Dominion Air: Parking And Maintenance Fees Force Bishop Oyedepo To Commercialize Private Jets

Pastor David Oyedepo
By SaharaReporters, New York

The rising cost of maintaining four private jets has forced flamboyant Nigerian pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo, to set up a commercial airline that uses four airplanes that had hitherto served as part of his private fleet.

Last year, as staff costs, fuel prices and landing fees escalated, Bishop Oyedepo had contemplated selling two of the jets. But when no buyers were forthcoming, he turned to Plan B: to set up Dominion Air and put the jets to commercial use.
A senior church source told Saharareporters that each of the jets cost Bishop Oyedepo some $1,000 per hour in parking fees and maintenance.

Oyedepo, whose specialty is “prosperity ministry,” has amassed a huge personal fortune with vast holdings in real estate as well as investments in education. Last year, he achieved international notoriety when SaharaReporters highlighted a Youtube video in which he slapped a hapless young woman who said she was not a witch but “a winch for Jesus.”

Bishop Oyedepo, who is called “Papa” by his church members, is also planning to build a multimillion dollar college in upstate New York, according to a source familiar with the pastor’s desire to expand his business empire across the world.

Already Bishop Oyedepo owns one of the most expensive universities in Nigeria – Covenant University – where students are banned from using mobile phones or wearing “sinful” dresses to class.

Oyedepo has become stupendously rich by collecting tithes and hand-outs from wealthy congregants, many of them public officials whose source of wealth is questionable. Forbes magazine recently estimated that the bishop is worth $150 million. Ironically, most members of Bishop Oyedepo's congregation, especially indigent worshipers who are ferried from the slums of Lagos and other cities in American school buses converted to “Holy ghost” transportation, cannot imagine much less afford the luxurious lifestyles reserved for the bishop and his household.

Most Nigerians, including members of Bishop Oyedepo's congregation, live on less than a dollar a day.

A source involved in the setting up of Dominion Air disclosed that the airline will offer executive jet services that would charge users up to $10,000 per hour. The source said that Oyedepo has plans to purchase additional aircraft to expand his profile in the aviation business.

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Speak the truth

Oftentimes i do respect Sahara Reports, in delivery good, facts, accurate, truth finding reportage.



i love you comment beoda

i love you comment beoda

A xtain pal of mine told this

A xtain pal of mine told this morning that even the good lord said in the bible that 'go ,sell all you have and come follow me' and also 'its will be easier for the carmel to pass a needle's eye than for the stupendously rich to make heaven' Let it be on record that no man utter these words but the good jesus himself. Tomorrow them go say judge not but forget that their bible has set the standard already. What's wrong wit building a home for the homeless and the aged in the society? I understand the bible says that judgement will start from the house of God. Churches beware. I recently read a article where a pastor chris was quoted as saying masturbation is not a sin. God must be the most patient being in the whole universe

Let he who is without a sin be the first to cast the stone!

It is very easy to blame other's than to apportion blames to ourselves,as long as we do not have any evidence or evidences to prove that he is stealing government money or inflicting hardship on his followers, we should go easy on condemnation!
The living faith church has created employment for so many Nigerians today! Covenant and Landmark universities standards can be compared to those seen in other developed countries! Over 550 students in faculty of Agricultural sciences in landmark university are currently on full scholarship! Over 700 students at covenant university who are wards of the less privileged in the congregation are on full scholarship while over 800 are on part scholarship! Let's stop crucifying him and ask our government to do what they are voted to do! If we have 20 more Oyedepo's in Nigeria, things will be better!

Dominion Air

Only the Spiritual knowledge of the person of Bishop David Oyedepo can lead to the understanding of his actions. He preaches that his God is good and provides all his need and Truly we are all witness to this. He is living heaven on earth without stress which is meant to be, For those criticising him why not serve his God and flow in the waves of Glory being experienced by we members of his congregation as truly his ministry has being a blessing to those of us who believe.Let's stop criticising but appreciate the works of God in his life as he is truly leaving land marks on earth for which he would be remembered. Do you know he once took his pastors to his mentor and told them they could report him if they perceived he was doing something wrong and would not listen to them? I'm sure he is also aware of our penchant to falter as humans. That's why i think his stance is borne out of zeal and not pride.

where is christ !!

The man of god neva force anyone to pay tithe

God bless us.

Its rather un4turnate dat d people we look up too 4 spiritual guidiance have decided 2 make us have a rethink.

