Finally, EFCC Arrests Wale Babalakin

Wale Babalakin
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission today arrested fugitive businessman, Wale Babalakin shortly after he left the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) where he had sought refuge on the pretext illness.

Mr. Babalakin is currently detained at the Ikoyi offices of the agency where sources said he might be granted another "administrative bail" pending his arraignment before a Lagos judge on January 17 2013.

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Faced with overwhelming evidence in London Ibori pleaded guilty to theft and money laundering. For your information he is now eating potatos at her Majesty's pleasure.
The corrupt disgraceful caricature of a Nigerian judiciary that found Ibori not guilty of charges of fraud would have found him not guilty of money Laundering as well had the trial taken place in Nigeria.
If Babalakin is not guilty of assisting Ibori to launder money why is he running from justice. He has the brains of all the EFCC lawyers combined so let him stand and fight.

On Adebayo Idowu

Is it any wonder why you don't want Mr Idowu at the embassy in Malaysia? You have no business there, in the first place. Come back to Nigeria and learn a trade - vulcanizer, mechanic, danfo conductor, taxi driver etc. Don't tell me you are a student there o!

Lie lie guy!

You this guy,why not mention the website if u are not another 419 that EFCC is looking for.I dont trust you.

According to the Nigeria Judiciary, Ibori...

According to the Nigeria Judiciary, Ibori never stole a kobo from Delta while he was the gov. If that be the case, nothing has been laundered by Baba Lakin.
Justice Marcel Awokulein held in a fed. high court in that the over 160count charges preferred against Ibori were not enough to convict him of stealing angmoney laundering. Where was the NJC when that judgement was delivered? Why didn't the efcc appeal that ruling. Why didn't the efcc appeal the pepertual
injunction granted Odili?
Why didn't the efcc appeal the rediculous that Lucky Igbinedion got even though he was convicted.
The efcc is not serious about the fight against corruption. Most of our past govs. are roaming the streets with their ill-gotten wealth. Why isn't the efcc focussing its searchlight on this category of well kmown public treasury looters?

SS&SE citizens & Pastors should carry their guns to Church

So many Pastors & Christains have gone & we from the SS&SE cannot tolerate this nonsense anymore.

Therefore, all Pastors & Worshippers of SS&SE extraction still leaving in the Northern countries are advised to carry sub-machine guns or AK47 or SS&SE variants of indigenous technology alongside their Bibles to church whenever the go for worship. JTF can not protect you.

We must act as men. Nobody has ever won any war by putting up a very strong defense. You must engage in an attack to win any war. Just defense is not sufficient. U must protect yourself till we break away after Great Jona leaves.

To defend our lives, property & wealth, natural or spiritual is our right. Let us not be as peace loving as the Illorin people who are compelled till this day to have a Fulani alien as King. Abomination!

If you are of SS&SE and keep same

Common sense is not so common

You expect too much from most Nigerians when you as them to "think" since they have been robbed of the basic tools required to do so, which are a sound education and access to fair, unbiased information.
Dr Bbabalakin has never held a governent position and so has never had direct access to the nation's coffers. If in doing business he became wealthy through the powerful connections he made, what is the crime in that? which one of you are not constantly praying for such opportunities?
In fact one can say that Dr Babalakin's crime has been making the mistake of investing in Nigeria and thus having his fingers burnt for naively doing so.
For all the Haters wasting their misdirected energies at him, I advise you to look towards those whom you actually stood in line to vote into office and who are right now looting the treasury with shocking impunity.
It is simply absurd to hold any businessman accountable for the actions of a corrupt Government.
I don talk my OWN

Part 3 Cont. Evil of Mr. Adebayo O. Idowu in Malaysia

who do not even have document, could you imagine that the Ghanaian embassy called and intervene for their citizen minutes him and the Nigerian was arrested, the Ghanaian was immediately release while my friend who have documents was not release and my friend said calling the Embassy is the worst thing he will do is better for him to be praying until God answers him. One early morning, he was released after 5days unlawful detention.
Mr.Idowu has caused much pains to so much Nigerian families here in Malaysia, he has no regards for any Nigerian here in Malaysian, and I guess that’s not the part of his diplomatic assignment here as a diplomat.Please we are please to inform the government to please address this issue now or Nigerians here in Malaysia will take laws into their hands which the Govt eventually may not like.Remove Mr. Idowu now from the mission in Malaysia.

Part 2 Cont. Evil of Mr. Adebayo O. Idowu in Malaysia

Why we the entire Nigerian citizens are voicing out our grievances’ is to let the Govt understand that we will soon take action on this man if they fail to address this wicked issue or recall this barbaric man called Mr. Adebayo O. Idowu Minister (Education and Students’ Welfare).
The earlier the better to avoid any regret, we Malaysians here do not want this wicked man any longer. We will publish him on the News paper if this serious crime is not addressed.
Mr. Idowu no longer see any Nigerian as a human thousands are in prison without no just cause but its hardly for the Embassy to visit or as why their National was arrested. One of my closest friend was wrongly detained by the police because of Passport issue together with a Ghanaian

Evil of Mr. Adebayo O. Idowu in Malaysia

Attention Nigerians and the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, there is a serious EVIL going ON in Malaysia now which Mr. Adebayo O. Idowu Minister (Education and Students’ Welfare) is the key leader, Mr. Idowu has connived with Malaysia school here in Kuala Lumpur to be given him Rm5000 ($1650 USD) for each Nigerian student that register with them. Earlier this year, he wrote to all schools in Malaysia not to admit any Nigerian without his consent or risk blacklisting, and this has resulted in some school refusing to extend Nigerians school visas, with this issue, there is about 4000 Nigerians in Malaysian prison because of Mr. Adebayo O. Idowu's letter to all schools in Malaysia. Sometime we wonder why the Federal Govt. of Nigeria will post such inhuman fellow to come down to Malaysia to punish his own citizen for no just cause



The case is now down your street, the EFCC!

