Four Kidnapped Journalists Freed; Return Home To Lagos

{joomplu:2481}{joomplu:2486}{joomplu:2485}Four officials of the National Union of Journalists kidnapped near Aba in South East Nigeria last week were freed earlier today. Details of how the journalists regained their freedom are still sketchy. The four men were abducted on their way from a meeting of the executive council of the NUJ in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state last week Sunday.
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A huge relief from this national embarrassment. We all thank God they came out unhurt

Jonathan does not have the political will neither does Onovo-IG, not the Senate and not the most corrupt House led by shameless Dimeji Bankole. It does not take an Einstein to solve the Nigerian problem but the will power to say enough is enough is not there. Most people in the South-east want Babangida to run again as a destroyer of Nigeria/Nigerians, reason being that he will let the 419ners, drug kings/Queens and armed robbers to operate with ease while he looths the treasury. Jonathan should clam down on corruption and and Nigeria will be safe to all. I appluaded Jonathan's early moves as a new broom but have since gotten tired and disgusted with his quick compromise with evil men and women of Obasanjo cabal. Do not allow his to place you right in line with Babangida, Obasanjo,Musa/Turai Yar'Adu, and Micheal Aondokaa/James Ibori. Ijaw gods will curse you if you bring shame to Ijawland.

what happens if a common man like me is kidnapped???????????????????????????

Nigeria is a failed state. The issue of kidnapping has be on for some time, the FG still remains deaf and dumb. The IG just goes about making noise. At least one command where these crime is rampant should have been sacrificed as a scape goat.

The Nigerian Police Force should change its name to NKAF(Nigerian Kignapping and Armed Robbery Force). The Nigerian Police has turned itself to kidnapping squad. All these lies and spins by Onovo can never change that fact.useless Police.

Government of Imo and Abia are part of the kidnapp business.In Abia, the fight for the control of the state house is the cause of the kidnapping. The governor, Mr.Theodore and his predesecessor,Kalu knows all the kidnappers.In Imo,we have seen evidence of state government been visibly involved for example the case of the journalist,Mr.Iwuoha who was kidnapped and totured in the state house owerri.For anyone that have travelled to Imo recently will see the state of our primary and secondary schools.You will not need a prophet to tell you that the product of such environment must be armed robbers and kidnappers.This is not to say that all those so called bigmen of 1990's(mostly notorious 419 kingpin)are now at home without any investment. Then how do they fund their very expensive and extravagant lifestyle.In east, we are under the grip and siege of very wicked mafia including our leaders.

Please tell us how much ransom was paid!!!

Onovo, pea brain, the two ways of stopping kidnapping are through direct and indirect action. First, no more payment of kidnappers. Second, Mr. Onovo should involved in the war on corruption, arrest corrupt government officials who are causing all this poverty.

This is good news for Nigeria. This is good news for the South East, Nigeria. This is great news for the families of the kidnapped Journalists. This is also good news for me. But the kidnappers must be fished out and punished accordingly. The national embarrassment must be stopped now for the good of the Commonwealth

Corrupt politicians are deadlier than kidnappers. So, before you rush to condemn kidnappers, badmouth dirty politicians first. Dimeji Bankole and his corrupt National Assembly thieves are far worse than any kidnapper in Nigeria. If there is heaven, kidnappers would be there before
suchlike Obasanjo and the Halliburton, Siemens cum Daimler corrupters and corruptees get the key to enter heaven. But I am afraid there is no heaven and Jonathan Goodluck and his band of Farida Waziri EFCC jesters know that too well.

Despite outcry that Jonathan Goodluck should abandon wasting our monies in hosting Nigeria's 50th anniversary independence, he has refused - may be the kidnappers should have copied such hardness from Nigerian politicians wherever they are bent on stealing money and allocating illegal power and sundry goodies to themselves.

We need to hear from the IG on this, afterall he had begged his kinsmen to desist from their newfound act that could mar his tenure. Does this mean that the kidnappers reasoned with the "family talk" of the IG? Or is it a temporary respite induced by the massive press reaction? It could also well be that the four men were released sequel to a ransom. We need to know from the IG. But trust the police not to tell the whole truth; rather look out for a rescue story as dramatic as James Bond's in the coming week. The police would spawn a story to make it smell more like a rose and less like raw sewage. But we know how the Nigerian Police always smell, anyway.