You are a big fool. what is

You are a big fool. what is end time sha>???

Leave Oyedepo Alone

Whatever the Man of God is doing, is in the best interest of "Living Faith Ministries Worldwide". Do you consider how much the church pays to organize programmes, build churches, pay pastors/accommodation, pay numerous supporting staffs, free transport to members who cannot afford it etc. No one is ever forced to pay Tithe and Offering in any Bible Believing and Practicing Church, you do so at your own conviction. Take your time to interview Winners Members and you will be surprised at their unbelievable testimony of blessings which is in answer to their faith and practice of what the Bishop and other Pastors preach to them. Jesus in His days was disbelieved and constantly attacked, i am not surprised at your incessant attack on Bishop Oyedepo.


Na tru my broda; na dem dey wear beautifu clothes too. All these pastors are nothing but thieves.

why the noise?

What does SR have against this man of God?you keep saying he's flamboyant and u keep hammering on tithes and donations,have u heard any member of his church complaining that he/she was forced?..Dominion Airline is a big issue but Islamic Banks are not shey

The Universities the pastor

The Universities the pastor built are one of the best in the country. Are there not numerous Nigerian working there? How many have your government built? The remuneration is also the best obtainable in the country. Is the Pastor not better than many of our past leaders who stole directly from national treasury and stacked all their loots away in swiz accounts? Have you confirm if the pastor also run charity; I know of many charity/community development programs he runs. I want to mention that I am not a member of his church but I do not subscribe to a situation where we close our eyes to the good side of people but instead run them down. Dr. Phil, I hope you are spending some parts of your earnings on charity too; a bag of rice for the orphanage every month is a good start.

Stop the Silly Insinuations and Criticism

This reporter is mentally lazy and probably due to his constricted view about how our society should develop constantly fails to appreciate the efforts of those who take the initiatives to develop Nigeria that is just sleeping. Oyedepo has provided education, jobs, spiritualism, personal and corporate development. We want more Nigerians who can step out to do a little bit of what Oyedepo is doing since our government can not even tackle the issue of electricity. I have personally gone to the Covenant University Otta to see things for myself. I am amazed that a Nigerian could be that progressive and proactive in spite of the constraints of infrastructural support from the national government. The reporter should scoop out more Nigerians who could help others like Oyedepo does.

na wa for people

This PAPA, when did he start ministry? when and how did he acquire the private jets? he is worth $150 million, how did he make the money. Has any of his pastors or members mentioned to you that hey are being extorted? are you aware that when the ministry started they were not taking offering for several months? Do you know the number of Nations that come to this same man for one assistance or the other? You just broadcast what you like because you have the means. Is it not wisdom to commercialize the jets if the cost of keeping the gets so much? Why is he the only pastor making all the billions from ministry? I am now convinced that some of your gossips(not news) are sponsored. you are busy making negative comments on private individuals adding value to millions of lives and also Glory and fame to our Nation

Shepherd that Mild the Flock dry

Many are so naive. Cowed by such fake title, “Man of God”. They ‘ve become mini gods. Main objective of many so called men of God is to mild their flock dead. Satanic

Mind ur business

The most important thing is fufiling ur God given purpose.jesus was sure of who sent him even when the pharisees were not comfortable with him

Are u reporting d conversion

Are u reporting d conversion of his aircraft from private use to commercial or querrying d source of his wealth? D reporter has to come clean and unveil his intention. The report only created an avenue for dat reporter to express his hidden envy for Bishop Oyedepo. Report ur story and leave d interpretation of it to we d readers. Clear case of yellow journalism. If I was a member of his congregation I would either stop paying tithes (if forcefully obtained) or leave d church completely. Don't force dat decision on me. Let ur report help me make dat decision.

The Bishop Oyedepo I know

Most people that criticizes this man don't actually know is possible that majority of people are only aggrieve and envious of his success. I can not count thousands of people this man has sent to school personally.His church gives schorlarship to thousands of members worth hundreds of millions per year.Even Landmark University recently built had majority of church members as students mostly on church schorlarship. I can go on. Most people only hates this man for nothing because they just can't achieve his level of success.

leave our Papa alone.

thank you, but we love him, WE SHALLL CONTINUE TO LOVE HIM.Men of God are not ment to be poor. How much people have you helped mr Sahara since you were born?You are only good in character assasination?Shame on you.The fact is the more you nail him, the more we shall celebrate him.We know you are Boko Haram in disguise.If i may ask,is there a sin in privatising your property investments? You have never seen good in any right direction. Abba!I am one of the proud sons of Him. Long live papa. May your enemies live to see more of your prosperity that they may announce it better to your world in Jesus name. You are a voice in our generation, you are a rare gem in this age. may God's grace continue to use you more. More grace to you and i know one day your persecutors would come to repentance.
Mr. Sahara, i advise you face your business.CHARACTER ASSASINATION is sin.

