Ex-KBR CEO Gets 30 Months For Halliburton’s Nigerian Bribe Scheme-SweetCrude

Albert Jack Stanley

Sweetcrude, HOUSTON - A former chief executive officer of KBR Incorporated, Albert “Jack” Stanley, was sentenced to 30 months in prison by a US court on Thursday for his role in the massive, decade-long Halliburton bribery scheme in Nigeria.

Top Nigerian government officials were, under the scheme, allegedly offered bribes totalling $180 million by Halliburton, a US oil services firm, to enable it win $6 billion Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) contracts.

Stanley, 69, who pleaded guilty in September 2008 in the scheme, has been awaiting sentencing after this date was reset 16 times.

“The misconduct here was serious, ongoing and deeply hurtful,” U.S. District Judge Keith Ellison said before handing down Stanley’s sentence, which also includes 3 years of probation.

Earlier Thursday, Ellison gave a former KBR consultant a 21-month prison sentence for acting as a middle-man to channel bribes to Nigerian officials on behalf of KBR and three other members of a Portugal-based consortium called TSKJ.

Jeffrey Tesler, 63, a consultant and lawyer, pleaded guilty almost a year ago to one count of conspiracy to violate and one count of violating the bribery law known as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Despite fighting extradition from Britain, Tesler was sent to the United States in March 2011, where he entered a guilty plea. He faced up to five years in prison on each count and had already agreed to forfeit almost $150 million as part of his plea agreement.

On Wednesday, Judge Ellison sentenced another Briton, Wojciech Chodan, to probation for taking part in the bribery scheme when he worked at a unit of KBR. He had cooperated with the investigation.

Both Stanley and Tesler expressed remorse for their actions. Stanley said his judgement had been clouded by “ego, ambition and alcohol” and said he cooperated with the Justice Department since 2004.

Stanley’s lawyer, Larry Veselka, called him “the most effective and cooperating witness in U.S. history” in helping to pursue FCPA violators.

Government officials said Stanley mislead federal investigators for four years before he fully revealed the details of the case. However, the U.S. government agreed to cut Stanley’s proposed sentence in half – to 42 months from 84 months – based on his cooperation.

“He knew he was in a lot of trouble before he started cooperating, right?” Ellison asked.

“Mr. Stanley wasn’t a whistle-blower by any stretch,” said government prosecutor Patrick Stokes. “Mr. Stanley was the leader of a gigantic fraud.”

KBR was previously a unit of oil services firm Halliburton but was spun off in 2007 and in 2009 agreed to pay $579 million to settle bribery allegations.

Kellogg Brown & Root LLC, the former engineering subsidiary of Halliburton Co, pleaded guilty in 2009 and admitted that it paid $180 million in bribes to Nigerian officials to win the $6 billion in contracts for the Bonny Island LNG project in the Niger Delta. Partner companies from Italy, France and Japan were involved.

The bribes – some delivered in a briefcase stuffed with $100 bills – were paid to officials in Nigeria’s executive branch as well as the state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corp, the U.S. Justice Department has said.

At various points, huge sums of money were wired through banks in Amsterdam and New York to accounts in Monaco and Switzerland.

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Yeye country, with bloody

Yeye country, with bloody corrupt leaders. When leaders are corrupt the followership is bassically rotten!
Na the same bribery money they take polite out political system during election. Making it impossible to get rid of them!
Jonathan is factually corrupt, no question. One day Nigerians will wakeup and take their country back, if not, these 'agbero and area boys' in power will continue ruling supreme in Nigeria.


And some of the alleged suspects in this deal in Nigeria have been appointed Ministers of the Federal Republic. The giver and taker are equally guilty and Nigeria's case must not be different.

if the EFCC fails to arrest

if the EFCC fails to arrest the recievers of Halliburton’s bribe which means President GEJ is not a just leader. the US has done her own part, sentenced her citizens 4 given criminals (nigerian leaders)bribe of $180 million. nigerians want to see the recievers been punish as well. The offence bribe/Bribery is not complete without a reciever(s)

@Deri: So when will Jonathan prosecute the Nigerian receivers ?

Deri, when will Rule of law master Dumbo Jonathan the Nigerian receivers of the bribe ?

Don't tell us how corruption did not start with Jonathan. The crimes were committed over several years and Obama administration did not hide under the silly foolish argument that corruption did not start under Obama hence it can't be tackled.

@Deri: So when will Jonathan prosecute the Nigerian receivers ?

Deri, when will Rule of law master Dumbo Jonathan the Nigerian receivers of the bribe ?

Don't tell us how corruption did not start with Jonathan. The crimes were committed over several years and Obama administration did not hide under the silly foolish argument that corruption did not start under Obama hence it can't be tackled.

So What is Nigeria Doing?

When is Nigeria going to sentence all those that were involved in this Halliburton scandal? I am shaking my Head.

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Top Nigerian government officials were, under the scheme, allegedly offered bribes totalling $180 million by Halliburton, a US oil services firm, to enable it win $6 billion Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) contracts.who are they? and why are they not in jail?

At least I know Senator

At least I know Senator Jubril Aminu as one of the bribe takers. Can someone name the other receivers please?

