Enter Into Dialogue With Boko Haram Now, AYF Urges Jonathan, Northern Governors

Abubakar Shekau-Boko Haram leader
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Arewa Youths Forum (AYF) has warned the Federal Government and the Northern Governors Forum to understand that the military option cannot solve this challenge of Boko Haram, and that it must explore every avenue to enter into dialogue with Jama’atuAhlis SunnatiLiddaAwati wal Jihad, also known as Boko Haram. 


In a statement signed by its National President, Gambo Ibrahim Gujungu, at the end of an emergency meeting on Saturday, ACF said that some interested parties seem to be scuttling every effort at meaningful dialogue between the government and the leadership of the sect. It called on the government and to demonstrate a high sense of sincerity and commitment in tackling the threat, noting that innocent and poor Nigerians have been at the receiving end of the assault of Boko Haram.  


“The cost of maintaining security in the North is quite alarming as it goes to the detriment of core development that we are lacking,” ACF said.  “It is worrisome in the sense that virtually all aspects of the most needed development are no longer feasible even in the nearest future, owing to the monumental destruction of lives; properties and our most cherished mutual way of life that hitherto existed irrespective of religion, ethnic and political inclination.”


It also called on all Northerners to note that despite differences in religion and other aspects of life, Nigerians are better off together as a single entity than their present state of division that is only in the interest of a few people.


It cited what it called the “rapid destruction of our communities as our cemeteries gradually are encroaching our homes faster even than the globally revered desert encroachment,” as opposed to efforts at purposeful development in other parts of the country.  


Calling for unity, it said that without unity the North is finished in Nigeria, and that the North is facing gradual extinction.


In that regard, ACF said that it is more important to dwell on correcting its lapses and securing the future of the North than to be carried away with the politics of 2015. 


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boko haram are not killing any civilian,our security agents and can are the evil doers.


I say not to any discussion with those ilitrate idiots. Just ignore them. No amount of threat will compell us to do that. Once you start the dialouge, it will never end. History will not keep repeating itself. It is their way of life, they know no better, no matter what their excuses are this time around.

chica 'steve'

ok 'chica'...maybe u next. lol

lol please tell them ohhh,i

lol please tell them ohhh,i know they will be begging for dialogue.hahahahahaha,if you people are confuse please go your way because Nigeria dont need fools like you.i cant understand this,you want to fight someone,you went straight to your family and kill everybody before asking for peace.mumu people.no make una distroy your homes and meet buhari to ask for peace.ANIMALS

no dialogue no negotiation with terrorists

I believe is easy to stop boko haram the problem is that our government have not really tried... There's something they are still not telling us

Why can't you find out where the bombs/weapons they use come from? Who sponsors them? Some group of men against a country as big/wealthy as nigeria

The government should ask them selves the BIG question.


Well callin 4 dialogue seems 4 b d only option @ this point, bcos Boko Haram has shown us how useless our security agents r, it is a fight dat d govrnmnt cannot win anytym soon, there4 4 peace 2 reign dialogue is recommended. 2 those dat r running mouths whenever there is an attack dat kill or wound any christian but when it involves only muslims they keep sayin d northerners should kill themselves, now dialogue is suggested dey r sayin no 2 it, dat Boko Haram do not deserve dialogue. It seems Boko Haram's intelligence is much more better than d our security agent's, dat is why 4 Boko Haram 2 stop killing us the northern muslims and our brothers the northern and southern christians at the moment let us hav a dialogue wit em & even findout from them what way 2 stop d violence. Mind u goin 2 dialogue does not mean agreeing 2 all their demands.

Dialogue my foot.

Why will d FG dialogue with those who only believe with dis false religion called islam ? And in this regard will they be no more christian in the north ? or will it be only muslim that will rule this nation that they contribute nothing to its development? Lets not be deceived, FG should go ahead and arrest Buhari, ibb, datti and yuguda.

The underlying factor for the

The underlying factor for the rampant orgies of bloodletting in the north of Nigeria boils down to a culture of violence made worse by mass illiterecy.I remember while growing up till date all Hausa-Fulani males had daggers and talismanic charms on them and would not hesitate to stab at the slightest provocation.
If a child is raised not to respect the sanctity of life and if that child is exposed to a religion which preaches retaliation and if that child is uneducated,what you get is a sub-human with an animalistic urge to kill like a predator in the savannah.
The north have a lot of catching-up to do.many northern peasants are not mentally equipped for civil-society,thier only education is on how to pray, resite the quaran and relate to thier cattle.This is quite dangerous

Why Presidency may move against Buhari

Why Presidency may move against Buhari...