Men of God in the Bible have

Men of God in the Bible have been Known to be wealthy.Isaac was extremely wealthy.job,one of the Holiest men in his time was.So was David,Solomon.No one in the Bible has ever been rebuked for being wealthy.Billgates is the 2nd richest man in d world by recent statistics but gives a whole lot of money to charity.So does TY Danjuma.The Bible tells us not to make noise in our giving but do it discreetly you people may there4 not be aware of his philantropic disposition.How he should spend his wealth to better the life of anybody is his personal business and a matter of individual judgement.If you differ with him on how he spends, then spend yours as you think he should spend his.A pastor is not doomed to a life of financial mediocrity.It is in the Bible that the poor will always be among us.Even if he donates his entire networth.

Islam is peace

That is y islam is peace and more than a religion is a way of life u may have money so far Allah will's but u must be down to earth be merciful to d poor,your neighbours(both at work and at home),dnt jst hate person for nothng give alms to the poor and then zakkat(which you give out every year 1/4 of what you have earn because Allah makes your rich not because of your lineage,personalty or wt eva but for you will account for what he gives you so you earn your money through d masses then let them have a little and make some family for the sake who created you and propht Jesus peace be upon him remember u will die and leave and life continues.!!!


if his ministry has the money and he is using for business, it's not a good idea? And for u saying ''why not employ widows and the likes'' do you know the number of pple that are on his payroll? Do you know the number of pple working in the commission establishments like micro finannce bank, schools, kitchens, bookshops etc or did the staff tell u they are doing free service? And if he establish airline because of maitenance cost is it not a good idea and won't many people be employed in the service??? Please instead of sitting down and criticizing this man of God why not stand and think and tell ur useless govt to find solution to the unemployment of the country or tell ur pastors and imams to think and bring out good ideas that will help the country. And mind you i'm not a member of his church but we must say the fact here.


Dr, thank you for saying the truth. GOD is watching


End time pastor. Kiss my ass

private jet

make God bless me wit my own private jet. Even if bishop buy more,no wahala. Na jst my own i wnt.

Sahara you better changed

Sahara you better changed your styled or else God will be angered with you,and he may squashed you like other black mails news peppers,compass,next and so on,is it a crime to be wealthy?why almighty gives it to some of his true servants?prophets like Solomon,who was a King and Also a true servant of almighty Allah was the most and the richest among the human kind,so pls don't divert our attention from our so called political cheaters who are stealing our wealth on daily basis to men of God like pastor oyedepo,am a Muslim and also a descendant of prophet Muhammad(SAW)but I like him very much as well as pastor kumuyi,and pastor adeboye

why not build the college or

why not build the college or university in nigeria huh? why going to new york to develop it more? shameless pastors and church

Men of God in the Bible have

Men of God in the Bible have been Known to be wealthy. Isaac was extremely wealthy.job, one of the Holiest men in his time was.So was David,Solomon. No one in the Bible has ever been rebuked for being wealthy.Billgates is the 2nd richest man in d world by recent statistics but gives a whole lot of money to charity. So does TY Danjuma. The Bible tells us not to make noise in our giving but do it discreetly you people may therefore not be aware of his philantropic disposition.How he should spend his wealth to better the life of anybody is his personal business and a matter of individual judgement. If you differ with him on how he spends, then spend yours as you think he should spend his.A pastor is not doomed to a life of financial mediocrity. It is in the Bible that the poor will always be among us.Even if he donates his entire networth.

Sahara reporters! Sometimes I

Sahara reporters! Sometimes I just wonder when you people will ever write an unbiased story. Please next time, do not aid us in forming an opinion of your subject. We have brains to do that without your help. Thank you, o flawless, blameless, infallible Sahara Reporters!

why not build the college or

why not build the college or university in nigeria huh? why going to new york to develop it more? shameless pastors and churh members

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