Former Deputy Governor Of Anambra State Killed By Kidnappers

By SaharaReporters, New York

SaharaReporters has learned that Dr. Chudi Nwike, the former Deputy Governor of Anambra State who was kidnapped on March 19, has been killed by his kidnappers who had demanded a N30 million ransom and actually collected a negotiated amount.

The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) said that the body was identified at the Agbor Police Station in Delta State by the Anambra State Chairman of the party), Chief Amaechi Obidike, State Secretary Barr Emeka Ibe, and the victim’s brother, Dr.Bufo Nwike.

The statement noted that the family had negotiated and paid a ransom prior to the discovery of the body, Bufo Nwike handling the negotiations and arranging to pay to the kidnappers N5million at an undisclosed location in Delta State.

That ransom was in paid on April 5, but the kidnappers, after collecting the money from the courier, cut off all further communications.  The body was discovered thereafter.

“We are tremendously ashamed of the circumstances of his death and wish we could now erase from history that a former Deputy Governor of a State in Nigeria died in this manner,” ACN said in the statement.

The party called on the security agencies, in view of the fact that they did not succeed in tracking down the abductors of the former Deputy Governor while he lived, to “rise and smash all obstacles on the way to unearthing the abductors and killers of ACN’s rare gem, an embodiment of peace and knowledge.”


See full ACN press release below:

Anambra’s Pioneer Deputy Governor killed by kidnappers

Okolo Azu Ogbunike  aka ejiem ooo!

Omambalai n’umu Chi ewelu efifie jie !!

Umu Anambra  izuzu be zu gbe !!!

Nigeria  alu emeee nu moooo!!!!

With a heart full of pain and sorrow, Action Congress of Nigeria, Anambra State Chapter, in consultation with the NwikeFamily of Azu Ogbunike, Oyi Local Government Area ofAnambra State announces the death murder of Dr ChuddyNwike, Ibolo Ogbunike, First Deputy Governor of AnambraState and National Vice President of the Action Congress of Nigeria (South East).

Dr Nwike’s body has been identified by Our State Chairman, Chief Amaechi Obidike, our State Secretary, Barr Emeka Ibeand his brother Dr Bufo Nwike at Agbor Police Station in Delta State.

Dr Nwike, who became Deputy Governor of Anambra State under Gov Chukwuemeka Ezeife in 1991, was abducted by gunmen on March 19, 2013 by suspected kidnappers.

According to the family, the suspected kidnappers made contact with his brother Dr Bufo Nwike shortly after with a ransomedemand of N30 million equivalent, delivered in US Dollars. The younger Dr Nwike, negotiated the sum to N5 million which delivered to a location in Delta State through a courier on Friday April 05, 2013,after rejecting the offer for the wife or the brother to deliver the money.

But rather than release the ex-Deputy Governor, the kidnappers seized the money and the courier on April 05, 2013, cutting off all communication, until the body was found.
All efforts and all contacts made by our party to relevant authorities had not yielded any dividend and have surprisingly not even drawn any concern from quarters we took for granted.

We worked and prayed to see Dr Nwike return safe and alive to continue contributing as he has been doing to our party, but we have not. We toiled and moiled to see our South East National Vice Chairman, play his traditional fatherly role in the tasks immediately before us. But we are crest-fallen that Dr Nwike as gone the way of all mortals, though in a way we would have wished away.

We are tremendously ashamed of the circumstances of his death and wish we could now erase from history that a former Deputy Governor of a State in Nigeria died in this manner.

Our Leader Dr Chris Nwabueze Ngige mourns, our committed party faithfuls weep and our overwhelming supporters wail, butDr Nwike,Ibolo Ogbunike ,distinguished medical Doctor, calculative politician and quintessential statesman is no more.

Since the security agencies did not succeed in tracking downAnambra’s Deputy Governor in life, we urge them to rise and smash all obstacles on the way to unearthing the abductors and killers of ACN’s rare gem, an embodiment of peace and knowledge.

We urge them to leave no stone unturned and not be beaten by any decoy until the nation has the right answers to the nagging questions. For we may know who will it be next.


Okelo Madukaife

State Publicity Secretary
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this writer is not Igbo.But

this writer is not Igbo.But most importantly he must be making sense only to the congenitally wicked souls.The issue here is the murder of an ex-deputy governor.What is relevant is sympathy to his biological folks/political family and any information leading to bursting the crime to security agencies.

@Emeka London ... liars are destined for hell

@Emeka London .... you are a dirty liar. I never posted that westerners do not celebrate the death of their enemies. I challenged Dele Awogbeoba that Yoruba culture does not encourage talking or writing ill of the dead especially while the relatives are still mourning. I chided a fellow Yoruba for condemning your tin god Achebe soon after his death.