This guy called Femi Kuti has just embarrassed himself here. To me he just proved that he is pompous and arrogant. Simple! Who are you that a journalist cannot ask you tough questions? Femi want to continue to ride on the glory of his dad, wanting to be reverred like village kings. Let Femi go to CNN and BBC and see how tough pointed questions are posed at the World's best, and how those great people answer such questions with courage and grace.

Femi wants to know why SR cannot come and ask him the same question in Lagos. The simple reason is "because of the struggle." SR takes risks everyday to bring us high profile news, exposing the shaddy deals of the high and mighty in Nigeria and Africa. If Femi Kuti does one-quarter (1/4) of what SR is doing, I am sure, he cannot be as free in Nigeria. Femi Kuti may be your hero, he is definitely not mine. He has a lot to learn.

Time for the citizens of the South East, to put their house in order. Enough is enough. Onovo, is Igbo man and has shown beyond all reasonable doubt that, he is not capable of handling the police force. Let us put sovereignty and shame aside and get outside help from the brits may be-to re-organise the force-sadly while this mess was going on, we never heard the voice of Ojuku rise up against the kidnappers-this was one kidnap too many for the nation-for traditional rulers and prominent sons and dughters from the east, have always been involved in negotiating the release of victims, in what they now see as a lucrative venture-which some want to expand beyond the banks and rivers of their dwindling 419 empire-in-a hate filled environment truth will alway find aplace no matter what.

Probably, the Mossads did it for Onovo!

Yes the four journalists have been released! What about the ones that are being kidnapped everyday? A PENGASSAN official was kidnapped just yesterday...there are unannounced kidnappings going on daily in Abia, Rivers, Cross Rivers, Imo, Akwa Ibom, Anambra and in other places. In Rivers State a couple went through the trauma of their life when their only child was kidnapped right in their presence! As lowly paid as they are, they had to cough out after 4wks to get back their 7months old baby. AND WE SAY WE HAVE A GOVERNMENT! Nigeria is a somalia in the making!

You move freely without any fear of molestation or being kidnapped while you are outside your country of origin but reverse is the case in nigeria.The head of the government should cover his face in and should resign if he has no solution to the problems confronting the nation and stop brainwashing people on the facebook. The police authority cannot denied the knowledge of the kidnappers but not will be done as the system is corrupt. Tell me how do you expect the economy to thrive in this type of environment. The governance requires thorough cleansing like what happen in December 1983.

What a country! All the signs of a failed state. What about the unsong folks kidnapped and forced to pay heavy ramsome monies? Is it because NUJ is involved and the govt now decided to take it serious? Look at the rubbish the garrulous but clueless David Mark is spilling out of his mouth. Why is it that idiots and rogues are occupying all positions of leadership in a country with so many educated, knowledgable and hardworking people?

Tk God for them. I hope those pple engaged in this act wil repent and find better ways of survival.

Fela called it government magic...they kidnapped the wrong people lol..government kidnapp you and ask for ransome..are you guys not aware that an expatriate of julius berger was kidnapped and they were asked to take their ransome to the government house? that was why they left south south...

To God Be The Glory,hope one day those invoved we be apprenhended and brought to book,naija can not continue to be going on like day we shall all be free in this nation

Yeah right the details are sketchy because they paid the randsom and don't want to say so. How will the kidnappers have left the victims alone in a forest just alone without guarding them. The rescuers have not told the full story so let's wait and see what they will come up with. I'm not sure the families were waiting for the Nigerian police to rescue their husbands and eventually end up with their lives lost

Yeah right the details are sketchy because they paid the randsom and don't want to say so. How will the kidnappers have left the victims alone in a forest just alone without guarding them. The rescuers have not told the full story so let's wait and see what they will come up with. I'm not sure the families were waiting for the Nigerian police to rescue their husbands and eventually end up with their lives lost

Who is Next?

This is a good welcome, Am happy for the families of the those involved, but its high time the Government addressed the issue of Kidnapping it should be a matter a national importance, just imagine that you can not move freely in your own country, it is that Bad.

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