French Police Detain Nigerian Private Jet Carrying President Jonathan's Front Man

Jide Omokore
By SaharaReporters, New York

SaharaReporters has learnt that French law enforcement officers detained a private jet conveying a Nigerian businessman, Jide Omokore, in Paris. Mr. Omokore is one of President Goodluck Jonathan’s closest business associates.

The Abuja-bound plane had arrived in Paris from Monaco. A French police source who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity disclosed that the plane was detained for two days.

The source did not disclose the make and model of the jet nor the exact date the aircraft was detained, but disclosed that the private jet was detained as part of an investigation into its ownership. Even though the source refused to reveal more, stating that further disclosure could compromise their investigation, a source in Abuja told SaharaReporters that French authorities seemed interested in finding out if the jet belonged to a Nigerian official. The Abuja source stated that Petroleum Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke may be the focus of the French investigation.

SaharaReporters was told that the detained jet was flying Mr. Omokore and two women when it was impounded for two days. The jet was later released and was then flown back to Nigeria with Mr. Omokore on board.

The name of the Kogi-born Jide Omokore has featured prominently in the recent fuel subsidy scandal that rocked the Nigerian economy. In Abuja circles, he is well known as a front man for President Jonathan and Petroleum Minister Alison-Madueke.

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the omokores are good people

Well done sir!!! I will love to know u because I stay with the omokores family and they are awesome and good people.I can stan to defend them any where coz they welcome people and have the feAr of God.I will love to know u so I tell u more of them sir/ma.u speak the truth.

Fallacious Story

I thought Sahara carries credible news. Wao… I can’t trust any news from Sahara any more as the above story has been confirmed to be untrue.

You guys need to get your facts right and stop causing unnecessary confusion. This blasphemes is uncalled for… get it right before you publish, if you continue to carry untrue stories, you will soon become irrelevant and your creditability is in jeopardy.

I thought Sahara carries

I thought Sahara carries credible news. Wao… I can’t trust any news from Sahara any more as the above story has been confirmed to be untrue.

You guys need to get your facts right and stop causing unnecessary confusion. This blasphemes is uncalled for… get it right before you publish, if you continue to carry untrue stories, you will soon become irrelevant and your creditability is in jeopardy.

can jona kill corruption

Jonathan u have a gaint task to carry for the good of Nigerians. If our society is free from curruption we would move ahead. Please strick to your words"I will never fail Nigerians" cite Omokere as an example for Nigerians to believe in your words.

This thief with the ashewo

This thief with the ashewo ANGELA EBAGUA of access bank that he married. His fronting is legendary... He fronted for Ibori, Attah, now Akpabio amongst others.

Infact it is widely know that he 'owns' Akwa Ibom State. He is called Leader there. God has caught up with all of them, there will be no hiding place for the wicked!!!

He owns Estates in London & the US and has made himself and his wives and girlfriends rich!!!

Unconfirmed Story

How is this a news headline? How do we get to verify true stories with facts than this bed room gossip put up by Sahara Reporters. If you have a grudge with the man in question, confront him and stop this blackmail approach to extorting money from people and organisations. The law would catch up with you very soon. Mscheeeeeew.

If you like do not allow my post to show, I had always known that sahara reporters are blackmailers and fraudsters.

I just talked to Chief

I just talked to Chief Omokore himself. He is in the States and said he was never in Paris and his Jet was never detained to his knowledge. Please get your facts right ..

This information is false... press has started again

Proshare News & Investigations (NI) has authoritatively confirmed that the Nigerian businessman, Mr. Jide Omokore’s jet was never impounded by the French Law Enforcement officers in Paris .

Some media agencies had reported that “an Abuja-bound plane arriving in Paris from Monaco was detained for two days according to an official source”.

Enquiries by the NI unit confirmed that this was not the case.

Evidently, the person of interest in the story, Mr. Jide Omokore and his organisation own private jets of which none has ever been detained/impounded at all, or for any reason remotely concerned to the subject news.

Calling from Houston , Texas in the United States of America ; Mr Jide Omokore intimated that this must have been a mis-information or mis-representation.

A source in the French Police indicated that they have no record of such an incident.

give us accurate data. i

give us accurate data. i guess you have personal beef with him...go jooor

It is time to expose Omokore

I don't care if the above story is true or not, it is time to expose this guy call Omokore. He has contribute a lot to Nigerian corruption. And he has been a wrong role model to a lot of young people. This is a person with less than elementary school education who hardly has a job in his life. All he has been doing is front for anybody in positions. He fronted for a man called Abe at Alaja during Shagari government. He then front for soidiers durning Babangida and Abacha government. He moved to front for ministers during Obasanjo and now fronting for minister of petroleum and president. Can this guy be arrested for money laundary?
Please press help us out. I know EFCC can do nothing.

