Dominion Air: Parking And Maintenance Fees Force Bishop Oyedepo To Commercialize Private Jets

Pastor David Oyedepo
By SaharaReporters, New York

The rising cost of maintaining four private jets has forced flamboyant Nigerian pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo, to set up a commercial airline that uses four airplanes that had hitherto served as part of his private fleet.

Last year, as staff costs, fuel prices and landing fees escalated, Bishop Oyedepo had contemplated selling two of the jets. But when no buyers were forthcoming, he turned to Plan B: to set up Dominion Air and put the jets to commercial use.
A senior church source told Saharareporters that each of the jets cost Bishop Oyedepo some $1,000 per hour in parking fees and maintenance.

Oyedepo, whose specialty is “prosperity ministry,” has amassed a huge personal fortune with vast holdings in real estate as well as investments in education. Last year, he achieved international notoriety when SaharaReporters highlighted a Youtube video in which he slapped a hapless young woman who said she was not a witch but “a winch for Jesus.”

Bishop Oyedepo, who is called “Papa” by his church members, is also planning to build a multimillion dollar college in upstate New York, according to a source familiar with the pastor’s desire to expand his business empire across the world.

Already Bishop Oyedepo owns one of the most expensive universities in Nigeria – Covenant University – where students are banned from using mobile phones or wearing “sinful” dresses to class.

Oyedepo has become stupendously rich by collecting tithes and hand-outs from wealthy congregants, many of them public officials whose source of wealth is questionable. Forbes magazine recently estimated that the bishop is worth $150 million. Ironically, most members of Bishop Oyedepo's congregation, especially indigent worshipers who are ferried from the slums of Lagos and other cities in American school buses converted to “Holy ghost” transportation, cannot imagine much less afford the luxurious lifestyles reserved for the bishop and his household.

Most Nigerians, including members of Bishop Oyedepo's congregation, live on less than a dollar a day.

A source involved in the setting up of Dominion Air disclosed that the airline will offer executive jet services that would charge users up to $10,000 per hour. The source said that Oyedepo has plans to purchase additional aircraft to expand his profile in the aviation business.

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Gutter Journalism

SR you should be ashamed that u could come so low to publish such a disgusting and unprofessional article. If you are promoting truth and justice where are the facts, where are the real facts that proves that you are not but a bunch of hungry journalists?

Anything what doing at all is what doing well, here you are painting a man guilty without concrete evidences. Journalism is all about facts and truth presented in a balanced and ethical manner, if you don't have the facts that proves the man (Bishop Oyedepo ) guilty of what you accused him of, why not think of selling satchel water, or try selling bottled groundnut to those so called poor folks that stream into Oyedepo's church every sunday, at least you will make money in a honesty way instead of assassinating a man's character for cheap popularity.

no one is advocating poverty

This is to a particular writer that wrote no member of winners chapel is poor" this is not about sentiments and this is also what is wrong with a lot of christians. God does not share riches to everyone at once. Everyone that does his ways will be rewarded not just through riches but in other ways like good health, knowledge and the rest. The pentecostals are so engroused about riches that they do nt see the truth anymore. Shld we now say that does that are not rich are not walking in the light of God. The mixups has become too much and nowadays, the congration goes home more confused. I bet u; if these ppl don't reduce this get rich preacvhing and focus more on morals than its thieves that many that call themselves cgristians will become.

it is a commision

pls let me correct 1 more thing. LFC or WINNERS CHAPEL is not only church as u & some commentators here writes. Rather it is a COMMISSION collectly owned by every member. So the head pastor OYEDEPO is not running a private business,he is just the brain of our success thru CHRIST. That is why every member can ride on the jets,just 4 the asking.


I just confirmed the thing from a close person to the bishop...



NO SUCH THING there is Dominion air though, they only obtained an hanger for the air crafts. Im guessing some people are seeing this as a treat so SR got involved.

