EFCC Plea Bargaining With PDP Chairman’s Son Over Fuel Subsidy Fraud-PREMIUM TIMES

Mahmud Tukur
By Premium Times

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has entered into ‘discussion’ with Mahmud Tukur, son of the People’s Democratic Party Chairman, Bamanga Tukur, over his role in the fuel subsidy scam, his lawyer told the court.

Justice Adeniyi Onigbanjo of the High Court of Lagos State, Ikeja, on Tuesday adjourned the trial of Mahmud, after his lawyer said that they have entered into a ‘discussion’ with the EFCC.

The Peoples’ Democratic Party Chairman’s son is facing trial alongside Abdullahi Alao, son of business tycoon, Arisekola Alao; and Alex Ochonogor, for their alleged involvement in the fuel subsidy fraud.

Their company, Eternal Oil and Gas Plc, allegedly obtained N1.9 billion from the Petroleum Support Fund for a purported importation of 80.3 million litres of petrol.

It never imported the petrol, the EFCC insists.

Mr. Tukur’s counsel, Tayo Oyetibo, asked the court for an adjournment so that they could finalize their “conference” with the EFCC.
“We as senior counsels we have studied the processes…and have decided to enter into discussion with the prosecution,” said Mr. Oyetibo, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. “That’s why we didn’t file any processes to challenge the prosecution in court,” he added.

Both Messrs Oyetibo and Taiwo Osipitan, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and counsel to Mr. Alao, did not shed light on the nature of their discussion with the anti graft agency.

Rotimi Jacobs, the EFCC counsel, however, did not oppose their application.
“The EFCC must give them the benefit of doubt and opportunity to explore,” Mr. Jacobs said.

A perpetually late judge
Lawyers’ who were in court on Tuesday allowed their frustration to boil over, after the judge, who always starts his proceedings late, failed to turn up two hours after the lawyers had been seated.

One lawyer complained that he had been in court since 7 o’clock.

However, when he arrived a few minutes after 11 o’clock, Mr. Onigbanjo after apologizing to the lawyers stated that he does not begin his sitting by 9 o’clock due to a “peculiar legislative policy.”

Release Tukur’s passport

Mr. Oyetibo also prayed the court to release the international passports of his clients, Messrs Tukur and Ochonogor, to enable them travel out of the country.

The EFCC did not oppose the application.
The judge granted the request, asking that the application be put in writing.
He fixed December 13 for the next sitting to “allow counsels resolve” their discussion.

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revolution has already began

Revolution is the Radical changes that occur but I tell U that the revolution has started already.
there is no revolution without Evolution which is the gradual changes For the first time Nigerians united in crying out on curruption and fuel calibanism many people are just waiting for the revolution that shall be born out of the evolution


Im shocked that Sahara Reporters did not completely state the matter as it is. This report is ambiguous.

I was opportuned to be in Court on that 13th. The Lawyers did NOT state that they are discussing a Plea Bargain neither did this report state that the Lawyers said so (if you read well). It is obviously the Reporter's speculation and so decided to state it in the Heading of this Articles.

The Lawyers also stated the subject of their discussion. Maybe your reporter was dozing in Court.

Ochukwu, Plea Bargain is a criminal element. There is nothing like it in Civil Proceedings.

Let us be trustworthy Nigerians and do let us allow the Government use us as casts in their movie.

Lord Deri

Sometimes I can't help but see some senses in deri's ranting.where's d SNG,will pastor bakare make a sermon out of this,where's dino melaye and el rufai? I know u ppl will be quick to punch GEJ. But is he d counsel to efcc or d judge.



Plea bargain is a civil matter. What about the criminal aspect?

To plea bargain and pay restitution is the civil aspect of the fraud and corruption. But there is the criminal aspect of fraud and this can be redeemed only by prosecuting the perceived fraudulent party in the court. Thus, EFCC should also prosecute Mr. Tukur regardless of the plea bargain.

here we go again

plea bargain?
the good thin is that they have accepted guilt. but so sad that this plea bargain is not an equivalent consequences of stealing our money..........
what is wrong with recovering the money and have people go to jail for stealing public fund?
in china, these people would have been saying their final prayers and preparing for heaven of hell. because either life jail term or death sentence- depending on the judge and prosecution.
God help Nigeria


May thunder fire every part of your body. How dare you say such about calabar women. Your mother is indecent. Idiot like you. Goat, ewu meh! Imagine the nonsense. Can you say such in public? People just hide behind their computer screens and let their crooked fingers & rotten minds run wild.

