Family of Founding Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Pastor, Late Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi, Accuses Pastor Adeboye Of Changing Church Principles, Marginalization

Pa Akindayomi And Pastor Enoch Adeboye
By SaharaReporters, New York

The family of the founding pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Late Reverend Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi, has expressed dissatisfaction with the current leadership of the church and the family’s role in its management. 

The family wants to have a representative, elected by the family, in a permanent position on the governing council who will help to ensure that the doctrine being taught by the church is in line with the spiritual beliefs of the late Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi.

In a petition signed by Abiodun (Akindayomi) Olukowajo on behalf of the family, the Akindayomis said that while they are proud of the growth of the church in the past 30 years since the death of the founder, from about 40 parish-churches to more than 22 thousand parish-churches worldwide, their family has received no “noteworthy” support.

They complained that they are playing an insufficient role in the continuation of the legacy of the late Rev. Akindayomi, which they say has been willfully done by Pastor Adeboye so as “to allow for recharismatization” of RCCG.

The Akindayomi family also expressed concern about the transparency of the church, describing as “gross disrespect” the fact that the Akindayomi family is outside the decision making processes of the church, with no role in determining the direction of the RCCG in terms of the vision of the late Rev. Akindayomi.

The Akindayomi family also wants a change in the ascension order of the church, stressing that it is not a fact that the current leader, Pastor Adeboye, was appointed as general overseer for life by the late Rev. Akindayomi, or that Pastor Adeboye has the divine right to choose his successor. 

Instead, it calls for the governing council to select three candidates, given to them by the provisional pastors, from whom the worldwide membership of the RCCG would determine its leader.

The accusation of lack of transparency comes from another accusation the Pastor Adeboye bought the Redeem Camp grounds in his personal name and that of his wife, while using church funds to develop the property.

In 2007 a house of representaives inquiry into abuse of import duty waivers alleged the that former president Olusegun Obasanjo issued  some N20 billion worth of import waivers to the  Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, and its  pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye. Most of the waivers were reportedly used in importing luxurious cars into Nigeria. 

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Let God be the judge of these matter. And let anyone that want's to raise a conderming tongue towards any man of God that truely serve God in spirit and in truth will go scout free. Remember that in Ps. 105 vs 15 says: (Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm). So beware what u say about men of God.

Sahara Reporters, I am not surprised

This site has not got any significant and interesting news of late, but that does not make you go the way of Global News and City people - try to dent the image of decent people just to find relevance, Haba!

RCCG Founding Family

Dont know if this report is true or not. Church should not be a family affair. The family of the late founder should look at the doctrine if it sound or not and not acres of land and buildings. We ought to lay for ourselves heavenly treasures.


May God show u mercy

The whole truth

It's obvious SR is baise and mischievious. The report did not confirm such letter from recognised member of the Akindayomis; and neither state RCCG or Pastor Adeboye's comments/ defence. Who really is your sponsor.
FYI the purported letter is from the pit of hell & does not in anyway represent the view of the family. The Adeboyes and Akindayomis are members of the big family of RCCG. for your information Pastor Adeboye treated our matriach - like his own mother through out her life time. RCCG & even Adeboyes refer our Patriach as the founder even till today. Your report and many like it that do not have their root in the Word of God cannot stand.
It is well!


Let God be the judge of these matter. And let anyone that want's to raise a conderming tongue towards any man of God that truely serve God in spirit and in truth will go scout free. Remember that in Ps. 105 vs 15 says: (Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm). So beware what u say men of God.


Baba Adeboye will be 70 years old in March, 2012. He retired some Govering Council members that were 70 years old. They are ganging up against him that he must retire by 70.

Pastor Adeboye has decree that non performing Pastors will be shown the way out and it is my turn in no longer acceptable.

This is Convention period, an huricanne will sweep through RCCG. Some Pastors in Charge of Provinces, zones,Areas and parishes will be shocked. Baba will not retire until he breathes his last breath.

The Pastor that will suceed him will be announced and annointed for all and will be acceptable to all and sundry.

And the name of the Church shall be called RCCG. It is the Church of God and does not belong to anybody.

Finally, this is Church politics and will blow away after 31/08/11. Quote me.
God bless RCCG and Nigeria.

thank you au citizen for the attack on the yoruba...they are truly the cause for all nigeria's problems, who do you recommend to save the nigerian nation? the au citizens? you are obviously very uninformed and very unfortunate...may god save you from yourself...

Adeboye do not even trust God.

Akindayomi Children should also know that Adeboye is well connected in Nigeria and he has a lot of money that it's now impossible for them to fight him in Nigeria. Adeboye do not trust his God to protect him, thereby moving around in Nigeria with armed Body Guards and bullet proofed SUV. If he Adeboye feels threaten, He will not pray to God to chase his enemy rather he will hire assassins to chase his enemy. Be warned.

