Expect Mass Revolt In 2015 Unless INEC Organizes Free And Fair Elections, Says Buhari

Gen. Buhari addressing his supporters today in Kaduna
Supporters of Buhari in Kaduna
By SaharaReporters, New York

General Muhammadu Buhari, the leader of the Congress for Political Change (CPC), and the party’s presidential candidate in the 2011 election, told a crowd of supporters in Kaduna today that the 2015 elections will lead to mass revolt unless the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) organizes credible elections which are acceptable to Nigerians.

Buhari was addressing CPC members from Niger State, who came to wish him well after his surgery in the United Kingdom and to appeal to him to contest the 2015 elections.

A prominent member of the delegation to Kaduna told SaharaReporters what transpired at the gathering, and sent us some pictures of the event.

He said Buhari told the members in Hausa: “2015 elections will lead to mass revolt without the elections being credible and free and fair. Nigerians are tired of this mess and we must stand up and do something by chasing riggers out of power. There are several types of Boko Haram with the original one of late Mohammed Yusuf group, and there are many, but the biggest Boko Haram is the Federal Government.”

Buhari also described the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as legendary in corruption, and swindling public resources and the fortune all Nigerians ought to be enjoying.  

The party faithful, the source added, pleaded with Buhari to change his mind and contest the 2015 election.  He has stated he will quit competitive partisan politics.  

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Mary. So ur eyes nd earz have

Mary. So ur eyes nd earz have only shown u dt the christians were killed nd maimed? But they ddnt show u how d MUSLIMS were killed on Eid day nd hw they r on a daily basis brutalised in jos.essay research paper


He dresses in his father's shooting tweeds and tired cashmere sweaters.
Low on food and tired of the quixotic rule of the autocratic master

of the ship.Click www.n8fan.net for more information.



He dresses in his father's shooting tweeds and tired cashmere sweaters.
Low on food and tired of the quixotic rule of the autocratic master

of the ship.Click www.n8fan.net for more information.


Buhari's call for a mass revolt does not implied bloodshed!!!

Buhari said "Expect Mass Revolt In 2015 Unless INEC Organizes Free And Fair Elections". I see nothing wrong with that excerpt-statement. Nowhere in Buhari's statement that he implied bloodshed or killing anyone.
Those who have chosen to mill and twist Buhari's call for a revolt in 2015 absolutely lack depth in reasoning.Has anyone questioned Buhari on what he meant by a mass revolt?
Nigerian journalists are partisan in their reporting and thus will peddle anything just to gain favor from the government in power.
The last time I checked; a revolt can be peaceful or it could fester and escalate into violence. Buhari did not mention nor conclude which spectrum of a revolt he is alluding to.
In 1962, JFK asserted this quote; "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". If it were in Nigeria, many would have mischievously read a different connotation to the above statement including our "fine" journalists!

Gen Buhari who no go agree will agree in grave

Gen Buhari, Arewa Communities and Northern Governors who no go agree will agree in grave, who no go rest will rest in grave peroid.As Christ Commander I have declared three years war as sign of Jona to all Arewa and their retired Generals. From now till 2015 The Holy Ghost Last Salvation Army will bring all Muslims and their people to be subjects of Christ. They will seek Christ and ask for an Ibo Woman president Mother Grace who will save them. All your Mosques have made to become a place of praise of Christ. I will never seek the world or Muslims any longer but they will seek for me as their fathers the three wise men seeked for my me when I was born.

take your time


@Shamsu Rabiu Galadunchi - You miss the Point!

The issue is NOT about Buhari's record or perceived past achievements. The issue is about his now and present character and state of mind and his miguided comments. The issue is about his provocative and inflamatory utterances, capable of inciting majority of his ILLITERATE FOLLOWERS or supporters, just as it happened after the April 2011 Elections.

For a 'leader' to threaten "That in 2015, the violence that will follow the elections will make the 2011 violence a child's play" if there are lapses in the electoral process, is a most irresponsible and reckless statement to make. In other words, he is tacitly endorsing the 2011 violence that claimed innocent lives of citizens, youths and members of the NYSC, who were on national assignments. Your past deeds and achievements can be obliterated or wiped off by gross or grave misdeeds. I care more about his current state of mind. That is the issue!

