GEJ, The Minister of Petroleum Resources Diezani Alieson Maduke and GMD NNPC Adrew Lah Yakubu Deserve a Commendation for this wonderful work..This is a good news..
Considering Nigerias Huge PMS need, there is an urgent need to build more refineries to add to the current ones. We also need more petrco chemicals refineries to boost our industries.

Thanks to Diezani and Andrew yakubu..more grease to your elbow.
GEJ Deserve Another Term...2015


If this production is correct, why are we still importing so much as we doing currently and where is the subsidy for this 10m litres going?

NNPC info

In as much as one is not in a situation to confirm this information coming from NNPC,we do really hope this is true. My question is, at the end of the year, what will still be the amount spent on subsidy by this government? We await their figures.

Nigerian are not aware

Despite this story-story we are still consuming and being paying for the said subsidize petrol.NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT.

If it is true, Hurray!

A call for celebration but is the dividends really being felt by the populace?

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