FCT Elections: PDP Mocks Opposition, Says Nigerians Have ‘Rejected’ Them

By SaharaReporters, New York

The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described the party’s victory in last Saturday’s Federal Capital Territory (FCT) area council elections as a testimony that it remains the pre-eminent party despite the much-orchestrated merger by opposition parties.

National Publicity Secretary Olisa Metuh, said in a statement that the ‘woeful failure’ of the opposition in the elections is a demonstration of the fate that will befall them in 2015.

In the elections, PDP won in five out of the six area councils, a development Metuh celebrated as rejection of the opposition, saying it indicates they merely exist on the pages of newspapers and do not command true followership among the people.
“That we won in five out of the six area councils is a clear testimony that Nigerians have truly accepted the PDP and a demonstration of the fate that will befall the opposition in 2015”, the statement said.

The party said those behind the opposition parties can now see that they are merely chasing shadows as the FCT elections and others held recently have shown that Nigerians know that they have nothing to offer but desperately seek power for selfish reasons.

It recalled its sweeping victory in the Kano State House of Assembly bye-elections in February where it won over 80 percent of the votes in the two councils where the elections were held.

The leadership of the PDP commended the National Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur for providing the leadership that has “continued to engender trust in the party” as the background of its electoral victories.

Metuh’s celebratory statement did not say if the recently-announced mega-merger, the All Progressives Congress, to which his statement referred, was listed on the ballot, given that it has yet to be registered as a political party.

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@UK BOY - What about RIGGING by the ACN/CPC?

I'm apolitical (unlike you) to know that RIGGING was not the sole preserve of the PDP alone. Just as you had cases of CERTIFICATE FORGERY in the PDP, you also had with 'Baba Toronto' of ACN. The ACN also had NEPOTISM! STEALING/MANIPULATION of votes in the North/South, cut across all PARTIES! The CPC added UNDER-AGE voters as well as GHOST VOTERS and MERCENARY VOTERS from Niger, Chad & Mali! ACN used JUSTICE SALAMI!

Your fixation seem to be only on the PDP, which gave you away as not being OBJECTIVE!

With regards to your CONJECTURES, how come you know so much about the PDP 'STRATEGIES'? Where you once one of them? Or you allowed your imagination to run wild. I'm ONLY just curious to know!

@UK BOY - Counting all the CONJECTURES!

1."if PDP sees that the presidency and the legislature would be lost to the opposition, they'll rather nigeria burns".

2. "so rather than any opposition to take power, PDP would rather hand it over to their own boys in the Military for them to rule".

3. "Am not a doomsday prophet and all that bull, but these are the possibilities and probabilities the PDP think tank has thought through".

4. "this scenario believe me is in their contingency plans".

5. "PDP would want to rig, but we can all make this job hard for them".

Hmm, somebody has seen too many Nollywood movies!

the imperialist wanted them

the imperialist wanted them gone-mumu-APC or ACN and CPC are the type of parties that crooks hide under to steal-and certificate forgers-the vampires killing Nigerians in boko haram are all there-

As usual, claiming where not too

@Oleku, The Ibo people remain a virus in Nigeria, always tainting history and trying to reap where they have not sown, in what history book did Ikemba the warlord release obafemi awolowo, please upload the link or history book that says it was a warlord that release chief obafemi awolowo from prison, this type of write up shows how shallow you are. http://www.onlinenigeria.com/people/ad.asp?blurb=49


through, and this scenario believe me is in their contingency plans. All i'll say is that all the online activist that are in this fora and lots of other foras, dont just sit on your asses, when the time to vote comes get up and go to the polling stations, PDP would want to rig, but we can all make this job hard for them, we have our smartphones, we have our ipads, we have google earth our similar applications, we have facebook, twitter, youtube, we need to harness an army of voters vigilantees, of backroom IT gurus, we need those of us that are lawyers, all these resources and more, would need to be harnessed and cordinated properly during the presidential and federal legislature elections, these are the critical elections PDP would go all out for,and make sure that with technology and through the courts we can make the job a whole lot harder for them. Thank you.


if PDP sees that the presidency and the legislature would be lost to the opposition, they'll rather nigeria burns, because if they were ever to lose absolute control of nigeria, they know what will befall them, all their loot would be seized, a lot of this old big men would have to spend their last days in jail, die in jail in all likelihood, the consequences that'll befall them would be too grave to consider, so rather than any opposition to take power, PDP would rather hand it over to their own boys in the Military for them to rule, or as the americans say nigeria as we know it today would cease to exist. Am not a doomsday prophet and all that bull, but these are the possibilities and probabilities the PDP think tank has thought


Hi all, i am not a supporter of PDP, to even tell u the truth i dont like the party, it epitomizes all that is wrong with Nigeria.
Now to the point, all the rankerous noise i'm getting with all these "children of Anger"about come 2015 PDP would meet their waterloo, it only smack of immaturity, the truth is, PDP knows the structure and the workings of nigeria, also the structure and workings of the mindset of Nigerians, when 2015 arrives you can make all the noise you want to make, but when the results would be anounced, PDP would win the presidency and have a majority in the federal legislature ie where the national cake is largest, that is where they'll put up camp. I want to give everyone here a scenario,

Ingrates in power

You are a very useless nigerian. people like u dont deserve to live in this country. We know PDP paid u and ur father to talking these nonesense.

