EFCC Arrests Bank Manager, Lagos Speaker Ikuforiji’s Personal Assistant Over N1.5bn Scam

Lagos Speaker Adeyemi Ikuforiji
By Wilson Uwujaren-Ag. Head, Media & Publicity

A former manager with Intercontinental Bank Plc (now Access Bank), Mr. Olayinka Sanni and Personal Assistant to Adeyemi Ikuforiji,  Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Mr. Oyebode Atoyebi have been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, over a case of conspiracy, stealing and forgery amounting to about N1.5billion.

Sanni, a chartered accountant and operator of SIDAW Ventures, a Bureau de Change, was alleged to have fraudulently transferred various sums of money from more than seven customers of the bank into the account of SIDAW ventures owned and operated by him without the customers’ consent.
Specifically, he transferred N65million from the account of Babington Junior Seminary; N40million from P.W. Nigeria Limited’s account; N15million from Mikano International’s account; N20million from Viju Industries Limited’s account, N306million from the account of Falana & Falana Chambers and Fafun Nigeria Limited and N1.2billion from Murhi International Limited into his SIDAW Ventures account without the consent of the account owners.

Besides, Sanni also collected the sum of $461,200 USD from one Chukwurah Nkiru, who sold it to him for the equivalent of N76, 559,200 but was not paid.
 Sanni is also embroiled in a foreign exchange scam where his SIDAW Ventures account was used to handle the sum of N104, 405, 000 where only  N72,229,000 worth of foreign exchange was paid to the customer leaving a balance of N32, 185, 000 being hotly contested between his firm and the customer. Oyebode Atoyebi, Personal Assistant to Ikuforiji was also arrested for complicity and conspiracy with Sanni for allowing his passport-sized photograph and name to be used to open an account in SIDAW ventures limited in the name of Akanmu Babatunde. With this fictitious name, Sanni brokered many shady deals and duped many innocent people.

The two suspects will soon be arraigned in court.

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Akpos! You are a very angry yound man! Lol- "United SS and SE".
I believe you don't have problem with geography


I agree with you wholly.


Now, now, now, I hope it's not the chambers of who I think it is. I hope it's not chambers of the same man criticizing pastors, recommending they pay more tax?
Well, well, well the Pastors must have said prayers for him.


James onanefe ibori,Alamesiegha Timi Silva,Peter Odili Goodluck Dumbo Jonathan,and all the other thieving south east governors also from the SW abi?

I pity your dumb ass comments and i know that it is because the stole the money that should have been spent on your education that you spwe forth trash on SR

The way things are going, you

The way things are going, you make it seem like even the initial case against this Speaker might be fictitious. Please lets paint our stories in their true perspectives.


Corruption na the only big business wey they do very very well for that country nigeria from the top to the least and from the least to the top all are corrupt 9ja i hail una those it mean notting good can come out of nigeria God have mercy, may God almighty contiune to help his children Amen.

EFCC Arrests Bank Manager,

EFCC Arrests Bank Manager, Lagos Speaker Ikuforiji’s Personal Assistant Over N1.5bn Scam --

Why am I looking at the Speaker's face while the guys involved in the shady deal are faceless?

Junk Jounalism.
Poor editorial standard.

Lagos State Speaker

I do not see any link in this story that concerns the speaker of Lagos house of Assembly that you will put his picture in the story. Those involved do not have their pictures in the story. I expect a more balanced story from Sahara reporters. In most instances you seem to fair and balanced but not in this particular one.

Sahara! Are you now Labaran Maku the lying parrot?

Why are you putting Ikufurijis picture when the story is not about him? Sahara, looks like you are becoming a tool box for mischief and cash and carry media. Who paid you for this because it is very obvious that this report is focused on rubbing more dirt on Ikufurijis reputation rather than the culprit himself if not why didn't you put The culprits picture for his own story?

You used to be the last beam of hope for investigative journalism now you are behaving like Labaran Maku the lying parrot.

Soon and Very soon Kuforiji would land in jail

Mr.speaker sir, it won't take too long for you to land in jail, your tenure would still end by then EFCC would have picked all your boys and have enough evidence against you. No more plea bargain in Naija.


These are the smalles thieve what is ours leaders support to investigate the president 's office and the stakeholders those are the big thievs in my country 9geria tnx.

This is what you get when you run a continent as a country

I have said it many times before on many fora including SH, that for the Yorubas, fraud & cowardice are their stock in trade. They are innately afflicted and each Oduduwa descendant would actually need 365 days hot prayers on mount Everest or Kilmanjaro to get delivered. Whether as businessmen, professional accountants, medical doctors or even nollywood actors, they all introduce that element of fraud. See how they have painted Europe & America with internet & credit card fraud.

From MKO (who stole our SS money in ITT) to Adenuga who stole the SS oil sales during the gulf war, to Babalakin and the Bank Rogue- Erasmus Akingbola of Itercontinental Bank and to the pulpit where you have the Witch Slapping specialist, who slaps members at will when they refuse to contribute enough money for him to refurbish his Jets. The list is endless.Yet all they do is make noise everywhere but prostrate in Illorin.Cowards.

Long live the United SS&SE

Punch Newspapers and The

Punch Newspapers and The Nation will be silent on this News. If it had been an inconsequential aide of a PDP Speaker, I am sure both of them would'v gone to town with screaming headlines.

Na Today? What has been the

Na Today? What has been the end result of those that were arraigned in the past. Make we hear word jooo.

REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY THING AND WAY LEFT FOR US. That is the way most bank managers make their so-called wealth.

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