They are targeting Gen Buhari in advance

Against all request to present the original Hausa statement of the General, you keep giving us adulterated amateurish translation. You did this to him in 2003.
How would a man like General Muhammadu Buhari be left alone after all we know about his quailities? He was a governor in old Borno state. He served as a minister of petroleum. When he rescued Nigerians from the embezzlement of politicians and led the country, everyone knows how discipline became the order of the day. Even his worst enemy cannot honestly say Gen Buhari stole a single kobo within all these times. He kept another record in PTF and up-to-date, there is no financial scandal in his carrier. How do you expect such a clean person be left alone in a country where your reputation depends on how much you squeeze from national wealth?

GEJ for life

If GEJ wants let him kill all Nigerians, we love him because he is our own. Let corruption thrive in he government; we love it. Let kidnapping and armed robbery increase in the south and Boko Haram in the north; we don't care in as much as GEJ is the president: Let the country fails, we are happy and we will continue to suffer and smile as well; in as much as our own is there. Let the stealing continue. Stupid people...

what is new on the utterance of Gen, Buhari?

pls.do not forget that OBJ also said it is a DO OR DIE AFFAIR and also Judge Bush of America said a similar word that Nigerian will split in the year 2015.

Hear o, Another Animal Talk...(2)

Just hear him talk like an ILLITERATE! Hear him make excuses for Boko Haram that they are 'revenging' the killing of their leader. This person sounding like a caveman was once a ruler. Despite the numerous problems in the North, including the social problems of the Almajiris and attrocities of Boko Haram, Buhari's PRIORITY is 2015 Elections. God forbid that he becomes President!

I'm not surprised by his outburst given his antecedents and his barbaric and caveman mentality. Advocating barbaric methods of BLOODBATH and LYNCHING is a rehash of his crude antecedent. He unleashed a REIGN OF TERROR, like the Biblical King Nebuchadnezzar, after criminally and forcefully SEIZING power from a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT with ARMS.

Too much nose

Too much of your noses Mr Buhari . Fair and Free election means when Buhari wins? Right ! Lets waite and see where your strength will come from ,when the time comes.Foreign fighter like your distand cousin Gaddefi did.You will be catch in the street like a bird and your weapon will be use against you.

Just a question

Will a free and fair election mean for buhari τ̅☺ win??

Hear o, Another Animal Talk...(3)

BUHARISM has always been crude, brute and barbaric. His economic policy in 1984 was to flog and bully people to sell their ESSENTIAL COMMODITIES at a loss and below their cost prices. Not forgetting his disdain for intellectualism and information during his REIGN OF TERROR. Here is a man that shut down universities willy-nilly and wanted to breed ILLITERATES like himself. He detained persons unlawfully, including JOURNALISTS and shut down NEWSPAPER HOUSES!

Only BUHARISM will advocate CAPITAL PUNISHMENT and instant justice, like BLOODBATH and LYNCHING as panacea to Elections rigging, even for mere malpractices or offences that Nigerian Courts can handle. No Election, like every human endeavour, is perfect. There is always room for marginal error. WOULD THE UNDERAGED VOTERS BE LYNCHED TOO?

Hear o, Another Animal Talk...

Very careless and reckless statement to make, by a former HoS and ruler. Another unguarded utterance and an irresponsible or loose talk (Animal talk) by a supposed statesman and former leader. This is one reason why I do not support the loose canon. Wish he will also be a victim of Decrees 2 & 4 that he visited on others!

I hope the revolution will not consume him too, as I understand UNDERAGED VOTERS and FOREIGNERS from CHAD/NIGER came out to vote during the last elections for the 'People's General', who forcefully and criminally seized power and terminated our fledgling democracy. Those who live in glass houses do not encourage people to throw stones!

The comment is irresponsible at best

Everybody knows there's nothing like perfect elections. Remember Gore v Bush, jr? African elections are fraught with irregularities, and to prep the polity for confrontation when the 'expected' result is not called by INEC is outright criminal. Live means nothing to a soldier, that's why thugs join the army. To kill and maim is their profession. They're psychopaths!

Buhari is a threat to 'peace' in Nigeria and should be cautioned or arrested for 'inflamatory comments' that could polarize a divided nation. It's time level-headed northerners talked to him, he's becoming a thorn in the side of the nation. He's un-electable even if elections are held yearly in Nigeria. The earlier he realised that, the better for all. The North can do better than all these fosils, that's why it seems Southerners hate them, they're not creative. They keep projecting the same crooks Nigerians would rather forget. EiE of Atiku, Ciroma, IBB and their AREWA rubbish. Naijas need Peace!

