Former Ondo State Governor Olusegun Agagu Is Dead

Olusegun Agagu
By Saharareporters, New York

 Former governor of Ondo State Dr. Olusegun Agagu is dead.

The former governor died at his Lagos residence around 6 PM Nigerian time some 24 hours after returning from vacation in the US.

Director of Publicity of the  Peoples Democratic Party in Ondo State, Ayo Fadaka confirmed Dr. Agagu's death to Saharareporters.

He said   the former governor had been in good health. Mr. Fadaka stated the Dr. Agagu returned from the US and had been checking up on party operatives since returning. He said party members were shocked to learn that the former governor and minister slumped and died this afternoon.

Eni Akinsola, a media aide to Ondo State governor, Olusegun Mimiko, told SaharaReporters  that the state government was yet to be officially briefed about the passing of the former governor.

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That you were given a

That you were given a privileged to post a comment, doesn't mean you should generalized an erroneous information about what you don't have prior knowledge of.How can someone just open his mouth and found nothing to say than an over-statement that the late Agagu left Ondo state poorer than it was before? When, that's human being for you but, no matter the amount of qualification we give to this gentlemen, he has done his part and he has gone and that's why he became a debating history to every Nigerian today in which every one we surely become no doubt about that. But, for sure i know that in the history of Ondo State, he was one of the best governor who has brought a visible and drastic change to his people i know what i mean. Baba, may your gentle soul rest in the bosom of the lord jare till we all meet to part no more you've your own part no matter what people say gudnit


agagu is a humble and may his soul rest in peace so far he is PDP that make's him one,because i hate PDP with all my life.they are pest to our life,look @ the so call president it get to my hearing that he was the one that set the former governor so that he should be kill after he is back from US he is respondsible for Governor AGAGU'S DEATH.the president is a basterd that have no home.look @wat he doing to DELTA STATE.THE PRESIDENT IS THE TURN TO DIE NOW.SO SHALL IT BE.

I'm sadden by the news of his death.

Hmmn! How am i going to describe this great loss?


Hmmm, what an ephemeral is human life! A great EAGLE on a large 'iroko' tree has flown without perching. All and sundry in the thick forest could sense the permanent absence embarked upon by this EAGLE. Oh! what an irreparable loss to the dwellers of the thick forest.Omowe OLUSEGUN KOKUMO AGAGU is no more, oh! What a loss of a rare gem. Ah! Iku doro, iku sika, iku pa KOKUMO. Sun re o, olu-omo iran re, o digba.

Agagu like all Gramarian

Agagu like all Gramarian a.k.a. Ibadan Gramarian lived and died accomplished . He did his best for his State and people. He will be remembered for his Gramarian Courage.What a Greek we will miss!

ADIEU And R . I . P.


I pray for the repose of his soul and for God to grant the entire family of the Agagus the fortitude to bear the loss!


And as it is appointed unto men once to die, after this, the judgement!


Dr Agagu is one of the best sons of Ikale. Surely, he cannot please all, but he has indeed written his name in gold on the sands of life. ORUN IRE O BABA!


Death has no respect for money or position, it happen every second. May our end be the best. U won't understand how painful it is to loss a loved one until it happen to you. May God give the family d fortitude to bear the great loss.

Rest in Peace Perfect Gentle Man

He was a gentle man and a transparent leader, he left 38billion in d treasury of ondo state, while living office. D state was nt indebted during his adminsitration. He i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ d best Governor ondo state ever had. May his soul rest in peace

Good Man! Haba! What is good

Good Man! Haba! What is good about a man who connived with OBJ to steal the votes of the masses? May God console his 'innocent' family

Time will TELL! The man had

Time will TELL! The man had gone and the rest is now HISTORY.

Another Looting Politician Bite The Dust

May Agagu rest in peace and leave us in peace. What did he do for Ondo people? He left them poorer than he met them I am sure. It is not enough to say that he opened up the rural areas of Ondo State. That is a sweeping statement. Give us the facts. Did he create new jobs? Did he build more roads? Were bad roads rehabilitated? Were new hospitals built? Were the old ones expanded and given face lifts? Were there enough drugs in the hospitals or they were mere consulting clinics? How about pipe borne water? Were the water ways in Ondo State dredged and expanded?