EFCC Plea Bargains with.. -Fuel Cabal- Again?

This time arounf Nigerians expect the EFCC to be open about the bargain. The full term must be published for Nigerians to see and velieve that there was no undercurrent to hide the Fuel cabal, we have paid enough subsidy as it were and enough is enough becuase so many Nigerians are now shoeless! By the way, where is the Attorney General and his penchant for proper evidence that could stand in the Courts and right to prosecute?


For having an extra marital affairs responsible men resign in civilized clime. Nay it is a pat on the back for our politicians and they even boast about the number in their patronage. We all know why they all rush to Calabar at the slightest opportunity where women lack decency.Even Bamanga Tukur has a full share of the Calabar women. But he cannot run away from this particular scandal involving his children in the oil subsidy scam. Bamanga Tukur should see enough moral reason to resign as the Chairman of PDP because of the shame this incident has brought to him and Nigerians.

Your time will soon be up!

What else can one say. This country is finished. The Day OBJ selected a terminally sick man and drunken fisherman to lead the gang of thieves call PDP to govern Nigeria,we knew that Nigeria was finished. Let me prophesy to these thieves today that this country is heading for the people's revolution. You thieves shall be burnt alive. Don't kid yourselves, you thieves, that because you have starched away your stolen wealth overseas, you can escape and enjoy your loot, you are very mistaken?.
You will not have the options of going before any court where corrupt judges and corrupt sans can set you free in the name of free bargaining. It will be the people justice.

Young from Patani

A satanic gang without a feel for their fellow humans...

A satanic gang without a feel for their fellow humans...enjoy forever;no death for u!



This is what Boko Haram is

This is what Boko Haram is also fighting. We should all join them to make Nigerian leaders (looters) pay for their crimes.

Oh God of creation, seeing

Oh God of creation, seeing that those you placed to rule over us have all gone mad, grant us the will power and ability to muster courage to chase them to pit of hell in Jesus name, Amen. Remove the spirit of timidity and narrow-mindedness among the populace. Please papa God, bring up and enable that one man or woman who can look all these devil incarnates eye ball to eye ball and say to hell to you, Mr. devil.


Oh my God.We are finished in this part of the world. A man that is expected to be hanged is been treated as a hero. If na poor man do am, na jail straight. These big for nothing rouges will all
die in perfidy.

Corruption- Nigeria's 37th State

I refer readers to the above titled letter published on 31st July 2012 by your fearless and respected editor on my behalf. It provides Nigerians with the magic of corruption, they are actors in their own games. According to the old adage, " you can not teach an old dog new tricks" We are in serious trouble.

Plea Bargain

The people need Justice! Why are you plea bargaining! We need justice! This is the beginning of our country imploding, America's prediction will come to pass! Not because of Boko Haram but because of back room deals like this! We need Justice!

False report

Sahara reporters, this your report is absolutely not correct, who ever gave you that information is not telling you the truth or you chose to ignore the real story in order to be relevant, you practice junk journalism, what the lawyers simply said was that they need to sort out some issues within themselves(defense and prosecution) before proceeding with the trial, not plea bargain as you wrongly reported.
You practice what we call hungry journalism.


Permit me to say that we are yet to see the best of jonathan as he will remain the most cunny and corrupt president in the anals of Nigeria presidency.He is only trying to placate Nigeria bcos 2015 has be sealed btw him and Bamaga Tukur and Bamaga son is to be Governor in his state while he will retain the Presidency.So dont ever expect Tukur son to be convicted else he will loose the presidency.Again watch out Episode 2 of Nigeria Election 2015 where Trillions will be shared to voters during electioneering and after that,U will buy petrol for N300/Ltr of PMS.May God change Nigeria Situation before then like he did during Abacha,Abiola etc.I know that God is ever faithful to save his people.Amen

Plea Bargaining.

Are we really stupid in this country or what? The meaning of plea bargaining is to agree that you are guilty & intead of wasting the time of the court,you will get a lesser punishment after returning all that you've stolen. So what nonsense are they doing in our courts?


