Election Rogue Justices Nikki Tobi and James Ogebe Leave The Supreme Court

Another of Nigeria’s most infamous Supreme Court judges, Justice Nikki Tobi, has retired.  His departure followed the quiet departure, four months ago, of Justice James Ogebe.  He was the infamous chairman of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal who accepted to validate the heavily-flawed April 2007 election of Umaru Yar'Adua and Goodluck Jonathan in return for hefty bribes and elevation to the Supreme Court.  He retired quietly in April.
Judge Tobi retired yesterday after attaining the age of 70.  He lived a lie as a person and consequently as judge, trying unsuccessfully to ape the famous British judge, Lord Denning, but lacking the strength of character to do so. 

Justice Ogebe, who led a pack of justices of theCourt of Appeal to declare the election of Yar'Adua and Jonathan "free and fair" could not attend on the final day when the panel was to give its ruling because he had compromised himself beyond redemption.  He left the dirty deed of reading the script to one Justice John Fabiyi, a funny judge whose performance was both “comical and hysterical,” according to lawyers who observed the final proceedings.

Justice Fabiyi was also rewarded with a seat on the Supreme Court for his despicable role in manipulation the verdict. 

Tobi who started as a local teacher in Rivers state, studied law and eventually became a professor of Law at the University of Maiduguri. But his life fell apart when he was accused of an amorous affair with Kate Hamza, the wife of the Chief Librarian at UNIMAID. He eventually left UNIMAID when religious extremists threatened to kill him after the marriage between Kate and her husband fell apart, a sad development that was blamed on then Professor Tobi.

He returned to Rivers State, and to the embrace of Justice Karibi-Whyte who assisted him to get a job as a High Court judge.  He was later to become a Court of Appeal judge on the ticket of Delta State under the Obasanjo regime.

Tobi's ascension to Supreme Court was opposed by Justices Alpa Belgore and others because they said his judgments always played to the gallery, and were watery and childish.  But he eventually got his wish. 

Tobi did a constitutional review of the problematic and disjointed 1999 constitutition for the Abdulsalam Abubakar military government, that exercise was highly flawed, but it was not a surprise because he became a court of appeal justice under the military. He became a Supreme Court judge under former President Obasanjo. Part of what he did under Obasanjo was to chair Obasanjo’s Third Term Constitutional Review Commission for the former military man’s ambition that collapsed miserably in 2006.

Obasanjo fell out with Justice Tobi because when he brought Kanu  Agabi (SAN) to bang together a constitution that would ensure Obasanjo a third term in office, but it leaked and Obasanjo reportedly blamed Tobi for mishandling the process.

But during the sessions of the confab, Tobi presided over and voted for the rejection of the proposed increment of derivation funds due to the Niger Delta region.

Then came the last presidential election appeal at the Supreme Court, and Justice Tobi again stood against justice. In his bizarre ruling at the Presidential Elections Appeal, he scandalously asserted that there was no need for serialization of ballot papers.

As was reported by Saharareporters during the appeal stage of the 2007 petitions process, Tobi, when approached by Yar'Adua through Aondoakaa, James Ibori as well as Jonathan, was promised his son, Ebowei, would be elevated to the Court of Appeal.   Although Ebowei was eventually nominated to the court, a series of exposés that was done by SaharaReporters frustrated its realization. 

Tobi is retiring from the Supreme Court a sad man, another disastrous end to another career.  Not only did his son fail to ride on his back to get to the Court of Appeal, when Justice Tobi asked recently to be named the chairman of the body of Benchers, a position to which he was “qualified” as the second most senior judge at the Supreme Court, the CJN told him that it was not a position for a retiring justice.  Justice Dahiru Musdapher was given that position.

Justice Tobi will have a lot to chew in retirement: even yesterday when he was supposed to have been given a valedictory session at the Supreme Court, that event was also canceled at the last minute.

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be careful of ur comment.ur

be careful of ur comment.ur statement do not correlate wit deeper life.guess u hav a beef 4 deeper life/ xtians or u overreacted.watch ur comment

au real are all these

au real are all these allegations against niki tobi?support them wit evidences cos this may just be blackmail even though reporters may not be aware.stories about nigerian top officials and politicians may be hard to believe cos we dont know which is blackmail.