@ akpos 1

You are our leader. Do not mind Anonymous, he can go to hell if he does not like your comments. You are speaking nothing but the truth which is painful to the Anonymous' ear. Pardon me, May God Continue To Bless the United States of SS&SE to the chagrin of Anonymous and Hausa-foolanis.

I love SR but this is unverifieable

This is not what we know SR to do. I am an avid follower of SR and believe in their philosophy. They need to get their information right as the plane in question flew into Abuja tonight. how suprising.

Kindly get your facts

the french authorities are not confirming this story. The event did not happen as described and his plane was nevre detained. Indeed, he is in Houston, Texas tonight.



I can't just understand how you can be happy at the demise of a fellow human being.

I don't like your GEJ and will NEVER vote for him. But a day will never come when I will be happy should he or any member of his family suffer this type of loss.

If you can't grieve with Saraki's family and loved ones leave them alone to bear their pains. Give some space for grief!

Let's be all try to be good Nigns, or if you aint that, try to be a good SS 'republic-to-be' advocate/man.

This is not true

This is not true and it never happened!!!

ina ruwan ku

Sahara reporters, what is the objective of this story. Fronting is a widely acceptable phenomenon in governance in Nigeria since colonial era by means of 'Indirect Rule'. It is a colonial legacy. Please, I am personally pleading with Sahara Reporters to stop publishing stories on corruption in government, but rather make a concrete suggestion and avenues to correct and tackle the menace of corruption.

one reason why we must have boko haram

this is one of the thieves that have stolen from this country. this is one, among many criminals, that have contributed to the destruction of this country. i think its time for Nigerians to start destroying these ill-gotten jets. please, if you know where these jets are parked and the addresses of where these thieves reside in, post them on the internet so that Nigerians, including groups like Boko Haram, can start aiming their RPGs at these these stolen jets. nigerians want to start killing these thieves, and iu think its time we all join in and make that happen. why should i die poor because other people have stolen or continue to steal monies that should be used to provide opportunity for all Nigerians? enough of this nonsense!

Sounds like a political

Sounds like a political gimmick.

Private Jets For Looting Made Easy !!!!

We recently sent mails to the international community to keep an eye on Nigerian private jets as most of them are acquired for the sole purposes of hauling looted money from Nigeria to safe havens like Monaco. In this case, it seems the thief shown above already off loaded his loots in Monaco.


@akpo, why is it that everything about you is about grudges? Why are you so possesed with negativity when the aditor was not even attacking anyone, is this the way you live your life, go and get a life that is worth living, I have never seen an ignorant like you on a webpage, you seem to have lost all purpose in life except thinking everyone begrudges. Your condition is so pathetic, even worse than the right wing nationalist, at least they have a purpose and optimistic, you are always the voice the the SS and SE are ashamed of hearing.

dear SR

Please try getting your stories from confirmed and not annonymous sources this will help boost your credibility. Asides that your stories will only be seen as sensational journalism.

The private jet belongs to Mr

The private jet belongs to Mr Omokore himself. He own a few of them actually, he is a billionaire in dollars.

Jonathan for LIFE...The SS must control and govern its resources

Jonathan for LIFE...The SS must control and govern its resources

If you do not like my statements then get sufficienly angry and reject the SS oil wealth and form your own independent republic...alternatively, go to hell, beacause Saraki just confirmed that there is still space in hell for those stealing the SS oil wealth.

Long live the autonomous and United States of the SS & SE.


SAHARA are you not aware of GEJ's commanders;attacking dog,attacking spider(Internet commanders:DERI et el)attacking monkey, attacking lizard, etc. The jet given to another attacking commander at extravagant party the donor should not be GEJ. His commanders say' he is not a thief and even if he is the money belong to him and his forefathers since the money is from oil'. Funny!


@Sunday Niokede:

Where in the write-up was Presidential jet mentioned?

Say No! To Jonathan's 'Transport Money' & 'Sitting Allowance'

Our presidential jet don turn to kabuku used in carry every Dick, harry and Tom.It could also mean that the presidential label put on the plane was a decoy; it could be that Mrs Madueke owns the plane.

get serious

Sahara Reporters please get serious. Is this news?

Na one by one God go dey

Na one by one God go dey catch dem. Remember IMA NIBORO? grapevine say dem wan reward him wit new appointment after him don steal state house money take buy house for Florida. His wife even registered a business there (Cicero Consult), the same company dem use take do Jibiti contracts for Naija. -

on jide omokore episode

JIDE OMOKORE, for the avoidance of doubt, is the biggest crook in Nigeria HISTORY.what even baffles me most is that this man has succeded in eluding the RADAR of Nigerian JOURNALISTS, both print and electronics.
He has been involved in virtually all big scandals in Nigeria,from fertilizers to oil blocks to fuel subsidy-----all mega crimes.unfortunately, we are now being told he is FRONT MAN FOR MR PRESIDENT?what a country.

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