Edo State: Oshiomole stumbles again, and again: appoints dubious ex-convict Tax Collector-General

Governor Oshiomole of Edo state seems to be making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.  In addition to his involvement is the now infamous Harvard University "MOU" scandal, the Governor recently appointed an ex-convict, Austin Atakpu-Jima, to head the collection of taxes in the state.
The labor leader turned politician rode into office on a tidal wave of popular voters support. For the voters of Edo state who endured eight brutal years of Lucky Igbinedion’s shenanigans ridden government, they saw Adams Oshiomole emergence as divine intervention and they heaped all their hopes and aspirations on him. They believed that as a former labor leader who was familiar with the common people, he knew their pains.

Few months into his administration, the only noticeable constant in Adams Oshiomole’s administration may be his penchant for serious error.  Although there has been no public exposé of his rumored insatiable appetite for the opposite sex, two scandalous events within the space of a few days have now left many wondering if he is any different from Lucky Igbinedion, who is believed by many to have bankrolled Oshiomole’s electoral victory. Oshiomole continues to have a very close relationship with Lucky Igbinedion and other reviled PDP chieftains such as Tony Anenih, who held Edo state hostage for eight years.  

Recently, Oshiomole shocked many Nigerians by joining three other well known profligate governors on a trip to Harvard University, a trip that has now turned into a scandal. The subsequent announcement of an MOU between the "Governors Forum" and Harvard University has now been repudiated by the University, leaving Oshiomole exposed, and igniting a firestorm of acerbic comments by Nigerians at home and abroad. Many Nigerians were shocked because they expected wiser judgment from the governor who rode into power on the promise of good governance, commonsense, and fiscal responsibility. 

Even as Oshiomole offered a tepid  explanation of his Harvard University fiasco, people are not impressed as he has ignited another firestorm by appointing Austin Atakpu-Jima to be the "Tax-Collector General" for Edo State. By this appointment, the governor is basically handing over the purse strings of Edo state to a man who once spent 18 months in England’s notorious Canterbury jail and was described by a British court as “dishonest” and “incompetent.”

It has emerged that Austin Atakpu-Jima practiced law in England without the requisite license. 

Along the way, he threw into trouble and embarrassment, almost everyone who associated with him through an English law firm, Austin Sheik and Co. Among those who ended up before the Disciplinary Committee of the British Law Society on account of their innocent association with Austin Atakpu-Jima were Ned Nwoko, formerly of Nigeria’s House of Representatives and Isabella Iyama Onibudo, an England based duly licensed lawyer of Nigerian descent.

While Ned Nwoko escaped severe sanctions from the British Law Society, Isabella, who found herself manipulated into a relationship with the married ex-convict, found her law licence to practice suspended for two years by the British regulatory authorities. Even when she got it back, it was stringent supervisory conditions established on her practice. It is not known if Austin Atakpu-Jima has repaid the 8,000.00 pounds he borrowed from Isabella while their extra-marital relationship lasted. 

But perhaps Governor Oshiomole was unaware of Austin Atakpu-Jima’s criminal past. If so, that is even worse, because it unveils a Chief Executive who promised the highest standards but who is not even conducting a comprehensive background check before making key appointments, including one to whom he is handing the reins of an entire state’s tax administration.  This is the least taxpayers expect from Oshiomole, who must now work harder to rebuild the trust the Edo State people reposed in him.     

But now that Oshiomole has made the grievous error of appointing Atakpu-Jima, it remains to be seen if the former labour leader is courageous enough to correct it by immediately relieving the crooked lawyer of the post, particularly if he wants to persuade the people of Edo State that it is not only legal, but wise, to pay their taxes—and to believe “Comrade Governor.” 

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Hmm! time will tell if he is genuine and actually means well for his people for his own person. Also we do not need any baba go slow in Edo state pleeeeease!!! Bros Adams, action ooo!!!:(:(

