EFCC Arrests Former CBN Governor Charles Soludo

Charles Soludo
By SaharaReporters, New York

Saharareporters just learnt that officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission this afternoon arrested immediate past Governor of the Central bank of Nigeria, Charles Soludo in connection with the Australian polymer banknotes bribery scam.

A close relative of Mr. Soludo confirmed to Saharareporters operatives picked up the former CBN governor in Abuja a few hours ago.

 A government source told Saharareporters that Mr. Soludo is facing interrogation by the EFCC at its Abuja office with regards to his role in the bribery of CBN officials by an Australian currency mint company, Securency.

 The source told our reporters about a dozen other CBN former and serving CBN officials have also been apprehended for questioning on the deal.
 EFCC spokesperson could not be reached for confirmation of the arrest.

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Arrested Or Invited?

The media uses the wrong approach to describe events what kind of school or scool of toght are the media practitionals in Nigeria from?
Was Soludo arrested or invited? Are dont these two words makes different meanings? please lets not always heat the polity!!!


It has become a boyancy of scientific fact that based on in individual level Nigerians will suceed, but collectivly Nigeria has fail and wil fail, & will not suceed as a nation. Again solude was a solution when he was in power, in my huble view he is not Nigeria problem. Due to untruthfulness of media how can u tell weda what dey i sayn is true? Let them bring him out and let Nigerian hear from him bc that is one of the pillars of justice (theory of hear d other side of a case) udiram utarem paterm ( i don‘t belive media bc they i hungry people 4 that they i in hast to make head line without verification. Let‘s hear from him .

EFCC only arrest to look at their faces, no prosecution

I always read about EFCC arresting Mr A or Mr B, is their work just to arrest..? At the end nothing is been done to prosecute them or retrieve their loot. Mr. Lamorde, please do something about it. You have over 500 cases of financial fraud in your archive, please sit down and plan well with your people on how to deliver this year.

@Chyko, @Deri &Co 2

OBJ might not have the brains and PhDs of Soludo and Ngozi, but he had enough sense to identify the right guys, appoint them and give them the free hand and support to do the job. The two dumb asses that succeeded OBJ have proved Machiavelli was right when he said there are three kinds of leaders. @Deri, I went to Delta during Ibori's tenure and saw some cosmetic decorations particularly at Oghara his home town. In the larger Delta, I saw nothing meaningful reflecting Delta State's vast wealth accruals for 8yrs! Until people like Soludo, Akunyili, Oshiomhole, Fashola, Ngozi, Utomi, Col Umar, Ribadu etc become President in Nig: one of three things will happen - contiued decline, regionalization or disintegration. There is no middle ground. It's not a question of IF but a question of WHEN. Long live Nigeria!

@Chyko, @Deri & Co.1

I am not an economist but I find it very disconcerting when supposedly educated people display an outrageous level of functional illiteracy! Soludo saw Naija's problem from afar while on campus at UNN and he figured out a solution in his study even before he was appointed CBN Gov. Today, Naija Banks are practically spreading all over Africa. By improving the value and stabilizing the =N=, by weeding out Habeeb, Savannah, Metropoltan, and other conduit pipes for siphoning depositors money, by trying to redenominate the =N=, etc Soludo stepped on toes and the cabal came after him for taking them out of biz. For all his political mago mago and corruption, as far as the economy is concerned, OBJ, Soludo, Ngozi are heroes.

This man is making sense

Two thumbs up Abass; couldn't have been better put

Orji Uzor Kalu should leave Rochas Okorocha alone!

Imagine three different negative news plus a negative editorial in a single day. The Abia billionaire is bent on shattering the ONLY performing governor in Nigeria, thereby making himself the only choice for Ndigbo in 2015.

I Wish Naija Were Different, But...

I am not Ibo and I don't know Soludo. But I am a great admirer or intelligence, the rare individuals who engineer the spark that light up the dark alley. The Soludos, the Akunyilis, the Ngozi-Iwealas, the Oby Ezekwesilis, the Donald Dukes, the Ribadus, El Rufais, Oshiomholes, Fasholas and the Utomis of this world. You put them anywhere in a dead Ministry, Dept or State and something positive begins to happen. That's what intelligent and problem-solving people do. They show the way. I know the economy Soludo inherited $33bn foreign debt, over 100 weak moribund banks, Foreign Reserves in red, a dead NSE, declining/unstable =N= etc. Go check the economy he left behind after just 5yrs!

@Okwuchukwu Ezeanyika: I Won't Be Polite at All!

