Fresh Bomb Blast Hits Kaduna Again

Sahara Reporters, New York

A bomb just exploded around Umgwan Muazu close to second Kaduna bridge along Nnamdi Azikiwe expressway. Eyewitnesses reported that a lone suicide bomber in possession of the bomb died on the spot.

Kaduna state police command confirmed to Saharareporters that the police anti-bomb unit is on the scene to determine the extent of damage.

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your comments are very

your comments are very primitive and smack of reigious intolerance and ignorace. if you are not part of the problem be part of the solution. do u now want to set the country on fire. it will consume you.


Yes, Jesus is the SON OF THE LIVING GOD. Even your accursed koran confirms this when it calls Him the 'Word and Spirit of God' who was conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost. Do you know of any other person who was so conceived and who is so described? Islam means killing, filth, hatred and backwardness. It also means darkness. Your koran says that Jesus will return to break crosses and kill swine. Where will this take place? Will He move from country to country to wreck this destruction or will the objects be brought to Him at a central location? Will He do it alone or He will be assisted by you and Muhammad? Isn't it funny that you believe in a man who was humiliated by your Allah in death and who could not be protected by that Allah when a missile hit him at Uhud causing him to loose a tooth. Allah could only protect his apostle from the 'abuses and curses of the Quraish' but not from physical harm.There is something fundamentally wrong with Islam and Muhammad.

reply to "when christians pray"

It if by singing and dancing that u heal
Sick people in ur churches? Hmm you all are
All getting it wrong.. ISLAM means PEACE.
You christains have the right to worship
Ur jesus for all we know he is a prophet
Of God just like other prophets. And he will
Surely come back to fight against christianity.
People like you fool speak thinking you are bringing the heads of the christians together not
Knowing you bring nothing but unrest amongst
The so-called people u loved.. QURAN is light and he who
Believes in Allah and the Last day and that Mohammad (SAW)
Is his messanger will surely see the light at the
End of the tunnel.. Jesus is not the son of
God and will never be. Repent before its too late brothers. We all don't know hw long we have to
Live in this plane and deceiving earth.


Where did you know him? Are you even a Christian? Which church do you attend? Do you think you can just use a christian nomenclature just to deceive people to say that the bomb carrier was a christian? You have failed devil! Just listen to yourself; "he is a christian like me..." in the first place you're not even a christian. Well an eye witness, you told us your so-called christian name, then tell us the name of the church you attend and the bomb carrier. Stupid idiot! A church is well organised body that keeps records of all its members. You cannot fool us moroon! I therefore pernmanently mute your mouth in Jesus' name. Amen!


Foolish soldiers, are u Imams/Bishops?. NIGERIA needs PEACE-MAKERS nt fake followers xtians/moslems online. You ve diviated frm d topic. Who among u is d mst religious? U ar disgracing Nigeria online. STOP D NONSENSE.

b reasonable 4 once

be resonable 4 once hw is it possible 2 fight agianst principalities n power wit physical wpon wen u kw d ryt wpon 2 use.UR BIBLE

"We Prayed"

Our Prayers has always been for Jesus to touch and make them have a change of heart. But if they refuse to change and rather persist in their wicked plots, then let the bombs explode within them alone. God is indeed answering our Prayers, and so shall it be in Jesus name! Amem.

MASSOB in action! In Nigeria

MASSOB in action!
In Nigeria both the Christians and the Muslims are primitive, Period. Nigerian people need some enlightment.

I was there when it happened

I was there and the person that got blown up and who was carrying the bomb attends the same church with me here. He is a Christian like me. why are we blaming others? if I did not see it with my own eyes, I would have though otherwise!

Jesus is lord

Love your neighbor as yourself.

When Christians Pray 3

Our prayers have raised the dead, opened blind eyes, made the lame to walk and healed all manner of sickness. Wow! These where things Jesus did and He said to us, "As the Father has sent me, so send I you."
I end with what John Wesley said, "It appears to me that God will not do anything on earth until men (His children) pray. Slalom!

When Christians Pray 2

The Muslims are afraid of the Christian's prayer and all the burning of churches, killing and maiming, bombings and persecution of Christians is to keep us from praying. They can't afford to have us pray for it will make coevents of many of them. I have had a Muslim woman with sickle cell secretly come to me to pray for her and so many of such prayer requests from Muslims - they know our God is potent, He hears our prayers, and they fear that our prayers can wreck havoc in their camps.
My plea to every Christian is; let us return to the place of prayers. Target some Muslims around you and spend like 5-10minutes daily to pray that God will reveal Jesus to them, that the scales will fall of theory eyes that they may know the truth. Watch what will happen as you do this after some weeks.

not justified!

No one shld shout "allahu akbar" while throwing bombs or spilling blood. Muslim leaders shld always come up with discaimers over the 70 virgins, the shouting of "allahu akbar" during killings and so on. I feel sorry for the followers of this religion right now because most of them are being abused daily and yet they simply don't know how best to disasociate. Evil doers have really penetrated this religion and it's at a marginal return point. What are we all going to do now because these ppl are part of our daily lives. May God open the eyes of his children for the spirit of discernment and good judgement. God will forever more remin on his throne

When Christians Pray 1

I write to all the Christ-like ones on this forum. It is no is arguing with the Muslims here, knowing that our battle is not against flesh & blood, but against demonic powers & princes.
I strongly believe that we have forsaken our most potent weapon of war: PRAYER! The bible says, "The effectual and fervent prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available and it's dynamic in it's working." (James5:16b)
Our prayers are potent and have been known to work miracles and to turn the hearts of disobedient men to God, I for one used to be a Christ-later and I know Christians who prayed for me and today, I am a Christ-lover. The queen of Scotland once said, "I'll rather face the whole army of Scotland than the prayers of John Knox." Now, John Know was a Christian preacher whose prayers turned Scotland towards Jesus.