Thanks for posting

Thanks for posting


Sahara Reporters, it is just a pity that you guys got nothing else to do than to castigate this man, you no what keep growing in your stupidity while this man will keep growing in wisdon and doing so many great things.

This is why I cant stand

This is why I cant stand Nigerian pastors. It is all about ego and money; I guess they are like their flock in that regard. There are only 4 Reverends I respect in this country, the rest can eat dust with their holy words and proud, evil hearts

There's no problems paying

There's no problems paying tithes and the rest, many of us are fervent fans of the Man of God- I call him the Elijah of our times. Let's pray for the church and the wisdom of God. Sometimes we can avoid controversies if we're wiser. The church must move on. Let the aircraft be sold instead and let's avoid this unnecessary distractions.

As a man of God,the standard

As a man of God,the standard should be higher. This is because we serve a living God that tells us its easier for a camel to pass through the eye of needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. we also know that Christ asked the rich man to sell all he has to follow him. My point is, the distraction of Oyedepo's flamboyant life style reduces the message of salvation, hope and love. Hence, Christ admonition to the rich man. To be rich and preach the gospel is no sin, but when such hinders from the message; that is the real problem. Can Oyedepo truly give up his vast business empire and riches for Christ? That should be the true test of his faith!

feel sorry for SR and also appreciate your good work

i feel sorry for you at SR because i dont feel you deserve all this attack from all this ignorant and selfish people that
are making all this vile comment.
I understand what you are trying to do and honestly hope you succeed because we must countinue to hope for a better future for nigeria even if it is an opaque hope, you know that if you try to fight corruption it will fight you back in multiple fold.

I dont know bishop oyedepo and so i cannot make any judgement about him however i can safely say that if he has all this wealth at least he can make a more positive impact emulating one of the church of paddington model.
The church of paddington in england set up a charity called Genesis homes which provides a very competitive and affordable homes for first time buyers in england. this is a project that is affective the lives of many hundreds of people rather than a vanity project like the dominion air

u're nt a born again

By ur neophytic write up,1 can simple deduce d fact dat u're far 4rm real believers 2 christianity,better still being a born again. Coz if u had understand d scripture u read,u definately wud undrstnd dat Christ has given all 2 them dat believe in him. Secondly,let me correct u of ur misquote that members of his church are poor.No winners member is poor at all,coz we nt live in d mentality of poverty.Christ has taken our place in dat.If u're watching 2 see our large bank acc b4 u believe;u will continue in ur illusionment.Coz we have immediate supply when d needs arises,& nt flambuoyance.Tanx.

The writer of this article is

The writer of this article is either very ignorant or bias. This piece falls short of investigative journalism or balanced reporting. Obviously, majority of Nigerians including this writer have lived in poverty too long that they cannot differentiate true wealth from stealing. Politicians have been stealing Nigeria to dryness. Corruption has destroyed the fabric of Nigerian academic institutions. Business dealings in Nigerian cannot proceed without bribes. Nigerian civil servants, military institutions, etc. are all warped up in corruption and indecency.

But here is a man who stands different from ALL. A light in darkness! A signal to the fact that good things can still come out of Nigeria! And yet these faceless Sahara Reporters malign and fabricate report against him. Well, the light shines in darkness and darkness cannot comprehend it. Oyedepo and Winners family worldwide match onwards. Praise God!

With time, God will expose

With time, God will expose everything to us on earth and beyond.

Whi is being exploited?

How can you use the word exploited? People should watch their language when writing on things concerning God. Our God is still a consuming fire mind you. There are a million and one testimonies of God prospering people miraculously even in LFC. He can also bless you if you are faithful in keeping his covenant with you. SR failed to report that Landmark university have kicked off with all matriculants on free education funded by the church. Please always be sure of what you are posting.