Sahara reporters! I thjought

Sahara reporters! I thjought you guys were honest people.
I stand with you Femi Afolabi. They are a bunch of good for nothing selfish critics!
Justice Niki Tobi is one of the finest Judges nigeria will ever produce.

Saharareporters, its really interesting to know the facts from you guys. What happen in Unimaid in the 80's between Prof. Tobi and Mrs Hamza was real. I was in my primary school then,Mrs Hamza was the Liberian of the University and Prof. was the Dean faculty of Law then D.V.C. academic I was close to the family then in Unimaid the story was like a joke or something. but we were kids then. not until i read your reports now that the whole story flash through my mind.In Life nothing is hiding, keep the good work you guys are doing.

All you people that are saying Tobi this Tobi that,what were your contibutions towards the electioning process during and after?you sit here to write unfounded stories about hounrable people without evidence.Has any of you made an attempt to protest the short coimings of our law makers?The likes of you are once that collect bribe and write praises of IBB and the rest.

The evil that men do always live after them, so Justice Tobi welcome to the sad reality of your inglorious past.


The pains associated with coming from the minority tribes is very high. In the little I have experienced in this country, there is little truth being told about anybody. The man Niki Tobi had always stand on the truth and those who stand by the truth had always been blackmailed because they refused to follow the crowd but stand by the truth. The man had simply failed to understand TRIBAL Nigerian politics and blackmail when you fail to follow the crowd. Whatsoever anybody says, he is an honest man who had failed to unstand Nigerian politics until he retired as a judge in the Supreme court. It is only history who will justify our actions. He has done his part as a man in failing state where nobody trust one another.

It is not for us to judge men, but there is a great contrast Justice Oguntade retired some few months ago and he was well celebrated. Now it is the turn of Justice Tobi and his retirement just slips away uncelebrated but for SR we would not have known. A lesson for us to learn a good name is better than riches. A lesson for us ALL


What a fall from Grace? From his background asa failed Uni professor who could not keep it in his trousers, what were our corrupt leaders doing when they began to place him in high offices. People cannot give what they do not have. The man lacks common sense and decorum and was therefore bound to fail from day one. I guess that Obasanjo and his likes saw the type of potential they saw in aoodnoaka in him and crowned his the king of faceless clonwns

Evil that men do lives after them.Nikki's story is a sad one.Nigerians please don't indulge in what will come to hunt you few years later.He who has ears let him hear.search light is everywhere.If you are a public servant or a public office holder,always know that there are some unseen eyes watching you and your actions

My observation is purely on the contents of the news in question and not to join issues with the website operators or anyone. SR in all fairness is one of the best sites to visit on daily basis. I'm a regular comer to the site on daily basis; but that doesn't close one's eyes to the truth. The images of our leaders should not be rubbished just like that by some uninformed elements, so when you notice this signs and you hold your peace its left to you.If some of these unfounded allegations are to be legally handled some guys may be liable and culpable.Its like some guys have been paid to act the devil's advocates on this platform no thanks to Busuyi O @Busuyi O

What is said here confirms the old saying that a good name is of greater worth than gold. The judiciary is supposed to be the last hope of a people hence should scarce be sacrificed on the alter of the expedient. A call to a judgeship the world over is an honour extended to high flyers in private practice, the civil service or the academia hence transends 'modest wealth' as a judge is bound to be made comfortable for life therefore this talk about corruption in the system is an anomaly that should not be allowed to fester. We have just read comments credited to a former ruler who though he annuled a credible election hopes that if democratically elected he would not like to be disqualified. What an irony! What should be noted here is the assumption that he would be elected in a 'fair' election in spite of the various albatroses hanging on his neck. Hence the cry for incorruptibility.

So how much of taxpayers money went to these retirees for their meritorious(?) service to the nation? Anyway, not many of them cares much about their salaries or pensions, how much is that compared to the "gratifications" they received in the line of duty?
To think Law was such a noble profession!