The two greatest characteristics of Satan are
Joh_8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Like father like sons? Whose son am I? Answer in your heart.

hausa muslims

Are there not muslims in other part of nigeria.the typical hausa man no matter how educated is so fanatical.God will contijnue to punish them and expose them.stupid almajirtais

Don't ask foolish questions

Don't ask foolish questions or talk 4 the sake of talking...You know he is a muslim fighting your stupid jihad.


my fellow christain brothers, is it how you will propagate your religion? why judge islam wrongly? who even told you that we muslims dont have black sheep in our religion or are you telling me that all christain states are in peace? did the bible teach you to judge other religion wrongly or to pray and teach those who are mislead?
the issue on ground is that christainity is the problem of the world. they originated this weapons of destruction to fight the muslim world, but today it is been used against them.all you have done to wipe out islam is perfected be islam and used against you. what a shame. if you like, go to the heavens, Allah will not protect you, for your evil intension has caught up with you. remember, those you taught how to use this weapon are now your enemies and will never stop at this.


you are a mistake to all. you creation is a watse.

wot a gud point

u actually buttress a gud point worth to give a vivid thinking. u r gud scholar. Christianity is not a religion but a way of life. but people has wrong in their reasoning. have a gudday Elendu

latest kaduna bomb blast

No sane person in Nigeria or else where it the World need any confirmation of bombing the Innocents citizens at homes,churches.planes,railways or even mosques,because all has been common knowledge that the children of ishmalites cum muslims are experts at that.perhaps for the brooding virgins they were promised for at aljenah when they die.
Islam is not violent but the practioners especially in norther Naija are vampires and they must be stopped,before it gets out of hand.

Is that enough reason to

Is that enough reason to kill?

For your information

For your information Christianity is not a religion,it is a way of life. Jesus lived a life worthy of emulation,He loved and He never preached Jihad,that is why Christians are loving and caring people

beauty of islam

And how are you able to established that the bomber is a Muslim. Mind u angwan muazu is inhabited 100% by Muslim & all the tankers belong to same Muslims. This also brought to fore the beauty of the religion which prohibits judging on mere suspicion. It also shows the level of distrust on the Muslims.
I u should have tried to find out who the bomber was b4 concluding.

And how are you able to

And how are you able to established that the bomber is a Muslim. Mind u angwan muazu is inhabited 100% by Muslim & all the tankers belong to same Muslims. This also brought to fore the beauty of the religion which prohibits judging on mere suspicion. It also shows the level of distrust on the Muslims.
I u should have tried to find out who the bomber was b4 concluding.

@What is the religion of Jesus

Arrant nonsense and senseless argument and Falsehood.Wrong stays wrong forever.Be wise and accept Jesus He was not a prophet as Islam told He was and still is the Son of God.


your sense of inferiority is rooting deep. Northern population, is it interms of dispersed huts u called building, desert land useless for agriculture or the animals u people counted during sensors makes u overpopulated. By the way, ur lack of western education made u people to count under aged and animals. Kudos to the nysc who is liberating majority of the youths. I recollected the saying of the three corpers from north during our primary assignment, the hardly talk and their behaviour was so animalistic and barbaric.

Satan is taking control of Nigeria. We must expel him

I am a christian. and I have islamic friends. You see this is the result of the end time. we are in the end time. we shouldn't accuse any religion as the cause of this. It is the devil who plants disunity among brothers. If we continue to have the mind of segregation we will continue to break up till we break up our own nuclear families. The truth is that Succide bombing is evil. We all must fight evil. As a christian I should not support evil. As a moslem I shouldn't support evil either. We should stand tall as one Nigeria and fight against foriegn evil influence from which every quarter and cleanse our minds. We are one under God's eyes. We must unite and fight evil. God bless you all.


"--MUSLIMS--HAS STRONGER ALLAH THAT FIGHT FOR THEM--". Even Muhammad did not believe in Allah fighting for him and Allah himself showed that he could not protect his prophet. After seeing Auf die at Badr, Muhammad decided not to trust Allah again with his security. At Uhud he wore two coats of amour and had 7 body guards. When the enemy got close he shouted "ANYONE WHO DEFENDS US WILL BE IN PARADISE".The 7 guards got killed one by one and he ran to a mountain. He could not climb the rock so hand to be pushed up. He got hit in the mouth and lost a tooth. Then Allah apologized to him and made himself his apostle's chief security officer. Sura 4:102-6 was 'revealed' where Muhammad was to have armed guards while leading prayer who must be in groups taking turns to stay around his apostle.Can Allah protect you?

isreal is not blessed with oil!!!!

U say the whole of arabia is blessed with oil excep isreal? Well, is the whole of south south not blessed with oil except the north? Does this mean that God does not love northerners? Is america not the most powerful nation on earth but does it have the quantity of oil found in arabia? The isrealis are so so blessed a ppl and isreal is the most developed nation is that region. They are advanced technologically. Have u seen any nation around that region defeat isreal? Isreal does not import food but arab nations around it does. God purposely did not give them oil just to show its neighbours that isreal is blessed specially. Does china have oil like the arabia? Pls trust in God and not oil.

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