I do not share the same colonial mentality with you such as to use westerners as my standard. So it is no big deal if some people in UK are rejoicing about Thatcher's death. Hiding under this only exposes your stupidity further.

I leave you to continue to wallow in your poverty of mind. You need help and deliverance from bitterness that has taken deep root in your heart. I will say a little prayer for you tonight.

Even the Whites Know Their Enemy!


Don't cry for me rather cry for yourself and your two face tribe. I have been having a good laugh at the hot air you guys blow here.

Didn't you (Kool) claim that Westerners do not celebrate the death of their enemy or those that ally with their enemy? Well, if you want to know, the song Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead originally written for the 1939 musical The Wizard Of Oz now used as a potest song by those the late Margaret Thatcher took away their livelihood is about to top the UK charts. Now go tell those who are agreived by the Witch that they should not celebrate her death or worse still give her a Nobel prize; for after all, according to you no one should talk ill of the dead

As for your 'kinsmen' bla bla bla crap, it doesn't take one to be a rocket scientist to figure out that most people using Igbo handle here are NOT Igbo. We know an Igbo, I mean a real Igbo when we see one.

Now go mourn one of the spies you sent to Igboland to spy on your behalf. Vagabonds!


You are just an idiot

@Emeka London .... bitterness defiles the mind !!!

@Emeka London ... what a pity, if only you had listened to wise counsel the last time I challenged you about tribal bigotry. You brought this upon yourself as you allowed bitterness like cancer to eat your soul and mind. Even your kinsmen have found your brand of tribalism repulsive and offensive. Everyone is covering their noses from the putrid smell of your tribal farts.

It is only someone with a low self-esteem that will attach London, New York, NC, etc, to their names. It is not where you live that matters but what lives inside of you. If truly you live in London, the "emekaness" you carried inside of you from your hamlet has brought shame on you at long last.

I have no problem with the likes of Akpos 1 who is a mere clown entertaining us daily with his dreams of a united SS & SE republic but let the core tribalists on SR learn from Emeka's foolishness. As a Yoruba adage goes "a man carrying double barrel of wickedness will harm himself with one".

God Help Us. No Place To Hide

Boko Haram are in every nook and crannies of northern Nigeria.You go down to Southern Nigeria armed robbers and kidnappers are running wild. I got to tell u one thing,they have a betternetworks than the Nigerian security outfit.My friend your country is screwed and slowly heading toward oblivion. There is no place to hide for the common law abiding citizens who cannot afford police escorts or private security. My solution is for every law abiding citizens to pack their own heat, the police are not going to be every where to save your ass from these a&# holes. Even if they are they will not come to save you, so pack your own cannon. Sure u can call me crazy, I am talking about life

Kidnap As a Political Weapon

Chidi's demise is a personal loss and I am greatly traumatized by it. Traumatized again, that is. I , like all Nigerians, have long been traumatized by the total absence of security and worse still total abdication of its responsibilities in this regard by the Nigerian so-called government.

Now opportunities abound for political aspirants to use this form of crime, to terrorize and eliminate their perceived rivals.
Questions - Has Chidi's kidnap and murder got to do with Anambra's key political office ? Was the N5m ransom a pay-off to the boys who did the deed or was it split between the boys and the Big Man/ Woman to help fund political bribery and campaign?

Sadly we will never know as we do not have investigative capacity in our law enforcement.

He was murdered by PDP's Killing Wing

"Barely two weeks after he challenged the eligibility of (Dumbo) to stand elections in 2015, the man, Mr. Cyriacus Njoku has been arrested and sent to jail for alleged rape...(his) appeal was considered dicey because Supreme Court (Marwa vs. Murtaly Nyako) held the Governor could not take oath of office twice according to §135, Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria." -Vanguard (11-04-2013)

Njoku's lawyer, Mr. Ugochukwu Osuagwu was granted Asylum by German Embassy, Abuja as he fled from PDP hired killers, while Njoku is held incommunicado under strict "orders from above". Also, Gombe Deputy Governor has reported assassination attempt on his life.

Boi-boi Peter Obi, who recently ordered the Ezu River murders is a deadly agent of the evil PDP in the East. This politically-motivated murder of ex-Deputy Gov. is clear proof Naija will become "the killing fields" prior to 2015.

Anambra State: First sitting Governor kidnapped, now this. Animals!

@akpos1, @emeka d scum heads.