Read at http://www.StateOfNigeria.com


1.NNDC: Why oil search in North failed so far
2.VIDEO - $3.8Million MOney Laundry - Nigeria
3."Boko Haram Will Accept Dialogue On Its Terms..."-Says...


Who is deceiving who?

Who is deceiving who is this country? Pls you people should stop making fools of urselves. Who is the BH? Tell ur leaders to stop sponsoring evil, they know what's going on but if they fail to do God's judgmental fire will cunsume you all . Vampires, why sucking innocent bloods? What if it's your family members? God is watching you all.

RE: Dialogue - No Secret Agenda!

From the call by most Northerners for 'dialogue' with B/Harams, it appears there is a SECRET/hidden agenda behind it. The last attempt at 'dialogue' was scuttled by the Boko Haram because the Govt informed the public about it. AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? If the agenda is not clandestine WHY WOULD ANYONE BE UPSET THAT THE DISCUSSION WAS MADE PUBLIC?

During any DIALOGUE, these should be NO GO AREAS:

u ar a big fool. When

u ar a big fool. When everybody is bringng up a reasonable comment. All u cud thnk of is to be using ur dirty and stupid mouth to raise curses on ur head. I pity u n ur generation to come for u hv commited a grave sin wt ur childish n unreasonable attitudes towards issues. Wise up foolish fool!

Boko Haram is not asking for too much

Boko Haram wants real SHARIA in the core North

Boko Haram has never asked for dialogue with the Federal government. All it wants from the FG is the release of detained members.

The people asking for dialogue, who are also faking BH are the Northern political and religious leaders. The same people who have destroyed the North through their culture of looting and mismanagement.

Boko Haram wants dialogue with the Northern political and rligious establishment but the later keeps asking the FG to dialogue with BH

Boko Haram wants real SHARIA in the core North, not the fake and hypocrytical one instituted by their "leaders" for the purpose of political positions and funds which they routinely mismanage.

The rest of Nigeria wants dialogue with the core Hausa-Fulani North on the border of the two countries.

Dialogue with terrorist? Tufiakwa!

Boko haram declares war against Nigeria and Nigerians. We have to check war with war against.
I am a Muslim and there is now where in the Quran and Hadith where it is stated that we should kill our fellow man. One of the 3 grievous sins, as stated by the prophet Muhammed is killing of a man; and he said whoever kills his fellow man his guilty of death sentence. Then what course are they fighting for?
"LAHNAT LLAHI ALA-L-JAMAHAT-L-BOKO HARAM" may the wrath of God be on all members of the Boko Haram sect.

No secret dialogues!

From the call by most Northerners for 'dialogue' with B/Harams, it appears there is a SECRET/hidden agenda behind it. The last attempt at 'dialogue' was scuttled by the Boko Haram because the Govt informed the public about it. AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? If the agenda is not clandestine WHY WOULD ANYONE BE UPSET THAT THE DISCUSSION WAS MADE PUBLIC?

During any DIALOGUE, these should be NO GO AREAS:

Dialogue with terrorist? Tufiakwa!

Its disheartening when one hears, from some group that are supposed to be well enlightened, that dialogue should be entered into with terrorist. Where in the world do they dialogue with terrorists or terrorist group? What is the object of this useless Boko Haram's civil disturbances. For goodness sake, must you kill innocent souls to express your demonic grievances? Indeed, AYF had spoken well, in the interest of the nation and people of the North. But when a group chose to be killing citizens as their own way of expressing grievances what should the representatives of the citizen (Govt) do? folding arms? Definitely, there'll be counter reactions. That is in the form of military attack.

God save nigeria,God bless

God save nigeria,God bless nigeria.

AYF is the same as Boko Haram

Fools, Political entrepreneurs, zealots. We know that there is no difference between you and Boko Haram. AYF is the political wing of Boko Haram. You have seen that the violence is failing rapidly and most of you have been captured. Let us see how you will win 2015 election. If that happens, let us see how you will come to take our oil from the Niger Delta.. you guys are not thinking.


They are all going to die in hell. The end time for them is near and they are scared. Oh! They think we don't know those supporting the boko haram are scared of their names been mentioned... God will push you all out from your hiding place. Now, they are seeking dialogue after killing thousands of innocent people and tarnishing the image of Islam all in the name of politics. You will all rot in hell.