The amount of what you SR

The amount of what you SR write about Bishop leaves me with no doubt He is a man of God and my spiritual father.Papa may God keep you going higher for us in Jesus name Amen.Adaobi

It is so difficult to ignore

It is so difficult to ignore this confusion. Many fellow Christians perceive rightly that they are not to judge. But some seem wholly convinced that the man´s action is not in harmony with God´s words. But a fact that we all will agree to is that God is not the author of confusion. Had the Pastor heeded the words of 1 Cor. 8:9; then this confusion could have been avoided.

To the ones that wanted 5 jets; "For after all these things do the gentiles seek.." Matt.6:32. What is the difference between you and the people of the world? Your believe in Christ? My broda e no do! Even the devils believe and tremble. Life is more than food and the body is more than clothing. Most of you troop to churches becos of the blessings in the scriptures. Yes they are there! In fact you shall eat the riches of the gentiles.

2) But search your own heart

But search your own heart very well in all sincerity, becos His laws are there. Are the blessings for liars, greedy people, covetous ones, fornicators, gluttons, callous people etc.? U will tell me about grace I know. Yes it exists. Should we continue in sin that the grace may abound? We should not continue with this over-simplified version of the gospel that some are peddling in Nigeria. Give me 1 Naira my God will give you 100 in return.

If you want to give to God, there is a gift that is most acceptable unto him. As a fact, that is all he is asking for. " I beseech ye therefore brethren by the mercies of God that ye present your bodies a LIVING SACRIFICES, HOLY, acceptable unto God. If you are trying to do that but cannot yet, that is where grace rescues you. But wallowing in excesses and immodesty especially amidst intense poverty, that our Lord himself condemned.

Life is funny!

One man is busy with his destiny, the other is idly commenting on his lifestyle. Small men discuss people. (1) If I am a MOG, I get paid by Tithe (which is biblical) and I turn my earnings into investments that profit millions of souls, am I wise or foolish? This man has stopped collecting salaries since late 80s. U prefare a tattered MOG who keeps living on the congregation even for a pair of three quarter trousers? (2) If I build a world class University in the name of d church, offered thousands scholarship to pple in d same church. How much should d tuition be? #30k? Like ur funny state universities. U'r a poor shallow-minded reporter.
Keep ur idleness and let him keep ruling d world.

3) Why would he tell that law

Why would he tell that law abiding rich man to sell all his property and give to the poor? Why did he not say sell them and bring the money for the gospel? Don´t get me wrong; God wants to bless your hard work. But we inadvertently place the importance of riches in the place of God in Nigeria becos that is where our heart is. Money, wealth, success all just to better pass our neighbour.

I´m fully persuaded that if half of the christians in Nigeria really love God the way they profess, corruption in Nigeria will be reduced by more than 60%. And If that should happen, you would not hear anybody complain that a Pastor has jets.

Not So My Friend!

Kindly get your facts right before you publish them. Remember, millions of your readers rely on what you tell them without bothering to check the facts. Your reports about this man of God are simply not true. Nothing is wrong if a man of God runs a business and if you have any evidence of corruption against him, make it public!


Donkeys were for the poor and humble in Jesus's day and they still are today as i live in d north,Jesus bcame poor dat we mite be rich and he expects us to follow in his example.give us dis day our daily(needs)bread nt monthly(wants)bread,i pray d HolySpirit nevad less eshows us d dway,for he is still a child of God and its possible he is erring.lets pray for him.

according to the bible

a levi shld not own personal businesses through any form of earnings from his congregation. Pastors like every other person may have their good sides but the bible has specified what is expected from men of God. Or is it not to everyone's knowledge that jesus our lord talked about false prophets who will come into the world to preach a different gospel? It does not mean that this man in question is not a good man but looking at what the bible says; offerings shld not be used to run personal business. If the church want to embark on charity work then there shld be a body within the church that wld handle all finances. A good pastor cld easily be corrupted by money. Take a cue from how the catholic church runs. No pope owns a dime, but this church runs the best schls in the world. The pentecostals can fine tune there's and can even do better at the end. So stop the talk about a particular pastor.


