Edo Monarch Kidnapped -PM News, Lagos

By Jethro Ibileke/Benin

The traditional ruler of Udo Community and an in-law to the Benin Monarch, HRH Patrick Igbinidu, has been reportedly abducted at his Udo kingdom.

The traditional ruler, (Iyasere of Udo), was allegedly kidnapped at about 7p.m. Wednesday by a four-man gang while playing draft with his friends close to his palace in the community.

He was forcefully taken away to unknown destination in an Audi car.

When contacted, Edo State Police Command spokesman, Moses Eguavoen, said he was on leave and could not confirm the report.

Chairman of Ovia South-West Local Government Area, Morrison Ogunrobo, confirmed the kidnap of the traditional ruler, adding that security operatives have been drafted to the area.

Udo, a small community in Ovia South-West Local Government Area of Edo State, southsouth Nigeria is a significant community in Benin Kingdom, where all crown princes to the Benin throne must perform certain rituals before being crowned as Oba of Benin.

Kidnapping has become rampant in Edo State.

Human rights lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, Chief Mike Ozekhome, was released this morning by his kidnappers after 20 days in captivity.


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time for us to split--none

time for us to split--none used primitive ideas to split Russia-the scots are on their way out-we cannot continue to bath or be influenced by ideas and evil acts that are alien to our culture and tradition while they steal our God given resources-

Yoruba and Hausa introduced terrorism 2

Nor do Yorubas misuse opportunities to spread tribalism and get kickbacks from transfers acheived by nepotism


Nor do we destroy our investment climate by incessant kidnapping outside our zones of origin.


Yoruba and Hausa introduced terrorism 1

Yorubas do not spread deadly diseases through the homosexual prostitute business like my igbo brothers:


Nor do we sabotage the Nigerian economy by printing and distributing fake currency


Nor do we damage the external image of Nigerians by engaging in the drugs business


A day is coming when Nigerians will wake up

A day is coming when Nigerians will wake up to learn that their state Governor or a federal Minister has been kidnapped inside Nigeria and taken to a place un-known.

As Nigeria's kidnap train rolls on without let, no one is immune, anymore, and except for the valiant armed forces of Nigeria, the country's president could long have been kidnapped for ransom.

With huge fire power the kidnappers have kept most of Nigeria in lock-down, justified by official thefts in public offices which created 90% un-employment rate amongst the country's youths. Before now, the abduction of a reigning king in a Nigerian community was considered taboo, but not anymore.


"A civilization that proves incapable of solving the problem it creates is a decadent civilization"

"A civilization that chooses to close its eyes to its most crucial problems is a stricken civilization"

A civilization that uses its principles for trickery and deceit is a dying civilization"

Above are quotes of Aime Cesaire who so long ago saw the colonized civilizations condemned to perish i.e Nyasaland, South Sea Islands & Nigeria.

Its obvious that in Nigeria we are still colonized and unable to break free of basic primitive divide and rule set up by the Colonialists. Any hausa, Ibo, Ijaw, Yoruba, Kanuri etc attack is borne out of ignorance and perpetuates our shackles


Yoruba and Hausa Introduced Al Qaeda Terrorism

Kidnapping is a small thing, by the time the Al Qaeda type of terrorism the hausa and yoruba have introduced to nigeria takes root, nigeria will be burning like Iraq. While boko haram is killing everyday yoruba Al Qaeda terrorists like micheal adebowale and micheal adebolaja butchered a british soldier in london. Another yoruba Al Qaeda terrorist Olaniyi will soon be extradited to America. These are the real threats nigeria will soon be facing since everything is possible in a failed state. May God save us!

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