Cases like this is why jungle justice by the frustrated Nigerian masses has become the order of the day!!! If the EFCC, government and justice system fails in giving justice to Nigerians for the theft of their common wealth by a few who have been propelled into our national consciousness by nothing by their dexterity at thievery, the day comes and it is indeed near when these common thieves will be lynched on the streets. Very soon the poor in Nigeria will have nothing to eat but to eat the rich who have stolen the common wealth!!!


Some Nigerians are weakling,somebody called for a revolution before the end of the year not even January next year,some Nigerians went on air to write nonsense,that if those calling for revolution refused to put their children forward,there will be no revolution what a stupid and timid talk.Period

EFCC and Ahmadu Ali's Son

The irony of Nigeria is that if this same guy contests an election tomorrow he will win without rigging, even though his opponents and the press may allege he rigged in order to cover the dumbness of the Nigerian electorate whose voting decisions are not determined by variables such as the integrity, quality and such like things of the contestant, but by pedestrian issues and sentiments. Guy you are lucky to be a Nigerian; go home and sin no more or if you sin again tell your daddy to pull the strings as he is doing for you now.


Since Ribadu left EFCC it has became money making kalu-kalu for AGFs, Waziri,Lawyers, SAN, Judges and others.We hear when they arrest but the end of the case we dont hear. Can EFCC tell the nation how many people they have convited of their crimes, only those little cases where the money involved are small.

Open the prison gates

The best thing today in Nigeria is to open all the prisons gate in Nigeria because the inmates have committed no offence, with what am seeing in the country.
Nigerian Judges must have been imported from the moon, this is a very unfortunate situation



PDP, Plea Bargaining and Revolution.

It continues to defy logic when our political leaders and their surrogates refuse to read between the lines.My Igbo people have an adage that says 'the death that takes the poor dog does not allow it to smell the excrement'.The plea bargaining to provide a soft landing for young Tukur is not leadership by example.The legal 'luminaries' who assist the very visible thieves to continue to defraud and loot the common wealth will be victims of the revolutionary avalanche that awaits the Nigerian jungle.The concern for most of us who are peeping into the future is that very innocent Nigerians will be victims of this.One only hopes that the current President can receive an annointing from above to become a leader soon,really soon!

Plea Bargain Misused

Nigeria will always be corrupt as long as we have thieves and non patriotric citizens at the helm of the government. Pleae Bargain is not a bad thing if used properly, but Nigerians as usual will emulate something from another civilized country and badly apply to the wrong situation in Nigeria. The purpose of pleae bargain is to give less punitive sentence to an accused who was very helful in getting a conviction for other crooks that would not have been otherwise possible. In this situation, there is indisuptable evidence that the crime was committed and the crook is not providing any valuable information to help prosecute other crooks that will result in conviction. If there is going to be any plea bargain, it should be that he agreed to some jail sentence and refund all of the money otherwise throw the boooks at stupid thief.

Cleaning the Augean Stable-2

..., "Sacred Cows will be slaughtered", "Golden toes will be stepped upon", "This is for the Greater Good", "Set up Committee-thorough investigation-culprits will be punished", e.t.c. Time passes by with a recycling of words, alas! not because the Will is not there. But, the Will is stiffled by the need to pay back the "builder" who erected the Stable.

Do we have time to clean the Stable? "Yes, I say" It is 'do-able' if comfort is sacrificed. It is possible if the focus is what Posterity will say, and not what are the chances of "Survival" in the status quo. It is a choice between conscience and tomorrow.

May we wake up from our dreams to a clean Nigeria tomorrow, Amen! God bless Nigeria.

Cleaning the Augean Stable

Every right thinking Nigerian that still has some 'moral well-being' will definitely be at a loss for words to describe this perculiar, but re-occuring "situation"! Oftentimes, I am soliciting for the educated Nigerian to show some understanding to the plight of our "Rulers"; yet, I am utterly at a loss as to whether I can continue that here on this forum!!! If we describe this "situation" as brazenly shameless, it may be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the greatest understatement that will ever be in this 21st century.

Now, if the EFCC is going to "discuss" with certified, 'convictable', avaricious and heartless "gentlemen" of the import and export Portfolio business (EasyOilNigPlc.com), then what is left is only hope for the common man. Hope of being able to survive alone without 'a Ruler'.