Real talk here mybroda. #facts#

@Sunny For your information

For your information there are many of us winners Chapel members, who have become rich, judging by worldly financial standards. I live outside Nigeria and many of my friends including the white and some few Asians have prospered by operating the Word of God which this man of God, Bishop Oyedepo, preaches. For your information Winners Chapel has produced millionaires around the world.
As for intellectuals, a lot are members of the Church across the world. I am a specialist, practising medicine in a more civilised nation than Nigeria. For example, one of the judges in the South African Constitutional Court, which is the equivalent of Nigerian Supreme Court, is a member of Winners Chapel. We don't boast about this because we are Christians and Jesus never advocated pride.
Hence, stop maligning the man of God. We all respect him. He is our papa. Remember, one day you'll stand before God and be judged for all your malicious fabrications.

Oyedepo again!

All those writing to "uphold" Oyedepo and "condemn" SR, seriously, can you conduct a genuine census of members of Oyedepo's church and confirm how many of them even have $1000.00 in their lives? I bet 90% of members live on less than $1.00 a day and borrow money to go for the "abracadabra" called "Shiloh" - an annual "pilgrimage" Oyedepo put together as an effective business avenue to transfer more money from the enslaved poor to his big pocket. This is a case of "those that have not, even the little they have will be taken from them and given to those that have". Church has become big business in Nigeria and is fast turning into "TZZ" meaning: Tigbue, Zogbue, Zobulu - and Igbo adage meaning "Beat him, Knock him out, Grab all he owns". Prosperity message is the way to get rich quick off gullible Nigerians. May God forgive us all. Amen.

Be warned!

By your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned. Those who take pleasure at spreading and propagating falsehood about God's genuine servants please note this!When you are hit from 'above',there can never be a recovery for you! Don't be fooled,Jesus Christ described as the Lamb of God is also called the Lion of Judah. Be warned!!!!!!!!!!!


Poverty and neglect by our governments have driven majority of the poor and greedy to the so called men of god. Someone needs to tell the church goers that they are wasting their time and money in the church if they fail to first believe in themselves. Life is very practical; you must learn to prepare yourself for the future, not by prayers from a pastor, but by hard work. You must properly position yourself, could be through education, to live a good life. It was Obama that said, “people cling to their bible and guns when all else fails.” All has failed in Nigeria as people cling to pastors, turning into a boom for the pastors. And none of these dupes called pastors will you ever hear refer to that portion of the bible that says, “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” (Mark 10:25). They will not smell my penny anymore. These days I donate money directly for good causes like cancer research etc.

don't personalize

I strongly believe that this shldnt be about a particular pastor cos the matter on ground is simply bigger than any single pastor. Whoever amongs u bloggers that has not read the enter new testament shld stop writing about "touch not my annointed" for instance, if a pastor goes on a shooting spree killing innocent ppl, shld one keep quiet and watch cos "touch not my annointed"? If we are truly our brothers keeper then we shld be able to distinguish evil from good. A man of God (levi) shld not build a business empire with the tihtes and offerings of his congregation. It simply spoils the whole church arrangement. Church money shl never belong to an individual. Learn this from the catholic church. We pretend too much and wld normally look somewhere else when we see smtin wrong going on. Whoever does wrong shld be corrected or shamed in due time. Ur assignment; I mean those u who lack knowledge is to go and read all what saint paul wrote about the church's conduct.

Only God can judge. So chill

Only God can judge. So chill out


This is what is wrong with Nigerians we do not want to hear the truth. Saharareporters is telling us what is happening and some of us are cursing them. This pastor is ripping off the people in his church and getting rich and the majority in his church are suffering. But again, I blame the fools attending his church and most of them are blind to sit in his church. But I'm thinking maybe the pastor is using juju to attract people to his church. Anything is possible.

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