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The Halliburton solution is easy, the Nigerian names involved should be released to the public so that we can know the families that are ruining the "next generations" future. Shameless idiots. VISAs to foreign countries should be revoked and all their properties abroad should be seized. This US judge can help if we send letters to his office to help save the Nigerian kids future and the State department(s) can help revoke their Visas and all their children should be repartriated. They are all idiots. This madness need to stop for goodness sake...........It can't continue like this. Innocent Nigerians are suffering. This same foreigners helping them still our money are the same ones that insult us abroad.

At least I know Senator

At least I know Senator Jubril Aminu among the bribe receivers. Can someone please name the others concerned


This is the clear difference between a country of law and a lawless country.While our leaders jet shamelessly around the world,the white guys look at them,smile to them and look upon them as corrupt garbage bins once they turn thier backs,dont blame the white guys.
Our politicians and public officials who recieved these bribes are walking free,contesting elections and doing active party politics,some are infact being appointed into sensitive positions as the case goes on.
The halliburton bribe scandal has defined the criminal nature of the Nigerian political establishment,it has also exposed the deception of our present leadership who claim to fight corruption and try to tout the fake credential abroad.

I used to ask myself , why is

I used to ask myself , why is corruption difficult to tackle in Nigeria. Is it weak a judiciary system, or a weak leadership.d
I was able to answer this question, when I relocated abroad about 3years ago.
The foreigners are not angel or made of different genes from Nigerians, what makes the difference is that if you offend abroad you will be punished, no matter who you are.
The regulatory system is so strong and independent, that the citizens fear the regulatory and judicial system, more than the leadership of the country.
Second factor in Nigeria, is the culture of worshiping rich individuals, this is another strong factor that makes an average Nigerians desperate to become rich by all means.
When I started living abroad, the first vehicle I bought was a 4 wheel drive jeep, I noticed nobody really care about what you drive, or the way you dress. People here appreciate you more for your talents or your contribution to the society

AGF bello adoke

Bello adoke should be given 150yrs imprisonment follow the link http://ireports-ng.com/2012/01/12/exclusive-multi-billion-dollars-hidden...

AGF adoke was involved

Mr Bello adoke collected $23million from the bribe but na nija we dey


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This is unbecoming of Nigeria. I would not want to believe this but some people have been sentenced to prison for GIVING bribes to Nigerians. Where are the Nigerians who RECEIVED the bribes, If nothing is done I think its time for the real REVOLUTION to take place. we are being overstretched by their wickedness and yet we call it our country. if it is our country we need to rise up and call the so called government to order. this nonesense must must. Fellow Nigerians we must rise and ask the government to name the takers of this bribe. All the youths to wear their jeans and t- shirts and lets hit the road in all the thirtysix state and demand the names of the people. A site should be opened immediately on facebook and others to promote the demand

Harliburton Bribery Scandal.

Abeg make America jail all who participated in the bribery scandal but for us in 9ja, we celebrate corruption as bribery is a way of life in Nigeria. Nigeria no dey carry last for God sake.

Nigeria Shamee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shame on the Nigeria Executive, Legislative and Judiciary for promoting and encouraging corruption, looting and stealing and by the grace of God, you lots are Nigeria Enemies and the Lord Almighty will deal with you all because you delight in iniquity and injustice God Almighty will arise onbehalf of the poor and fight you and your household it shall soon come to past.


Why should'nt America be a model for other nations of the world to emulate.They have promptly sentenced those americcans involved in the halliburton scandal while their Nigerian counterparts are working the streets of Nigeria free and are still involved in policy making and receiving honours for their gross misdeeds.Can EFCC update us with immediate effect the extent that case have gone as it concerns their couterparts in Nigeria,failing which I will urge and ginger BOKO HARAM to increase their spate of bombings but this time on people in government-Executive,legislative,and judicial arms as well as the corrupt politicians.As far as Nigeria is concerned these set of people mentioned are looters, leeches,never-do-wells,diabetics,criminals and subtle murderers.They should all be exterminated because as far as Nigeria is concerned ,we don't have a Government in place.

Niger area! i hail o!

Where are the people that collected the money nah?! Abi, in bribery, where there is a giver there must be a receiver. bribe taker jailed in USA, bribe receiver unaccounted for in NIGERIA. Niger i hail ooo!!!

Oh! 9ja!!

I weep for thee!

Nigeria is a country that

Nigeria is a country that promotes mediocrity.





Nigeria Criminal Looters/Rulers

 In Nigeria, the criminals that involved in this case are the coodinators and moderators of our national affairs. They are the African representatives.

These criminal looters are the givers and receivers of national honours. The more they loot, the more the honour awarded to them. 

For how long the mess will stay with us in Nigeria. Shameless looters calling rulers/leaders don't care. 

What a shame!!! Now what

What a shame!!! Now what happened to the Nigerians that collected the money? What is Halliburton still doing in Nigeria? Harbouring fraudstars and distrying her host country.....Halliburton should leave the shores of Nigeria and closely monitored not return in another name - the justice system most also hack down the Nigerians involved in this fraud.

WE MOST NOT CONTINUE LIKE THIS!!!!!!! Halliburton leave - the internal system of Halliburton in Nigeria is so corrupt from the top executives to common staff. What a company breeding idiots over the years. Shame on you all still working and being used to distroy your own country....Go look for a honest jobs and leave Halliburton!!!!!


What of their Nigerian counterpart in crime? As usual in Nigeria, did;nt they commit any crime for abating, partaking or benefiting from the bribery crime against Nigerians? I want to see whether those involved will equally be fished out and arrogated their fair share of punishment according to Law.The world is watching!!!!

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