The keyboard is at the mercy of nitwits. I wrote on Soludo's gifts and achievements without pronouncing on his culpability or otherwise. But the occupants of the intellectual backwaters of history like you will always jump to conclusions even before reading a comment; or worse still, confirm your intellectual lobotomization by ignoring what is otherwise obvious. In a society where intelligence and problem-solving counts for anything, Soludo's achievements cannot be discountenanced. But bcos Naija is replete with neophytes like you who exist on the periphery of psychometic appreciation, ignoranmuses are celebrated and geniuses derided. Soludo's character could be anything, but it is worse for a country to have a citizenry largely of the Okwuchukwu Ezeanyikas who at their intellectual prime are conginental imbeciles. That's why I worry about Naija, your ilks are too many! Yes, 'he redesigned your village'.

why r notherners never tried

We know how many prominent southerners have been tried n even jailed. Tell me 1 northern leader dat has been paraded or that has ever been paraded or tried by efcc. Even BAfarawadat admitted to stealing on his first day in court, wat happened after. Besides has efcc leadership been zoned too d north?

This SS, SE people sef

I wonder hw these SS, SE people display they ignorant when ever they've to comment on issues. Whether the issue relate to Hausa/Fulani or not, they show sign of pre-maturity, Irresponsibility, tribalism etc on the northerners. Things like our oil money, we'l kill them all if they try us and so on. This Gov't is for SS and SE, yet they complain the most and also sufer the most. Pls be mature, Hausa/Fulani is nt ur problem, ur problems lies within ur people.

@Okwuchukwu Ezeanyika, U sounded like a Fool.

@Okwuchukwu Ezeanyika, I am highly dissapointed U sounded like a Fool this time. I dont hold brief for Soludo, but u dont stay outside the country and be passing judgements on great achievers like Soludo, like that. We that reside in Nigeria know our leaders and their performamces...bribe or no bribe, NO CBN govnor in the History of Nigeria has ever performed like Soludo, even UN appointed him amonmg 10 member committee to fix the World Financial Crisis during the time.

Mr. Ezeanyika...among ALLLLLL the PDP thieves in Nigeria, so Soludo is the most urgent eh????

Beyond Tribalism

There is no gainsaying the fact that Nigeria is a polorised country locked in a hopeless spiral of tribalism and ethnic pogrom. I remember when Sanusi Lamido was appointed CBN chief. The Nation newspapers through its sentimental columnists was critical. Rather than issues concerning his arrest we are turning round tribalism.

were are the culprit?

Its a pity that up to this moment am talking nothing have been done to those people Who were well known for mismanagement of public fund in Nigeria. Infact these people are being pampared instead of the law enforcement agencies I.e EFCC, ICPC etc to prosecute them, interrogate them and if found guilty of the alleged offence let them be punish for their deeds in other to serve as the base for corrective measures for all our leaders who were entrusted in custody of public funds both in public and private sector of the Economy bt yet! These people are the one in posesstion of the nations Economic policy, politics, law and Order some times they were even given National awards. How do u want our country to be great? Its up to u and me, together we can make a positive change to our great father. Thank u

He might be freed after the

He might be freed after the interogations, but i still wish he would be arrested, prosecuted, and jailed for deceiving nigerians into the usuage of this polymer nonsense. The polymer concept is not just it. The money fades and becomes even transparent (na wa o), when torn thats all about it, no patching whatsoever can make it worthy of transaction again.. I feel the mercury-paper money is far more durable.. Soludo deceived us and that is treason.

Sammy try as much as u can 2

Sammy try as much as u can 2 learn how 2 respect other people's religion. I don't think u've ever read about ISLAM n now look @ ur comment I am so much disapointed in u






i had a dream

in my dream, i saw that some notable individuals in Nigeria (like OBJ,IBB & many other thieves)were stripped of the national honour conferred on them after their death by a bold president who would emerge after 2015

@Osita Dioka this na fight between d Fulanis ati d Ibos

The Ositas are here again with their regional sentiments! When Ibori was arrested and in Dubai and tricked into the arms of the police in London, Ribadu and OBJ were seen as God sent by our fake ani corruption crusaders paid to vilify the SS! None accepted to believe the fact that OBJ was behind the travails of Alams, Dariye and Ibori. Now that its the turn of the boy with the golden fingers, we are being told Jonathan is behind the arrest of Sulodo! When Tinubu was taken to court 4 operating 15 foreign bank accounts-the story was that Gej was after him! Already the rogues involved in the fuel scam from the region where the maharajas hail from in d North, west and east of 9ja, are being asked to be set free. I mean d fuel thieves hired by IBB and OBJ to steal the SS blind-the eveil activities of Sulodo were revealed during the era of late Yara Adua and not Jonah-


