Federal Govt Sued Over Soldiers on Lagos Streets, AS Occupy Lagos Mobilizes Big For Ojota And Lekki Tollgate Action Tomorrow

By SaharaReporters, New York

As Save Nigeria Group, Nigerian Action Alliance, artists, Nollywood, lawyers, students and others prepare to occupy the Gani Fawehinmi Freedom Park in Ojota, Lagos tomorrow, another group of Lagosians is mobilizing to Occupy the Lekki Tollgate in a complementary action.

In a statement, lawyer and activist Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa announced the Lekki action, and also that he filed a court case this morning to seek the withdrawal of the armed soldiers from Lagos.

But he said everyone would not have to go to Ojota tomorrow to make a contribution.  “I call on all men and women of good conscience to join me to occupy the Lekki Admiralty Circle Toll Gate on Saturday, January 21, 2012, at 7.00 a.m.,” he said.  “We will conduct ourselves peacefully as we did on December 17, 2012, in the exercise of our constitutional right to freely assembly and express our opposition to the economic wickedness represented in the tolling policy.”

He noted that Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos has himself issued a strong statement against the action of the federal government of Nigeria asserting the right of Nigerians and Lagosians to assemble and protest.

“I commend the governor, for standing up to defend the rights of the people, except that we have not all forgotten the events of December 17, 2011, when the same governor unleashed thugs and armed policemen against us in Lekki, for daring to express our views against the tolling policy of his administration, which, in my humble view, is indeed worse than fuel subsidy removal,” he said.  “I believe that the time is now ripe for us to test the democratic credentials and the integrity of our dear governor.”

He invited everyone to bring as many people as they can.  “Bring your mattresses, food, drinks and music systems. Nigeria is our country. If it is right to protest against fuel susbsidy removal, then it is legitimate to reject the toll fee. Together we shall win."

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lekki toll gate N Lasu

Well, I do not live in lekki so, no much to say about the toll gate but for lasu school fees it is just too high and I do not think fashola paid that in his own days. I see revolution coming on this nation.

start from toll gate lekki first

U people hv to start from lekki tollgate fees before go on protest on fuel susidy.Nigerians are wiser now. Lagos state inpost lekki tollgate to motorist even lasu skool fees hike . Where was So called save nigeria group? Now Bicos GEJ try to ur sponsor dat is stilling oil money. U said save nigeria group will protest . If ur a man enough go to gani fawemhme park @ ojota. I bet u ur body will drop atan cemetary I promise u dat.

fed gov sued over soldiers

I really do not know why GEJ is so quick to use soldiers on hamless people in lagos whereas the BOKO HARAM people are left to be free to do what they want. My people una sure say GEJ no be BOKO HARAM leader why is he attacking protesters and not bothered about security of the nation when it comes to bombing.

fed gov sued over soldiers

I really do not know why GEJ is so quick to use soldiers on hamless people in lagos whereas the BOKO HARAM people are left to be free to do what they want. My people una sure say GEJ no be BOKO HARAM leader why is he attacking protesters and not bothered about security of the nation when it comes to bombing.

Blow up the toll and oriental

It time to blow up the toll gate and oriental hotel.#occupylekki

install toll gate @ Surulere environs too

Why do we go partial at all times. Do d pple at Surulere ve 2 heads? If no, then, it's easy. Install tollgates at the Surulere axis. Thank u.


the traffic leading to AJAH na die. I spend a minimum of 2 hours. Even with increase in fuel... No deference. I don tire.. honestly



What is good for the goose

It is called double standard if we are ask to protest fuel subsidy and accept three toll gates on one route. If Fashola could send soldiers and thugs to beat up protesters he has lost the moral right to challenge the president action. @Yinka and Lola you are ACN errand slaves and members. check your conscience if you are sincere. Why condoning evil because it is Fashola. Tribalism, sentiment, and foolishness of the highest order it is called to defend Fashola's policy of multiple toll in Lekki. It takes fools to be ruled by idiots. We should make Lkki hot and come with enough food please.

@ honey- please ask questions

@ honey- please ask questions before you speak. I live in Sangotedo and any journey out of my house to VI or mainland takes me between 2 and half to 3 hours to go, 3 to four hours to return. Your so-called alternative route is jammed and even worse as all those who wish to avoid the toll go there and block the place.u may spend between one and two hours there before u even start your journey to mobil where u will be stuck in a bumper to bumper all d way to ajah. So exactly what is the benefit of this expensive toll??

Lekki Toll

Hello @honey from your comments it shows that you haven't passed thru the toll or made use of the wonderful road reconstructed by BRF govt. Pls could you use the toll and drive down to my house in Sangotedo on Monday next week from 7.00pm I promise to have a cold drink waiting for you with some water to have your bath.