Be Warned APC

If the opposition is expecting to front another Northerner or another Yoruba Muslim to lead the APC party, then their failure is already boldly written.
APC must not make the stupid mistake of fronting any Northern Candidate of Yoruba Muslim and expect that to be as acceptable to the south at least not with the current awareness of the nemeses brought about by the previous leadership of these rogues and extremists. If they want to test the waters fine and good luck to them. I can assure the APC that as soon they declare any one from this zone their Leader or candidate, the honey-moon will be over for them

Reply to Oleku

Oleku, I advise you go and read history of the civil war very well and you will know that Ibos are the one not to trust and that position hasn't changed till tomorrow. 1966 Coup was led by Kaduna Nzeogwu (ibo man), he personally killed Sardauna, Tafawa Balewa was killed, so was Akintola, why was Okpara not killed? Why was Agunyi Ironsi, the topmost military man not killed? .. go and read more.

On Ladipo market, Fashola is too considerate for re opening the market, it should have remained closed for ever. Ibos don't know anything about collaboration and finesse, why will you be in a market and not care about keeping it tidy, if Lagos is too difficult, why not try Onitsha, Aba or Nnewi.

With the current arrangement called Nigeria, nothing will work, simple.

PDP used police and other law

PDP used police and other law enforcement agent to prevent people from voting by shutting the FCT completely. Many people have moved since the last election because of the hardship impossed by PDP; therefore most of those voting in Maitama for example have move to less viable places like Pape and Marraba. When they shut the town in the process they stopped even the opposition agents. This made it possible for them to what they like.

For once, SR tried to be 'objective'!

I did not read the usual PDP bashing this time around. But read that the OPPOSITION is still not SOLID to withstand the PDP. It is in all our interest that the OPPOSITION is strong. But not with the way they currently present themselves as disgruntled, and whose only mission is to grab power!

Hopefully, this 'mocking', as SR calls it, by the PDP, will galvanise the OPPOSITION to sit up and put their houses in order, and play POLITICS OF SUBSTANCE. Nigerians want a CREDIBLE ALTERNATIVE and not politics of vote for me to unseat the PDP! After unseating the PDP, then what?

Show us your programs or MANIFESTOS, and let us compare it with JONATHAN'S TRANSFORMATION AGENDA. NO MORE POLITICS OF LOSERS!

the elites vrs the comoners-that is the result

How can they win elections when tinubu ati buhari spend over 90 percent of his time pulling Jonathan down on SR-Jonathan has the peoples power-grass root support--Buhari and tinubu depend on boko haram power--see the difference? Alams we hail thee- and jonathan let them go and die-

sahara you are idot,

sahara you are idot, we will finish you and pdp. i should rather die than to live as a coward

PDP: Dont rejoice yet

This form of PDP mockery is a sign of weakness and desperation. Who really listens to them these days? I know their game plan, they thought by declaring a bogus and outrageous vote in SE and SS they will do it again in 2015 and get away with it. perish the thought. Metuh's claim that FCT election is a demonstration of the fate that will befall the opposition in 2015 is a confession of what PDP want to do in 2015. They want to rig the election, and use FCT as a pretense. Thats a joke. Ask Laurent Gbagbo, ask Kibaki what happenned in Kenya 2007 elections,ask them in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, and see if u will get away with it in 2015. The era where some PDP scumbags appeal to ethnic chavunism is over. 2015 is an ill-wind that will root PDP out of its foundation. Otherwise, yawa go gas.

ok am sure der was a very

ok am sure der was a very poor turnout"d ppl PDP paid 2 vote 4 dem wer d 1ce dat came out mostly 2 vote,evrybody has lost confidence in d system

the so-called FCT election

Hell what did u expect. They organised the polls and they ran. Just wait for 2015 and see how PDP will die a natural death.

PDP is bad doesn't make APC an option, NO to Islamic party...

When Ojukwu released Awolowo from prison he turned coat immediately and device hunger as a weapon to exterminate Ndigbo by killing over 3 million innocent igbo women and children, he’s not a traitor. But if an Igbo man registered his party he becomes a traitor. You chameleons will never change, cowards!

There is no opposition yet, what we have now are agrieved looters searching for a better platform to control a larger portion of SE&SS resources, opposition must carry the interests of the masses at heart, who among the leadership of the failed APC MAFIA Group called APC can librate naijas. Who, is it Tinubu? Buhari? Rochas? Ikimi? what has the leadership of the ACN done different in Lagos State, or ANPP? or CPC? We are yet to see a different group of MEN with a new and vibrant political and masses oriented developmental philosophy, until then GEJ Govt with PDP remain the best for now. Shikena!

But Sahara Reporters, I

But Sahara Reporters, I hardly see any positive news on your site about Nigeria. The very thing we are trying to stop the western media from.
Any westerner who takes your network serious about Nigeria we think we are all barbarians.
Open corruption, I have no problem but say something positive about your land.
Being in the media without objectivity in your report is bad even when I have realised you may get some sponsors from Nigerian opposition. That in it self is not a problem, I know you need sponsors but something positive will make the people you proclaim to fight for survive

election is not a determinant of acceptability

This is stupid gloating. The marriage of pdp and inec is not a TRUE representation or acceptance or rejection

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