a few days ago, i received a phone call in my London apartment, supposedly from the writers of this nonsense story above. While i don't know this Austin Atakpu, i must say that i know Ms. isabella Iyama very well. well enough to say that the story about her and Austin. it is true that a few years ago, Ms. iyama had some problems with the Law Society here in England, that problem had nothing to do with Austin Atakpu. To know the real reason for her problems with the Law Society, please check out the law society website and you will discover that there is no mention of any Austin Atakpu. There is no truth to the allegations of marital involvements between Ms. Iyama and Austin Atakpu and the only relationship that might have existed between them is the fact that they had chance of working together as Nigeria Solicitors in the UK.
it is sad that the writers of this story knowingly published lies about a respectable woman like Isabella. I can say quite confidently that they did not take time to verify the truth in their story before going to the press. this is because they know that in a country like Nigeria, no one can do anything to them.
A day before publishing this story, i received a phone call from one of the writers, who knew of my relationship with Isabella, asking me to comment on whether Austin Atakpo-Jima who once worked with Isabella Iyama was the same one employed by the Edo State Government. I advised him to contact Isabella directly and find out from her as i had no way of knowing.
it is a shame that people like these writers bring such embarrassment to Journalism as a whole by publishing unverified stories and spreading lies and rumours about innocent people, just to make a bucks.

My problem with Osho Baba, is the constant report of how he devours the opposite sex. I also learnt that age, appearance, marital status, origin, class is no barrier when choosing his bedmates. Osho Baba, HIV dey town oh. That is why short men can not be trusted. The power you use to devour all this babes, why not channel it to meeting that can move Edo state forward. Be careful oh, one day indian babes go give you apple chop. Remember Abacha.;D

Oshiomhole, is a man that completely lacks a sense of direction on how to govern Edo state and appears not to know what he`s doing, take for instance, the other day he was all over the place fighting the State House of Assembly over budget approval, it has since been approved for close to 3 months and we are yet to see any sign of his on paper 6 lanes airport road(a high way that will lead to Ogba river at one end and the other end will end a ring road) and Uselu -Lagos road. Now he`s all over the city demolishing houses(when he`s yet to commission even a single borehole after 7months in office),He celebrated a birthday bash for Lucky Igbinedion in America just last month). We regret supporting you and today you cannot win as a councillor in your ward. Finally, stop defying our girls their parents are daily regretting their support 4 you.

It is high time we allowed some public office holders to perform their official and statutory duties without unwarranted distractions.Adams has been criticised a good number of times in different fora.If it is not school proprietors or hospital owners in Edo State, then it is certain segment of the press,even for such a trivial issue as having voracious appetite for the opposite sex.Whose busineness is it if Adams is in love with all the women in Edo State?
Adams was a dogged fighter as a labour leader and criticised Obasanjo`s policies especially when they were at variance with the expectations of the poor masses.It is good that he is at the recieving end now that he`s governor,at least it will help him perform optimally.But please if we must criticise,let us indulge in constructive criticism and not for some excusable and inconsequencial matters such as having voracious appetite for the opposite sex.
Adams has not been found wanting as far as i know.His association with Tony Anenih does not make him a parious.I mean, he cannot ostracise Anenih on the basis that he is not in the good book of some Nigerians,even when it has not been proven by any court of competent jurisdiction that Anenih embezzled state funds.
Let us not be in a hurry to crucify Adams.Let us give him time to make his mistakes and duly correct them.It`s good that saharareporters has done a tremendous investigative journalism concerning a member of his cabinet,let us wait and see how he reacts to this before crucifying him.

The last time i saw this adam physically, he was in the company of lucky igbinedion, james ibori and orji uzor kalu at a party here in lagos. In the fulness of time, you will know the real adam.

As oen who has had some dealings with both Osunbor and Adams, I can confidently say that the Prof was light years ahead of Adams who is nothing but a mere charlatan. Having said that the biggest problem of Edo state after the ineptitude of that bastard Igbins is the political Godfathers like Ogbemudia and Annenih, unless they are gotten rid of that state will never progress

Adam is a disappointment. I had a heated arguement with my dad before Adam won his case. Am now convinced that what an old man will see sitting, a small boy can never see even on top of a mountain. Adam has proven some of us that supported him wrong, he is not different from the rest. It's not yet UHURU in my dear Edo state. But he can still make amend by retracing his step. He should know that his case is a litmus test for other activist interested in political offices

Fellow Nigerians particularly the Edolites, you guys should be patient with Adams,politics can be more dangerous than poison , Adams is an intellegent guy , he should be allowed to finish his assignment ,don't forget guys, that it takes only a wise person to play and achieve goals in the polity of Nigeria . As for the theif Nigerians should go to sleep without worry this is the time Adams will expose him to even the unborn baby and the Nigerians as a whole so if the theif likes let him coution himself or mess up himself again, though not all Nigerian heard it before but this time Nigerias will hear and judge him

I wish to advise governor Oshiomole that he should be careful not to throw the goodwill that he has been enjoying from Edo people cum Nigeria. He needs to know that if things go wrong, names of none of the people that are advising him negatively would be mentioned but his own name (Oshiomole).

