Enugu’s Govenor Chime In London Hospital With Heart Disease

Ailing Governor Chime Sullivan
By SaharaReporters, New York

Governor Sullivan Chime, who has been missing from Enugu State since September 2012 when he applied accumulated leave that ought to have lasted only one and a half months, is battling heart disease in London’s Cromwell Hospital, sources have told SaharaReporters.

Despite efforts to ferry him home to quell public restlessness in the State, the condition of the governor, whose medical sojourn started in India, has remained dire.

The prolonged absence of the Governor has left the state under the complete control of his Chief of Staff, Mrs. Ifeoma Nwobodo.  Deputy Governor Sunday Onyebuchi, who is a neophyte, is limited to monetary spending limit of not more than N500,000k at a time.

Before becoming governor, Mr. Chime was Enugu state's Attorney General in the government of now-indicted former Governor Chimaroke Nnamani.  During Chimaroke's reign in the state and for eight years, several assassinations, including that of Victor Nwankwo, the business manager of the vocal activist Arthur Nwankwo, helped to chill public dissent.

Following the disappearance from public view of Governor Chime in 2012, several assassinations have also been experienced in the state.  Emeka Agwu, a man described as vocal and fearless, was assassinated in December 2012.  He hailed from Udi, the same local government area as the governor.

Other assassinations, including those of Ogbo Edoda and Ikeckucku Alagwu, a coordinator of MDG projects in two LGAs, have sent fear throughout the state and chilled notable voices.  So far, there are no investigations into those murders.

Enugu indigenes are fearful about what lies ahead for the State, and many prominent church leaders who hail from the same area as the governor have gone silent.  The state assembly is also in the pockets of the governor.

A few days ago, a pro-democracy association of Enugu State citizens which calls itself the Save Enugu Group, called on Acting Governor Onyebuchi to make a “categorical explanation” on the condition and whereabouts of Governor Chime.
The Acting Governor has yet to respond.

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It is very unfortunate to

It is very unfortunate to hear that the governor Sullivan Chime is suffering from serious health problems. He is a true leader with lots of qualities and his absence will be felt in the state for sure. Hope he will get well soon and came back as our governor. Windows 8 installation

The medicare costs should be

The medicare costs should be reduced to offer to any person, poor or rich, a decent treatment. Does the Government think that we don't deserve a decent life and decent health prices? Because we do deserve these things and we pay too many taxes to the Government for them.

Governor Sullivan Chime love America

Well i want to update that Mr Governor Sullivan Chime is becoming better and this is good news for all of us. I just remember that he love the America and you can read about America at http://www.whatisusa.info/

How does he manage to look so

How does he manage to look so good? It doesn't even notice that he has health problems. Did he search for treatment at Dr Kovak's clinic? A public hospital doesn't compare with a private clinic, am I right?

He will need a teleradiology

He will need a teleradiology scan. And as long as he is in the hospital, he should do scans to the entire body, usually a heart disease is just a secondary effect of another hidden disease. I wish him to get well soon, his people need him more than ever.


Which part of their journalism is 'worst', that another sick leech is too sick to loot and rather than handing to another looter (At least to keep the wheel on), he decided in the foot step of another demonic possessed mallam, whose wife reigned supreme for almost a year with no probe of her selling the presidential fleets and presidential portfolio...
All insanity, the jungle of insane nothing else!
Split up that nonsense called Nigeria let each group go an deal with their problem their own way!

Alhamdullilah! This is why

Alhamdullilah! This is why we dread the Hausa Fulani influence in our society. Turai, her concubines, and the Northern cabal set a very dangerous example during the last months of Musa. Ever since that duplicity the families of every sick or dying politician has made enormous capital of their sick or dying relative leader. This is ungodly.


Lets be introspective here.Why must we develop ill feelings against our fellow man bcos he occupies a political position?.Even wish him death.That is wickedness in its highest place.That is a clear indication that if some us become governors we will not only kill n loot at will but gods best described as principalities.Lets exhibit maturity in our comments on politicians cos they are humans and we might become one tommorow.

General Interest of Enugu State: Absence of Chime

It surprises and beats once imagination what is happening in Enugu State. That a sitting governor left on accumulated leave on Sept 20th 2012 and by the middle of January 2013 there is no categorically statement from the government where the governor is. Others are talking of being a good governor while others are pointing accusing fingers why there is serial murder in Enugu state. Refering to his past rule in Enugu state to me is missing the point. If he has been good, is it the reason the state will be ruderless? As a Chief Security Officer of the state, crime will increase in his absence. We should not keep mute or sit on the fence in the face of aberration.

Praying Amiss

How would you pray for someone whose ailment you have no knowledge about.
That will be fruitless prayer.

Learder ?

I pray and wish the governor a speed recovering, but what worries me is this, these people have short memories. They only thinks of richness but, die, burry and will be remembered for their failure.

Rather devising means to put the current problem at rest and make sure the future problems are solved before they surfaced.

They will put the self-interest aside; think of collective interest of the people first. This way: the future interest of the state will be protected, economics, social and security be assured their grand and great grand kids included. That is what I call a leader.

I sympathized with governor Chime yet he should know that Enugu state would not stop to exist in 8 years. (His tenure) therefore he should show good example, which in coming governments should be judge. Can he complain when coming government make same governances mistake. He should consider how history would remember him.