Someone said Ibos are being targeted by EFCC. I say nonsense. Maybe they shouldn;t be stealing? What do you think? This garbage of seeing ethnicity in everything EFCC does must stop. These tribalists always use Bankole as an example of the partiality of EFCC but fail to mention that they can only prosecute but not convict. Thats why we have courts, fools!If you are rich like Bankole and other Nigerian thieves you can get the courts to issue out continuous injuctions thru your high-powered attorneys. Guess what, Soludo will be out walking the streets of Nigeria just like Bankole. Thats the power of money! I wish all the corrupt leaders in South/South could be rounded up and prosecuted, convicted and jailed! I hate corrupt Nigerian officials, especially those that claim to represent me. The corruption and tribalism, two evils on the same side of the coin in Nigeria. One begot the other.

Is there court of justice in Naija?

I am shamefully amazed at the thinking of some folks here.Does it mean there are still Nigerians who yet to come to term with the fact that the laws in naija is so strong to detain the weak and so weak to detain the strong? Fayose is walking the streets of ekiti freely.Other ex-governors who ought to have been eating beans with big insects behind the bars now are walking the streets freely.By the way, where are the justices that are courageous enough to shun money bag and do the right thing? Are u guys not aware that the corruption indices in the judiciary is a big brother to that of the legislature.Let us concentrate on issues that concern national development here and not this episode of kettle calling the pot black.Thanks

This thing called oleku? Gini bunka?

There it goes again! That thing called Oleku... Kai! Gini bunka? What kind of devlish thing are you? I call out to all Igbos out there, do not allow this evil thing called oleku to associate with your name. Tufiya kwa for oleku

How Did We Measure Soludo's So Called Success????

In many great economies of the world, the successes of their Central Banks/Governors' Initiatives or policies are NOT measured by high frequencies of newspaper "advertisements and TV Commercials", public speeches given by their CB Governors, bogus achivements awards received the governors, etc. Their successes are measured by the number of jobs created, reduction in inflation rates, number of their citizens lifted out of poverty, etc. through well thought out and effectively implemented sustainable national initiatives or polices.

The question Nigerians and the media should be asking is: what was (1). the number of jobs created; (2). the reduction in inflation rates; (3). the number of Nigerian citizens lifted out of poverty, etc. through Soludo's so called initiatives? Find out the answers to these questions and then decide for yourselves if Soludo was an awful ... or awesome ... CBN Governor.

No sentiments, please. Thank you.


That is the end of the case. Ask Kalu and Ogbulafor.They are Babangida's lawyers.

@ Sammy

Your father. I dont know why idiots like you write comment on this issues. Go back to village may be your cousins kidnapping will show you the way. Bastard.

Which comes

Which comes first,invstigation or arrent.Nonsensical EFCC. Tis is leading nowhere.

when are we going to rrealise

when are we going to rrealise and correct our animalistic thinking.your post is immaterial and senseless. instead of posting advice on reality of our time, but posting provocative and unwisely comment. God forgive our mistake.

please, read this.

A believer is a servant of God who doesn’t oppress his enemies nor does he commit sins for the sake of his friends, who keeps trusts intact and refrains from jealousy, sarcasm and cursing others, who tells the truth though not called to bear witness and calls not people with bad names, who observes humility in prayers, hastes in paying his due alms, keeps patient in calamities and thanks (God) in affluence, who is content with what he has and claims not what he doesn’t, who doesn’t stop doing good deeds due to misery, who keeps company with people to learn and talks to them something to earn, and who forebears oppression and tyranny, awaiting the Merciful God to give him victory.

Re: braide

You are a pathetic fool. Your blind sentimental hatred of the Hausa and your rush to blame them for the ills of the country reveals your shallow- mindlessness and gross misconception of reality. Have you ever heard the rulers of the country fighting over religion or tribe? They are all stealing from the common pool, leaving hungry and depraved minds like yours to wander in the gallows of your ignorance.


Its funny how EFCC will make so much noise about an arrest when nothing will happen. Haliburton & Siemens bribery scandals produced no convictions while the likes of IBB, OBJ and Abdulsallami are free . Soludo will of course walk free.

who cares

We know that he will work free just like other looters of the country and we all know that EFCC is nothing but a wach dog of the government.