They woke up late

The AYF woke up late. They should be bold to tell Buhari, Babangida (Ibrahim and Aliyu), Atiku and others to leave the scene. They are only interested in their pockets and train their children abroad but tell you people that education is Haram. . . worse still, the Northern youth has been very lazy.

While your southern counterpart is struggling to write one professional examination or the other, gain admission to schools abroad, engage in Music, Comedy or Sports, you are told that these constitute Haram. Unfortunately, you believe the nonsense, and this has been your greatest undoing.

Even in Saudi, civilization is key. They read the same Koran. When I was in the North in 1999, women don't enter a taxi when a man is already inside. The same goes for men. In fact, the driver will not stop if the opposite sex flags him down. That's backwardness. You can never match the dynamic south with this self destructive archaic and misguided attitude. It is dawn! Best of LUCK!

Re Dialogue with boko Haram

I am a staunch believer in Peaceful Co-existence, however i have also come to accept the reality that he who wants peace must prepare for war. Joe Bonano was asked why he had only a rusty gun as the Mafia boss and he replied, "you cant get a handshake with a gun in hand" In this case, we cant discuss with these elements when they keeping attacking helpless and hapless Nigerians especially christians and southerners. To compound issues, their first demand is that the president convert to islam. How ridiculous and misguided can that be? Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) stated clearly "There shall be no compulsion/coercion to profess islam" so what are they fighting for? I feel this fight is all political masked as religious to sell to the jobless masses

AYF more Sensible than ACF

ACF is only interested in how to re-capture power
In 2015,while AYF is very concerned abt the
Development of Northern Nigeria.ACF members are
Are only concerned in attending meetings that have
To do with 2015 elections.AYF ride on

No ! the money is from CAN !!!

Dialogue assumes there is a minimum level of rationality in Boko Haram !!

The big error is turning a blind eye on the bloodthirsty demon pulling Boko Haram's strings !!
How do you enter in to dialogue with filthy, bloodthirsty allah and his sexual pervert, pedophile, armed robber prophet mohammed ??
That's like negotiating with a dog not to bark !!!

If it's not Boko Haram today it will be maitatsine tomorrow -the agenda and the modus operandi is the same -kill, kill, kill and shed more blood for their bloodthirsty vampire arabian moon god to drink !!

The only language they understand is violence -Israel know this very well. When overpowered they will be the ones begging for a dialogue hiding under their women's burqa !!

No to Dialogue with Terrorist Boko

Dialogue with who? Go and read what the Benue state govt said abut BH. ACF needs to put thier house in order. You people should call BH to order yourself. Let them know that this is not how to win the War. They should look for a better way of confronting the old politicians in that region. The Federal Govt will be making the mistake of thier live if they dialogue with BH

say no to dialogue with terrorists

dialogue with boko haram is unacceptable. if jonathan dialogues with boko haram, he is encouraging other groups like massob to follow the footsteps of boko haram. thenwhenmassob goes up with bombings what will you do? may be dialogue with them?

Boko are Muderers and Terrosits

Boko Harams are terrorists and murderers and should only be killed the way the killed other people,the government should hang them instead of dialoging with them ACF are bunch of fools,and are also part of the conspiracy.and should be disbanded.

dialogue with devil should

dialogue with devil should not be an option. they can continue to destroy the little infrastructures in the north and kill the innocents despite the facts some northern leaders are behind them. we shall see the gain at the end.

Long live Northern Nigeria in Hell

You should be discusing your independence. The rest of us do not want to share the same country with you wickard and heartless blood soakers. Please go your own way if you are so confidence of yourselves.

No nego with Sharia Police etc shooting killer Boko

The northern sharia Police etc are the shooting killer Boko.

In as much as northern Muslims, politicians and elite ar giving indirect encouragement to Boko, their Sharia Police, Sharia Courts' workers and Sharia enforcers who could easily store arms and explosion materials in Mosque could be those that go about shooting people at random on motor bikes etc. storming Police Stations, Prisons and robbing banks.

The shooting and others are not abating for nothing. The FG should not only look at this direcetion but should clamp these group of people into detention. No negotiation with terrorists.

una never hala!

The day jonathan starts it is the day this forced union will end. What should be on the table? releasing and even compensating murderers and terrorist or islamisation of nigeria, increasing handouts to the north or agreeing it's their birthright to rule us forever? Hell no! The answer is seperation, we all, except, the core north want out. The talk of joining hands and coming together is another way of saying they want to keep dominating us! No way malos, your
luck is over! You welcomed sharia and boko, live them!

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