Enugu’s Govenor Chime In London Hospital With Heart Disease

Ailing Governor Chime Sullivan
By SaharaReporters, New York

Governor Sullivan Chime, who has been missing from Enugu State since September 2012 when he applied accumulated leave that ought to have lasted only one and a half months, is battling heart disease in London’s Cromwell Hospital, sources have told SaharaReporters.

Despite efforts to ferry him home to quell public restlessness in the State, the condition of the governor, whose medical sojourn started in India, has remained dire.

The prolonged absence of the Governor has left the state under the complete control of his Chief of Staff, Mrs. Ifeoma Nwobodo.  Deputy Governor Sunday Onyebuchi, who is a neophyte, is limited to monetary spending limit of not more than N500,000k at a time.

Before becoming governor, Mr. Chime was Enugu state's Attorney General in the government of now-indicted former Governor Chimaroke Nnamani.  During Chimaroke's reign in the state and for eight years, several assassinations, including that of Victor Nwankwo, the business manager of the vocal activist Arthur Nwankwo, helped to chill public dissent.

Following the disappearance from public view of Governor Chime in 2012, several assassinations have also been experienced in the state.  Emeka Agwu, a man described as vocal and fearless, was assassinated in December 2012.  He hailed from Udi, the same local government area as the governor.

Other assassinations, including those of Ogbo Edoda and Ikeckucku Alagwu, a coordinator of MDG projects in two LGAs, have sent fear throughout the state and chilled notable voices.  So far, there are no investigations into those murders.

Enugu indigenes are fearful about what lies ahead for the State, and many prominent church leaders who hail from the same area as the governor have gone silent.  The state assembly is also in the pockets of the governor.

A few days ago, a pro-democracy association of Enugu State citizens which calls itself the Save Enugu Group, called on Acting Governor Onyebuchi to make a “categorical explanation” on the condition and whereabouts of Governor Chime.
The Acting Governor has yet to respond.

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Right now if you ask Chime to choose between all the Naira inside the vault in CBN and a healthy heart he would choose the later. The last thing the poorly Governor is interested in right now is his administration in Enugu, but those that he left to hold fort would rather not inform us truthfully of his fight for health so that the whole nation can remember him in our prayers. They have a vested interest in keeping his condition secret so that they can do things in his name that he may not be aware of.
Telling the truth by itself have become a disease in Nigeria. those that we elected into power no longer feels any obligation to report or account to us.
I wish the people of Enugu State well and I hope the will use their franchise well when the next election comes

A Speedy Recovery

Wishing governor Chime a speedy recovery.

Onyebuchi Is Not Acting Governor

The House of Assembly has not yet appointed Onyebuchi as Acting Governor. There is a process.

Well done guys...

Good investigative journalism...

He has full blown AIDS!

This man has full blown AIDS! This is from a very reliable source. Apparently a female lawyer he had been dating before he became governor and who he appointed as his Special Adviser on becoming governor,who he continued dating died of AIDS 6 weeks ago.
All the story about heart related issues is false.
This man has full blown HIV!

Sullivan chime is the man of the people...

Nothing is wrong with sullivan's abscense. Those murders were surely carried out by chimaroke nnamani thugs. Chimaroke is a shameless man who plays blood politics. He want chime out by all means possible so he's now sponsoring series of murder just to paint him bad. The same do or die politics Buhari is playing up north. Using boko to kill and maim naijas so we send GEJ back to the creeks. Chime is one of naijas best governors who has transformed coal city in terms of infrastructure, employment, reduced crime rates. During chimaroke nnamani regime enugu was no go area. He practically eliminated any one who speak out on his numerous atrocities he committed. Chime will soon return to his duties. Chimaroke should go find something else to do with his miserable life.

Assassinated? Has it been

Assassinated? Has it been established that those people were killed for political or religious reasons. Please your editor needs to look at the article again.

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