What a pity some lawyers are defending a known bad judge. Shame on you lawyers!! No wonder most of you cant reach the level of Falana let alone the great one Gani.

@ Femi Afolabi, can you explain how a common sense can distinguish btw a fact and fake news without evidence? Pls, dont say you are a lawyer too, that would be so gross.

Good name they say is better than gold and silver. Let's see what becomes of all those who have at one time or the other collected bribe.

my experince in politics shows that your oppinion can only be recongnised if you have no money,it dose'nt matter where u got it from.people 4got so soon what they learnt in post election era but politicain easly used them during elections some old men and women being given 1k ,T shirt,cap and other material things,politicians with false promises to the detriment of their chidren future these must stop now open your eye very well your vote is ur power

Senate and Reps are framing consititution in line with thier political interest.watch out for thier conclusion you will see that some key areas which concern people that elects them will not be addressed,we need egalitarian politician like Jakande,Awolowo and Balewa to get these people we must desist from money politics to do this poverty must reduce cause people sill induce with as low as 200 naira to vote for a rough candidate.such a poverty.thug still hire for 1k to cause trouble kill opposition.educating people should start now...............

People invoved in kidnapping are intellectuals as mentioned by NUJ President.This govt should make political offices unattractive by reducing huge amount of money they made or else, do or die elections would continued and other form of organised crimes.Societal norms and value has been eroded away future of this country is in the hand of God,average Nigerian youth belief in criminalism as impunity is order of the day.

nigeria has men but without courage and political will. To Tobi and Ogebe though claimed "learnt" but unlearnt and lacked 'legal will'. the only country people are afraid to do the right thing and refused their name written in gold.today every body talked america this america that if they had cowards as judges, politicans etc, who would have known them. the remaining tobis and ogebes in legal prefession, detract and do what is best for your country than your self.

Nikki Tobi is Deeper Life; Ogebe is staunch ECWA and Katsina-Alu is a serious man of GOD yet these justices have presided and dished out injustice against Nigerians from the bench of the apex court. They are filthy corrupt but they use religion as a cover to fool you all!
For me, the Ibori ex-convict case destroyed the credibility of the Supreme court justices and Yar'adua's election decision nailed their coffin.

When i read these blogs, my heart sinks for our beloved country. Cant people make decent comments? Why do we always have to call each other names. As commentators, it is easy for us to sit back and criticise people in power. Would we be better off if given the opportunity? If we do not have the decency to make objective and informed comments, how can we expect to take our country to great heights. Stop asking what your country has done for you, rather think of what you can do for your country. And i think it starts with respecting the views of fellow Nigerians.

E bi like say all the yeye lawyers wey dey spoil Naija don invade Sahara. Dem don begin blow mouth for their ogboni Tobi wey say Yaradua win election wey even the dead man say him nor win. E sweet my belle say all these evil and satanic judges wey don help destroy Naija don begin get their reward for this earth. If dem like make those ones wey still dey active service begin spoil Naija judiciary, when time ripe all of dem go pay. Yeye dey smell, Ogebe ko, Tobi ni. Awon ole!

No doubt, bad lawyers will always need corrupt judges to thrive. `Technicalities` indeed! Yes, these men stood for technicalities rather than the pupport and essence of justice.

Youths of Nigeria, STAND UP FOR ONE MAN ONE VOTE or these crude technicians in the temple of justice will be the death of us all!

Are these ones leaders or shadow criminals? apology to late Fela Kuti.
The funniest comment is the church one, so because Tobi is a member of Deeper Life church he has right to sell our collective future in return for his son's elevation to the Court of Appeal?

Tobi has spend his time through out his career undermining the course of justice.Instead of joining the likes of Justices Belgore,Oguntade and others who left an indelible marks in our legal system,he has chosen to be remembered for allowing himself to be used to satisfy the whims and caprices of the excutive arm.He should be ready to face the jugement of supreme judge[Allah] who neither recieve bribe nor dispense injustice the way Tobi did.

A leopard whose skin can never change! What a pity!!!

some of the things you write in this piece shows total ignorance of the man and person of justice tobi.the tobi i know is a member of the deeper life bible church and a god fearing gentleman. pls get ur facts right.

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