Fracas In Rivers House: A Blow By Blow Account-PM News, Lagos

By Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt

The Rivers state House of Assembly witnessed a very rowdy session today for some minutes after two months of adjournment as pro-Governor Rotimi Amaechi legislators battled five renegade lawmakers rooting for the political opponents of the governor.

The minority lawmakers, whose agenda was to impeach the governor made the impeachment of Speaker Otelemaba Amachree and other principal officers the first priority. They thus stole into the House of Assembly at about 8.30 am earlier before the normal sitting of the House and smuggled in a mace.

But they met eight Pro- Amaechi lawmakers including the Speaker Otelemaba Amachree, Chidi Llyod, the majority Leader and six others in the assembly.

Frustrated that their coup was a mission impossible , one of the five rebels, Evans Bapakaye Bipi, went straight to Chidi Llyod’s seat and physically assaulted him.

As Llyod and Bipi were having a fisticuff, the Speaker who stepped in to separate them was also attacked by Bipi.

Leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly Chidi Lloyd in the clinic after being beaten by armed thugs

Leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly Chidi Lloyd in the clinic after being beaten by armed thugs
A free-for -all started, with blows being exchanged by both sides.

Lloyd was injured, while Martins Amaehule another anti-Ameachi Lawmaker representing Obio-Akpor was also injured and rushed to St Patricks Hospital at Ogbunabali in Port Harcourt for treatment.

As the fracas degenerated, some of the pro-Amaechi lawmakers ran for their dear lives because of the many thugs brought into the Assembly premises by Bipi and his group.

The moment was seized by the minority lawmakers, as a member of the group, Victor Ihunwo, representing Port Harcourt constituency stepped into the Speaker’s seat to “Pilot “ the affairs.

Martins Amaehule moved the “motion” for the “Impeachment” of the Speaker who has been rushed out after the physical assault. Kelechi Worgu an anti-Amaechi, representing Omuma Constituency “supported” the motion and thereafter announced Bipi as the new “Speaker.”

Governor Amaechi who was alerted about the fracas and the breakdown of law and order at the Assembly, arrived at the Assembly chambers, just in time to hear Evans Babakaya Bipialaka give a vote thanks for his ‘election’ as speaker of four other members.

According to witnesses, Bipialaka on sighting the Governor, ordered some thugs and policemen to “shoot him…shoot him”, pointing at the Governor.

Amaechi was said to have walked towards him and replied: “Shoot me?”

The Governor thereafter ordered his security men that came with him to arrest Bipialaka. But Bipi’s orderly and Policemen who came with him resisted the arrest.

Bipi is the lawmaker who represents Ogu-Bolo Constituency, whose wedding was attended several weeks ago by Mrs Patience Jonathan as a Special Guest of Honour and Mother of the Day.

After the confrontation with the governor, Bipi and other other four lawmakers opposed to Amaechi left the assembly with their thugs.

After calm was restored, the house was re-convened at exactly 11.40 am with the Speaker, Otelemaba Dan-Amachree, presiding with 22 Lawmakers present.

P.M.News observed that there was still tension with thugs supporting the anti-Amaechi shouting that they be allowed into the Assembly but were prevented by pro-Amaechi supporters and House of Assembly Policemen.

The Governor later presented a minor amendment of the 2013 budget as it affects the capital expenditure only.

Mr Tele Ikuru,the Deputy Governor who read the proposed minor amendment on behalf of the Governor explained that the minor amendment only affects the capital expenditure.

The Deputy Leader Robinson Nnam Ewor moved a motion for the adoption of amendment and was supported by Mrs.Irene Inigba,the Chief Whip supported the motion.

Golden Chioma ,representing Etche Constituency II moved a motion that the amendment should be committed to the committee of the whole house.
The Speaker asked if there was a counter-motion but there was none.

The amendment was committed into the House of the whole of 22 members present and was later adopted. Amaechi had 28 members on his side since the political fight started. Those that were not at the sitting were said to have sustained injuries and were undergoing medical treatment.

However, Freddy Itolo-Ofen,the Press Secretary to Bipi told P.M.News in an interview that his boss was properly elected as the Speaker of the House by the Five lawmakers.

“Hon Evans Bipialaka the New Speaker was making his vote of thanks when the Governor arrived and ordered that he should be arrested, but was resisted by Bipialaka and his orderly”.

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Rivers of shame!