@akpos1 & @emeka condom (not London). U people are nothing but bunch of idiots always accusing Yoruba for every self-inflict calamity that visit u. Just wait a bit until continent 9ja breaks into countries, it's only then you fool will know that ambitious SE&SS republic is a pipe-dream., It's only then u'll see d true color of ur Biafra - Lawlessness, fake drugs, counterfeiting, armed robbery, kidnapping, ritual money, auctioning babies, baby factory, prostitution, human trafficking, raping etc.

I know u will still put d blame on Awolowo, Obj, Mko etc. Animals!


Q:Does amnesty for Boko Haram mean they've conquered Nigerian security operatives?
ANS: Oh, yes!
Q:Who killed former deputy Gov. of Anambra state?
A. PDP Mafia B. Kidnappers C. Can't say
Q: What is wrong with black man? A. Greed B. Lion Share mentality C. Wickedness D.All of the above and similar vices
Ans: D
Q: What is the way out of Nigeria's myriad of problems? A. GEJ's resolution to REALLY be a MAN, jettison sycophants, sacred cows, yesterday politicians.
ANS: A, of course.
Good luck, Nigerians!

Not hungry but political kidnappers at work

It is political assassination and should be investigated as such.

and they say they want to breakaway

Long live the united republic of SE&SS! Long live the united republic of kidnapping!! Animals!!!

Better withdram your statement..Fool

You re stupid indeed! Death will visit your family in nearest future.

dont compare south east with south again


Deri I think you should take

Deri I think you should take a trip to Lagos and see what is happening with your naked eyes, a typical example of how to govern a state instead of staying in your snake infected creek and saying rubbish about Fashola and Lagos state.

Many more of this we wish for

It is time for all the members of the present Nigerian political class to go. If they dont live willingly, they should be kidnapped and forced to vacate this world. Go on KIDNAPPERS - Looks you might be Nigeria's nemesis after all.

Who Will Mourn This Traitor?

Why hiding in London? Go back home & write this with your full details (names). Coward!!!

careless statement

Oga dnt say wah u dnt knw,,kidnapping av bn existing in Nigeria since b4 boko haram,,so STF is u dnt knw wah 2 wryt

foolish statement

What's this?this is illetracy?this man has kids,how do you think they will feel if they see you writing this?politics in Nigeria is not about party,so what if he is a member of CAN?its Action congress of NIGERIA not action congress of yoruba,,someone was killed instead of you to pray for his soul or keep shut you decided to tallk about politics.mtchewww,no one deserves to be killed.

Many more like that should go

It is time for all the members of the present Nigerian political class to go. If they dont live willingly, they should be kidnapped and forced to vacate this world. Go on KIDNAPPERS - Looks you might be Nigeria's nemesis after all.

Shameful and unfortunate

Shameful and unfortunate comment! This is tribalism at its worst. Rather than mourn the murder of a fellow Igbo, you trample on his blood. Sad, sad sad.

Nigeria is so soft on kidnappers

Kidnappers roam the streets because there is no punishment for them, they are set free by corrupt judges who grant them bail only to end up on the streets to kidnap again, some state governors refuse to sign the death penalty for kidnappers, the last time Nigeria carried out a death penalty was in 2002.

My condonlences to the family

My condonlences to the family of HE Dr. Nwike. Why is this kidnapping stuff so difficult for the government to curb?

Veryyy funny.... it pains me

Veryyy funny.... it pains me when Nigerians cannot discuss any topic without Politics, Religion or Tribal sentiments.....nah wah oooooo.... d problem is us and d answer lies within us....

No peace

To the oppressed there is no peace, to the oppressor there is no peace

what goes around always comes around



Nigerians should learn to STOP giving any unreasonable ransom to any only encourages them and their sponsors…….....people should learn to be more security conscious about events around them and their surroundings .........dont just wait until it happens……Always b on the look out, while walking, drivin, etc…….do ur best each time u can, and God will always protect us……..these are very worrisome stories we often hear in Nigeria.... and is devilish………….May our father in heaven help us...

Another one gone

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.
Martin Niemöller (1892-1984)

Another one gone, may his soul rest in peace. Is it not yet time to reform this country. We shall be forced to reason but when enough men have died.
When are behaving like goats now but we will use our brain when the time comes.


Has the time come when we need to start keeping score of whos alive?
I think it has.
As the election to the high table draws closer,the feeding frenzy/killing frenzy has begun.
Maybe a chart of whos left alive to gorge themselves beyond their wildest dreams is needed as ive a bad feeling that this time around a lot more vultures will meet their end before the banquet begins.
As someone has already noted,nobody is immune.
Let the count begin and let the most wicked survive.
Politics nijah style.
Kill and divide the remaining loot.
Oh what my country has become.

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