Beware and remember CAC palaver

Remember the CAC and how the problem started? Here we go again? Please, please, there are churches and sects all over the world. I dont think the Methodist church is still run by the Wesley family. What out you guys. Dont play with fire. I am not a member of RCCG but I commend them for being very organised and I believe the church seems to be the only new-age church I can call THE CHURCH OF GOD.

Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell are here on earth, what do you say of a man who can not feed three time aday, one who can not pay the hospital bill. and so on....... and here is aman who steal money make to help other to take care of it self and family. Buy unnumbers houses and cars. which one is hell and heaven. I beg let stop fooling ourselves.

Sunday Njokede: A Muslim and Northerner?

I now have no doubt that Sunday Njokede is a Muslim Northerner? And why did he single Pastor Tunde Bakare out as a model pastor? Because, Bakare supported Buhari (Muslim,Northerner), and has not condemned the barbarism and savage destructions going on in the North.
Look at his name: "Njokede"! What does it mean? What language is that? He probably meant to pass himself off as Igbo, but that name has no meaning among those who speak Igbo.
Sadly, he has got himself into a tunnel by cursing a man of God, just because he wanted to rubbish christianity. Now Mr "Sunday", you have got what you have been looking for, and you have no one to blame for what is coming to you.

Nigeria 419 Mega Pastors

Akindayomi Children should realize that Mr. Adeboye has succeeded in taking the Church(Business) from them. They cannot be able to fire him because the governing council is filled with his stooges. They cannot get justice in Nigeria court because Adeboye has built a cult like image in Nigeria and he is very well connected with Nigeria corrupt politicians. Other alternative is to hire competent US private investigators. The investigators should scrutinize all their dealings in North America and Europe. If for example, they find out he bought property in US with Church money under his name or wife like Redeem camp ground, then I bet you Adeboye will go to jail in US. These mega prosperity Churches also do launder money for our Nigeria corrupt politicians.

who God Bless

who God have Bless no man can cause.God is taking Pastor Adeboye to another level of Grace, and even they petition from now till 4ever they will not be able to achieve anything.

The RCCG I know

First and foremost, this news seems dry and empty to me, cos it does not give any reference of previous breaches (if any). And I am of the opinion that as at when Adeboye was taking over, none of this people knew what Akindayomi's instruction was to the Governing Board and Adeboye.

Moreover, nowadays SR news has been more of hearsay, if not SR would have published the purported letter from Akindayomi family to the Governing Board.

Please, get your info right before publishing.

Please! Lets be sincere

Please! lets be sincere here, irrespective of your religious or cultural sect. Whenever there is fraud allegation against politicians, we are apt to castigate them, but why is it that we try to defend our religion and religious leaders being castigated? I don't expect any serious Christian to be speaking for Adeboye here. Jesus was accused but He never fought for Himself. Even when one of His disciples attempted it, He cautioned him. I don't understand the type of Christianity we practice today . . . umh.
@SR! I no longer believe in your reports and perceived some have also noticed this. There are indications that you are being sponsored and this is very devastating to the ethics of your profession. Hence, i have read several dailies today and none reported this . . . I hope you are saying the truth. God help you not to destroy your good work you have long laboured to acheive. . . Thanks


Who cares who was related and who was not related to Pa Akindayomi. We are not in RCCG because of these guys. We joined RCCG because it's a balanced church, well structured and has integrity. And of Pa Akindayomi laid a good foundation and of course, he handed over leadership of the church to the right person.

So these politicians called family members of Pa Akindayomi should go and rest and leave the progress of RCCG alone. Pastor Adeboye brought value to RCCG. I'm sure Pa Akindayomi would be well pleased to know that his legacy is intact.

Rather than trying to ridicule Pastor Adeboye publicly, let them go see him privately and express their grieviances.

Awake your eyes

Have you wondered why only the pastors receive God's blessings. I you consider the situation in Nigeria critically, you'll notice the mass movement of cashflow from people's pockets to Pastors pocket. Is that what you call God's blessing?

Be Objective!!

Assumung SR's report is correct, there are 3 issues here..
1. The family of the founder and their demands-That is pure greed on the family's part since the church does not belong to anyone..This one is easy..
2. The redeemed camp property in Pastore Adeboye's and wife's name-This worries me more than anything else and RCCG members are not commenting on this..If this is true, it is really really bad...I think the people deserve a response on this one...
3. The import waivers-Are other churches getting waivers from the Govt? If yes, let us move on... If not, then the curch may be part of the problem in Nigeria..

I suspect that some people are upset because they don't understand what the churches have done for the masses and Nigerians lately..I mean, how can we have so many churches and our nation is going to hell...

Writer,Man of God or Man of Satan,which one do you prefer...?