Now that the EFCC has had its man, we take it that the eagle has landed! It is now up to the EFCC to do its prosecutorial job efficiently and effectively! The judges cannot do that for you. I am sure if the EFCC presented a water-tight and unambiguous case no judge worth his/her salt would dither in apportioning the right and appropriate verdict. It is disheartening that Justice Ibrahim Buba would take up a case already decided by a court of equal and competent jurisdiction. That calls to question where Justice Buba had his law degree. As for the perpetual injunction against prosecution granted Odili, one wonders the reason for this type of injunction. Was it out of human rights consideration or what? If the State wants to prosecute anybody over wrongdoing, the Judiciary cannot interfere. An alleged crime MUST be tried by the State organs within the purview of associated human rights observances, that's all.

FGN, Not Sincere

Federal Government is only playing on Nigerians Intellegence,his case may not be different from the previous ones like, Dimeji Bankole, Farouk Lawal, Cecilia Ibru and the rest. May God remember Nigeria for a glorious revolution.

Re: The man Wale Babalakin and a failed Nation

maybe i forgot to clear that part of his involvement in Ibori Shaga, this is not the first time he would be arraigned on this matter, and Ibori himself was found not quity of this said allegations in this fucking nation so why are they now pointing fingers to another man. think think dont let us be fooled, Ribadu fleed, Alameisiya too and these people are dine and winening with the government of today after leaking asses.


Did u just say Maiduguru? Then I think EFCC should transfer the case Maiduguri Maximum prison for trial, cos u just spoke as an insder of its loots

EFCC: pls ask him about ondo township roads

Since ondo township roads were awarded to him in 2009, he has largely abandoned the roads. EFCC should pls ask him when he intends to finish the road. This is important because a reliable described him as a scammer. Pls ask him cos we don't want the roads(if abandoned) to be a dent on the image of Gov mimiko. SR pls investigate this,and gives it publicity.

SH addresses idiotic

SH addresses idiotic Babalakin as a fugitive businessman. Is he a fugitive or a fugi-thief?

What you arrest Babalakin for today is what MKO did at ITT in the 70s when he stole all the money meant for National Telecoms grid. The same stealing that Adenuga did when he helped IBB to launder the $12.7bn Dollars of my SS&SE oil money realized during the gulf war.

While Ibori is persecuted in London by stupid & double-standard British for just $250m Dollars, IBB walks freely after stealing $12.7b Dollars of SS&SE money.

...Stupid British Govt protected thief Umaru Dikko bcos he bribed them & invested in UK economy. Ibori refused to deal & 'dash' them money so, they framed him up...May all the British pple troubling Ibori rot in the hottest parts of hell.

Long live the United States of the SS&SE

@ The man

Dont be bias, let the man face the law.

You are a thief and 419

You are definitely a theif and 419, people like you should be in jail.

re Babalakin Arrest

This does not explain his relationship with Ibori for which he is being arrested. Whether an employer or not, the point is he is being done for corruption. Two wrongs do not make a right. Now the question is can EFCC recover the money?

Rubbish and nonsens. EfCC.

Rubbish and nonsens. EfCC. The barking dog and Goverment fund mismanager. They just bark for nothing sake. They should be scrap to give room for sufficient money for siphoning.
God will deal with those mismanage, squander and loot Nigerian treasury, not EFCC effoet can bring absolute change nor any correction.

The man Wale Babalakin against a failed Nation

who among you have read Richard Bradson's story about doing business in Nigeria? A nation where EFCC is a weapon to oppress people and tanish their images. I wont blame us all as all our responses are based on ignorance, you borrowed money from the bank to do business and built MMA2 Airport FAN (Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria) won't let it thrive how do you payback the loan? Lagos - Ibadan has been a state of delapidation in years before Babalakin decided on a conncessionaire agreement with the federal government that the Ministry of works frustrated so that they can award it and make their cuts, Babalakin is an employer of labour and has contributed immensely to the development of the educational sector university of maiduguri is a living witness and many more..... many others like the president chose to build refinaries oitside the country to siphon money including Sanusi.... think nigerians think ...

You are a liar.

You are a liar.



So what is the need.

If they are going to give him bail without spending even 5 days in cell, what is the need of wasting time looking for him all this while.
Why wont I steal government money when if caught I will pay the lawyer to give me bail then we resume adjument of case for the next 5 years, by then I must have got the judge also and the case will die a natural death. Naija we hail thee.


At last. Then what? Expect this case to fizzles away like cases before it. I am not impressed. Like they say: show me the money. EFCC show me your convictions and I will tell you who you are! I am not talking small fish. In fairness to EFCC I will like to add that our judiciary is totally corrupt and there lies our problem.

He's a crook! He decided to

He's a crook! He decided to leave the hospital on the eve of a public holiday so that he could argue against detention without prosecution and then use that opportunity to elope!

sorry wale sickness refused

sorry wale sickness refused to hide u

@Last the rogue and coward

@Last the rogue and coward has been caught.Send him tp Kirikiri


Why on d eve xmaṣ. D law says release in 48hrs. Who is deceiving who ?


...another one has fallen into their trap again. well, is a welcome development anyway. Remaining BADLUCK, OBJ, ANENIH, MADUEKE and co. because i strongly believe that one day...BUSH MEAT GO CATCH THE HUNTER.

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