My friend, the initial report by overzealous SR mentioned Ibadan. I suspect that SR edited the posted report when my comment was sighted.


Coincidentally but worth noting. Agagu unseat Adefarati, he did not survive it. Mimiko unseat Agagu, the rest is history. Could there be a betrayal (or conspiracy dimension)theory and its unintended consequences to these deaths? Just a thought. RIP Agagu.

Widely off the mark!!!

It would be most inadequate kofi, to use the highly compromised opinion of the Nigerian press in condemning everything PDP. Agagu served Ondo state diligently, opening up several rural, riverine communities(including Sowore's Kiribo!), that has lost hope of ever seing civilization. He left much wealth in the state's account on his exit.

I respond to you because you're not a Nigerian and may not understand that the 9ja press only praise their patrons who, in most cases, are the real parasites.

death is bad

we loves him more but God loves him best...i pity d family he left, may God almighty comfort them all.
Rest in peace our great leader.


They are both fooling themselves (Yoruba adage). Applies to the Nigerian society at large. So long, KOKUMO!

do not judge

Is only God that knows who is good or bad,he is right now facing what ever he has done on earth,so will every body one day die and face the same


When a Nigerian politician dies,this is my wish to all of them.
If he was not corrupt and had the fear of God in him,may his soul rest in peace but if he was a corrupt politician and one of those responsible for the mass impoverishment of the Nigerian people may he rot in hell.
We must learn to call a spade by it's rightful name,death is a sad event but it does not erase the evil deeds men engaged in while they where alive.
Many Nigerians die every hour as a result of the poor conditions these corrupt politicians have made them live in,those are the ones who deserve pity and sympathy even after death.

where is ibadan mention

Where in this report is Ibadan mention Mr Suraj I have to read the report twice, anyway maybe you need to go to specsaver.


Akpos 1,the greatest savage from wilderness of creeks the man you abuse here is dead. He said you can enjoy the oil money you get from the oil wells you've inherited from your fore-fathers. But you should remain here forever to see them dried so that nobody from other tribe benefits from them. He said you should be proud of your SS or Southern-Sudan.

But I didn't see were in sh

But I didn't see were in sh mentioned ibadan

Exit of a great mentor.

I console with the family of the late ex governor, with the state and Nigeria at large for such a great loss. Ex-governor Agagu was a good man and was also a person who was looking forward to see and support the development of his state and the Country at large. He is one of the vibrant leader who had left his marks in the sands of time. In view of this, I urge you my fellow Nigerians and indigens of Ondo state to follow the footprint of your late mentor. Dr Olusegun Agagu. I creat your indulgence to please accept my condolence and also to pray for the late family, state, governors and Nigeria at large. Adieu great Mentor, may your gentle soul rest in peace. Amen

rip.with one condition.the

rip.with one condition.the condition was if your hand are clean without stealling our money you must RIP but if you are among the people tha thief our money i believe is going to be hard to rip.


The news never mentioned Ibadan anywhere.

that is the end,power&money

that is the end,power&money no de prevent death.

R.I.P to the greatest

R.I.P to the greatest governor of our time

We sympathize with Mrs. Agagu

We sympathize with Mrs. Agagu and the immediate family of late Guvnor Agagu for this sudden irreparable loss at such an early age and wish that his soul should reincarnate to continue from where he left. I tried to make him receive Divine Knowledge when he was in power but our ignorant parasitic religious groups around did everything to block or frustrate those sent odawise he could have lived longer and beyond 100. This is a lesson for the Atlanteans who, for many centuries, have been cunningly forced into religious education to commit sin and repent to die below 70. We wish Maharaj Ji to give the wife and family the heart to bear this painful exit of a man who so loved his country. Agagu o, pada wa o. ASE

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