Revenue collection is a delicate and sensitive job and should not be saddled with anybody with tainted past. With the revelation currently being exposed to all Nigerians about the personality of Revevnue Collection-General as an ex-convict; the right thing for Gov. Oshiomole to do is to relieve that man who is an ex-convict of his job immediately. He should not be allowed to remain on that post a day longer. If Oshiomole fails to sack him immediately, his own reputation is at stake. If I am from Edo state, I won't be comfortable & ready to pay tax since I know that the chief collector is an ex-convict with shady & corrupt background.

I would like to advise Gov. Oshiomole to please sack the man.

Adams must observe the RULE OF LAW in discharging his constitutional duty to Edo pple to alliviate Poverty,He must not allow Godfathers to deceive him because of hope for future election.A good name is better dan any future election.dont allow pple to deceive you my comrade.pple are suffering in edo state pls. their hope is in you.

:o Edo state is supposed to be part of the beneficiaries of the 13% oil derivation. What is happening to it's own share? Lucky Igbins is supposed to refund part of his looted fund from the state treasury, but how far? Only recently because the mobile policemen attached to one criminal called Bob Izua were withdrawn, he went to go and conspire with his fellow criminals and made the world to believe that he has been kidnapped. Who is he fooling? My suggestion is that whatever means he devise to decieve the police to restore the mopol men, he should be ignored. How can a criminal, a murderer and an extortioner be allowed to be manipulating the state? His criminal record is known to everyone in the state, yet he is still being treated like lord with full protection. In the first place what qualifies him to be entitled to police guard? I think his end is actually getting closer. Long live Edo state.

hi all, hope the link below will be of some help:



We Nigerians are very good at critcizing others unconstructively without verifying the fact on ground. When will we start to profer solutions to our leaders rather than running them down. No want is perfect, rather we are all working toward perfection okay! The man OSHIOMOLE is my man any TIME, any DAY

If what am reading about governor Oshomole is true, then we hav no person to trust again. But never too late for people' governor to prove himself right.

soory for adams you forgotten how old, young,men,women.boys and girls stood by tou when PDPand Anineh you are now romacing stole your mandate. if this is how you are going to rule Edo state it is unfortunate. Cant you see what team work is doing in lagos, Fashola is performing and no other party is ready to present a candidate in 2011 in lagos i can bet Fashola will win land slide victory. Adams you can still mend fence the earleir be better.

The case of Adams is not a surprising one as people assume it to be, because Politics in Nigeria is like Alcohol, drink it and you will surely get intoxicated. But Adams should not forget that "In the history of man, a journey like this will serve as an experience. If you hav e a beautiful bed, you must buy a mat, for a situation may arise that you will need the mat. (The Edo People are watching).

Comrade Oshiomole, are you the same fierce labour leader that we use to know? am suprise how fast your character is degenerating, first you were in the company of those looters that went to Harvard to do what only God knows, and now you are appointing another rogue as your tax collector? haba bros, you are gradually loosing my confidence and respect, can't you emulate your AC counterpart in Lagos? Comrade please kindly retrace your steps, at least for a lot us that hold you in high esteem, even when we are not from Edo state.

We just sit back and talk, what did we expect from a half literate person, who saw fuel prices skyrocket as a labour leader, we are doomed to fail until we rise up and revolt, it does not have to be smeared with bloodshed, remember the orange revolution not long ago?, we can do it, not one person in government is responsible enough to be there or he would have since resigned. Nigerians we must save our country. Long live 9ja.