We are solely behind you,

We are solely behind you, electoral ethics must change 4 good!!!

RE- PDP will rule For 100 yrs

Ok ANS let it Continue ruling till eternity and see what would happen shameless n useless pple, those that lack focus n human feeling MAY ALLAH Curse all of you, AMEEN.


How do u expect him to have surgery in 9ja? Where ur corrupt gov fail to provide adequate medical facilities due to the looting of our resources, GEN may even die in cus of undergoing the operation due to power failure let him go nd attain aproper medical care and don't be bias pls...

Agbelero..thks for the clarification but...

I understand you but atleast Buhari is expressing himself...you have a lot of politicians in his shoes that are not talking but have killed us and are still planning to kill more of us..He is a trained soldier...Obasanjo had also used the word do or die....and may not have meant it the way we civilians assumed...when a soldier says bloody civilian....its a different ball game..my take is that we are being matched by PDP daily and be led into the ocean mumuly and seems every one is quiet..trillions has been stolen in subsidy, Police pension fund stolen..what else is more bloody than the stealing of police money and not paying the salary of police...tomorrow when the police is killing everyone, nigerians as usual will not blame the source of the killing but we will blame the symthon...unfortunately this govt has gradually start to owe salaries..Buhari took over govt when govt was owing teachers for 18 months, police 6 months and soldier 3 months..GEJ is already owing salaries..be warn

expect massprotest in 2015

any touble maker will not see 2015 talkless of protest, what did mass protest produce for syria or libya? foolish ppeople

burari ibb and atiku should be arested

Buhari said this b4 dat if he did not win the govt wil be ungovernable for the stupid phd holder in person of goodluck. Nobody do anytin about it. Boko Haram came aboard. Now is 2015 again? Who knows wat wil folow?


Please do not get me wrong.  I am not a PDP supporter.  I want PDP out of our lives; PDP is a cancer tumor that we need to remove.  I do not trust buhari to serve the interest of all nigerians.  He demonstrated who he was during his time.  More importantly, there was no need for him to intervene when he did.   I believe he intervened to derail the progress we were making in the south then.  Remember in lagos, jakande already signed a metroline project contract with a french consurtium, ambrose alli was doing well, middle belt governors were doing well.  This man is a BIGOT.  There are other northerners that are more honest, and can sail the ship.

Only a Nation of fools can be ruled by Idiots

When i read comments sometimes i feel like to weep for my country. Why not for once allow truth to guide our sense of reasoning not sentiment all d time even when our nation is in dear need of our unity and patriotism from everyone. Is it that English language is the problem why we cant understand simple statement or just pretense because of hate? All of you remain in your bedroom talking PDP this and PDP that but the only person that have been so courageous to consistently challenge the vampires instead for Nigerians to hail him most morons will tag him with many insulting words. PDP WILL SURELY RULE FOR 100 YEARS.

Buhari ordered Nigerians to

Buhari ordered Nigerians to be lynched. It resulted in the death of over 1000 9jas
and 11 youth corners. He is here again with his threats. Can a sane man be issuing threats while the nation is at war with boko haram? What message is Buhari sending to to boko haram? Somalia has been split into 3 parts. It's only in 9ja that the buharis and bakares are scared of allowing us go our separate ways. This is an election which is 3 solid years away

buhari vs pdp

I didn't support buhari in the last election and I regret it,all this people that make this man look or sound like a bigot becaise they are are scared of him,let's blame him for the death of the corpers by his supporters...who do we blame for the people that died in almost every state anytime the pdp went on a campaign train during that same election,who do we blame for the deaths on our roads in our hospitals and the poverty in the land over the last 15years the pdp has been in contol,who do we blame for the boko haram deaths? Today they say its buhari tomorow atiku and ibb yet our c in c says he knows the killers and has shown he is totaly incapable of leadership what is wrong with bigerians

Blood thirsty Fool

Blood Thirsty Religious Bigot and Vampire!

Fool traveled for Medical....

The religious Bigot of a Fool actually traveled abroad for medical treatment...just came back,and is already Blood Thirsty!!!


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Mary, u r a selfish fool.

Mary. So ur eyes nd earz have only shown u dt the christians were killed nd maimed? But they ddnt show u how d MUSLIMS were killed on Eid day nd hw they r on a daily basis brutalised in jos, kaduna nd other places? Go to Hell. Ure being selfish, sentimental nd foolish. Go and be current gal!

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