A stitch in time save ten, a word is enough for a wise

how dare he ???

... dare he go for Britain, when we have reserved entire wards for Naija VIPS in Germany, which is soon to be annexed by Naija.


Almighty Jehovah God will

Almighty Jehovah God will heal Gov Chime of Enugu state any sickness and all afflictions in Jesus Name.
He will return back healthy to his work Amen.

Wa-awa People Mumu Pass Mallam Mugu!

It's difficult to understand how a dying man can hold an entire state ransome to the tune of N500,000 max. budgetary expenditure. That shows how much trust he has in his Deputy to start with. It's only a herd of Aboki cows that will loiter around grazing fields and wait for the Shepard to return. At this rate Gov. Chime can rule Enugu from the graveyard since they can't even visit to verify if there's a tomb marked Chime! Stupid, lazy fools. The man is dead! Force him to prove otherwise. As a former Attorney General of the State, Chime knows there are legal limitations for his action. Even if he's building a dwarf Dubai in Enugu, his arrogance has to stop ...but it takes people of timber and courage to put an end to such rubbish, not wawa clowns. Next story, jare!

This is journalism at its

This is journalism at its worst. Shame on you Sahara Reporters!

What Did The Law Say?

We wish him quick recovery. Meanwhile, what is the position of our law with regards to the issue of absence from duty of political office holders? We should resolve henceforth to operationalise our laws as to create a better society for ourselves & generations yet unborn!


It is typical of human nature to grudgingly relinquish power. If governor Chime's case was considered hopeless, by his antecedents, he would have handed over. Anyone that stands up,in Nigeria to claim otherwise is a chronic liar. CHIME has performed well beyond expectations and most residents hope that he returns. Deputy Governor Onyebuchi is a competent hand that can steer the affairs of the state very well. We pray for Chime's speedy recovery and that GOD grant him the fortitude to take the right path in this difficult decision to the Glory of JESUS and preservation of his good works in Enugu State.

I wish the ailing gov speedy

I wish the ailing gov speedy recovery. At this point, I believe, like all mortals that his 'powers' are now limited. No more playing god. There is only one God, a jealous one for that matter. The least of Chime's problems now is Enugu state. It is the idiots he left behind that are now playing gods. They did not learn anything from Yaradua's saga. At the right moment, God will show why He is the only God. The sorry state of our lawless democracy pops up every time. Now Enugu is governed as if there is no law, no state assembly. The executive is the law while the assembly watches from a distance. Too bad.

100% Medical Check Up...

I think next time, there should be full medical check up (100%) for any body wanting to contest for any office. For good and sain leadership, there has to be a healthy physical, emotional, mental and social status!

What goes around must definitely come around.

On a spiritual level, if it is true that Sullivan Chime caused the death of even a single person, bearing in mind that he cannot manufacture even a hair of a man, what goes around must definitely come around.

From the human point of view, what stops these governors from pausing and thinking of the great advantage they will derive in establishing a first class hospital in their state? University of Ibadan Hospital was a world-rated center, even when Nigeria was struggling with exporting Agricultural products without oil.

Now these Governors, except for Wada (I doff my fedora for you), are all scrambling abroad to treat their pimples!

What a shame.

@Gov. Chime

@Gov. Chime

HipoPatience would soon join you in same hospital; enjoy !

This report is very

This report is very interesting. Basically it is saying that Governor Chime fell sick and left town then a bout of assassinations followed. I don't know how people are supposed to link the two things. It is like saying that Buhari was seen in public and Boko Haram unleashed attacks on citizens. Let somebody help me understand the linkage, please.

They go into politics to LOOT not to serve!

Governor Chime's attitude reinforces the fact that Nigerians do not go into politics to SERVE but to loot the treasury - for their selfish aggrandizement. Is Governorship of Enugu State a family property or position? Why should this dying man hold on to this appointment hoping for a miracle for his clogged heart and ravaged prostate? For how long will Enugu State be without a full-time Governor? Shame!


State assemblies in general are in the pockets of sitting Governors in Nigeria. They serves absolutely no meaniful purpose except to help any sitting Governor in pludering and looting any given state. Look around you and tell me which one is different. That my fellow Nigerians is the sad case of Nigeria state. There is nothing wrong with our political system in principle but there is everything wrong with the fools that runs it. Enugu state Assembly should rise up, develop balls, and removed this unpatriotic Governor. I am tired of Nigerians thinking that government jobs, it is theirs to keep forever. This mentality must change and it should start with this Governor.

ikenna nwandu

All we can do is pray for the safe return of the governer, because he is best governor enugu has had .

ikenna nwandu

All we can do is pray for the governor to return more healthy, because he is definitely the best governor we have had in enugu .

show us his pictures.

show us his pictures.

Nawa for Igbo people


Nawa for Igbo people

nawa for igbo

From your story Chime

From your story Chime Sullivan has been suffering from a heart condition before was diagnosed with a heart condition. It's sickness of the heart that makes a politician govern like a potentate, rule as if people are no people, and elevate assasination to state craft. Chime's medical current condition is manifestation of his "spiritual" condition. It is a pity Nigerian rulers never learn; and that might also be due to their hearts' condition

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