I think it would have been better for a person like Adams Oshiomole to stay as a critics than as an active member of any administration least of being a state governor. i dont think he is properly prepared for the task ahead. It will be suicidal if at the end of his first year he is yet to get anything right because before he knows what has befell him the four year tenure will be over. He has not demonstrated that he has any plan. Maybe that is why he is interested in the Harvard Leadership training session. His actions so far has been controversial. He appointed a fraudster as his senior special assistance. This I can tell you authoritatively. I understand a former staff of Fidelity Bank by name Taiwo Akerele who was involved in a monumental fraud before he was sacked along with about five other innocent staff is now a senior special assistance in his cabinet. Taiwo Akerele who parades himself as a social critics in Patitos gang fraudulently booked fictitious deposit and withdrawas fund from customers account over a long period when he was the deputy head of operations in Apapa branch of the bank. The annoying part of it is that the same Taiwo uses the Patitos gang to condemn Nigeria leaders of corruption and indirectly propogate his own cause. I wonder if Adams Oshiomole conducts interview for his would be appointees and if at all he understands the procedure for selection processes as a former labour leader. If he performs that and has requested for a reference about bad eggs like Taiwo Akerele he would not have accepted such nomination form no less a person like Pat Utomi. I wonder if these so-called social commentators ever appraised their associates. I pray for him and wish him well but we are all watching. Did he want prosperity to judge him with his past, his present or the future? He has the opportunity now. Let him emulate the leadership style of our abled governor BRF (Babatunde Raji Fashole). He can still retrace his steps

yea donald....true man...until we have a REVOLUTION in nigeria and stop making noise,notin will ever change..I bet my life too!

asides Adams, has any1 ever bothered to look at the activities of civil society organisation and charities lately? they are all partners-in-crime..........get money from donors and share...where and who are real activists in Nigeria today? we all even need to stop wasting our time posting..REVOLUTION is d solution!

Adams is not fooling anyone by wearing his khaki short afterall we all know that he can afford a suit made of pure gold. Show me your friend they say, and I will tell who you are. How could anyone with the tiniest steak of honesty ever associate with the Igbinedions and Anenih.

While Governor Fashola is quietly doing wonders in Lagos and making people believe that there is still hope for Nigeria, Comrade Governor is all noise while pilfering the resouces of the poor state away.

People like Pascal Bafyau, (dis) honourable Smart Adeyemi, Adams Oshiomole, etc would make good Labour leaders like Michael Imodu and Sunmonu turn in their grave. What a shame.

why are we wasting time discussing this issue.... is oshimole not currupt? or is it cos he was labour leader??? they are all the same bastards......i pray soon a revolution will come and wipe all of them off

Bros eh, na true?

Now i can laugh and say I TOLD YOU SO to all my friends, i never expected anything good from mr ADAMU, watch out for that guy in ondo too, i know his antecedent too well especially when he was commissioner for health in ondo state, how he dey chop him 10% perse perse, we are too gullible in Nigeria, until we have our own Rawlins, nothing will ever change, i can bet my life.

Mr.Adams oshiomole,is a disgrace if you start with your govt.this way.
am still wondering of the taxes you are imposing on your people you
have to be original meaning if you are not up to a task you hold your
piece the state is still a baby.tax payment will not solve the problem
of your people think of better things to do in those community.
edo-state light is not constant
no drugs in the clinic
unemployment of graduate
no good education
here you are tax payment is what you derive pleasure in am sorriooo
now appointing rubbers in the state all in the name I SCHOOL
I school in UK.I beg think of how to make your people proud of you
intead travelling unneccessary.pls think twice what have you really
achieved for the past six month.any way good luck.

Please try and understand this habit is not formed overnight. Nigerians are easily fooled by activist, please investigate them and you will see that their actions are drama to bring about equilibrium in the system. Please investigate their finances and investment vis-a-vis their business or income, then you will know they become activist to make financial gain and not to fight for the masses.
An undisclosed source one said for every fuel hike by OBJ, Adam has a cut from the government, please investigate Adam and you will see is a liar and fraud.

Hmmm ... so ex-convicts (irrespective of the offense and the time done) cannot serve society in any capacity? Na wa o! So why do we need to release them (after doing their time)? Why not just lock them up and throw the keys into the lagoon? Yet, we celebrate men (aka Ribadu, El'Rufai) who cleared Yar'Adua (by their own admission a corrupt official) to contest the presidency.

well,it is too early 2 criticise d activities of d comrade.past administrations have done far worse than what is happening now.we should understand that everyman however strong has a weak point. i have a very strong doubt if oshiomole will do anything 2 betray d confidence d people have on him.besides he has reasons which might be genuine to him as to why he is taking certain decisions.the only thing there is that he should always seek d opinion of those who gave him d mandate instead of allowing some few powerful and corrupt elements in d society to influence him negatively.bad communication corrupts good manners

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