Is this a country ? anything goes .. Mrs jonathan is fingered as the brain behind all these.what we are paying tax payers money for these touts? am short of words.

anti-amaechi guys are so funny

The anti-ameachi guys are really funny. They are in government and they dont know the rules apply. How can 5 impeach a member when we have a total of 32. its really so funny. those anti-amaechi are sick and behaving as if they are OGBONI members that cant differentiate good from bad. its funny

mr. grant, i'm glad u're in

mr. grant, i'm glad u're in the uk where calculators're in abundant. when u do get one, please calculate two-thirds of 33. if the answer's more than 5, then i guess Amachree should do as u suggest. if not, then i guess there's something quite wrong with ur thought process. do take care. cheers.

I wander!how can?

5 and 22 the gap is outrageous!
5 can only be greater than 22
Only when it comes ,Position in Class Room.
Maybe they have turned the house of
Assembly into a Class Room where if you
Have 5 on your report Card you become
Highet than 22.Kids Stuff.

Careless talker

Grant are nothing but a careless
Talker.You don't think with your hearts
And mind,you think with your ANUS for
Saying that Worthless thing that you think
You really though of.


You will die for lack of knowledge and
Your father will be Impeached from his
Fathers house and not Amaechi nor Chidi Llyd

GEJ Leave Rivers State alone

Pls whoever knows Goodluck Jonathan should tell him to leave us the Rivers people alone. You can see that because of his inordinate ambition to retain the presidency and remain in Aso Rock come 2015, he is causing mayhem in our state. With his tactless and irresponsible support for the disgraceful act of the five idiots in the Rivers House of Assembly, he has made our Governor Rotimi Amaechi garner unsolicited support and has become so popular even beyond the state. This disgraceful act was perfected at the meeting GEJ held with the renegades in ASo Rock Villa. Let him get ready for us in 2015.

Is fayemi is also jonathans cohort-see how amaechi fooled himsel

Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti state, has urged his colleague governors not to drag the name of President Goodluck Jonathan into the mess created by the chairmanship election of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum, NGF. According to him, doing that diminishes President Jonathan who was not a candidate in the NGF election. “We felt Mr. President is the president of all. Our president is not a candidate in the NGF election. He has no interest because he made that very clear to us that he has no interest in the NGF election and I don’t want him to be dragged into this NGF issue because it diminishes the Presidency. “The occupant of that office should not be diminished. We must not do anything to diminish the office and the occupant,” Fayemi said. He admitted that the state governors have been diminished in the face of Nigerians over the outcome of the NGF election.


It is so unfortunate that those are supposed to be making laws are the ones breaking the law. The recent episode that is unfolding in Port harcourt is a pointer to this. For crying out loud, what will this potray for the type of democratic structure we are going to witness in 2015? Just because of selfish interest which is the paramount LOGO of any politician in Nigeria, in the full glare of your children, lawmakers that called themselves "FATHER" were digging it out as if they were in boxing arena.
I wonder when they get home, if any of their wards have watched the whole scenario will ask his father; " Dad what i saw you doing today( exchanging blows and throwing chairs in the chamber of house of Assembly) is part of legislative procedure? I know our politician will tell the young guy that, you will understand when the time comes.

What a shame

.......and these are the same people we call our leaders. It is finished!!

This is democracy as

This is democracy as bequitted by OBJ. In this instance, the issue is whether 5 people can talk of impeaching a speaker in a 32 member Assembly. Nigerians must use 2015 to erase this PDP legacy in our governance

You are absolutely right.

You are absolutely right. That is why they will only make animal decisions.

Deri and his cohorts are in a world of their own

It's very unfortunate that all this is happening in Rivers State. All this is because of desperation of one Man called Jonathan. He has stire up ethnicity, Religion, some people now remembering that he's supposed to rule Nigerian for 8 years without wishing any other person to contest an election because it's south south turn to rule. In a situation somebody will win election with 19 votes and a seating President with PHD had to take side with someone that lose an election speak volume. The governors plane grounded, and any individual who support Amechi is dealt with. Are we still in the Roman empire where people don't have franchise of their own. That 5 law makers can impeach a speaker. Deri and his cohorts you people are in your own world. We are not in primitive stage. It will not work. If you don't believe the NGF video is it this one you want to believe? Time shall tell.

Which Nigerians are beginning to know the truth

I will not abuse any one in this forum, because every one has his own opinion. With all the things that has happened to Amechi he has even exercise enough patience. A Situation most people who are educated can come out to express that fiugre 16 is bigger than 19 is amazzing. With all the lies and anti-activity of Jonathan against Amechi, Okorocha, Adams Oshiomole would have even pushed Amechi to the extreme. Including the role Jonathan and his wife is playing from behind scene against Amechi is even enough to make him do what he's not suppose to do, but yet he still keep his cool. He has really tried. So all those in this forum feel in a civilised society like Nigeria 5 Law makers can impeach a speaker? That's the level PHD president has broght the nation. What a shame.

