Edo State Governorship Election: NLC Calls For Vigilance

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has called on the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jega, to be extra vigilant and careful in the handling of the Edo state gubernatorial elections on July 14.

“He must not allow anyone, including INEC staff or commissioners to compromise his credibility, the Congress said in a statement signed by its Actign President, Kiri Mohammed.  “Every registered voter must be allowed to freely vote without intimidation. And all the votes must count.”

The NLC said it has been watching the disturbing political developments in the State, and that they portend dangerous signals to Nigeria’s young democracy.

It observed that while decent leaders continue to echo the need for our politicians and their political structures to adjust to fair play in political activities, including elections, some prominent politicians have continued to perpetrate actions that are clearly adverse to democratic norms.

“One of the contestants, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, who is the sitting governor of the state, has publicly complained at various times about sinister plans by some politicians to manipulate the elections, while a staff of the Edo State office of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, was apprehended by vigilant youths in Benin City, the statement said.  “The fears expressed by the Edo State governor are yet to be fully investigated to douse apprehension in the state.”

The NLC further expressed concern that a report in the media that some politicians from the State led by the leader of a major opposition party had met with the Presidency to perfect plans for the manipulation of the election has not even been refuted by the Presidency.

The NLC also called on all domestic and international election monitoring groups to gear up to observe the Edo State elections so as to ensure records of transparency and accountability of the electoral process and on the Inspector General of Police to come out and strongly reassure Nigerians that all security agencies that will be drafted to Edo for the event will be fully prepared, and to remember that they were recruited to protect lives and properties without bias.

“We call on all political parties and their candidates to demonstrate their commitment and resolve   to deepening democracy by accepting to play by the rules and avoid the consequences of being held responsible for the ultimate damage any negative actions will have on our democracy and national image as a country,” the NLC said.

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Ondo election results

Hehehe!!!! Shame PDP! Congratulations Mimiko!

osho baba


He have right 2 comment.

As a true citizen of Nigeria, i blv NLC acting president have right 2 speak out his mind.


Any rational thinking person should know that when politicians tend to make election do or die affair it obvious that there is an interior motive behind self services. But fools will still believe in failed party to lead them to doom.

the lNEC are corrupt and also PDP"

The INEC are corrupt,nd they are also PDP. We should accept any good result from them. All we need to do,we the people of edo state is to come out and vote and stand to take the records' while doing let us also try to video nd tape anything dat will happen in our polling unit.the world knows that PDP can't win'if the PDP want peace to rain they they most stick to the voting rules. As for Inec don't try noses.

Shut up

If u are an acting NLC president,do u think that issueing statement in favor of Adams will give u ur mandate? What is dis useless body turning into sef? NLC my foot.

The current governor is doing

The current governor is doing a good job. Have you been to Benin City lately? There are changes everywhere you go, unlike the time of former rogue governor Lucky Igbinedion, who was there for 8 years and didn't do anything.

You all should know that Jega

You all should know that Jega too, is PDP. Let every body keep vigilant, with cameras, phone cameras etc. PDP are master riggers and they are planing their evil ways.

NLC ke!

NLC has no moral rights to talk about deepening democracy. Not since they (and the TUC) sold out the rest of the country on the fuel issue.

Let others comment about the mortal dangers that the likes of Anenih poses.


Very interesting!!!! NLC is now issuing statements for political activities. So much for non partisan.

Performing credibly.

Attahiru Jega was credible when he was in the University.But you may wish to find out from Nigerians.

Useless NLC you people could

Useless NLC you people could not say anything about the bribe money Mr.Lawal farouk took. you are here vomiting nonsense concerning Edo-state election. If your man Oshiomhole play by the rules there will be no problem but if he choose to play smart then and only then he will have himself to blame because this useless NLC will not be able to save him from the calamity that will befall on him.

Is Jega credible?

I want to ask you NLC:is Attahiru Jega credible?

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