Pls don't attack what you don't know try it and then come and give an objective opinion

Nigerian Listen

What I advice you Nigerian is make sure you target all the families of all the labor leaders who attended the N97 agreed meeting and start killing them. I believe they are bribed to have come that low. Please deal with them and the others that will be elected will learn a good lesson.


I support the Leki Toll provided the proceed from it is spent prudently and not for Asiwaju.The fund from the toll could be used to maintain the road and to embark in another project of the same.The Governor is doing a marvellous job for Lagos State.

i will never support your

i will never support your protest in lekki. if u are not capable of living in lekki, sell your property there and buy a house at iyana ipaja. I'm not a politician but that is the concept of life. we are fighting for the right of common man, we are not fighting for the right of the average and middle income earner in Nigeria. Let's fight for the poor, let's us fight for those that have not eaten today, Let's fight for the coming generation. Thank u.

lekki toll

Those calling for Protest against toll at Lekki are enemies of progress. They are sponsored by PDP. I pass thru Lekki everyday, I will pay any amount to pass thru. May God bless Fashola and whoever is in charge of planning to ease the suffering of Lagosian. PDP ruled my State for eight good years and nothing to show for it.


I foreseen CIVIL WAR Soon.....


Fashola na Ole. He has robbed us Lagosians dry with his area father Tinubu. We living in ajah are badly hit by this state and federal government policies.
In as much as i am an ACN member i hated the day i voted for Fashola. Tomorrow i am joining the occupy Lekki protest no going back.

Lets join Occupy Lekki Protest!


@Honey, you can move from the main
Land and come to live in Lekki so
that you can enjoy the road with
All the hold ups. Note that third
Mainland bridge is better than Ajah
Road. After paying toll, I spend
Hours in hold up or I spend hours
just to reach the toll collection
point or enter into a traffic jam
Just after paying toll.

Note also that we protested when
The toll gate construction started
Govt suspended action during election
To get our votes and slapped us
With toll like GEJ slapped us with
Subsidy removal after election.

Fashola brutalised us with tugs
And police, so why complain now.

He should build toll gate on Bourdilon
Road, Ikoji, Orile - Badagry road
And other road.

Say no to tolling on LEKKI ROAD.

when come is become

I ve always believe this country is not Nigeria as a Nation,its so bcos of the inhabitant. This whole thing has to stop: people killing people,d Gov. Speaking frm both mouth,reducing our demographic value. When come is become we shall see d path to greatness

Occupy Lekki is good.

The Lekki Toll Gate is a very good welcome development. The TollGate is more evil than the Fuel subsidy removal. Lagosians and Lekki/Ajah people should Occupy the TollGate for this evil fashola policy.

Occupy Lekki is good.

The Lekki Toll Gate is a very good welcome development. The TollGate is more evil than the Fuel subsidy removal. Lagosians and Lekki/Ajah people should Occupy the TollGate for this evil fashola policy.


GEJ is 10-times better than Fashola who is Tinubu's puppet. Tell me, which is better? removing fuel subsidy, which will in turn stimulate economy growth, place food on the table of our youths instead of a small group of people OR tool gate which is meant to enrich FASHOLA & TINIBU the more - at the expense of Lagosians.

Hypocrite!!! You are ready to accept an alternative to LEKKI TOOL GATE but you are not ready to accept an alternative to FUEL SUBSIDY that is milking this nation dry.

Please I beg you: SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!

personally i feel that

personally i feel that Fashola is trying you know,what i feel is that at least we are actually seeing the effect of the money he is collecting,who knew that oshodi could ever look like what it is today,pls let us not compare a man of dignity to the ruthless leaders that we call our government and give him time to really show us what he can do.He is a good man

I 1-miilion% support the

I 1-miilion% support the Occupy Lekki toll gate! That Toll gate won't stand!


Kano is under attack

kano up in smoke

are we realy secure in this country? If this people (boko haram) can go this far and bomb the AIG office, SSS and a police station in kano, then what is our security outfits doing? Have they not learn from the past bomb blast so as to put in place proper security in the stata?


SR can u pls help to cover the ongoing bomb explosions in kano state, Nigeria is on the verge of another war.

Pull the Toll gate Down

It is high time we pulled down the wall of jericho called lekki toll gate. It is part of the right of all nigerians to enjoy good roads and other social amenities. we are not animals neither we are slaves. We pay our taxes to lagos state govt and not LCC.

BREAKING NEWS: An explosion

BREAKING NEWS: An explosion has occurred at Kano Police Zone 1 headquarters a few minutes ago.
According to an orange seller who claimed he witnessed when the gunmen, two in number and wearing plain clothes, started shooting at the Immigrations office at Farm centre, three immigration personnel were gunned down before his eyes. He fled before the explosions began.
A resident in Tarauni describes a very thick dark cloud of smoke in the sky visible from his location.


Naija awakening

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