Do u prefer to see A Man of God or a man of Satan?If for serving God,Daddy Adeboye is blessed today,I think he deserve it.Heaven & hell are real.The Gospel he preaches to save soul as mandated by the Bible is 100% better than any cult that will lead you to hell.Daddy G.O HAS NEVER CLAIM HE OWNED RCCG and does not control the finance of RCCG.Every now and then he always give reference to Pa Akindayomi as the founder and his Daddy in the Lord,and also pray for his family.If Pa Akindayomi's family want anything,I think they should go and meet with Daddy G.O or the Governing council than to allow satan to used them in coming to SR.RCCG is not a family Church,but the church of God.Daddy Adeboye becoming the GENERAL OVERSEER is DIVINE and not human,which I believe is the best than voting someone that God did not choose.Pa Akindayomi's family should be happy that the ministry is growing world wide.God is watching the writer.



We shall all stand before judgement seat of Christ

The father of 1st Penticostal church in Nigeria ,as a matter of fact in Africa ( Apostle Babalola of CAC ) never had a male child, never build a personal house, car, jet , no inheritance left for her children. He left behind faithful members and good governing council members. Wolfs came to the church,but later expelled. No one should judge any minister until Christ comes back.


My God shall continue to bless and prosper my father in the Lord Pastor E A Adeboye. No powers, dominions nor principalities can bring down the anointing of God in his life. No weird nor soft sell magazine-like publication can bring down the humble man of God. All those behind the story shall experience what it is to touch the Lord's anointed.

Is AKindayomi God?

The Family of Late Pa Akindayomi, if they said this, indeed, must belong to the company of crass opporunists Nigeria is full of. If God used their father, who could not speak one single English (insult not intended) to start the Church, then it means they should have "shares" in the Church. This is a Church of God, not Church of Man. Do they think it is a blue-chip company? While their father was alive, why didn't he bring three names and ask the whole church worldwide from picking one from the names? Or put a succession plan down? It is because he had no such mandate. This confirms it was not his "Company" So they want to be paid money for being children of the late founder. The man would be crying in his grave for this blasphemy, I am sure. Better go and work hard, if not poverty is already knocking at your door. Note this perpetually: Pa AKINDAYOMI is NOT GOD. God used him, just as he is using Pa Adeboye. God will definitely use somebody else tomorrow.

Organised Religion is Business!!!!

Akindayomi children has right to demand their fair shear of the money looted from poor and the week minded Nigerians in respect to tithes and seed sowing. Their father started the business and Adeboye continued to run the business at the death of their father. The mugus that pays their tithes, Adeboye will present it as if they give their money to God. To Adeboyes' and Akindayomis', they know and sees it as business. Adeboye single-handedly controls the resources of the Church through his yes men,yes women and the family members he appointed as church elders. The reason they created church elders is for church members to feel that the church is being run as a community. These elders are rewarded handsomely that they cannot oppose Adeboye on anything. This is not limited to Redeem church, all the other mega prosperity churches are being run the same way including Nigeria federal and state government.


Pastor Adeboye by nature is a grateful and careful person. The Akindayomi's i know cant be the author of this, mark my word. Whoever is behind this should be warned. Baba Akindayomi will never have chosen to handle this matter this way even if the allegations were true. Mama Olukowajo should not allow people to push her. Dont destroy what God use baba to start. Pastor Adeboye will be 70 next year....and this is the prelude for the war to come. As for Sahara reporters they are always a ready tool against the person of Pastor Adeboye and i was thinking about it before opening the site. There must be something personal they have against him. PLS REMEMBER KORAH DATHAN AND ABIRAM. A word is enough for the wise.

AU citizen

AU citizen are you not so ignorant of objectivities, what has Yoruba got to do with the above discussion. Is Pastor Chris and other Chris are Yorubas?

Gates of hell shall not prevail !!

May the Lord continue to strengthen and protect pastor Adeboye and the RCCG family.

The Lord said the gates of hell shall not prevail against His church -not that they wont try. They try even harder in these end times !

All attempts of satan and his agents to disorganize RCCG will be nullified by the blood of Jesus !!

This is a matter that should have been handled internally -should never have been leaked out to the press !!

The love of money is indeed the root of all evil !!

@Sunday Njokede: A Muslim and Northerner?

I now have now doubt that Sunday Njokede is a Muslim Northerner? And why did he single Pastor Tunde Bakare out as a model pastor? Because, Bakare supported Buhari (Muslim,Northerner), and has not condemned the barbarism and savage destructions going on in the North.
Look at his name: "Njokede"! What does it mean? What language is that? He probably meant to pass himself off as Igbo, but that name has no meaning among those who speak Igbo.
Sadly, you've got yourself into a tunnel by cursing a man of God, just because you want to rubbish christianity. Now you have got what you have been looking for, and you have no one to blame for what is coming to you.


I'm neither pro or anti adeboye or the akindayomis.All i want to say is that the main crux of the matter is how the church funds is managed and succession. If men must allow the Will of God to prevail, then every toga of selfishness must be shed off while effort should be intensified towards leading the flock towards the ultimate goal which is salvation.