I hope u knw dat †нε person

I hope u knw dat †нε person dat was being beating is Chidi Lloyd.a staunch Amaechi supporter. His lying in †нε hospital now with several laceration in his head arm & waist. So whom bought whom.


Who was the guy using mace to hit another? Nothing was said by Sahara reporters about that guy in the video bleeding after being hit by a mace and Governor Amaechi's ADC physically captured hitting the fellow. Where is objectivity. Is this just only about what we want people to hear and know? It is becoming apparently clear that anybody that is Anti-Jonathan naturally becomes Sahara R friend irrespective of their past. Any one that is Pro-Jonathan is guilty by association. What is not in doubt is what Sahara reporters is all about.

This video does not cover the BEGINING of the FIGHT

As at the time the video started, the pro-Amaechi group was already out of the chamber. Show how they went out. They could not have gone out willingly. This video was doctored before sending it to U-TUBE. It does not show how the majority was chased out, which was why the maze wielding pro=Amaechi guy was so angry.

Nigerians Wake Up ....

We Nigerians need to wake up before it is too late. This incident only portrays us collectively as a primitive group of people. This is as a consequence of how docile we, the led, have become. Obviously these thieves and thugs cannot be representing those who voted them into office? I wonder what is stopping those who supposedly gave these fools their mandates from recalling them?
Country of the blind leading the blind ... Na wa O.


CHIDE LlOYD who was seen all over the globe breaking the head of his fellow legislators-korokoro in a video is now in hospital--wonders shall never end in Nigeria--God has a way of exposing evil doers-and unchaining the president anytime Amaechi borrows ideas from Tinubu ati buhari to destroy the him-it was Amaechi who supplied the media with the video so cannot say jonathan doctored it-or photoshop it for us--what a shame--the entire world has now seen amaechi for what he is-demon incarnate--the house should impeach him-

Dark animal country

Africans will never learn, their superstitious and envious nature will be their end. Imagine 5 out of 28 believe they are a majority. Simple arithmetic tells you the majority should expel these morons from the assembly. PDP is setting a dangerous trend, and when the military attempts to return in 2015 using the guise of preventing anarchy, GEJ should be proud of himself. he is seeding a coup, and hopefully it will not be a Nigerian Rawlings because GEJ wil be in trouble. Those who think a SS and SE republic will become Biafra, just look at Ijaw killing Itsekiri in Warri. What unity? Keep on dreaming of war, but hope you have lived through one like in 1967-70. So how is 5 greater than 22 ?


Oga sir, if you want to express yourself with jaw-breaking words next time please make sure your spelling and tenses are correct. Anything short of that makes you look like a big empty vessel making a lot of noise.

The Speaker was Impeached

From the account here, other media house and interview from pro-Amaechi assembly men, there was impeachment. Motion, secondment and Pronouncement and Acceptance. In the eyes of the law, Hon Otelemaba Amachree stands impeached. Hon Evans Bipialaka is now the Speaker. What is left for Amachree is to seek redress in court.


Is this democracy or demo-crazy? Once again, this goes to show that most Nigerian politicians are animals.


He told Pointblanknews that legislators loyal to Amaechi sparked the crisis when they attempted to stop them from gaining entrance into the Assembly.
“Mr. Speaker in any legislature is only primus inter pares. We were elected legislators much the same way he or anybody was elected. Why would he seek to stop us from entering the Assembly?
“It was the attempt by the former Speaker Amachree and Governor Amaechi to stop us from gaining entrance that sparked the crisis. That was why we had no option than to impeach him as Speaker,” he added.
He claimed that the presence of Governor Amaechi in the Assembly was proof that the governor had been tele-guiding the Assembly, a move he said greatly undermined the independence of the legislature in Rivers State.


You're a retard bisikay for such a barbaric and sensless comment. Why bring obasanjo into this matter? I would have allowed you wallow in your folly. But foolishness is contagious. Wouldn't let you infect other readers here with your outrageous stupidity.

Who wrote these fake

Who wrote these fake story.
This is not how it happened.













Arrest the 5 Renegades!!!

The 5 lawless renegades should be arrested because they are not fit to be representatives of their people. They become lawbreakers instead of being lawmakers that the are supposed to be. How on earth can 5 lawmakers unseat a speaker, 5 lawmakers out of 28; it is shameful and anti-democratic. Nigeria is a banana republic! So because Bipi enjoys the backing of Patience Jonathan, he can act as somebody above the law.

Jonathan and his wife should leave River state government alone and be contented with running the country, at least they are the Emperors in Abuja. They should leave Amaechi alone and allow him to govern his state. Amaechi is only accountable to his people and not Jonathan & his wife in Abuja. Bipi & his gang of terrorists and hooligans should be arrested for their acts of lawlessness. They are shameless bigots.

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